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Loving Death’s Twins

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The sequel to "Loving Death" Remember the story of how Kattlyn Knight and Connor Lane fell in love? How Katt became pregnant? How she kept it from Connor? How Connor found her later on and met his children? Kattlyn had Connors Twins, Ace and Alice.... Well now they're gone. Alice and Ace lives on trying to find their way through life. On the outside they're normal... but behind closed doors... let's just say they share the same passion as Connor.. And the same feelings, as Kattlyn and Connor felt for each other.

Erotica / Romance
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The Real Story Begins

"That's the story of my parents, they loved each other more than life itself. "I finish my presentation and my classmates clapped out of respect.

"That was very nice Alice, I'm so glad you shared with us." The teacher says. I usually don't participate in this class, but this was for a major grade, and if I didn't do it she'll fail me for this quarter. I wiped at my eyes annoyed.. She knew I had no choice.

" I thought you and your sexy brother were orphans." Some chick says and others nod with confused looks.

"Technically we are.. My parents were murdered by some sore losers." I answered with clenched fist. We were happy, a big happy family. 10 years later they were killed. My father was jumped by the a few men who he beat in the matches and my mother jumped in to help. But they were shot and killed. My brother and I live with her grandparents on my mom side. At first they didn't want anything to do with us, then guilt probably got at them. My brother and I hate them for what they did to our mother. But luckily they still travel a lot so we have the house to ourselves.

" I actually taught both of your parents. Kathlyn Knight and Connor Lane." The teacher says and I smiled.

"That's amazing. I love the fact that they walk these very halls." I say

"Is that why she dress in all black every day?" I heard someone ask. I rolled my eyes know exactly who it was. "What did you say?" I asked annoyed.

"Oh! Me?" Says the biggest bitch in this school as if she was innocent. I really hate this chick, she'd be six feet under if she didn't date my brother. "Oh well I was wondering if you dressed in all black because you're like still mourning or something." Skylar says locking eyes with me. I snorted at her courage.

"Do you wear clothes two sizes too small because you don't get enough attention back home? Oh, so you're trying to get all the attention from all of the guys at school?" I asked

"You mean Guy, like singular dip shit. You're brother! And he gives me all the attention I want, when I want it! On your couch, in your kitchen-" Sky says but the teacher attempts to intervene

"Girls this is-" She tried but I spoke.

"You're such a slut." I say shaking my head face heated from anger.

"And you're a freak of nature. Any who!! Let's get back to class! I'll be going next so this depressing air can just Like flutter away or whatever! So like my presentation has like a lot of like cute pictures of my Parents that you'd like die for. So let me and the freak switch places so I can begin." Skylar says and a bit my tongue.. stay cool, I just returned from suspension. Plus my brother wouldn't like it if I defaced his girlfriend. I grabbed my shit then walked towards my seat. Skylar past and when we were shoulder to shoulder she spoke, "By the way, you can't say anything about me not having enough attention at home, at least there's someone waiting for me when I get there." And that's when I lost it. I turned so quick using my laptop to bashed her in the back of her big blonde head. And Oh I didn't stop there, once she fell face first on the ground I turned her forcing her to face her body upwards towards me. I ignored the yells of my teacher as I sat on top of her and had at it. Right left! Left! Right! Right! Then it became a bit more fair when Skylars friends jumped in. Three extra helpers... so that's four against one. That's still not fair but I'd be damned if I let them think they could just lay a hand on me and not suffer. They'll need like a hundred more girls like them to be a match for me. Then we were all pulled away from each other, them bloody and my fist red. They got me good though. They did manage to bust my lip and scratch the shit out of my face and back. But that's about it.

"I should've known it was you! You're always causing trouble in this school!" The administrator says and I rolled my eyes.

"She just attacked me!" Skylar says and I sighed bored. They'll never listen to my side, they never do.

"You're in big trouble now!" He says

"Yeah yeah yeah. Just let me grab my shit. You all over exaggerate. It's not like I killed them." I say shaking loose from the grip of some guy teacher. As I walked past the girls I bucked at them causing them to jump. "Yet." I added with a smirk.

I sat in the office slouched in the chair with my arms crossed. Of course they attempted to call my grandparents and as expected, they didn't answer. Assholes. I then heard the office door slammed open. Just great! I slipped on my earphones and turned my music up loud. But of course he didn't get the memo so he pushed my earphone back allowing them to rest around my neck. I sighed not looking at him.

"Look at me." He says clearly upset.

"I've seen your face thousands of times. I don't have to look at you to know you're pissed." I say

"They're weaker than you! You didn't have to go full on beast on them! What the fuck were you thinking?!" My brother yelled

"So you talked to Skylar." I say nodding slowly.

"Yeah and I saw the damage you did to her and her friends!" He says

"Did she tell you what happened?" I asked

"Yes." He says

"So you come here... you yell at me because you heard her side of the story which makes me seem like the bad guy! And you don't ask me what my side is!!" I yelled at him finally looking up and his face softens. He had a handsome face, just like our father. He also had our fathers eyes. I however couldn't choose who I wanted to resemble. So I took a bit of each. I have one brown eye like my mother and one blue eye like my father. That's why they refer to me as a freak. Fucking assholes.

