Unlawful Trust

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It had been years since I thought about that book. The art book with the ancient paintings in it. Those nudes were my first look at what a true woman looked like. The way the artist celebrated the image of a real woman. Not the airbrushed idea of what men thought the perfect woman would look like but the way the woman should be praised for her body. The heavy, full breasts and the wide hips. The curve of her stomach and the way her sides dipped in at the middle to give her a bountiful silhouette. To me, it was always the way a real woman should look and it dawned on me I had it right in front of me, and it was the reason I was so physically attracted to this deity lying on the bed next to me. She stared right at me and it brought me back to the same ideal woman I would rub one off to as a young teen and hope like hell I would get to fondle one just like it someday. My Hera.

“Hera is the goddess of marriage and birth. As the wife of Zeus, she was beautiful with the most voluptuous body. Hera, well mythology in general, had been a favorite of the artist of the book and became a favorite of mine as well. There was this one picture where the painter told the story of the all-powerful creator, Zeus, as he sat in his toga clothes or whatever they called it. Hera is at his side, and she is all he can focus on. She has one of her large breasts cupped in her hand and is bringing it up to his mouth, and he looks as though it gives him the nectar of life or something. It goes to show that even the most powerful man can succumb to the right woman.” I momentarily forgot about my job rubbing her feet as I was so lost in thought.

Talking about the book I would keep under my bed, brought back some fond memories. “Hera had this brilliant red hair, much like the color of yours.” She looked up at me and I swore I saw a slight blush under the poker face she kept pasted on. She probably made a great salesperson.

“You seem to have quite the appreciation for Greek mythology.” She smirked, and I chuckled and started back massaging the instep of her foot as she bit back a groan. There were several she had hidden from me for whatever reason. Maybe she didn’t want me to see the pleasure she derived from the massage, but in the end, I was grateful she kept it to herself. Any moaning out of her turned me rock hard in seconds, and we needed some type of breather.

“Those paintings made me pay attention a little more in class I guess. I would go to the library and do my own research. My mother was impressed when I would bring another Greek mythology book home but really it was more monkey spank material.” She laughed her deep throaty laugh I loved and it made her green kaleidoscope eyes sparkle.

“It wasn’t their love story that impressed you?”

I shook my head, “It wasn’t as great of a love story as you might think. Hera loved Zeus with all her heart and was made to be faithful while Zeus openly fucked all the other goddesses he wanted. It tortured Hera. The artist had this one painting of him fucking his beautiful wife in front of all the other male gods effectually declaring he owned her and no other man could.”

Ami listened attentively and a flush spread across her face. I loved the way she listened to my ramblings as if it was the most interesting story she ever heard. I dropped her foot and leaned in for dramatic effect. “Which raises a really good question.” Her brows lifted in response and I went in for the kill, “Did the goddesses yell Oh Zeus at the moment of climax?” Her throaty laugh started low and bubbled up from her middle and I couldn’t think of any other sound I loved more besides her screaming her pleasure as she came around my cock. She pulled her foot away from me and worked into a more seated position on the bed and I missed touching her immediately.

Not wanting to dominate our talk I switched gears. “My turn. You were married once before. Why the divorce?” Ami didn’t feel the need to procreate so why get married at all? Did she want the security of a marriage?

Her expression never changed, so I didn’t know if the question offended her or if she was just that good at bluffing. Diverting her eyes, she offered only a brief explanation, “My marriage wasn’t necessarily typical.”

“Why divorce then?” I prodded for the answer.

She displayed an almost unnoticeable lift to the corner of her mouth as she went on, “We had a lot in common.” Clearing her throat she waited for my full attention before continuing. “We both enjoyed aeronautics. We both enjoyed travel...” I nodded encouraging her to continue, “And we both enjoyed men.” My face went slack as I tried to gauge her emotion. I wasn’t expecting her brutal honesty but I should have since we decided not to hold back from each other. The honesty we shared with each other was refreshing, and she truly didn’t have anything to hide.

“Umm... I’m sorry. Did you say he was... gay?”

Her laugh took me by surprise. “Bisexual actually, but he told me about it from the very beginning. He never lied about his attraction to men.” She lowered her voice and seemed a little wistful, “Marius loved me. I never doubted it but when I brought him with me to the states he fell for someone else and that connection was stronger than the one we shared.” She shrugged, “When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you just want them to be happy.”

“You married him so he could be with his lover.” Not a question but a statement. It seemed something she would do. It surprised me a little but it shouldn’t. She was so selfless. She married a man she was obviously madly in love with so he could be with his lover. It had to hurt loving someone who could never be yours. She really did remind me of Hera.

