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Harper Scott: Weird Friendship

I recommend listening to The Weeknd during this chapter, I know I did. *wink wink*

I moved faster, my lungs burning, cheeks and ears tingling, pumping the pedals of my bike quicker.

Being late was nothing new for me, but I was actually really looking forward to this party.

Except for the fact that it was fucking freezing in this extremely short Oktoberfest dress and the white over-the-knee-stockings with little bows at the top were also doing nothing for me against this cold.

Confession? I deliberately avoided tights and was actually glad that this dress was exceptionally short, but still...

I arrived two hours after the party started.

Everyone was already there, so I nervously looked around the entrance, trying to magically find my friends.

I swore my face lit up when I spotted the birthday girl, immediately walking over, ignoring everyone in my path.

Thank god...A familiar face.

I felt a little out of place, every girl was skinny and looked like they walked off the cover of a magazine, and every guy... Well the same. Meanwhile I was—

“Tammy!” I called over to her, interrupting my own thoughts, making her look up.

“Harper! So good to see you!” She responded as we greeted each other with three kisses on the cheeks.

“Happy Birthday!” I said, handing her the card I brought.

The perfect last minute present, a card with money and a basic ‘happy birthday’, that I bought and signed on my way over there.

I am the worst friend.

“Awh, thank you so much!” Tammy said as she read the card.

“Of course!”

I’ll do better next year.

“You can hang your coat in the dressing room, order drinks at the bar, and the toilets are down the hall.” She informed me as I nodded, giving her an awkward little wave, before walking off.

As I walked into the big space, the canteen of the hockey club, I spotted my friends almost immediately.

“Harper!” Bibi yelled when she saw me and I smiled at her enthusiasm. I walked up to them, shooting Caleb a quick glance.

I knew he was going to be here.

I also knew that he broke up with his girlfriend a month ago.

I wanted to say I didn’t dress extra slutty for him, but we all knew that I did. Not in a, he is the love of my life kind of way, but a...I want you to fuck me kind of way.

I gave everyone a hug, and joined their beer pong match, surprising all of them and myself, by scoring five times in a row.

“You said you weren’t any good!” Caleb yelled and I shrugged in response.

“Get back to your half, Caleb. Harper’s with us!” Ian shouted as I chuckled at his competitiveness.

Just wait until I miss the rest of these shots and force you to drink everything on your own, Ian.

The party was actually a lot of fun, even though we mostly stayed together, not really blending in with the rest.

Jason, who was also on my team earlier, had ordered twenty five shots, divided between the four of us, as Bibi and Ian had already left.

His girlfriend, Amelia, started to get a little irritated with him as he was drunk off his face, dancing to the cringeworthy music with Caleb. I knew she was annoyed, because she had been complaining to me about him for the past five minutes.

Not that I minded.

It was one of the few times the shy girl actually talked to me.

I knew I had a big mouth, but I wasn’t going to bite her.

When she was finally done with Jason’s behavior, she took him home, leaving Caleb with me.

Caleb and I had a weird relationship, being really good friends and having fucked each other on numerous occasions, yet it was never awkward between us.

This time was no different.

I had noticed that he hadn’t touched the peanuts all night, knowing I was lethally allergic to them. He would also occasionally shoot me a particular look from across the room.

Somehow, our conversation turned to talking about the singer, The Weeknd.

“I’m actually going to his concert in October.” Caleb said, before taking a sip of his beer.

“Oh my god, that’s so cool!”

I wasn’t lying, I actually really like his music.

“I have an extra ticket if you want?” He said, raising both brows.

“Hmm... I’ll think about it, but it sounds like fun!”

It was probably expensive.

He smiled, before responding, “I really appreciate you, Harper.”

Caleb always got inspirational and deep when he was drunk and I loved it. We had the most unusual conversations, judgment free without toe-stepping, just good conversation.

Suddenly, the lights flicked on in the room and I tried to cover myself up, feeling more comfortable in the dark.

“What do you say, want to have a drink at mine?” Caleb asked confidently.

