Unlawful Trust

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It turned out to be one of the best days of my life. I got to fuck an incredible cock and had a line on a potential investor to take my dream to the next step. Not sure what I did to deserve my recent lucky spell, I sure as hell wouldn’t let it go to waste.

Ryder appeared annoyed at how I wouldn’t let him invest in my business but I had self-respect. I shouldn’t have worded it the way I did but I couldn’t fathom thinking he gave me the money as some sort of payment for fucking him. I fucked him because he was a great lay, not to make him feel as if he owed me anything. Besides, I think it would be better if we didn’t get into any business agreement. Ryder turned out to be more than I had imagined. He was fun to talk to but also tender at times even if he was just out of his shell for today.

Our lives were both complicated and the idea of spending a day of openness and honesty with a sexy and virile man clouded my judgment. I had to keep my guard up. He was just a fling.

If Ryder was insulted by what I said earlier, he hid it well. Smirking he said, “Well I really would like to fuck you again but I hate to admit my hunger is winning out right about now. Although I could argue we need the fuel to keep up with each other.”

His words stirred my inner devil. “Food may only quench one of my needs...”

He returned my smirk. “Let’s start with food and then I can satisfy any need you have after.” And I believed him.

“The Belton boasts some of the best food in Green Bay. I would hope it meets your standards.” Ryder grabbed the room service menu off the desk and rifled through it. “Look they have Confit de canard. It is paired with French champagne.” The way it rolled off the tongue made me wonder if he knew how to speak the language although I couldn’t help but focus on the obvious faux pas of how they degraded the cuisine.

“Confit de canard is not made for champagne. Seriously, it should be a Pinot Noir or a Grenache at the very least.” With all my time flying back and forth to Paris, I tried not to brag about my knowledge of the finer arts.

“You know your French... or at least your liquor.” Trying to not look impressed, he eyed me from the top of the menu.

I nodded, “Marius was from France and I picked up a thing or two living with him. You want a good wine? You can find it in France or Italy. You want a good vodka? Russia will be your place. Bourbon? The good old US of A.”

“And what is your drink of choice?”

“Wine is great for an evening at home but a good Cognac can’t be beaten.”

Smiling, he lifted the hotel phone and punched a button. Answering the person on the other end, I heard him request, “I want a bottle of your best Cognac and whatever the lady wants.” He handed me the menu and the phone and I smiled as I took it from his hand.

After we were well fed and had some of the finest Cognac acquired in the states, we settled in for the night. It didn’t surprise me when Ryder tipped the waitstaff so well his eyes lit up as he cleared the dishes from our room.

Being with Ryder was unexpectedly comfortable. Lying on the bed I had my head on his lap reading a text from my phone as he answered a few emails on his own device.

It felt commonplace, cozy. Ordinary and customary. Almost as if we were an old married couple so in tune with each other we could finish each other’s sentences, although we still barely knew one another. We were comfortable with each other and it had been a long time since I felt this way about someone else. I quickly sent off a text to Chelsea apologizing for leaving earlier today and let out a sigh.

“What is it?” Ryder stroked my hair as he looked down at me with his brows furrowed.

The concern in his voice tugged at my heartstrings. “I’m worried about Chelsea. I can’t believe her marriage is over. They’ve been through so much together.”

He looked as downtrodden as I felt. “I know what you mean. Things haven’t been the same since the band went their separate ways. Brandt isn’t himself and his drinking is just a symptom of his ineffectiveness.” His findings were intriguing. I loved Brandt with all my heart but his actions did seem out of place.

“You know Chelsea caught him with another woman.” I could feel him stiffen with my proclamation.

“Brandt would never... ah--”

I interrupted realizing he thought the worst but so did I at the time. “He didn’t fuck her. It’s just... well, Angel had a fever, and Chelsea needed to take her to the hospital one night when Brandt left to party with some actor guy, some Corey, or something similar. She had Hailey drive them to his house party at Angel’s insistence. You know how much of a daddy’s girl our goddaughter is. Anyway, Chelsea gave in and finally found him in an upstairs bedroom kissing and groping one of your young female fans.”

Ryder swallowed, “I didn’t know. It doesn’t seem like Brandt but not much of anything he does lately seems like him. Something is going on with him and he won’t talk about it. It is almost as if he is wandering around aimlessly. We all have other endeavors now, all except Brandt. Music is his life. He doesn’t know what to do with himself now he isn’t part of a band. We tried to change things up when Deacon joined to replace JJ but it was never the same. JJ would push Brandt to be better. That earlier magic is gone without JJ, and even though he has straightened up his life Brandt can’t seem to forgive him. He holds grudges. It isn’t healthy and it isn’t fair to JJ.”

“There was a time I thought Brandt and Chelsea had a love that would last forever but now I’m not so sure,” I admitted.

He smiled down at me with tenderness as he caressed my face gently, “I never envisioned you as such a hopeless romantic but you shouldn’t give up on it. I’ve got a feeling this isn’t over for them. There is a time and place for everyone to find someone to love.”

