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Some erotic one-shots for your pleasure... Very explicit sex content. Only for 18+ Some have been edited by an editor and others aren't! I've decided to put most of these stories on my Patreon site only, but I will give you a total of five stories here for free! Three BxG, two BxB and one GxG. Further, you can look at my Patreon (link in bio) under the tag "Oneshot" if you want to read more. Have fun.

Erotica / Romance
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Edging (BxG)

Sexual handling: Edging is a sexual technique whereby orgasm is controlled. It is practiced alone or with a partner and involves the maintenance of a high level of sexual arousal for an extended period without reaching climax.

I was so wet. It came dribbling down my legs, and it was all because of him.

My man sat naked on a chair, sweating. His hands were tied up behind the backrest while his legs were spread wide, giving me an excellent view of his gorgeous, long, and engorged cock, which pointed so proudly to the ceiling.

The golden cock ring I’d stuffed around his shaft and balls made his cock even harder than it naturally was, with thick veins bulging underneath his skin.

“Oh, baby, please...please…” he begged.

“Shhhh… You’re doing so great, honey,” I whispered into his ear while I let my hand travel lower again. I ran it through the shimmering pre-cum that drizzled down his rod and was smeared in his little trimmed hairs. I wasn’t the only one that was dripping.

After lubing up my hands, I grabbed his cock again and tugged at it a few times.

“Hm...” He bit his lip at the sensitive touch.

He was being pleased (or should I say tortured?) by my hands and mouth for over forty-five minutes already. And soon came the dirty wet sounds again, bouncing off the walls as I vigorously jerked off his sensitive member which throbbed against the palm of my hand.

He was warm and wet, soft yet hard.

“Ahh... C-close!” he whined and arched his back against the chair, almost cumming.

I let go before he could, leaving him breathless. It took him a few seconds to recover, to not go past that point of no return. However, I was not about to give him much recovery time, for I grabbed him again, massaging him, taking him higher.

Every time that he reached the top of that mountain, ready to jump, I stopped. Because he couldn’t cum. It was me that was in control here, not him.

I let his cock slither through my hands repeatedly. Softly and gently, but going faster with each stroke until he was there again, throwing his head back, ready to blow… But before he could, I pried my hand away.

His leg muscles tightened as he desperately pushed his hips to the front in search of my touch, but my hand was already gone. God, he was so hot, being all hopeless like this. I loved to be in control over my man.

I grabbed the seeping hard-on in my hand again and softly rolled my palm around the bulbous head, giving different pressure with my fingers, making him whimper and whine.

He would cum so damn hard when I’d finally let him, and that was my goal. To make him finish so hard he’d go cross-eyed with pleasure.

“Ahh...ngh...b-baby!” he cried at the end, and I let go, knowing precisely when to stop. I knew him like no other.

His cock twitched against his stomach, and a large blob of pre-cum oozed out.

“Oh... I’m... close. I was so close,” he sobbed, almost not able to handle it anymore. His balls must’ve felt so tight and heavy, and his cock was so perceptive. It must’ve been hell, but I knew it felt like heaven to him too. It was heaven and hell altogether.

I gave him a little while to recover again and touched myself in the meantime. He made me horny beyond words.

When I thought he was ready for it again, I twirled my finger around the crown of the head.

“I…” He tried to speak but forgot what he was about to say when his cock ran through my slippery palm again.“Yeah... Oh, that feels s-so good,” he moaned. “Can I cum, please? Please!”


“Ahhh, baby!” he cried out, pushing his hips forward and desperately trying to fuck himself into my hand, but I unwrapped my fingers. “No!” he whined. “I want to cum.”

Feather-light fingertips of mine tickled the head of his cock. And he was back on that mountain again. I knew he was. He wanted to jump; he wanted to make the dive so bad.

“Ahh... oh! P-please… Oh god, please, close!”

“No, not yet,” I said, and I took my evil hand away just before he could climax, and caressed his hot chest instead, which was moving up and down so rapidly.

“You make me so wet like this, you know that, honey?” I told him as I walked behind him and stopped there. “So wet…” I whispered into his ear and pushed a few fingers between my slippery folds, starting to finger myself.

“Baby, please.”

I stood close to his ear, so he couldn’t see me and only heard the obscene sounds that came from my moving fingers. “Can you hear that?” I asked while loud slurping sounds filled the room.

“Oh...” he whined. His cock screamed to be touched, the cockring squeezing in his flesh.

“Hm?” I hummed.

“Please, I need it.”

I smiled, kneeled before him, and my slippery fingers grabbed his rock-hard shaft before my lips curled around the head of his magnificent cock.

I sucked it gently and rotated my tongue around the rim a few times, slapping my tongue against the underside of the cockhead before I bobbed up and down. I felt his cock twitch inside my throat, knowing he would cum if I went on, so I let go.


He was in delirium. His eyes rolled back inside his skull, showing white, and his lower lip between his teeth, red from biting them.

I wrapped my hand around him for the last time, working faster now, while my other hand pinched his nipple. He bucked his hips, matching my stroking pace as he tried to fuck into my hand harder and faster.

More, he wanted more!

“Ahhh... Ngh... c-close!” he whined.

“Cum for me, babe,” I ordered. He had been a good boy and deserved his reward.

That was what he had been waiting for all this time. To finally release, ultimately letting himself pass over the edge. A fulfilling sensation waiting for him, a sensation of perfect bliss.

As my wonderful hand stroked over his cock, his mouth opened up in a silent scream. His cock shot out a massive load of semen straight onto his chest before it twitched again, and another ejaculation erupted, making white ropes of cum fly through the air with each sensational jolt of pleasure hitting his body.

“Ahh!” he loudly moaned when he could produce a sound again. “F-fuck!”

He threw his head back against the chair while his cock squirted out the last of his fluids as I milked him dry until the last spasm.

“Was it good, babe?” I asked as I let go of his member.

“Oh god, yes, you are the best, baby,” he praised.

“You were great too, honey.”

I let him catch his breath for a little while. The high from pleasure ebbed away before I uncuffed him.

“I love you,” he said, gratefully.

“I love you too. I’ll get a cloth to clean you up, honey,” I replied, to which he nodded.

I knew that both of us would sleep like a baby tonight, me in his arms after he had returned the favor...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For more dirty stuff...

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