I was waiting for him to finally ask me that.

Even though I would fuck him in the bathroom if it came to it.

“Sure!” I chirped, more eagerly than I intended.

We grabbed our stuff, said goodbye to the birthday girl, and headed to get our bikes.

While we were on our way to his, I couldn’t help but stare at his bike. The model fit a middle aged lady with a lot of cats, instead of the twenty three year old guy that was currently using it.


“Yeah, I know.” Caleb interrupted, chuckling softly as I raised my brows. “So I was ready to go, getting my bike from the shed where all the bikes of the residents are stored, right? Well, my bike was not there, making me realize that I left it at my parents house last week.”

I nodded, struggling to keep up with the super bike he was telling me about.

“I didn’t want to drive, so I took a look around and spotted this beauty.” He said, gesturing to the purple, low entry bike, designed for old women that had trouble lifting their legs up higher than half a meter.

“Gorgeous!” I said, chiming in.

He added with a mischievous tone, “And it was unlocked.”

I rolled my eyes at his confession. “So... you stole it.”

“Well, I guess, technically... yes.” He said, while chuckling. “But the thing is, when I’m home, I’ll just put it back, exactly where I found it. She’ll never know.”

I laughed and shook my head.

We arrived at the renovated office building and Caleb parked the bike he ‘borrowed’ back in the shed, before opening the front door to the foyer.

Once upstairs, he puts on some music, The Weeknd—of course.

Caleb then grabbed a bottle of gin and instructed me to make some drinks, as he went to the bathroom.

I grabbed the gin and a bottle of tonic from his fridge, and made some very strong G&T’s. It was purely by accident, honestly.


When I was finished making our drinks, I decided to change out of my itchy dress, grabbing a black long sleeved t-shirt from my bag.

I pushed the straps of the dress off my shoulders, but before I could pull on the shirt, Caleb appeared behind me.

Alright, here we go...I totally didn’t time that exactly right.

He guided the shirt down while turning me around, crashing his lips onto mine.

Kissing Caleb was always something I enjoyed, a little soft at first, before he would push his tongue in and play with mine.

While our mouths were still attached, he skillfully unclasped my bra and threw it on the ground. He grabbed my neck and trailed kisses from the corner of my mouth to my chest, taking care of my breasts with his other hand.

A moan escaped my lips when he sucked on the sweet spot under my ear, undoubtedly leaving his mark.

We stayed like that for a bit, him attacking my neck and chest with his mouth as I grabbed the short strands of his blond hair. I steadied myself, reaching for his shoulder with my other hand, occasionally letting quiet moans leave my lips.

“I want you to undress, and lay on the bed.” He cooed in my ear.

I had never really done this before, getting completely naked, before we touch each other.

My insecurities began creeping in.

I tried taking off the stockings as sexy as I could, before quickly taking off my dress and panties.

I moved fast, getting in position on the bed, stomach flush to the sheets. There was no way that I was going to lay on my back, unless he was pushing into me with his tongue, fingers, or dick.

Caleb walked towards me and slapped my ass, flipping me over, crawling on top of me. I giggled and he smiled, pressing his lips into mine.

I tasted the beer on his tongue as we kissed, my hands remaining in his hair, while his fingers traveled down my stomach, making their way to my pussy.

He trailed kisses down my neck and chest as he nudged my legs open wider with his elbow, slowly working down me.

Caleb coated his fingers in my juices with the soft beat and melody of “Often” playing in the background, unexpectedly enhancing my wetness.

I hummed in pleasure as he slowly licked my core, his eyes never leaving mine.

I had learned that Caleb enjoyed watching me moan and cum, so that’s exactly what he did for the following thirty minutes.

Not exaggerating.

After my fourth orgasm, I was panting, resting an arm over my face as beads of sweat coated my forehead.

“Talk to me.” Caleb said with his face still between my legs. His hot breath against my center was not helping in coming down from my high.

“I can’t.” I responded, gasping for air as he playfully chuckled.

