Unlawful Trust

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Ami got up in the middle of the night to leave without saying goodbye. I watched her get her clothes together, and when she looked back at me, I closed my eyes and silently gave her permission to end our one and only night together. Our day of depravity was done. It was nice though. Being free to be honest, knowing we could keep our secrets between the two of us. Sharing ourselves in a way we couldn’t with others.

And the sex.

The sex was phenomenal. I knew it would be good. The way she rode my cock shamelessly and got herself off had flooded my thoughts and made it damn near impossible to work lately. When I saw her at Chelsea’s house, I had to be inside her again. It surprised even me. I didn’t do seconds but all things considered, it was technically thirds already anyway. I might not fuck the same woman more than once but Ami was no ordinary woman.

It had been two weeks since the escapade in Green Bay and I still couldn’t get her out of my mind, not even to pick up any other woman for a quick fuck. I would just be thinking about Ami the whole time. The way I could sink my whole length into her pussy. The way she tightened down around my cock at the moment of climax. And her tits. The feel of her tits in my hands, especially when she let me fuck them, incredible. Not to mention how brazen she could be. She would always be a goddess in my mind. My Hera.

If it was just the sex I could shake it off, but we shared tender moments as well. I felt her pain with the loss of her mother. The selflessness she displayed at marrying a man she obviously loved so he could be with someone else. Even the way her poker face kept stoic about the obstacles in her life but how worried she looked for Chelsea and Brandt.

It shouldn’t matter. I meant to fuck her out of my system. She was supposed to be a number for me like I was for her. I wouldn’t kid myself and think this could work between us knowing it would be too dangerous. It surprised me how I almost wanted it to go further, but then I thought about Ana and willed it out of my mind.

Ami would be coming in today for her meeting with Maximiliano and our investment group and I needed to remain professional. Our group comprised of like-minded gentlemen and ladies looking to invest in startup companies and make a bundle in the mix. Ami would propose her idea for her company but I knew they would jump at the chance to invest. She believed in her idea and it was sound. I even planned on investing my own money covertly. Ami’s company made sense and I wanted in. I liked making money and I knew a good investment when I saw it. I wondered though if that was the only reason I wanted the connection?

Looking into the window of the conference room I realized the meeting started already and I showed up late but it couldn’t be avoided. Connor had a breakthrough and we needed to make plans. I didn’t know the exact time Ami gave her presentation so I slipped in the door and hung out in the back not wanting to cause disruption when I heard her husky voice, “What are you doing here?” She kept her voice low not to draw attention. I smiled smugly and turned to her.

Ami was dressed to kill. She had this form-hugging black skirt on that went decorously above the knees but clung to her hips and showed off her curves. The blouse she wore was silk and buttoned low but not low enough to suggest lewd thoughts. Too bad.

The green of the blouse would have matched her eyes if they weren’t so ever-changing. She swept her hair up into a business-like manner twist that showed off her neck. I looked at the creamy skin as it went down to mix with the freckles peeking out of her blouse before she cleared her throat obviously upset at my presence.

“I was invited.” She eyed me seriously as I breathed in her scent. The same scent that gave me stark memories of what we did with that lotion and my dick jumped in my trousers.

“Why would he invite you? Did you tell him you know me?” She accused me by pointing a manicured finger at my chest and I only wished she was touching my bare skin instead of my tailored suit. She tried to keep her voice low but was escalating with her accusations. To avoid inadvertent attention, I pulled her back into the hallway.

Once the door closed to the conference room I addressed her, “I was invited because I am part of his investment group. Maximiliano and I go back to when my first club started. We have been working together ever since and it has been very lucrative for the both of us.” Seething in a wave of anger that went with her fiery redhead personality I couldn’t help but find it invigorating. “Your trust in me is demoralizing.” I waggled my eyes at her.

Ami wasn’t smiling and I shouldn’t be provoking her, but she looked so vivacious when upset. The way her chest heaved and the way her cheeks flushed reminded me of our day together. She had a very similar look on her when she climaxed around my cock.

“Did you tell him you knew me?” She fought to remain calm. She wanted to do this on her own and I admired her self-determination. It would be easy for me to talk the group into investing as they have grown to trust me over the years and I had made a lot of money for them. But she wanted this on her own and I would begrudgingly let her. The idea was sound and from what I had seen of her so far I knew she would be able to sell it.

Chuckling I couldn’t help leaning into her just to be close to the fire that was her. “No, I did not. I told you I wouldn’t, so I didn’t. The only clue they have I know you would be from us arguing in the hallway right now.” She looked nervously at the door and then back at me. I could hardly contain my laughter and when her eyes left the closed door and turned back to me she saw the playfulness in my eyes.

