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An ongoing series of multiple scenarios staring a variety of characters experiencing short flings or the beginnings of a beautiful relationship. Requests are highly encouraged to be submitted to join this collection, whether it be for a new story or a part two for an existing story.

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Operation Hiatus

What's more frustrating that having a crush on someone who clearly doesn't feel the same way?

Having a crush on your best friend who clearly doesn't feel the same way.

Highly frustrating!

To make it worse, the entire student body is aware of my crush towards Ryder Swain, and maybe a couple of teachers. I'm not ashamed of my sexuality and who I direct my feelings towards, but him? He's in complete denial, choosing to ignore this in-his-face fact, and socialize with me like nothing's wrong. For the sake of our friendship, I try to keep our school days and after school hangouts the same. But each day I long to have a full conversation about my simple confession and explore his thoughts about it. Basically we're just assuming one another and that's bad.

"You can't brood other this forever." Jessie, one of my high school friends said during our lunch period. "It's stressing you out and who know how it's affecting your grades. How would you explain that to your parents?"

I groaned into my hands, covering my royal blue eyes and feeling the long bangs of my dusty brown hair fall over them. "Maybe I should just stop and hopefully find someone who has mutual feelings for me. But every time I decide this, I revert back to thinking of him. He's like my kryptonite, Jess. What do I do?"

Jessie reached out to pry my hands away from my face and gave me a gentle smile. "Gil, just give him time to come around and explain himself. Ryder probably doesn't want to ruin the close friendship he has with you."

"Maybe..." I looked around the lunch room for Ryder, but he had either signed out to each lunch in town, or chatting with our class counselor about the upcoming graduation. Our class would be graduating in less than six months, hence why I want more than ever for Ryder to either accept...or decline my confession. "I just wish I knew when he was going to tell me...if he'll tell me..."

Jessie didn't say anything and when I looked at I her, I saw that she was deep in thought, but by the way her lips were pursed in a cat-like smile and how her eyes were narrowed, I knew she had some conniving idea in mind. "I have a thought," she began slowly. "What about if you go hiatus for the three days. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Keep your cellphone off, don't answer the house phone and don't leave the house until Monday. We could say that you were home sick, and I'll bring all the homework assigned to us on Friday sometime over the weekend."

"Couldn't you have thought of something better than me disappearing for three days?" I asked disapprovingly. "Knowing Ryder, he'll definitely want to know if I'm okay and--" I stopped short as I finally pieced together Jessie's plan.

Could it work?

He could just leave if he realized that I'm okay and that would confirm he doesn't feel the same way I do. I don't know if I could handle such a heartbreaking epiphany.

"It'll be fine Gil." Jessie pushed reassuringly. "Just leave it to me and stick to the plan."

I nodded reluctantly. Fortunately, both of my parents were out on a business trip so they wouldn't be returning until Tuesday. Should they found out I skipped school, then the sick excuse would be fine. "Alright. Operation Hiatus is a go."

Jessie fisted the air with a small 'yes', and as her gaze wandered up her broad smile quickly shrank to a gentle, closed-lip one. She gestured once with her eyes and I knew straight away that Ryder had entered the cafeteria. I inhaled deeply and looked over my shoulder to see him saunter towards our table. Six foot tall, slightly muscular from playing football, his deep melanin skin shimmering subtly from his lotion, and his onyx coily curls bouncing a bit as he walked. Our eyes met and his plump lips stretched a bit as he smiled, showing a glimpse of his pearly white teeth. He and I were like yin and yang, by complexion, appearance, and personality. Mocha to milk. Muscular to lanky. Tall to short. Extroverted to introverted. It's a wonder we stayed friends for so long, but not to me. I could calm him down should he get too excited, and he could give me adventures I could never accomplish on my own.

"Hey Snowflake~." Ryder sat down next to me, playfully nudging my arm as he got comfortable. I nudged him back with a smile and while he told us about the graduation ideas he discussed with our counselor, I mulled over my ideas on this hiatus.