“Hmm.” He hummed as I opened my eyes.

Caleb looked at me as I nodded my head up and down, signaling him to get up. He grinned and crawled on top of me, attacking my mouth once again.

Now it was my moment to shine.

I quickly flipped us over and worked my way down his muscular chest, rubbing his leg and torso.

He let out a soft grunt when I grabbed his cock, and lowered my lips onto him.

I was really inexperienced at giving head and basically had no idea what I was doing, but I was doing something right, because Caleb’s breathing began to quicken as he grabbed the back of my head, forcing me to take him deeper.

My eyes started to water as he hit the back of my throat, however I didn’t really have much of a gag reflex anymore, due to years of eating disorders.

I guess one good thing came out of that?

Just as I was starting to really enjoy it, Caleb pulled me up and pushed me on my back again.

I gasped when he slammed his dick into my pussy, wrapping my legs around his waist, throwing my head back.

He knew I had an IUD and we both trusted each other, so he didn’t use a condom, making the experience even better.

“Fuck.” I growled as he started to move in and out, sending shocks of pleasure up my spine.

I have always enjoyed the dick in pussy action more than the finger in pussy, or tongue against clit...I was finally getting what I had been missing for the past six months.

I know—I feel bad for me, too.

He started to move faster, the build up to my orgasm becoming nonexistent, diving straight into my sweet release. My moans became louder as I clawed his back, undoubtedly leaving a few marks.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I screamed out as another orgasm washed over me. Caleb continued humping me, riding my orgasm out, before slowing down a little, lowering his lips to my ear.

Baby you’re no good.” He sang along to the background music, cooing the words in my ear, getting me ready for more.

“Cause they warned me ’bout your type girl.”

I felt a little weird at first, because I had never heard him sing, but after another line I actually... liked it?

“I’ve been ducking left and right.”

“Baby you’re no good.”

He pressed his lips to my neck, igniting that fire inside me once again as I forced my hips up, needing him to fuck me harder.

He hummed against my skin, giving me what I wanted, thrusting into me deeper. However, I felt he was still holding back.

“Harder.” I moaned out and a grin formed on his face.

I’ve never said anything like that in my life, but I really wanted him to go harder, so I just went for it.

His movements became rougher, thank fuck, until he finally flipped me over, pushing into me from behind, pressing my face into the mattress with one of his hands. I kept my ass in the air, arching my back a little, almost screaming my moans into the sheets as he hit the right spot...

Every. Single. Time.

I yelped when his hand made contact with my ass, just like he always did in our previous encounters.

I knew this guy had stamina, I’ve experienced it every other time we fucked, but somehow he was even better.

After a few minutes of slamming into me and slapping my ass some more, I was ready for the big finale, but instead he flipped me over.

We always ended in this position and I didn’t really mind as long as he didn’t slow down.

“Talk to me.” He cooed again as I panicked for a second.

What the fuck was I supposed to say?!?

Oh! I know.

“Faster, please.” I moaned almost pleadingly.

I guess that was what he needed to hear, because he quickened his pace, ramming into me hard, pushing me over the edge.

My walls tightened around him, feeling his swollen, pulsating cock getting ready to explode inside of me. I gasped, moaning loudly as I came, freaking again.

Caleb followed quickly behind, filling my pussy, before collapsing onto my chest.

We laid on the bed, catching our breaths, beginning our after-sex routine. He pulled me closer as I lightly scratched and massaged his scalp, occasionally caressing his arms and back, all while he was still inside me.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, before he pulled out. We then cleaned ourselves up and went to sleep.

It wasn’t love between us, I was never going to do that shit again, but I had known Caleb since the third grade. We may have only recently reconnected, but I’ve quickly become comfortable around him.

We weren’t the type of friends to talk every day, but still friends nonetheless.

The next morning I awoke feeling extremely sore and after breakfast, I left his apartment.

I was ready to go back to being just friends. We probably won’t even talk for the next couple of months and I am ok with that.

I told you it was a weird friendship.

Written by: Emma Crawford

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