“Ryder!” She slapped me with the stack of folders in her hands. “You ass. You are lucky you didn’t say anything. Why didn’t you tell me you were part of this committee?”

My laughter died off but the smile she put on my face stayed. I reveled in the fact there wasn’t any tension between us from how we last left each other. At least not the bad kind. The only tension floating amongst us now was more of the sexual kind, a remnant of our last rendezvous.

“You need investors but you don’t want me. Fine. You want to prove your point then I won’t invest but you still need people to supply their money. This is a group that can be the perfect ally for you.” She still looked skeptical at the whole idea.

“You won’t invest with the group?”

I shook my head, “Not if you don’t want me to.” Finally satisfied, she calmed down. I didn’t know what she was so concerned about but I respected her enough to appease her. Well, at least to her knowledge. I could be a silent partner in the group’s holdings as I had enough dummy corporations to prevent her from ever finding out.

The door to the conference room opened and Maximiliano’s secretary poked her head out. “Ms. Burke, they are ready for you.”

Ami sucked in her breath obviously nervous but I watched her transform before my eyes. She slowed her breathing and calmed. Picking up her shoulders her whole frame of mind went into business mode, and she looked at me and smiled. There she was. The shrewd businesswoman I saw pitching her idea over the phone to Maximiliano. Her poker face showed she couldn’t be undone and her metamorphosis now reminded me of what a divine creature she was.

Without looking back, she headed through the door of the conference room almost as if she owned the place. I watched her ass in her tight skirt as she sashayed away. She had on heels that gave her the height she desperately needed but even as short as she was she commanded respect. My eyes drifted up her pantyhose to the sexy little design on the sheer black cloth and I couldn’t help thinking about the thigh-high stockings she wore in Miami. My dick did another groan in my pants at the thought of what she would look like now in just those stockings riding me. Argh, I needed to concentrate before I gave everyone visual evidence of how we knew each other.

Swallowing deeply and sighing I made my own way to the door quietly slipping inside. I found a seat in the back to the right while Maximiliano finished introducing her to the group. She smiled a brilliant smile and started right in.

At exactly four minutes and fifty-three seconds, she stopped delivering her conception of the idea. Maximiliano only allotted her five minutes, and she used her time wisely. Questions popped up by the investors from all angles. A lesser person would cower, or at the very least become defensive with the way they were inspecting her proposal, but she met every question with a viable answer impressing them all. Another twelve minutes were spent going over the details of her brainchild and the dossier she gave them outlining each step. She worked the group as though they were mere mortals. Amazing.

Maximiliano was playing his cards close to his chest. Only I could tell he was truly impressed and only then because of years of being his colleague. He never trusted easy, and he never gave his money up willingly to a half-baked idea.

“Ms. Burke, your idea shows some promise but I want to know what makes you qualified for such an undertaking. You’ve never run your own company. What knowledge base do you have to command an operation like this?” Maximiliano approached her straightforward and baited Ami into making her lose her cool on purpose to show her worth. A mistake he may regret.

Smiling confidently she walked over to approach him head on. As a powerful businessman he had made many a man nervous, but she looked unaffected. Leaning into him just enough to make sure she had his full attention, she addressed his comment, “Besides past experiences in the travel industry? I hold degrees in marketing, travel, and hospitality, and my multilingual abilities have led to several lucrative contacts. I worked my way to executive status in a large global corporation and acquired an MBA from an internationally accredited university.” Her eyes never left his, “And what are your qualifications to invest in my company?”

Maximiliano smirked as she called him on his shit. As a multi-millionaire, he never finished any formalized schooling in America. He defected from Portugal as a teenager and learned about business the hard way. Even without a business degree, he did not make mistakes, and I was confident he would give Ami the money she needed from here on out.

Without answering her question, he gave them space to both think, “I have business to talk about with my colleagues. Will you excuse us?”

She backed up and stood straighter letting out an imperceptible breath. Nodding to him she kept her calm outer exterior all the way to the back of the room. I stood up to accompany her back into the hallway and Maximiliano noticed my haste to follow her. “Ryder? We will be voting.”

I nodded to him, “Vote without me. I will do whatever the board decides.” He let me go, but an understanding passed between us. I was honest when I said I didn’t mention my link to Ami, and although he knew now which ‘friend’ gave him her number, he would vote his conscience but I already knew he made up his mind at four minutes and fifty-two seconds.

“You will go with whatever the board decides?” She turned on me the moment the door closed. So much for a celebration hug to commemorate the occasion.

“When they vote to invest I will inform them I’ve got too many other fish to fry.” Although I knew I would be investing regardless of what she wanted, I continued the charade.

“Do you really think they will agree?” Her face lit up and her green eyes danced with light. Even though she kept cool and calm in the conference room, I was grateful she could be honest with me now.

