Unlawful Trust

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What was Ryder doing here? In Paris. In the Roxy. And talking to the guard at the invitation-only private room door? I had been watching that door all night remembering my chance meeting with Marius in the past and now I see Ryder outside of it?

A guard stood by glaring at anyone not worthy of entering as well as admitting a select few with the right name and bank account. After Marius and I were dating a while I asked him to tell me what happened behind that door, but he refused. He told me he wanted to keep me from the debauchery even though I told him I had been far less than virginal. It made him smile, but he looked at me honestly and made me promise I wouldn’t succumb to my curiosity. He distracted me further by admitting he loved me that night and nothing else mattered to me. We moved to the states shortly after and I haven’t thought about what went on in the room since. But now my curiosity couldn’t be satisfied without knowing what Ryder was doing talking to the guard.

I remembered the warning Marius gave me about it being a seedy place and would have never thought to see Ryder perched outside its entrance. He dressed in a high-end tailored suit of all things, looking around the room as if he was bored or maybe irritated he had to talk to the gatekeeper. The guard finally nodded at him and granted him access. Just like that. Like he was a regular and it almost killed me to know he was in there and what type of perversion he was into. I had to find out what lay on the other side.

Making my way over to the door, I couldn’t help letting guilt gnaw away at me for going against Marius’ wishes. I wasn’t sure what went on beyond the door but I did know my impulsive nature could cause me to regret my decisions. Then again, when did it ever stop me?

Stiffening my back I gave the guard my false bravado. My woman’s intuition alerted me to the fact I couldn’t necessarily pass as a notable society figure, so I had to come up with another plan. Instead, I chose to rely on my association with said society figures. One in particular who already was granted access inside.

“Let me in.” He looked as though I had lost my marbles.

“Pourquoi devrais-je te laisser entrer?” Although I knew how to speak the language, my gut reaction warned me against divulging the fact. I gave him my wronged woman stare I perfected in business. It had proved useful over the years to portray a dumb American and I could already tell this guy had a superiority complex.

“I have no fucking clue what you are saying but if Ryder Jurdaine sees you are the stupid son of a bitch who did not let me into the club after he requested I be in there, then you may be looking for a new occupation tomorrow.” A bluff, but one I hoped would pay off.

He hesitated briefly but even large dumb oafs threatened by the loss of lucrative work could be persuaded to see reasoning. “Sorry, mademoiselle.”

“That is better.” With a silent breath of relief, I entered the backroom cautiously.

The corridor was dark, illuminated by sconces on each side of the hallway, and showed the way to another door farther down. I opened it to a room similar to the nightclub but small and with fewer occupants. The room had a change from disco-like music to more of a symphonic taste. Adjusting my eyes to the diminished lighting I scanned the area noticing the large lounge chairs all along the edges and a bar in the middle. The décor dripped sophistication with silk curtains lining the walls and a chandelier of crystal over the bar itself. I held my breath as I made my way over.

The people who congregated by the bar watched me, knowing I was not a regular but I didn’t let it affect me. Should they see my inadequacies, I would be deemed not one of them. I was always a good actor and a good liar, and I knew those skills would prove useful tonight. I ordered a French wine revered as one of the best. It didn’t escape me that no money was asked for. This was an exclusive club. One that kept their inhabitants happy.

Looking around the room for Ryder, I couldn’t see him either by the bar or the scattering of gathering areas. He appeared to have vanished and it made me uneasy. There were several doors all around and I tried to not look out of place while I studied which door would lead me to him.

The murmur of the room was kept light but quieted when a soft ringing sounded. When the curtain on the far wall opened, I sucked in my breath so fast my lungs hurt.

On the other side of the glass window laid a woman lying naked on a bed of red linen. Blindfolded and bound by her arms and legs, she was positioned spread eagle on the mattress. A man stepped from the side of the window and I finally noticed other people on the far side of the contained other room. And one of them was Ryder.

Drinking a dark liquid, his tailored pressed suit gave him an aura of worldliness. Seated in a low cushioned chair he had a leggy brunette flanked on the arm of it next to him. The brunette wore small strips of cloth that showed more skin than not, passing it off as some sort of scant lingerie. She was breathtakingly beautiful and ran her hands through Ryder’s hair as they watched the show in front of them. To his left, another low chair held a man with dark brown almost black hair and a formidable look to him. He also was in a tailored suit and accumulated a crowd of beautiful women around him as well and I knew without a doubt I was in his club.

Their gaze appeared to be in front of them at the man dressed only in silk pajama shorts. He walked over to the woman on the bed with a determined look on his face. Garnishing a black whip-like object in his hands I knew to be a flogger, he wasted no time striking out at the woman. Her scream came on suddenly and brought a murmur of approval all around me. I finally guessed what debauchery this part of the club held, but I wasn’t prepared for the exhibition in front of my eyes.