“Ian, his partner, is a wonderful man and at the time marriage between the two of them wasn’t legal in all states. It wouldn’t guarantee him a green card. With him marrying me it made sure they could be together forever.” My expression turned tender. She really was a phenomenal woman, so giving and open.

“Forever ended up being seven years in total. I had just divorced Marius giving him enough time to not gain suspicion and have his green card rejected when he died of an aneurysm at the young age of forty-two.” She finished softly, “The world lost a wonderful man.”

“And he was lucky to have you.”

The sincerity in my voice made her skin flush and a longing built inside of me. This one wasn’t necessarily all physical either. When was the last time I sat and talked with a woman? Found out about her or opened myself up to them? Created an atmosphere of mutual interest. When was the last time I talked to someone so interesting? But I knew. It had been a long time since I shared this same cohesiveness with Ana and this intimacy scared me.

Ami was a fling. A chance to enjoy each other’s company cordially as well as physically but I never would have thought we would relate to each other so well. I never wanted to let myself get close to another person knowing it wouldn’t be good for them. I was only one of several men lucky enough to enjoy the goddess in front of me. At least I hoped I ranked up in her top five. It must be my male ego taunting me but I couldn’t help but ask, “So Chuck and Russell, the guys Chelsea mentioned, are-” She didn’t let me finish.

“Chuck is hardly worth mentioning and Russell is technically not even a boyfriend. You could say I just use them now and again when I get the notion. What about you? Any women you were close to at one time? Someone you thought you could marry?” My face betrayed me before I could shield it. I didn’t want to lie. No, I had too much respect for Ami, but it was a hard subject.

“Nulligan.” Her eyes widened, but she didn’t press the subject honoring our rules. I felt bad for pulling out but I couldn’t talk about Ana honestly without showing all my cards and it would be dangerous for both of us.

The tension settled between us and I had to lessen it. “I will be honest about this... it makes me fucking jealous as all hell knowing Russell gets to have you more than one day.”

She smirked, “It isn’t as glamorous as you think.”

I shake my head, “Your pussy is like silk, and when you orgasm... fuck... you clamp down so tight I can’t help but come, and that is the honest truth.” Her smirk turned into a full smile that lit up her whole face and my dick twitched at the mention of her slick core. She looked luminous at this moment. Framed with her thick mane of cinnamon red hair she looked exactly like my Greek goddess.

Laughing she admitted, “Kegels. I am up to a thousand a day. Some work out their body. Me? I like to keep my core muscles in tip-top shape. It enhances my own orgasm and isn’t it the most important factor?” She said it unapologetically and I still loved a woman who knew what they wanted in bed and out. Men were easy to please but a woman who took control over her own sexuality would always be prized in my book.

“Then I should be lucky you let me finish today as opposed to our night in Miami.”

“Now that I know you weren’t playing me, I feel better letting you get off too.”

“There is no way in hell I could play you. Few women can take all of me in.”

She quirked her eyes up and smiled a truly devilish smile. “You are well hung. I used it as a deciding factor whether I would take you up on your offer today. I would say we are compatible physically and sexually.” Laughing, I agreed with her. She was so downright sexy with her husky voice and frankness.

“As evidenced by the way we trashed the hotel room.” She took a look around at our clothes strung out all over the floor landing where we flung them as we devoured each other as soon as we made our way in.

“Don’t worry. I leave a good tip.”

“As well you should. The hotel maids work hard.” Her voice grew wistful, as she continued, “My mother was one of them.”

I hiked up my eyebrow at the admission, “Your mother was a maid here?”

She nodded, “Worked herself to death but wouldn’t let me help her. Even after I started to make my own money, she refused to accept a dime from her daughter. My stepfather had a decent enough job but with her heart troubles they soon ran through a lot of their extra spending money.”

Giving a disheartened laugh she remarked, “I used to come here as a girl. Mostly during summers when my mother couldn’t find a sitter. She would smuggle me in, and we would talk the whole time she cleaned the room.” She sighed, “That was before the renovation. It doesn’t look the same anymore. I used to sit on the bed and run my hands over the silk sheets and dream of staying here when I became rich and famous. I never did get around to it though. This is the first time I came back since my mother passed away.”

Ami obviously missed her mother deeply, but she didn’t talk about her other parent. “And what about your father? Is he still alive?”