“Yes, I do. Maximiliano would not let you talk beyond the agreed-upon five minutes had they not wanted to invest. There are some issues with your proposal, but I think-”

She interrupted me, taking offense to my breaking down of her presentation. “Issues? What issues?” Her eyebrows knitted together but luckily the dancing light in her eyes remained. I liked to see her excited. It was almost as fun out of the bedroom than in the bedroom.

“Your marketing budget is too small and your start-up costs for all other areas are double what they should be.” She didn’t like the holes in her strategy I pointed out to her. Fuming, her chest heaved, and just as she was about to let loose on me the door to the conference room opened. The men and women of the board started piling out, talking to each other, and making their way to the elevator. It didn’t take long for them to vote and I took it as a good sign. Maximiliano came out last, seeing us standing by the waiting area, and made his way over.

“Ms. Burke I want to thank you for coming in and presenting your idea for the company. It was well thought out.” He didn’t hint either way and the suspense grated on her.

Swallowing deeply, she steadied herself before asking, “And what exactly are you saying?”

Maximiliano smiled as he leaned in, “You have your money.” Her face beamed but I could tell she kept her excitement at a minimum to show her professionalism.

“Some matters need to be discussed first,” Maximiliano quipped. Her stoic face took on a hesitant quality and bristled slightly.

“Maximiliano, sir, I am excited about a future endeavor with you, but I am first and foremost the head of this company. It is still my idea and my undertaking. Your money does not change that fact.” Not at all intimidated by him, I watched her earn his respect by the minute.

“You are very well right, but you would fare well from some guidance from people more established in the business world.”

She saw his point, and calmed asking, “What type of advice do you mean?”

“Your start-up costs are higher than what is customary and your marketing budget may not hit many markets with the size of funds allowed.” She fought a glance in my direction as I hid my smirk.

“But I may have a solution. Where are your corporate headquarters going to be located?” Maximiliano leaned into her and I controlled an instinct to slide in between them. I had no reason to be jealous, but with her penchant for rich, foreign men, it put me ill at ease.

“I didn’t have time to search out equitable office space,” She admitted but it was a good business strategy not to rent real estate before acquiring finances.

He waved his hand, “Good. There is open space on the ninth floor.”

She looked confused, “Here?”

“It seems as good as any and I own the building. Rent would be negotiated down to work the start-up costs into a more reasonable budget to allow funds to increase in the marketing realm. Vegas is a draw internationally and would work to favor the investment group’s businesses in the surrounding areas seeing as it may increase sales in their companies. Certainly, it is a win for everyone involved.” She thought it over carefully. He was right and since Maximiliano’s building stood mere blocks from my nightclub, I couldn’t be happier as well. I shouldn’t be so eager for her to be so close but I couldn’t help think of the possibilities.

“I would need to look at it. Make sure it meets my standards.” She wasn’t giving in to him, but she would succumb. No one denied Maximiliano.

He nodded, “Call my secretary and arrange a tour. I am sure it will meet your needs.”

She acquiesced her way, but I knew she would cave in as soon as she saw the spacious layout. “Thank you, Maximiliano. I will look at it within the week. Now if you will excuse me, I have preparations to work on.”

He took her hand in his and kissed it, “Ms. Burke I look forward to working with you.” It didn’t escape me that he called her by her formal name, and she used his first name. She wanted him to know she was not intimidated by him but it was a game they both played. She was just a sexier player.

Following his lead, I nodded my goodbye, “Ms. Burke.”

She tipped her head in our direction, “Gentleman.” She turned around, and we watched her as she sauntered to the elevator knowing we couldn’t help but watch her backside and it made me chuckle.

After the elevator doors closed, Maximiliano spoke, “You sent her to me.” It wasn’t a question.

“We are... acquaintances.” I smiled at how well I truly knew her.

He shook his head and laughed, “I thought you were smarter than to mix business with pleasure.”

I looked at him as if I took offense to his line of thinking. “What makes you think something is going on between us?”

“It does seem suspicious, but I noticed the way you look at her.” My eyes dropped as he continued, “And I like it.” Meeting his gaze, I saw him jovial and smiling but I didn’t want him to know of my full involvement with Ami not knowing if it would affect his interest in her company.

“It is about time someone caught your eye. Ana would be happy for you.”

Before, the mention of her name would make me somber. Today it felt more like a memory. The memory of someone dear to me but it didn’t have any bite to it. “No, it isn’t meant to be. Nothing will ever come of it. I just wanted to help a friend. Regardless you stand to make a pretty profit from the deal.”

He slapped my back as he headed to the elevator. “She seems strong-willed enough to put up with you. Don’t underestimate her.” He turned around in the elevator and nodded to me as it closed, returning to him to his penthouse floor. It left me wondering but I stopped myself since it could only lead to nowhere.

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