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An 18-year-old moved from the juvenile center to an adult prison facility and needs to take measures in his own hands to keep himself safe. He offers his new cellmate a deal... #bxb #gay #lgbtq #mature #violence #explicit #sex #gaysex #transcharacter #prison #happyending #love #romance

Erotica / Romance
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*** The day after his 18th birthday, he was no longer able to stay in the juvenile detention center and was transferred to another prison facility for adult criminals.***


“Look at that tight little ass!” Some guy yelled at me while I walked behind a female guard through the long austere hallway that led to my cell. Every step that I took made my shackles clank to the floor.

“Come here, boy. I got a nice meal for you. We call it a cockmeat sandwich in here and I have one with your name written all over it!”

The inmates banged against the bars and made all kinds of sexual comments, lusting for me like predators to their prey. When I looked at them, they squeezed and rubbed their dicks while smiling at me or they mimicked blow job movements. It was a horrible experience already, and I was just inside this place.

“Now, that is some fine-looking piece of new hot meat for me, right there! Wait till I come for you. Gonna make you my little cockslut!” A large, broad man yelled in my direction.

“Shut up, Leroy!” The guard shouted and she slammed her baton against his hands.

He cried out in pain. “You fucking cunt!”

“Keep on going like that and you will be put in isolation again.” She banged her baton a few times against the bars, making a lot of noise. “Stupid prick...” She shook her head and walked on.

The inmates scared me, but she did too if I was honest. I guess she had to be tough to work here. Where the fuck did I end up? Hell?

After a few more “That hot ass is mine.” and “You will suck my fat dick till you gag, pretty boy!” comments, it was the following one that made me even more scared:

“Oh... Is that little fairy Skull crusher’s new cellmate?” The guy who said it started laughing, “Oh, boy... You’re gonna get in trouble!”

“Skull crusher?” I asked out loud.

The lady stopped in front of the next cell.

“Hmm, yes. He is in isolation now, but he will be your cellmate.” She then sighed. “Just a word of advice. Be on his friendly side as much as you can...” She put a key in the door, which opened, and nudged her head in the direction she wanted me to go. Inside my cell. “This is your cell. Try to behave, will you? You look like a sweet boy, the better you behave, the sooner you might come out of this place.” She looked at me with sympathetic eyes, “And really... Try to become friends instead of enemies with your cellmate. He has gained a lot of respect from the other inmates. He is high in rank...”

Inside, she took off my handcuffs and ankle cuffs. “He will be back this afternoon.” She then slammed the door shut, leaving me alone inside.

This was the place where I would have to survive for the next two years. I just turned eightheen and was convicted of murder two years ago.

It definitely looked different than the cell I was living in at the juvenile center...

I felt scared and took a deep breath before I walked further inside. There wasn’t much to see. There stood a bunk bed, a toilet with a sink, in the corner a small table with 2 chairs, and 1 little cabinet.

Which bed should I take? Mostly in the movies they always wanted the top bed right? Something to do with not wanting to have the other’s farts in their face or?! I didn’t really know if that was true, so I just went with my guts and laid down on the bottom bed.

I thought about Skull crusher. What did that guy do to earn that kind of name? My stomach twisted at the thought he would come back this afternoon and I would meet him. What if he hurt me?

I then thought back about the words of the prison guard. She said I should befriend him.

It made me feel that I needed to do that in order to survive.

The way I saw it, I had 2 options to protect myself from these wolves. Option 1 was that I would beat up the most feared man in here to gain respect. But since I knew I would have about a 0.001% chance of succeeding in that, I think this option might not be the best there was. Option two was that I would cut a deal with my new cellmate. He could become my personal protector here. It wasn’t hard to guess what this feared man named Skull Crusher would want in return though...

But at least with this option, I would only have to endure the horrendous revolting torture of sleeping with only one man instead of getting raped by all the monsters in here...


“Get the fuck off my bed!”

“What?” I gasped as I woke up with a startle at the loud noise that made my eardrums tremble.

I got goosebumps all over when I was forcefully yanked off the bed.

Skull crusher was here.

He pulled me off the floor and smacked me against the wall. Pressing his body against me. I almost pissed myself when he brought his hands against my head and pressed at my forehead. Will he crush my skull now? Do his name honor?

“Oh... Uh....I... My name is-”

“I don’t care what your fucking name is.” He said calmly and sniffed at my neck. I didn’t dare to speak again.

“In here you don’t use your old name. You become a Unicorn, a Foureyes, a Spiderleg, or...” He pointed at his chest while looking at me through his eyelashes. “...A Skull crusher.”

I swallowed. “Oh..ok..”

“Now you...hmm, what shall I name you...” He looked at me from head to toes and back again. “Your name will be...” He then leaned in and whispered in my ear:



Notes: Hi, everyone. This is the writer speaking. I hope you all like my story. Please leave me some feedback (hearts, comments, reviews) if you do. It's basically the reason I post, it's my fuel to write.

This story might begin a bit crazy but it turned out to be sexy, romantic, funny, sad, etc. as I tried to put a bit of everything in there but tried to balance it too.

I'm no English speaker so there might be some grammatical errors.

Thanks everyone. 💜


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