Was he talking about them or did he hint at more with us? I swallowed, and he shifted his hand to follow the curve of my neck and back to the opening of my robe. He kept his touch soft and it elicited sparks along the path his fingers traveled. My breath sped up and I lost myself in his darkening eyes. A storm appeared behind them. A fight of lust and something deeper and I couldn’t look away from him until he took my phone from my lap and placed it with his on the bedside stand. It brought me out of my trance and I moved to face him on the bed laying my head on the soft pillow.

“Take off your robe. Let me look at you.” It was a command but one I wanted to obey. I let the silk robe fall to the side and watched his eyes follow down first to my breasts and then my sex. His desire made my nipples pucker up with just a glance and a dull throb enhanced my already wet pussy. I wanted another round of fucking that magnificent long cock of his.

Dragging his eyes off my body, he slowly removed his boxers and I enjoyed the look of his cock lengthening. The sight of it growing made my craving spread along all my nerve endings. I let my hand travel down my chest to cup my breast while he watched. I loved how he made me feel sexy, needed, and I wanted him mad with desire. Fondling my breast for a while longer, I let my fingers walk a path down to my mound. He watched with part fascination and part animalistic want. I was arousing him playfully and when I spread my legs wide and dipped my fingers into my slick folds he grabbed for them.

“As much as I like watching a woman get herself off I find it is torture watching it with you. I want to be the one who makes your pussy clench down tight.” Ryder took my finger and brought it to his lips to lick off the wetness. He did as predicted and made my pussy squeeze down with the feel of his rough tongue lapping up my juices. I never had a man look at me with such intensity. I had been with gifted lovers around the world but what seemed to pass between us at this moment appeared on a much larger scale. The concept unnerved me but right now my body took over all coherent thoughts. He saw it too and I reminded myself that I couldn’t let down my guard. If I let him see my weaknesses at this time, it might very well do me in.

Ryder took his time to settle between my legs never taking his eyes off mine. For all the heat building between us, he held himself back yet again. This time his touch was gentle, supple as he worked his hands over my body watching how they affected me.

His rough palms cupped my breasts and circled around to my stiff nipples. He pinched but not to hurt. His pinch was made to stimulate and I arched into him and moaned. His mouth searched for them and devoured them in a hot, wet, powerful suck and I hissed at the sensation. While he bit at the skin under my weighted breast, my head rolled back into the pillow. As a breast man, he should be getting more pleasure from this than I was, but he was so skilled that the pleasure was all mine.

Ryder trailed a hand down my abdomen to cup the outside of my sex. With it being so wet he slid right in without resistance and I spread my legs farther apart to welcome him. His finger curled up inside me to stroke my g-spot, and the sensation drove me to rake my fingernails through his scalp unsure of whether to help him navigate his suckling of my breast or pull him off to give me time to process the overwhelming stimulation.

I gave in and hiked my hips to ride his hand as he tugged on my nipple with his teeth. If he was appalled with my brazen way of searching for my climax, he wasn’t letting on. The rough palm of his hand pushed down on my clit and rubbed it in a circle giving me extra stimulation. He spent longer at this task than any other man before and my body responded effortlessly. Unabashedly I sought out my climax by holding his head in the best position to enhance the beautiful torture he bestowed on my breast as well as moving my hips to get the right intensity to my clit and pussy. My thighs started to quiver and sparks of my impending orgasm made their way from my breasts to my core.

Ecstasy. Pure fucking ecstasy chased its way down my spine and my sex trapped his stroking fingers. I wasn’t sure who moaned louder, me from the climax or Ryder from the feel of my pussy, but I enjoyed how he took such pleasure in my physical response.

His manhood stood at full length and hard against my leg. I moaned again but this time with the expectation he would fill me with his fabulous cock. He growled deep in his throat and reached beyond me for the wrapped package on the nightstand. As he knelt above me to sheath himself with the condom, I took the time to stroke my clit. His eyes went dark drawn to my skilled workmanship although I didn’t think he approved.

“Just keeping the pump primed. I want to stay tight for you.” The look of appreciation on his face made me bite my lip. I have never been demure, never coy, but being with Ryder made me feel sexy, coquettish, and the most desirable woman on the planet.

Ripping my hand from my pussy, Ryder places it between his teeth sucking it again and then letting it fall to my side. He hovered down over me briefly before thrusting in fast and deep. I sucked in my breath at the feel of him. All his beautiful length. He touched me in places that needed touching. It felt heavenly and I looked up at him with hooded eyes as I noticed him at a standstill on top of me.

The air around us changed. The heat remained but the intensity morphed into one of mutual appreciation. Ryder looked at me affectionately and I felt my heart skip a beat. We were supposed to fuck like animals, supposed to get it out of our system. Fuck ourselves into oblivion because we only had the one night left, but right now he wavered above me looking at me so lovingly it brought tears to my eyes.

And then he finally moved. In and out, no longer the deep thrust but one to caress my inner lining and heighten my nerve endings gradually. A building up of pleasure as well as taking his time as if he was savoring me. Soft kisses rained down on my lips, my cheeks, my jawline. It made me feel loved, cherished. I tried to shake off the feeling and change the intensity, “Fuck me harder.”

