Lustful but Spiritual

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In this novel, you will meet Mike, a massage enthusiast. He seems to be always struggling to overcome his lust. He wants to be faithful but he can't deny his desires to fuck another woman. He is spiritual by nature but on the other hand, his physical need for sexual satisfaction seems to be dominant. However, deep inside him is his great passion to change for good... Admire him for his love and kindness to women. Hate him for his being unfaithful. But one thing for sure that someday he will spiritually evolve and might lead a new spiritual organization.

Erotica / Romance
Mike M. Luster
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Chapter 1 - Lani

I went back into this certain spa because most of their therapists are undeniably good in acupressure. With their experienced hands, they got enough strength to take away my back and shoulder pains. I need to have this kind of massage because in our Cebu office, I’m exposed constantly with aircon which the temperature can’t be adjusted. That’s because to level the coolness, giving enough comfort to all agents from one end to other end of the room.

I didn’t care if the assigned therapist for me at that time is good looking or not. It didn’t matter anymore. I almost reached into a point where I was about to give up my mission which was searching for an attractive masseuse who could be both my personal massage therapist and a fucking partner for long. I thought I won’t find her. I had to be realistic. I had to accept the fact that the pretty ones are mostly, if not all, concerned how much money they can get from me. If they find a man who can give them more, there they go. They’re like mosquitoes. After they suck blood from you, when everything is drained, they open up their noses to find another target. But please don’t misunderstand me. There’s nothing wrong with it. They’re just another form of workers in this world where they have to struggle in order to earn more money to pay for their bills, support their loved ones and fulfill their needs and wants. Unlike beggars and thieves, they deserve to reap the fruits of their labor. Anyhow, I salute them.

When I got inside the spa, as usual, I paid 350 pesos for an hour of Swedish massage. While waiting, I sat and read one of their magazines. Then she came carrying a towel and a pitcher of water. I stared at her and mentally exclaimed, “Oh, my Lord! She’s so young and pretty!” as my heart was beating faster.

After she washed my feet, she said, “Sir, just follow me to your room.”

I couldn’t respond. Her voice sounded so innocent as if she’s just a high school student. I got struck on her natural kayumanggi beauty. Her long straight black shiny hair is so perfect to match her slender body.

While following her to the massage room, I said to myself, “My God! After a decade of tireless search in the different spas of Cebu, I never encountered this kind of beauty until now. I gotta do something. I’m sure she got a boyfriend or maybe a husband. If none, sooner, someone will impregnate her. I have to act fast. I can’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass by.”

I observed her back while she was walking. I whispered, “Look at her. Why is she working here? She could be a ramp model.”

Then she said, “Sir, this is your room. I’ll come back.”

My voice was shaking a little in tense, saying, “Ah, ok. Thanks, miss.”

She gave me a half smile and walked away.

While inside the room, I undressed quickly and laid down on the high-rise bed. I looked at my cock on full erect firing mode. I got up and put back my brief on. I had to treat her differently. I had to take things slowly in a very gentlemanly manner if I wanna captivate her. Mixed thoughts were going on inside my mind.

I was talking to myself: “What am I gonna do? Am I gonna ask her for a hand job? What if she says no? What if she gets mad at me for wrongly judging her? I don’t want her to think that I’m just another lustful guy who wants her body. Am I gonna ask for her number? What if she wouldn’t give it? Am I gonna invite her to eat after her work? Am I gonna offer her a ride when she goes home? What if she says no? I don’t know. We’ll see.”

She knocked on the wooden door besides the curtain, asking, “Sir, can I come in?”

I couldn’t reply immediately. I had to put my roaring dick intact inside my brief, covering it with a towel. Then I said, “Miss, you can now come in.”

When she came in, the figure of her whole body in silhouette still gives me an extremely appealing sight.

“Sir, let’s start with your back.”

I wanted to ask her name but I was just continually half-dumbfounded. I could only simply respond, “Ok, miss.”

While she was massaging my back, I felt her hands to be a little bit shaking in nervousness. I said to myself in a hushed tone, “Well, we’re both nervous.”

No doubt, she was a new recruit. The way she massaged me was very conservative. Her hands stayed away from my upper thighs, butt, chest and stomach. Her pressure was so soft with her small very feminine palm and fingers. I sensed a growing heat in her skin. When she was stroking my arms and shoulders during a front massage, I began conversing with her.

“Miss, you’re new here?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Like a month?”

“Just one week, sir.”

“Is that so? You’re really new here. What’s your name?”


I said, “You have a cute name,” while sweetly smiling at her.

She didn’t smile back. She asked, “My massage is just ok, sir?”

“Yeah, it’s ok.”

“I think it’s not ok, sir. I’m just new here.”

“What’s important, you’re very pretty.”

When I said those words, I slowly touched her hand but she reacted, “Sir, don’t do that.”

She scared me with her negative take on what I just did. Still maintaining my gentle soft-spoken voice, I said, “It’s just a touch, miss. What’s wrong with that?”

“Sir, it’s not allowed here.”

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, miss.”

“That’s ok, sir.”

I was utterly embarrassed. For a moment, I hated myself for thinking I could seduce all women I want. I felt my penis suddenly shrinking.

We didn’t talk until she said, “Sir, it’s finished. Do you want water or tea?”

“Water will do. Thank you, miss. Again, sorry for what I did a while ago.”

She didn’t respond. She then walked away.

I took a long deep breath and told myself, “Mike, ok, Mike! Why are you like this? Why can’t you control your lust? I’m tired of this fucking shit. Lani, I’m so sorry,”

After dressing up, I prepared my 500 tip for her. It was the least I could do to compensate for whatever stress I caused on her.

When I went out, I looked for her and discreetly gave the money. I couldn’t look straight into her eyes. I didn’t even drink the water so I can get out right away from the spa.

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