The rest of school went by normally, and whenever I shared classes with Ryder, I would pretend to cough or clear my throat. By the end of the day, I was in full operation for this hiatus. I told the nurse that I wasn't feeling well as a heads up that I might not be in school tomorrow. Then I was on my home, ready for three full days of relaxation.

Friday came and went quite slowly. It was hard not to answer any calls or turn on my phone, but eventually, and with the help of some yoga, I finally got Ryder out of my mind. And I got to say...

...I should have done this a long time ago!

Of course I did other things as well such as cook for myself, watched a bit of TV and did a bit of house work. These thing kept me so busy that Friday and Saturday zoomed by like summer before fall.

Late Sunday afternoon, I was doing my daily yoga routine in my room when I heard loud knocking on the front door. I choose to ignore it because I still had half a day left before I could face society again. The knocking continued for a long time and it was only because someone was calling my name that I reluctantly got off the floor and went to answer the door. Whoever was there was going to see me shirtless and in black, Japanese samurai-style yoga pants so they better enjoy the view.

Ryder looked positively pissed and seeing him that angry towards me made me cower before him. When I stepped back he followed me inside and I flinched when he slammed the door behind him. "Why haven't you been answering my messages?" Ryder's voice was soft but it trembled, like he was fighting back the urge to shout. "Why haven't you called me back Gilbert?"

" phone was off." I answered softly, forcing myself to look at him even though I wanted to bow my head and avoid all contact.

"Jessie told me you were suffering from the flu...looks like you're feeling better and doing yoga too." Ryder sighed heavily, rubbed the bridge of his nose with two finger and placed his free hand on his hip. "Gil, what's going on with you?"

I scoffed. "What's going on with me? What's going on with you?" I walked over to him and started pushed at his chest until his back slammed against the door. He may be taller than me by two inches but he was going to get it today. "How long are you going to pretend that our friendship isn't the same as it was before? You know how I feel about you. You know I love you! Why won't you at least say whether you feel the same way or not?!" As I spoke, my voice trembled. All the emotions I've pushed down deep inside me during my time away from Ryder boiled with the need to be to released. I pushed against his chest again and again, drawing out grunts from Ryder

"Gil-ow! Stop this!" Ryder grabbed a hold of my hand, pushed away from the door as he turned us around, and pinned me against the door with my hands held high above my head.

"Say you don't like me!" I shouted abruptly and witnessed the shock on Ryder's face. "Say it! Say you hate me. Say you never want to see me again. Go on say it!"

"ENOUGH!" Ryder commanded and all of a sudden, he kissed my lips. It was rough and dominant. Even if I were to fight back, I'd never stand a chance. I just melted into it and when Ryder pulled away, I slightly leaned forward to keep our lips connected for an extra millisecond. "Enough Gil, I get it. I hurt you and I'm so sorry. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you but the reason why I haven't said anything was because I wasn't sure with how I felt about you. I was happy when you confessed to me but at the same time, I wasn't sure if I was the one for you. What I fool I was huh?"

I didn't say anything. I was stunned by Ryder's words and I also doubted that this was reality.

"Gil...I love you too. Can you forgive me for hurting you?"

Ryder released my hands and I wrapped them around his neck before saying with a smile, "Of course I forgive you...but if you ever do this again I won't hold back."

"That was you holding back?" Ryder looked dumbfounded. "You slapped the air out of my lungs doofus."

"Imagine how much they'll hurt if you break my heart." I said with an amused look on my face.

"I don't want to find out." Ryder murmured and kissed my lips again, softer than the first time. "Not that I plan on breaking your heart...only that ass of yours for making me worry for two and a half days."


"I had to Ryder or I wouldn't have gotten an answer out of you." I explained quickly but Ryder wasn't listening. He stooped down and hauled me over his shoulder, ignoring my yelps of protests as he carried me upstairs to my room. Once inside, Ryder threw me on my bed where I bounced once before he was on top of me and kissing all over my neck and chest.