Ryder shook his head, “I... I don’t want to hurt you.” Our lips barely touched as he gently licked my lower lip before tugging on it with his teeth so gently I barely felt him.

His kiss deepened and became more demanding but never unkind. It unnerved me. I wanted to fuck him as I found the way he made love to me right now may split me open, tear me in two with his caress until I was a shadow of myself. Break down my walls and I couldn’t let it happen. I didn’t do tenderness, I fucked. I didn’t make love, I used men to get off. Even though I knew this to be true, my body searched for something else. I loved the way he caressed me. Loved the gentle touch and the way he worshiped my body. I loved the way he built up my climax slowly knowing it would be more glorious than the one he just gave me, and he did it with kindhearted compassion that confused me. Although I thought I needed it rough, my body could take pleasure in a slow, gentle union as well.

Ryder’s slow strokes quickened inside me. He gave me an occasional deep plunge but never too wild. He pulled away from our kiss and his hand proceeded up my torso to brush my face as if he was painting a picture in his mind. Soft slow strokes worked around my temple to my jawline. I swallowed deeply and let him. I just sat back and watched him observe me in a way I never let anyone before him. My role in sex hadn’t been submissive in a long time and I couldn’t believe I did anything to stop him now, but I felt so... loved.

He had amazing stamina, and with each prod I felt the familiar signs of my arousal travel towards my core. I didn’t fight it. On the contrary, I needed to end this. The constant intense lovemaking made it harder to keep my poker face. I let him sink into me further as I pulled his head in and kiss him. The kiss was deep and thorough as the orgasm ripped through my body exposing my sensitivities. Ryder swallowed my scream and I worked to tighten down my pussy walls further than even my own orgasm. He growled his approval and I could feel him stiffen and empty into me inside the thin latex covering. He felt glorious as he jerked and pulsed in my tight cocoon.

Unable to hold him in any longer, I let him go with another approving groan on his end. He pulled away slightly and stared down at me. No words were said but a book could be written in what just transpired between us. I felt more naked now than ever before.

“Ahh, maybe we should get some sleep. My plane leaves early in the morning.” I broke the connection first and looked away.

He noticed my deflection but didn’t try to stop it. “Yeah, I should let you get your sleep.” Taking his time removing his softening cock from deep inside me, I hated how my betraying body felt the emptiness after. He stood up and walked to the bathroom as I admired the look of his naked backside.

Calling over his shoulder, he asked, “Can I get you a washcloth? You seem to be soaked.” I laughed and was grateful for his lightening of the mood in the room at this time.

“Do you always take care of your women?” He returned with the warm cloth but didn’t hand it over to me. Instead, he opened my legs and placed it on my folds, cleaning me off without any hesitation.

“I always take care of my sexual partners.” His eyes betrayed his mind. I could see the intent. He distanced himself from me by calling me a sexual partner and I appreciated the action. We needed some distance right now.

“Get under the covers.” Once he finished replacing the washcloth in the bathroom he settled in close to me and pulled me to his side after turning off the lights and making sure the covers were up around me. I had never liked snuggling after sex. The heat produced by our bodies always made it uncomfortable and the obvious fluid exchange was still coating our skin making us sticky but right now I felt different. He had washed me off so we were comfortable with the skin on skin contact, and even though we still had heat left to our bodies, it wasn’t unpleasant.

Sleep came fast to Ryder but I stayed awake tortured by my thoughts. I knew I couldn’t stay the night. What we just did went beyond carnal pleasure and if I woke up to him, and we made love again, I risked losing my heart. Today was supposed to be lighthearted and easy, but it turned into the most amazing day I have had in a long time. When was the last time I opened up to a guy about all the things we shared? I considered myself an open book. I didn’t care what people thought of me as I lived my life the way I wanted and didn’t give a shit who found offense by it. So why did I feel so exposed talking with him? We discussed items only a select few knew. Only Chelsea understood my issues, my insecurities but I have known her most of my life.

I needed to remember he didn’t do relationships. I didn’t do relationships either so there was no use going further from here. All we did was find passion in each other. Sex and a desire to get things off our chests. Well, now that it was over I needed to leave and it would be best if I left now. I had an excellent poker face but I didn’t know what would happen if I had to say goodbye in the morning.

When his breathing leveled off to a slow, light snore I gradually removed myself from his embrace as to not wake him. Chelsea said he had a tendency to sleep like the dead, an advantage from touring on a bus with rowdy guys, and it also worked in my favor. I quickly went about the room picking up my clothes and settling my suitcase. After I was presentable, I stealthily picked up my luggage and made my way to the door.

Opening the door I looked out into the bright lights of the hallway but couldn’t take the first step to freedom. Unable to help myself I turned back for one more look. The man he was today still laid there in the bed but the boyish quality that would occasionally peek out could be seen as well. I smiled and then the guilt of my creeping away in the middle of the night overtook me. I shouldn’t be sneaking out like a thief but I couldn’t let him see me so raw either. With a heavy heart, I closed the door behind me and made my way to the elevator convinced I should never see him again. It wouldn’t be good for either of us.

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