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Nikki Ashley: On Bondage

Authorโ€™s Note:

In a BDSM relationship there has to be trust between a dominant and his submissive as this relationship can walk the fine line of abuse. You need to be sure that the goals between the two participants align and you are in a safe space. This should be a consensual tying, binding, or restraining stimulation, purely for erotic pleasure.

Do not attempt these explorative practices unless you are absolutely comfortable, a safe word is always recommended.

I had never been tied down before...

BDSM always intrigued me, but relinquishing power in the bedroom was terrifying. My boyfriend at the time, Beckett, was a very dominating man who performed at his best when he was fully in control.

Who was I to stop the man, especially when his goal was to please me?

Beck was a true man of women-a sexpert, one might say. His life experience and extensive, well-rounded knowledge-base were just some of the qualities that attracted me to him.

In addition to his enormous dick...

I had my fair share of cocks by the time Beckett and I had started dating, but he was a fucking professional. He knew exactly what he was doing, like some sort of Professor of Pussy. Beck understood more about the female anatomy than I was ever taught in school, especially when it came to giving women orgasms.

Every man I dated prior to him only cared about themselves, predominately when it came to sex. I had never been with a man that put me first or loved this deeply. Beckett always made me feel at ease and made sure I was secure, in and out of the bedroom. His honest communication and lack of filter drew me in.

My feelings for Beck had become alarming and I even tried to push him away. He made me feel things I had never felt before, both physically and emotionally. I had given him a map of all my flaws and imperfections, putting my trust into a man for the first time and he never once failed me. He made me vulnerable, but this type of love was worth the potential pain.

Beckett quickly became my bestfriend and the relationship I didnโ€™t think Iโ€™d want, was the kind I couldnโ€™t bear to be without. He ruined all other men for me.

Around our one year anniversary, I had become ready to explore this new erotic world with him...

I remember watching impatiently from his pillowy king size bed as he made his way to the side table in his bachelor bedroom. His room had minimal furniture and scarce decor, apart from the death metal band poster that hung from his closet door.

My eyes followed his every footstep as his heightened breathing accelerated my pulse. We had both been looking forward to this day.

Beck was going to satisfy a hunger that I didnโ€™t know my body craved.

I looked up to the ceiling thinking of all the ways he had previously made me come and how easily my body responded to his touch. It seemed as though my pussy had a mind of her own when she was around him. Even when we fought, she still couldnโ€™t wait to fuck.

Beckett was an intelligent, simple man with dark desires and scandalous secrets. He kept his cards close to his chest, but those that had the privilege to know him felt honored. He protected his loved ones with his entire being and always put family first.

This man was someone I never wanted to let go of.

He reached into a mahogany dresser drawer, pulling out several ropes and a matching silk mask. My heart began beating out of my chest from nerves and excitement. I was giving all of myself to him and he was going to have his way with me.

Beck smiled sinfully as he slipped the first black thick rope around my wrist and tightened it just a tad. My wetness increased with every knot he made, in anticipation for what was to come.

The cold crisp sheets against my naked skin sent goosebumps across my body. I was always confident, but revealing that much of myself had made me feel exposed as he restrained both of my arms and legs to his bed, spreading me for his viewing.

Beckett had this charming, cheeky grin when he spoke and a mischievous twinkle in his bright blue eyes. His golden beard and towering broad frame with that deep southern accent, screamed sexy lumberjack and I was willing to beg for just a taste. He could make my panties wet with only his words.

This man had a true power over me, but was completely unaware of the magnetic pull that he had.

He climbed on top of me, taking my body in, as his sinful smile returned. His eyes filled with lust and desire, looking me up and down. Before I could process his next move, those enticing lips crashed hard into mine with an eagerness and thirst. Our tongues tangled, dancing in harmony as butterflies filled my stomach.

My breath hitched as Beckett released my lips, placing the blindfold over my eyes, eliminating my sense of sight. He stole one more kiss, before making his way to my neck. My body reacted instantly to his nibbling as his teeth started to graze my ear. He then whispered sensual sweet nothings and teased his mouth down my body, provokingly slow.

His woodsy cologne lingered as his tongue found its way to my breasts. He worked in a slow sucking motion around my nipples as my hypersensitivity to his touch only grew. A small moan had escaped me as Beckโ€™s hand intentionally brushed against my slick pussy.

When he finally spoke, my knees became weak. โ€œGod, Nikki, youโ€™re so fucking wet.โ€

The carnal hunger behind his words, still replays in my fantasies to this day...

Beckett delicately slipped his fingers between my dripping slits, separating my lips. I felt the cool air hit my clit and a chill ran up my spine. The suspense and overwhelming urge to have his dick penetrating deep inside of me had become unbearable. My once pleasurable ache had turned to an evoking throb and I needed to come.

He seductively whispered in a raspy tone, โ€œI canโ€™t wait to taste you,โ€ as his head moved between my inner thighs. The heat radiating from my center began spreading throughout my body as I tried to remain calm.

He started at the hood of my clit, gently parting me open. He then exposed my pearl, flicking it with just the tip of his tongue, gradually gathering speed.

I had received oral many times before, but never like Beckett did on that day. He ate every inch of me like it was his last meal on earth and he did it with great pleasure. His tantalizing tongue created patterns in a rhythmic fashion, reciting poetry on my pussy.

Beck was a very giving lover.

He always knew I was close to coming when my toes began to curl and my back would start to arch, but he enjoyed the waiting game...

Edging was a tactic he used to establish dominance, while intensifying my climax. His tease and denial would piss me off, but in the end, the reward was always worth the wait.

