Unlawful Trust

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After washing off quickly in the large, amazing bathroom I headed back to the main bedroom area. Instead of bothering with my clothes which he made magically appear outside of our door, I grabbed the silk bathrobe hanging by the shower. When I entered the bedroom, Ryder was dressed in his boxers sitting on the bed with his back up against the headboard. His hair was still messed up and I loved that look about him. Since he always looked so polished, the sight of his mussed hair gave him a boyish quality.

“Your suitcase is over there.” He pointed to the luggage rack and I meandered over to remove some items. “I hope you aren’t planning on getting dressed. You look stunning in that robe although I would rather have you naked, or at very least in those amazing stockings you wore in Miami.”

I laughed, “I always liked the thigh-high ones. The pair I wore that night was the finest Italian stockings I could buy on my last trip out there.”

He grinned at me, “Italian stockings to go with your perfect Brazilian. I love a nude pussy.” My eyes grew playful as I pulled up my robe to show him the lack of hair on my mound. He growled and I laughed turning back to my suitcase knowing I needed to slow down. He was big and I already walked away from him once bowlegged.

“You know, I had plans to talk Chelsea into a pedicure today. That is if I could get her away from her kids for more than a minute. Now that she and Brandt are separated it is harder than ever to get her to spend any time on herself.”

He sighed, “Yeah, I can see the strain it has on her.” It seemed as if neither one of us wanted to admit our friend’s perfect marriage was on the fritz. It would be like admitting the universe was off-kilter.

“I might be able to help with the pedicure though.” My eyes hiked up as I made my way back to the bed with my expensive lotion I could only find in Greece.

“What? Are you going to pay a stylist to come to the suite and do it for me? Won’t that cut into our time together?”

He laughed, “You don’t think I could give you a pedicure?”

Now it was my turn to laugh, “You? And how many pedicures have you given out?”

He smiled, “I do have three younger sisters.”

“You gave them pedicures?” He could tell the amazement in my voice.

“Well, I tried painting toenails but I will admit I wasn’t very good at it. Of course, it had been when we were all much younger. I would have done anything they asked.”

Ryder seemed wistful and the smile fell off his face and I wanted more than anything to replace it but had to ask, “Do you still see them?”

He shook his head. “No, My life got... complicated... when I started getting famous.” He patted the bed beside him and I made my way over. Lying my head on the pillow, I looked up at him sitting above me. “I would rather talk about you anyway. How often do you see your family?”

I winced, and he noticed. “My mother passed away last year.”

“I’m sorry. Maybe we should find another subject.”

I hated how his smile didn’t return, so I took a different route. “Actually, maybe this is good.” He looked at me skeptically, so I continued slowly, “Talking and being forthright. Honest. Not putting on airs. When was the last time you laid it all out? Not worrying what the other person thought? It seems this would be the best time. We have only the one day. No need to be false or dishonest.”

Mulling it over he saw the truth in my eyes. Cautiously he asked, “Everything out in the open? What if we hit upon a touchy subject? There might be something we are not comfortable talking about?” I wasn’t sure if he said it for my benefit or for his, but I had to agree. My life was usually an open book. I didn’t have much to hide but I did have one thing I never told another soul.

“Okay, we each get one Nulligan.”

He smirked, “A Nulligan? It sounds like you made the word up.”

I teased, “Haven’t you ever played golf? I thought you rich executives did it all the time. You know, when the ball is too close to a tree or your ball makes it into a water hazard and you give the other person a Mulligan.” I waited for him to nod before adding, “Well Chelsea and I devised a Nulligan back in grade school. It comes from mashing the words Mulligan with null and void.”

Smiling a knowing smile he nodded, “A way out. A one-time pass.”

I nodded back, “One Nulligan.”

“So, do we ask each other questions then?” Suddenly interested in the idea, he sat up straighter.

His eyes danced with mischief as I let him know I had nothing to be scared of. “Ask away.” I settled down in a lying position on the bed next to him and made myself comfortable.

“What is the scent I always smell on you? The one that is so... you.” It wasn’t the question I thought he would ask but really it was a nice way to break the ice. I turned and lifted the lotion bottle and handed it to him.

Grabbing it from me he read the label. “I use it after every shower. My hairdresser got it for me. It is made from goat’s milk in the hills of Greece. Expensive but worth every penny.”

