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Young eighteen-year-old Lucy missed something in life. Until an older woman set foot in Castle Dearhorn and became her new maid. Scarlett not only became her maid, but also her teacher, friend, and lover. But a woman wasn't supposed to love another woman and the young redhead knew that her parents and society would never allow her and Scarlett to be together. And then there was also Roy, the handsome lieutenant that wanted to marry her... 18+ 🔥🔥🔥 #love #romance #sex #explicitscenes #historical #gxg #lgbtq #lesbian #age-gap #happyending

Erotica / Romance
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1. Prologue

With only a candle in her hands to give her some light in the dark hallway, Lucy followed the sound while she tiptoed over the cold tiles.


There was the sound again. Moaning, heavily breathing.

At the end of the hallway, a door wasn’t quite shut and flickering light shone through the small door opening and danced on the hallway walls.

Lucy stopped before it and pushed the wooden door open a little further so she could see what was going on in the room. The sight in front of her eyes almost caused her to drop the candle out of her hands: Her maid, Scarlett, sat on top of the long dining table with her black servant skirt and white apron pulled up high and her bare legs spread, as wide as she possibly could. The woman supported on one of her elbows, while her other hand was spreading herself open, down there...Pink folds were opened by her fingers, inviting one of the male servants to indulge her with indecent ministrations as his tongue licked at the forbidden place and his fingers did no better than that.

Scarlett’s brown hair that normally was worn in a neat bun, hun loose around her pretty face as she moaned and arched her back, her hips pushing herself closer against the man’s face at a quick rhythm, almost like a dance.

Lucy was shocked! She accidentally pushed against the door, opening it a little further with a creak. It luckily wasn’t a loud sound, and the man sitting on the chair didn’t even notice it for he was too busy making obscene slurping noises.

When she looked at Scarlett, she saw Scarlett did notice... The older looked at her and Lucy was startled, unable to move or speak.

Scarlett’s green eyes looked at her through heavy lids with the strangest dark shimmer in them. Her plump lips looked even fuller than they normally were and her cheeks had a blush. A sly smile curled the maid’s lips before she threw her head back and moaned louder, coming all over the man’s face till it shimmered in the candlelight.

Lucy ran away as fast as her bare feet could.

~~~ Two weeks earlier ~~~

The arrival of a new maid at castle Deerhorn was the talk of the day among the servants. Especially the men seemed to be very pleased when the young woman had stepped out of the carriage, within her hand just one small suitcase.

Scarlett was her name, hired as the new maid for Sir Dearhorn’s youngest daughter, Lucy, who had watched from the window as Scarlett entered the castle with a breathtaking smile on her pretty face. Lucy had never seen such a beautiful woman in her life. Scarlett’s hair was light brown and put up. Dark, long lashes adorned her almond-shaped eyes that were bright green, her nose was small and her lips rosy.

Lucy was eighteen years old now and a woman herself, and she hoped that the new servant was kind so that they could become friends, for she was lonely often and her life bored her to the death. Every day again and again she had to do the same things: she painted, embroidered with her mother and older sisters, or played a game of chess with her father. Of course, she loved her sisters and parents a lot, but Lucy wanted more than this...


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