He knew me better than I knew myself.

To delay an early orgasm, Beckett pulled away and my frustration to fill the void became apparent with a loud groan. He chuckled as I felt the weight shift in the bed.

Was he going to leave me there?

A distant vibration reached my ears and curiosity consumed my thoughts.

What was he up to?

I had never had a partner use sex toys on me before. Sure, I had played with myself creatively as most women do, but I didnโ€™t think men would enjoy the process if their dick was not involved.

Boy, was I wrong.

I tried to peek through the blindfold to get an idea of what was happening, but it was wrapped too tightly around my head. My hands were also of no use as they were still securely fastened to the bed.

Beckett got off on watching me come. He always had a look of accomplishment, like he had won some sort of medal in a contest. It was actually pretty cute, until his cocky mouth would open. He was very competitive too, especially with himself, and would often find new ways to increase the number of times that I came.

That day was no different.

He exposed my clit, tenderly pushing the toy against it. The vibration under his control, unlocked new pleasure zones that I had yet to stimulate during masturbation. My body almost immediately curved upwards as I aggressively pulled at my restraints. I barely moved an inch bounded by the rope, locking me tightly in place.

Beck kept the vibrator pressed against me as he turned it up to a vigorous speed.

His exquisite torture had become intolerable. I desperately needed to come, but per usual, he wouldnโ€™t allow it yet.

โ€œBaby, I plan to take my time with you...Plus this toy works for 60 minutes straight.โ€ He teasingly chuckled as he continued to massage me.

I struggled finding words, gasping for air.

My God.

I sometimes think back to that exact moment, like do people honestly last that long?

Asking for a friend...

He was moving the wand eloquently, picking up pace on my swollen clit, before stopping suddenly, pulling the toy away from my pussy. I felt cool clamps pinch down on my sensitive nipples, forcing the blood to rush to my chest.

I didnโ€™t think I could hold back any longer.

Beckett slightly tightened the screws attached to the teeth and carefully tugged on the chain. The moderate pressure on my nipples intensified into a painful, pleasurable bliss. I was sopping as he made sure to give equal attention to each erogenous zone.

Once my nipples were tightly braced, he started pressing his index finger against my ass, telling me to take a deep breath and relax. Warmth traveled rapidly through me as he teased the entrance, slowly adding pressure, preparing me. I nodded in response, trusting his ability to give an earth-shattering orgasm.

A small lubricated anal plug delicately pushed into me as a loud moan exploded from my lips. He then steadily circled my clit with his fingers as my body adjusted to this new experience.

There was some slight discomfort at first, but once my body adapted, a tingling sensation overwhelmed me. I had never been this fully aroused before. I was dangerously close to coming and Beckett knew it. He mischievously laughed, proud of how dripping wet I had become.

I loved when Beck manhandled me in that primal, animalistic way. My pussy fell under his spell and dominating authority with every command he gave.

As my climax was fast approaching, Beckett slid his massive cock in, saying he wanted me fully stuffed. Having him and the plug both inside of me, created a magical combination bringing waves of intense pleasure. He placed the vibrating wand on my clit as he slowly moved himself in and out, his balls tapping against my ass.

He began aggressively plunging his dick into my tight pussy as his speed increased. He shoved himself fully inside, hitting my wall, stretching me to fit his size. The erotic sensations had become too much to suppress and I couldnโ€™t fight the urge to come any longer.

And he was finally ready to let me...

With his permission, I yanked on the ropes, arching my back, and curling my toes as my body synced in absolute euphoria. My spread legs shook and quivered as I screamed out his name through orgasmic spasms, inadvertently thanking him for finally reaching my sweet release.

My pussy clenched around him, contracting and convulsing. He continued to fuck me through it as my body squirmed, thrusting my hips into him and releasing my cum all over his deeply penetrating cock. A warm ecstasy traveled throughout my body, leaving me utterly speechless.

Beckett was an absolute God.

After I came, he brought his rock-hard cock up to my mouth and pushed against it. He gave his order and my lips parted in service. He wanted me to taste myself on him and the pleasure that he had just provided.

Beck fucked my face, while I remained tightly restrained to his bed. I came again as he left the toys and clamps in place, shoving himself to the back of my throat, forcing a small gagging sound out of me. His size was truly enormous, but I loved obeying him.

I focused on the underside of his shaft, massaging in a seductive pattern with my tongue, following the line to his head. I worshipped that cock with every stroke before pausing to suck tenderly on his balls.

He then powerfully rammed his dick back into my mouth preparing to fill me with his load. I felt his thighs tighten and his breathing delay as he galloped towards his orgasmic end.

Beck wanted me to drink him up and like a good submissive, I swallowed every drop of his warm cum as he growled with delight. He then untied me, releasing the clamps and removing the toys, acknowledging he wasnโ€™t finished with me yet...

He had wanted to flip me over and fuck me hard from behind.

I did as he ordered and slowly moved onto all fours, curving my back, presenting myself for his taking.

Without hesitation, he thrusted into me, squeezing my ass cheeks as I came again, beginning to lose count of the many orgasms he was providing.

Beckett destroyed my pussy on that day and has been continuing to do so ever since.

He opened my eyes to a new world and released my deepest desires. My forbidden fantasies had become my new reality. This man taught me how to love and how an orgasm should feel, like an all-encompassing volcanic explosion.

Once I had a taste of Beckett Cole, there was no turning back. I was his and he was mine.

Marrying him was the next easiest decision I ever made.

My pussy still thanks me to this day...


Written by: Nikki Ashley

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