The smile she gave me didn’t reach her eyes. “The last I heard he lived in the Philippines. I may even have a half-brother somewhere down there. He left when I was four and didn’t look back. Not even for my mother’s funeral. He just sent his child support and I used it as a down payment on an investment house. It is just as well he hasn’t returned. I don’t know him and by this point, I don’t even think I want to. I like to believe the only thing I have in common with him is his wanderlust. My mother never wanted to travel and it ultimately led to their break up.”

Although I hadn’t found her Nulligan yet, I felt the topic caused her pain so I changed the subject. “Does your business have anything to do with travel?” Her eyes lit up in delight obviously wanting to talk about it but also wanting to hold back.

“It is still in the design phase but yes, it involves travel.”

“So, did I find your Nulligan or are you willing to finally tell me your idea?”

After some contemplation on her end, she finally nodded, “Fine.” Rolling onto her side she placed her elbow on the bed and rested her head in her hand. The enthusiasm in her eyes made my own excitement grow.

“The idea centers around my company overseeing an international concierge system. One central location for business travel. A one-stop-shop in a manner of speaking. You need to go to Beijing for a business trip? My company will book the flight, secure a hotel, and even work on a list of extras to be decided on ahead of time.”

My lips curled in a knowing smile, but she took it wrong. She was quick to react, “I won’t arrange for that type of ‘entertainment.’ My company is legit.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “You misinterpreted my smile but if you were to provide female entertainment you would stand to make a mint.” Ami rolled her eyes but kept her features jovial as I explained, “Actually, I felt your idea is a definite gold mine. Your only problem is figuring out your target audience.” Her expression went dark so I had to tread lightly. She could be such a fiery redhead at times and I wanted back inside her perfect pussy at least one more time tonight.

“I know exactly who my target audience is,” she exclaimed and her determination shown through.

“Is that right? Well, most executives don’t care who makes their travel plans. They have assistants to do it for them, so selling it to top businessmen and women wouldn’t work.”

“And that is why the assistants are my target audience. No stuffy suit or dress for that matter, is going to care who does the work. It is their assistants who work their asses off to give them the moon only to be chastised if things don’t go as planned. I’ll be helping the assistant out, and they are the ones who will pay for my services, most likely from corporate accounts but I have an idea on how to sell that as well. The company owner will pay for it, they just don’t realize how important it is to them yet. Either way, it is a gain for them and their company. Happy staff means less turnover and when you find a qualified assistant, it is a bitch replacing them.” She seemed pleased with herself and I was impressed. She thought it through. This would definitely be a lucrative endeavor.

“Once I get some more start-up capital, I can put the plan in motion.”

“I want in.” Ami narrowed her eyes at me. She was as fucking brilliant as she was sexy and I wanted to be part of this more than any other investment I had entrusted my money to.


“Why not? You said you needed investors.” I couldn’t help but feel slighted by her unwillingness to let me help.

“I don’t take money from men I’ve fucked.” I hated how the tension rose in the air again. Trying to decide how to decipher her statement I was just about to open my mouth she went on, “I ah, I’ll find another way.” She shifted her eyes away from me and as much as I felt personally snubbed, I had to admit she had guts.

“Maximiliano Caballero. We started out together years ago, and he is always on the lookout for a good investment.” She eyed me hesitantly but I persisted. Grabbing my phone, I searched through the contacts until I found his name. Once located, I threw the phone at her. “Here, take my phone and call him yourself.”

“He will notice your number and invest in my company only as a favor to you.” She really wanted to do this on her own but her stubbornness irritated me.

“Then take the number and call from your phone. He always answers his personal line.” Still uncertain, she took her phone off the nightstand and searched my face. Daring her with my expression, she entered the digits and activated the call.

Standing up she quickly started pacing the floor. Her eyes widened slightly when Maximiliano picked up on the other end. As she started talking I couldn’t help but smile at her direct talk but I hated how I could only hear her part of the conversation. Watching her ass moving under the silk robe made my dick come alive but I just sat back and kept my hands to myself, waiting patiently.

“I got your number from a friend who knows you enjoy a good investment opportunity. A friend who knows you won’t be able to pass up on a good thing.” Her voice grew confident the more she talked, and she had the ability to market what she believed in. I listened to her spiel and the way she delivered her idea. She was spot on and Max better thank me for making him all the richer when this pans out.

“Yes. Five minutes is all I need. I will be there.” I listened to them exchange contact information and couldn’t keep my smile at bay any longer when she ended the conversation and turned to me.

“He wants to meet with me. He’ll even get his investment group to give me five minutes at their next meeting.” She squealed her excitement and it enhanced my own. I was part of his investment group and although I might not be welcomed by her at the meeting, I would talk to Maximiliano about my piece of the pie.

Now, how to prevent her from finding out?

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