He ran his hand down my arm and my skin heated with his touch. “I would agree. You are worth it.”

We finished fucking not long ago and my pussy clenched down with his touch. The memory of the mind-blowing orgasm he gave me not once but twice now still lingered in the lining of my sex. Few men had ever given me an orgasm of such magnitude as the ones I have had with him, and my body craved another already. I hated for him to see me so needy, but I stoked the fire anyway, “My turn. What is your favorite part about me? Physically that is. I know you adore my mind already.” Smirking I knew which part he would pick out. I pegged him for a breast man when he couldn’t remove his eyes from the girls before he took me on the hotel furniture.

“Your hair. The way it frames your face and falls around your sculpted neck.” He surprised me. When he turned in towards me and touched my neck letting his finger trail down to circle around the opening of my bathrobe, I shuddered. I assumed he would jump to my womanly parts but now I was embarrassed by how I thought so little of him.

“Your eyes are a close second. I’m not sure of the exact green as they shimmer into different hues depending on your mood. It is entrancing.” Still circling my clavicle, drifting side to side with his finger, he loosened my robe with each pass and I could not pull my eyes away from his, even to give a smart comment. Not knowing anyone to ever render me speechless I had to give him credit for his enlightenment.

“And your skin. The freckles you cover with clothing are a downright shame. They pepper your flesh like a road map.” It wasn’t like a man to notice such a little thing. His breathing quickened and mimicked my own. He let his finger dance around my chest seemingly burning as he stroked my skin.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said I regretted not knowing how you taste.” Right then all my questions for him left my mind. My only thought was giving him what he wanted, so I worked open the tie of my bathrobe. He watched with full lust in his eyes and I had never felt so beautiful.

Once uncovered, I fully exposed my naked body to him without an ounce of apprehension. His fingers worked down to tug at my nipple and I slowly brought my legs to the side. When his warm hand cupped the underbelly of my large breast and squeezed I let out a sigh and my eyes drifted shut for only a second. After I opened them, I saw the need in his own eyes and opened my legs wider to expose all of me.

When he licked his lips, my sex clenched instinctively.

Ryder gave up my breast to walk his fingers down my abdomen to my waiting clit, and when he touched it my legs started to quake in response. He didn’t massage the bud for long as I felt the bed dip, and he leaned across my body to lick a trail down to my sex, the same trail his finger worked down prior. My response was the same when his mouth nuzzled my clit and I dug my fingers in his hair and pulled his mouth towards my cunt with a force to surprise even me.

He was skillful. The angle of how he flicked my clit with his tongue from above me heightened my desire. I thought I had done every position imaginable during sex but I must have neglected this one. Positioning himself over the top of me from the head of the bed gave him an angle to run his teeth gently over my budding nub. He grazed it and it gave the most delicious sensation. It made it hard to concentrate with the way his tongue was working my lips, dipping in and out of my folds. My head whipped side to side in pleasure with the smallest movement of his jaw, his chin, his teeth. As I worked at keeping some modem of control, I noticed something prominent on him to my right when my head leaned to the side on the pillow.

With his head fully engulfed between my legs I took my time perusing his member with my eyes, mesmerized by the hardening of his length in his boxers so close to my head. Just the taste of me made him so firm it sprang up to almost touch his stomach. The sight of it made me lick my lips. I needed to taste him too but wasn’t sure of the position we were in.

Early on in my sexual life, I noticed that if I was going to have a satisfying experience, I had to seek it out on my own and never rely on a guy to satisfy me. To take measures into my own hands when they fell short. That was why I gravitated to foreign men. They were open to most anything, where American men seemed more reserved, less likely to let the woman have her pleasure her way, or worse, make the woman feel like a sexual deviant for seeking it out.

Deciding I would take matters into my own hands early on, I informed myself with real-life studies but this time in sex. The Kuma Sutra being the most beneficial. The way we were positioned was tricky. Commonly known as the Congress of the Crows, it had been a mutual oral stimulation practiced as far back as people lived on the earth. I had participated in it before but never when I was on the bottom. It could cause issues if the man were too forceful, so I refrained from this particular position, but I found it didn’t matter right now. I wanted to give him pleasure. He was being so thorough down at my pussy it almost drove me crazy not having his cock in my mouth.

But did I trust him?

