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Fate. Really?

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It was supposed to be just one night. One night of mind-blowing, amazing s*x. No names involved, no question asked and most importantly no identity. But you can really escape from your past so easily when fate has something else planned for you? Can you really pretend that nothing has happened when those set of pitchy eyes manage alone to get your dream wet? What's that voice, perhaps, that tells you to run away? And why your mystery man reminds you of the only man that broke your heart? Fate, Really??

Erotica / Romance
Aria S.
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How it started.


Falling in love can cause you a storm of emotions and feeling that are quite difficult to understand or control. Falling in love it’s like living in a dream, and the last thing you want is to wake up from it. It’s like eating your favourite ice cream too many times and never getting tired of it; it’s discovering that, perhaps, there is more variation of that flavour than you could ever imagine. It’s discovering shadows of your favourite colour which, until that day, you had no interest in.

Falling in love is extremely magical and romantic, mostly if it is the first time you get yourself involved with this complicated, frightening, emotional, surely intriguing and yet most desired word. It makes you feel new, re-born, it makes you feel on the edge and high all the time but without any drugs involved. It makes you see the world with different eyes and it teaches you how to share when, maybe before, you have been used to doing everything yourself.

It requires effort, respect, trust and truthfulness. It requires madness and creativity at the same time and most of all, it will need you to give in your full self, without the promise of giving anything back to you that is a certainty.

Falling in love is one of the best things that can happen to you but can also be one of the worst, because falling in love is not always a forever promise and, perhaps, is not always reciprocated.

That’s when you become familiar with the world “ break up”, feared by most and surely not appreciated, however, sometimes, it can be a true blessing for your life. Break up, can happen in fact to be the shake that your life needs, can be the start of something new and forceful.

Not all the bad in the world comes to hurt you, people may say and, in fact, most believe that what can’t kill you makes you stronger.

That may be my case, I’m not sure. The only thing I know is that fate always had a stronger role in my life and after my break up with my first and only love, it seems to have taken full control of it.

Shit always hits the fan.

Welcome to a new adventure of my overworking imagination!

If it is the first time you have come across one of my books - Great!- I’m very happy about that!

If you already follow me, thanks for keep supporting me!

Few things as usual, before you start this book.

- Again and again, sorry, English isn’t my first language, however, I’m trying my best to have an easy-to-read story with as few mistakes as possible.

- Language can sometimes be bad.

- Steamy, sex, erotic. Yes, yes, yes.

- Not 18? You shouldn’t be reading that.

- Feedbacks? Yes, please!

- Comments? I would love some.

- Like? Keep them coming.

- Review? It will be a dream!

Feel free to follow me as well for updates and insides of my books.

That said,

Enjoy the read.

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