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An 18-year-old moved from the juvenile center to an adult prison facility and needs to take measures in his own hands to keep himself safe. He offers his new cellmate a deal...

Erotica / Romance
S. Glasssvial
4.9 75 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 to 5


The day after my eighteenth birthday, I was no longer able to stay in the juvenile detention center, and I was whisked off to another prison facility. But this time, it was a facility for adult criminals.

“Look at that tight little ass!” some guy yelled as I followed a female guard down the long austere hallway that led to my cell. The shackes clanked with every step I took.

“Come here, boy. I got a nice meal for you. We call it a cockmeat sandwich in here, and I have one with your name written all over it!”

The inmates banged against the bars and made all kinds of sexual comments, taunting me with jeers and catcalls. When I looked at them, they squeezed and rubbed their dicks while smiling at me. Some even mimicked blowjob movements. I had barely stepped foot in this place, and it was already shaping into a horrible experience.

“Now, that is some fine-looking piece of new hot meat for me right there! Wait till I come for you. Gonn...

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