"I'm sorry.. What happened?" He asked and I told him what happened, word for word. I watched him closely then my heart dropped because I know what's coming next. "I'm sure you made a mistake. That doesn't sound like something she'd say." He defends his girlfriend.

"The teachers. That bitch of a girlfriend you have. Our fucking grandparents. All of them are against me, I expect them to be against me.. but you! You're supposed to be on my side! I tell you the fucking truth and you just throw it away like everyone else. My goodness is sex that good?! Is it that brain washing? You've fucked multiple girls and yet you hang on tight to this slut like you're life depends on it. You know what, fuck you." I say pulling on my headphones once more. He stands there for a second then he starts to pace. I watch his feet as he paced in front of me. Then he stopped and kneeled down right in front of me resting his hands on my thighs. He pouted staring me in the face. With a sigh I removed my earphones.

"We don't fight." He says

"We don't choose others over each other either but that's what you just did." I say

"Hey! I just said We DON'T fight... But I think you should talk to her. She's not all that bad." He says and I groaned loudly

"Fuck off with that crap! Dude just just just keep her away from me! I don't understand what you see in her! And she even disrespected our parents today calling they're story depressing! She made fun of me in front of the whole class! And she She she said that horrible thing!" I say forcing my tears to stay in.

"We're not fighting right?" He asked

"No, this is just a heated conversation." I say rolling my eyes.

"Well.. not everyone understands their story. It's kinda crazy." He says

"But it's our parents story, so they shouldn't disrespect it. Shit I didn't say anything about Susie's long line of teeth cleaners and how obsessed they are with peoples mouths!" I say

"Yeah but our parents were-" He says

"Amazing! Romantic! Strong! They were the best parents a kid could ask for." I say

"No, the best parents a kid could ask for are parents who stays by your side and wouldn't do stupid shit to get themselves killed. They would make sure they're there to watch you grow and have your first love and first heart ache. For the awards ceremonies and matches and games and everything they're child is present in. Our parents were selfish. Sorry that not everyone see the romantic love story you see... you see the world through child's wide eyes.. but one day you'll have to grow up. Then you'll see what things really were." He says and I clenched my fist and he noticed so he sighed. "I don't mean to upset you my Alice... Just think things through sometimes. Please." He says

"Sure whatever." I replied and he sighed again. "I said sure.. you know what, I need some air. You wait here for the result of this mess. They're taking their precious time in there. I bet you ten bucks your girl is giving head to the principal to get out of suspension." I say getting up pushing him to the side. Then making my way to the exit.

"Be back in here in ten minutes!" He calls after me. I snorted. That's not going to happen.

"Where the fuck where you?!" Cleo asked annoyed

"School." I say wrapping my hands

"You said you were skipping today! You missed an important match that would get you into the big fight today!" Cleo says annoyed

"What big fight?" I asked looking up at my crazy best friend slash manager.

"There's an "every man for themselves" match tonight! Men and women! This match could start you off to being a pro. Like your dad." She says excited.

"Why didn't you tell me this?! I would've made sure I skipped school today!" I yelled

"Hey! No raising your voice at your bestie. And I thought it would've been a great surprise... so I saw you park you motorcycle in the back alley... Your brother has no idea you're here?" She and and I shook my head.

"Nope. Not a clue." I say and she groaned

"Dude! He's going to eat my ass for dinner!" She whined but then she froze for a second then smiled. "That actually doesn't sound that bad." She says and I rolled my eyes

"Hey stop fantasizing about my brother!" I say

"You do it all the time." She says and I looked at her wide eyed.

"What!?" I asked face heating. How does she..

"Oh nothing. He has a whole girlfriend right?" She asked looking in the mirror applying more lipstick.

"Yeah. I don't understand what he sees in her." I say annoyed putting the tape away. I made my way to the punching bag. As I punched the bag I thought about how good it felt to finally do that Barbie doll some damage.

"You had another scene with her?" Cleo asked and I smiled

"I actually hit her this time. I hit her and her friends, a lot." I say happily.

"That's my girl. I was actually getting pissed off. You come here and beat the crap out of the slums scariest and biggest women... but when you go to school you let those prissy ass clones push you around." She says annoyed

"Yeah, but the Queen bitch is my brothers girlfriend. They've been dating for a few months now.. on and off, but still." I say walking over to grab my jump rope. As I jumped, Cleo sat watching as she processed this.

"Ace never stayed with just one girl before.. I guess he's serious about this one." She shad and I rolled my eyes.

"Fuck him and his whore." I say

"Whatever. I'm not liking your pissy mood. You're usually calm and nonchalant." She says

"It's the end of the fucking year so people want to start acting brand new." I say. The teacher grading every little thing and taking off points for nonsense. Then it's the end of the year fights and beefs.

"But you should be happy, you're graduating high school soon." She says

"Yeah. Then I could be serious about my job." I say referring to my Street fighting gig.