I wasn't going to let him have complete control over me so I flipped us around and practically ripped off his azure T-shirt before kissing up his chest then claiming his lips for a passionate kiss, pouring out all bent up desires for him. While we kissed, I gyrated my ass against Ryder's hardening cock and he groaned underneath me, pushed his hips up against mine which made me moan against his lips.

"Damnit Gil." Ryder growled, breaking the kiss as he sat up and keeping me on his lap. "I'm suppose to be punishing you. I was seriously worried about you since I don't remember you ever once skipping school..."

"Then punish me." I got off his lap and removed his belt from his pants before holding my hands out to him. "I deserve it."

"Hell yeah~." Ryder took the belt from me and tied my wrists together before looping the rest belt around the bedpost. It would have been comfortable for me to lay down but comfort and punishment contradict each other so I stayed in my kneeling position.. Ryder got up so he could remove the rest of his clothes and I practically drooled at his physic. I haven't seen him in almost three days and he stood before me like an Adonis.

"Uh aren't you going to undress me too?" I asked, looking down at my yoga pants. "I can't take them off obviously."

"Oh they're not coming off." Ryder smirked and before I realized what he means, Ryder pulled at the fabric until he ripped a hole large enough to expose part of my ass.

"Ryder! These were my favorite!" I whined.

"That's for ripping my shirt."

"I hate you."

"No you don't." Ryder whispered and we were kissing again. I moaned against his lips as his hands fondled my half-bared ass and my hips subtly moved so my clothed cock was rubbing against Ryder's.

"Lick." Ryder commanded, pressed three of his fingers against my bottom lip. I did as he ordered, taking my time to coat each digit with saliva since I knew what he had in mind. When I was done, Ryder pushed the first finger into my hole and although I tried to relax, it was a bit uncomfortable. However after working his finger around to loosen me up, the discomfort dissolved and my arousal grew each time his finger grazed against my sweet spot.

Seeing me heated and hearing my soft moans had Ryder add a second finger, then later on the third. He was full on thrusting them into my hole and I was pushing my hips back against his fingers while moaning lewdly. "Fuck." Ryder cursed under his breath and pulled his fingers out completely, making me whimper at the lose.

Ryder chuckled softly. "Do you have lube and a condom?"

I directed him to where both items were located and once again he stood before me like a god, slipping on the condom then coating it with lube. I wanted to lick that instead of his fingers, but I've waited long enough.

"Hng...hurry Ryder."

"Tell me what you want."

This asshole! I can't believe him!

"I want you..."

"More specifically~?"

"...I want you inside me. I want you to mess me up so badly that I won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow. So give it to me Ryderaagh~!" My fingers dug against the leather of Ryder's belt as he finally...finally pushed his cock inside of me. He had me up in his strong arms, legs spread wide and in this position, it felt as if he could reach the deepest parts of me. I thought I'd climax just from him entering me.

Ryder waited until I fully relaxed around him before moving his hips against me. It was slow at first but when I started moving my hips awkwardly in his arms, he picked up the pace, slamming into me and making me moan loudly.

"Damn Gil, you sound so sexy~." Ryder groaned huskily and it was the sexist thing I have ever heard.

"Aah~! Haah~! Ry~! So good~! Nnngh~!"

I was starting to lose my voice by how loud I was moaning and my hip movements were becoming sloppy as I drew closer to my release. I could tell Ryder was close to finishing just by how big his cóck was growing deep inside of me. His thrusts became erratic and a bit frantic and before he climaxed, he bit down hard against my neck.

I screamed and climaxed in my yoga pants, my body trembling from the extreme amount of pleasure I was feeling. Ryder littered kisses all over the bite mark he made and he carefully pulled of me before undoing the belt. I slumped against his chest, breathing heavily and still trembling. Ryder helped me relax by rubbing my back soothingly and whispered how good I was in my ear.

"So...this definitely means you love me?" I asked once I finally came down from my high. "This isn't a dream?

"Yes Gil." Ryder's smile warmed my heart and I kissed his lips softly. "I love you so much...and if this were a dream, I will murder whoever had the balls to wake me up."


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Word Count: 2587

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