Without thinking anymore I pulled down his boxers as his hardened cock sprung free. He froze in place as I leaned over and placed the tip in my mouth. Although his cock was long, thankfully it wasn’t too wide. Licking around the opening, I sucked it hard into my mouth. He moaned into my pussy making my clit vibrate and it was all I could do not to come in his face. I realized I didn’t want the release yet wanting this mutual pleasure to last a while longer.

When Ryder changed his stance to widen out his knees, I didn’t even flinch. Instead of the thrust in my mouth I was fully expecting, he took the gentleman route and moved closer to make it so my neck wasn’t so kinked on the pillow while I sucked him off. He was a gentleman but what if I didn’t want him to be so gentlemanly? The thought of him throwing away his manners to fuck me and fuck me good appealed to me, although I doubted if I would ever let him know. That may very well be my Nulligan.

Unable to concentrate fully on his cock anymore due to the building desire down below, I let it pop from my mouth and started moaning and hitching up from the bed. Instead of letting me go with it, Ryder held my legs and hips down firmly. It shocked me how he dictated how my orgasm was to be completed but it also shocked me how much I liked the way he took charge. I haven’t let a man take charge of me in a long time and surprisingly it felt good.

I might not have been able to suck him in my mouth right now due to the flashing light in my brain, but I was able to stroke him as he worked my clit further. When his hands left the curve of my hips and traveled to my core, a slight hitch occurred in my breathing. The second his finger plunged inside of me and stroked my g-spot I lurched up and howled out, “FUCK!”

By the next flick of his tongue and the tickle of his finger against my sensitive area inside my pussy, I shot off into space, quicker than I ever had before. There was no way he could know my body this well in the short amount of time we had been fucking but I have never been with a man so skilled in cunnilingus. His mouth came off my clit, but his finger continued to stroke into me prolonging my climax. I appreciated the way he extended the sensation and felt bad after I realized my hand was only feebly stroking him. He deserved better and at that moment I decided what I could do to pay him back.

“Ryder.” My voice was low and rougher than usual, hoarse from yelling out from my climax. He looked up at me from my core. His mouth was glistening with my fluids and I watched as he smiled and licked his lips.

He sat up and I continued to gather my breath as he licked the finger he pulled out of me. “I was right. You taste better than any cuisine I ever ate.” His eyes were jovial and playful as I watched him savor every drop he could. It wasn’t until I uttered my next sentence that they went dark.

“I want you to straddle my tits.”

His Adam’s apple lurched up and down and the smile on his face went shameless. I could tell he wanted what I asked of him, but he still wasn’t moving yet. He watched as I grabbed my lotion from the nightstand and squirted it between my breasts. Dropping the lotion back on the nightstand, I started to rub them together all the while watching his eyes go from brown to black. The desire emanating off of him gave me a slight tremble and I felt so fucking sexy.

He mounted me carefully, conscious of how much body weight he placed on me. He took over kneading my breasts and I helped to angle his erect cock in between them. With each slow thrust in between my breasts, he let out a small, garbled cry, “Oh. Fuck. Ami.” He slid his long cock between my breasts until the mushroomed head peeked out and I nudged it gently with my chin. The responding groan was long and labored. I felt the light tremble in his thick thighs to either side of me but somehow knew he was holding back again. Even with him being such a breast man he wouldn’t give in to fucking my tits mercilessly. I wondered what would drive him over the edge and only wanted to be the one to do it to him.

“You can be a little rougher. My tits won’t break.” The look on his face was ethereal, and he focused all his attention back to sliding in between them. His thrusting started slowly but ramped up with his ever-hardening cock. He fucked them with abandon and I loved the look on his face. Pure pleasure. There was a carnality to him I hadn’t seen before. It wasn’t mean though. He was measured in his thrusting, still holding back to not hurt me, but he looked decadent. His face shown sweat mixed with some lingering fluid from my pussy. It reddened with a growing release or maybe just the act itself. He had amazing control. His hips pumped with perfect rhythm going higher and higher. With every time the tip of his cock broke through the valley of my breasts I grew wet again. The exquisitely cropped hair on his head was wet with sweat and clung to him as a familiar growl started to form deep down in his throat.

“Ami... Fuck!!! Ami...” He forced the words out of his lungs with each thrust and I wanted to take him over the edge. “I’m about to come. Oh Fuck this feels too good. Where should I...”