"So no college? Well that's cool with me baby, let's become champions in this bitch." Cleo says jabbing at the air. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm glad your the manager and I'm the fighter." I commented

"Girl please, I can lay anyone out in two point five seconds. I'm too good for these kiddy fights you be in. I'd kill everyone in this place. I know I'm the champ, I just don't want to take that opportunity from you kids." She says walking over then poking her foot out to mess up my rope. I dropped the jump rope to attack her but she was already halfway out the room.

"Yeah, you're a true champ. Running all the damn time." I laughed.

"I'm running because you're late to the match." She comments.

"Shit!" I cursed grabbing my stuff then ran after her. I swear I have the worst manager who ever lived. We ran down the hall and I realized they already started to call people down to the ring. I wrapped the cloth around my mouth then I slipped on the jacket. Pulling my hood on just in time to be announced.

" Weighing 135, The descendant of our very own Death Shadow!!! Daughter of Death!!!!!" The announcer yelled and the crowd went wild.

"Mom, Daddy.. Watch over me, I'm going to make you proud." I say then made my way to the ring with Cleo by my side.

"You got this! Just make sure to protect you're face.. I know it's a little messed up already but no more injuries or Pops and Ace will know." She says quickly and I nod.. Pops, he was the one who'd be by my fathers side each time he fought in matches. He's also Cleo's grandfather. I climbed in the ring ignoring all the glares of my opponents. I removed the cloth and jacket my father use to wear on his way in the ring. I gripped the cloth.. I kissed it the raised it to the air.

"For Death!" I yelled and everyone yelled and cheered

"Give them Death! Give them Death!" They chant.

"Death Shadoooooow!!!" Someone yelled. My father still lived on in all his fans, especially in me. After a few more names everyone got impatient. Everyone just started swinging!

"Shit." I cursed blocking a the vipers punch. I smiled. "Hey viper baby, my daddy kicked your ass once, how does it feel to lose to his kid?" I asked

"You ain't win shit." He says

"Yet." I added. Then we went at it until a bigger guy grabbed the viper from behind. I turned fighting the next person. Shit! This is deadly! I took a hit from behind! I turn fighting the new opponent. Someone grabbed my hair causing me to swear. The person then slammed me on the mat and two people started to gang up on me. I fought back as best as I can. Then they let down their guards and someone came behind them, bashing them in the head. Everything was going too fast. I blinked trying to focus.. Someone punched me in the gut and I spit out blood. Shit! Focus! I swung and missed. Another punch to the face. Focus damn it! Okay okay I can do this! I I fought my way to a corner so I could see all my opponents instead of them popping up behind me. Focus.. They're a lot more people in the ring, so there's fighters who entered last minute going against the rules. The mat was filled with blood already.. I heard someone scream in pain. I saw a guy slip a blade back into hiding. I'm in way over my head. Shit! They're trying to kill people out here. Since the match started there's no way for a med to get the hurt people. Some people who's already down is still getting stepped on and shit. Some of them are thrown from the ring. There's no refs in the ring because they would be seriously hurt... Fuck I was standing here to long! Two men walked towards me with smiles on their face. Alright. I'm calm, let's do this. I ran towards them with a battle cry. I jumped up catching one guys head between my thighs. I bent backwards causing him to follow unwillingly. The second his head came in contact with the mat I jumped up and punch the other dude in the nose. Then I became a slight pussy because I ran for it. I ran around attacking any and everybody. I have to win this! I will win this. I found a small group that was working together so I joined in.
"Two people left!" The announcer yells and the crowd cheered. I spit the collecting blood out. Trying to focus on my last opponent.

"Who ever you are, you're going to go doooown! You see me! I'm a beast and you're puny!" He says getting close. I watched him annoyed. "Look little girl, I'll let you get out of this, just walk out this ring and go home to your daddy. Little girls like you're self shouldn't be here, you belong at home baking up a pie." He says and I nod with my lips pressed together. The out of no where I jabbed him quickly in the throat then jabbed him a few extra times to redecorate his face. Three jabs in his right eye, two in his left and one right to the nose. It was so fast that if you blinked too many times you'd miss the next attack. He fell down unable to stand. My breath was heavy, I know I've injured my rib cage. My vision is blurry, left eye swelling up and shit. Now a bloody mess but it's not broken. I swear if something is wrong with my boob I'm killing that mother fucker who thought it was nice to punch my Tit. Fucking Asshole, that's why I tickle his balls with my knee.

"It's the twenty first century, Women can do whatever the fuck they want." I say

"And the winner is!!! Deaths Daughter!!!" The announcer yelled and the crowd went wild. Cleo appeared to at my side. I smiled.

"You did it!!" She says and I can tell she was crying.. Cleo may seem tough but she cries each time I look like I'm getting my ass served on a silver platter.

"Yeah." I say leaning against her feeling myself get weaker and weaker. Then I noticed her smile disappeared and I turned to see at what she saw. Everything started to move in slow motion.. the man who was toe and toe with me a second ago lunges at us with a blade.

"I'm not done Yet!"
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