With him unable to finish the sentence I did it for him, "Normally I never let a man mark me but since you licked me so skillfully I will make an exception."

The grateful look on his face told me he would kindly repay the favor, over and over again if he could. I finally knew what would give him the most mind-blowing climax. I didn’t let guys mark me but for some reason pleasuring Ryder all the way was a must. Knowing what I planned was risky - another reason I sought out foreign men for their inhibitions - I decided to go for it. I may have learned what pleasured me when I was abroad, but I also learned how to pleasure a man.

“Ami... I am going to...”

I still had lotion on my hand from working it between my breasts. Letting my fingers trail up to his sculpted ass before he could object I placed my index finger inside of him and found his sex gland. His eyes widen and the growl built to astonishing proportions. He plunged deep into my breasts as his semen sprayed out and spewed over my throat. Quickly I lifted my chin giving him full access to my neck. Three long spurts ejected from him. In my hair, up my throat, and some even on the pillow. I stroked deep inside of him until he was done jerking on top of me and then removed my finger from his body. The look on his face was full of astonishment as he seemed shocked, a little startled even, but in the end fully sated. His eyes drooped, and his breathing came in long sharp gasps as he slowly calmed.

Ryder slid to the side and off my body giving me a wide berth as to not crush me. I stayed on my back thinking of the best way to get out of the sticky situation. Both with his semen on me and the fact I had invaded his body. I didn’t know what he would say about it. Most men at least wanted to discuss anal play first, but I went ahead and violated him. It paid off but maybe I was a little too forthcoming.

“I’m sorry.” My head shot over to him unsure of why he would be apologizing.

I shook my head, “Maybe I should be the one apologizing.”

His eyes softened. “Why? You just gave me the most invigorating orgasm I’ve ever had. You let me fuck those perfect tits of yours and even stroked me from the inside.” A short chuckle escaped him as he made his way off the bed, “You are one amazing woman Amilyn.”

He looked down at me and I saw the tenderness in his face. “I shouldn’t have soiled you if you don't usually like it. I tried to warn you but you kind of blew my mind and it snuck up on me.”

Looking down at myself I couldn’t see much of the mess he made but I certainly felt it. He offered his hand and I took it as I tried to gracefully sit up and not cause it to drip on the carpeted floor. “I don’t let men mark me, no, but you seemed to be having too good of a time for me to stop you. Actually, you looked pretty hot riding me.”

Ryder looked down at my neck and then down to my chest. “You are the one who looks breathtaking. You and those fantastic breasts of yours.”

I knew he favored my breasts. Shrugging I confessed, “I had work done.” Very few people knew about it, so I wondered why I felt the need to tell him. There were no scars. I made sure the doctor was top in his field.

“I know fake tits when I feel them and those aren’t fake.”

He led me to the bathroom and turned on the shower as I started to explain. “No, these girls are all mine. I didn’t enhance them, I just put them back where they belonged. Gravity takes a toll on women my age.” He didn’t seem bothered by my admission even though it was hard for me to admit how aging was different for a man than a woman.

When he didn’t respond, I prodded again. “I plan on doing more as I get older.” Turning to me when he had the water temperature to his liking he helped me into the massive glass enclosure and grabbed the soap.

“You know I am not young anymore.” Still, he said nothing.

I wondered if he tuned me out, but he finally said, “I know damn well how old you are Ami. You went to high school with Chelsea and Brandt is my age so you are probably only a couple of years younger than my own forty-three. Admitting you had work done doesn’t bother me in the least. You are a businesswoman. I get it. You deal with more than the average housewife. This isn’t a quest for the fountain of youth. The business world is full of pettiness and is very superficial.” He soaped up my neck and breasts and my nipples started to tingle again. “Whichever doctor worked on your tits is a true artist. They are amazing.” I couldn’t help but laugh and be relieved he didn’t see me as being shallow like most would.

Ryder took his time to clean me from head to toe and I loved his servitude. It made me feel as if I was precious to him and my mind played over what happened earlier. “I knew you were a breast man.”

He chuckled, “You have me. I am a breast man. I am also a man who appreciates the curves of a woman and you are the full deal.” I looked up at him and saw the sincerity in his eyes and my breath caught as he said one last word, “Beautiful.”

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