It wasn’t until the second strike to her skin that her scream turned less tortured and more... what? Pleasurable? She moaned and writhed on the surface of the bed and her only recourse was to open her legs and taunt him further. He returned her challenge by laughing and striking her with apparent indulgence. She planted her feet and rose off the bed screaming in a mixture of pain and pleasure making me suck in my breath once again.

“Plus s’il vous plait.” More, please. His powerful strikes meet her demands. Her skin, now in different hues of red, some from the flogger and some from the flush of her need, shown marks of his whip. She derived pleasure from pain and I hated how she made it seem so.... easy, natural.

Tearing my eyes away from the writhing woman on the bed, I looked towards the other side of the enclosed room and into the eyes of the club owner watching me instead of the show from the other side of the glass. Shock flared up and I knew he had found me out. Uncertainty wavered through me as I decided my best chance was to slip out from where I came. Making my way back to the door the guard stood in my way. “Come with me.”

I tried to shake him off, “No. I think I stayed too long.” He grabbed my arm as if he didn’t hear me and brought me across the room to one of the many side doors. My chance of getting out of his grips fleeting at this point I hesitantly entered yet another short corridor down to a room decorated much like the last one. I recognized it since I was just staring into it seconds before.

The guard threw me into the area and I stumbled in front of the man who summoned me but managed to hold my ground. “Who are you?” The boss man asked calmly as tension filled in the room with my arrival and I looked into Ryder’s shocked eyes.

“I thought I told you to stay back at the hotel!” Ryder’s booming voice came across as a verbal slap to the face as I looked at him in confusion. Although he kept his face calm, I could tell of his unease below the surface. I screwed up by forcing my way in here as I haven’t a clue what the hell was going on but my intuition told me it wasn’t for your garden variety slumber party. Not only did I foul things up for myself, but I feared I messed it up for Ryder as well. Whatever was going on, I needed a new plan.

“I... I...” It wasn’t like me to stutter but I grasped at what I could say to make this better. Ryder called me on it, remembering how he said I should have stayed at the hotel almost as if he was my master, which would make this club a dom club, which would make me a...

“I’m sorry sir. I didn’t want you to have all the fun without me.” My voice thickened as I talked.

Ryder cooled slightly giving nothing away by his face, but he fought to control the tension in his body. “How dare you disobey me. It is almost as if you are begging to be punished.”

He kept his voice firm and I chanced a look over at the boss man noticing an amused grin form. “This woman is with you?”

Ryder gave me a look of fierce disapproval. “She is my sub. And not a good one at that.”

The man laughed and Ryder’s face gave a small look of trepidation before returning to anger at his poorly controlled submissive. Bossman looked me up and down from the comfort of his chair and I stood my ground as he eye fucked me. “A beauty such as this should not be kept in a hotel room all alone.” His gaze turned to Ryder to chastise him. When he glanced back at me, he introduced himself. “My name is Enzo Chaput. You can call me Maîtriser Chaput.” Master Chaput. Not surprised when he didn’t ask my name, I tipped my head down as a bow. Subs didn’t register on his radar, so I didn’t expect any acknowledgment from him besides treating me like a slab of meat.

The scream of the woman in the bed on stage startled me. This utterance wasn’t from pain as much as frustration at being deprived of another whipping while her punisher waited for the boss to deal with me. The audience turned back to her momentarily but rather enjoyed the disturbance I made with my interruption.

“Contineuz,” When he threw his hand up at the man in the silk pajama bottoms the small audience murmured again before another crack of his whip could be heard.

Turning to me, Enzo had a devious grin as he explained, “You see how I handle my pets who don’t obey me.” The woman on the bed was one of his submissives? Trembling slightly I saw Enzo enjoy my discomfort as I was made to turn and watch her punishment.

I felt Ryder’s gaze on me but only looked at the show with the others as the man used the leather straps to scold the woman repeatedly to the amusement of the club-goers. The woman continued to writhe in the bed, squirming for her release to come. Her body flushed and a thick sheen covered her flesh as she called out for more.

Once the man tired of hitting her he sneered and looked at his boss for direction. Master Caput, satisfied with the whippings of his slave, nodded his approval. The man took the handle of his whip and suddenly inserted it deep within her. She screamed out her orgasm and the crowd erupted with... applause? The submissive looked totally sated and exhausted to the point she slumped over on the bed, small cooing sounds were heard but no other motion on her part was made. I watched entranced as the man removed the handle of the flogger from deep between her legs before hearing the bell and noticing the curtain to the other room close.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up and this suddenly seemed like one of the worst ideas of my life. Workers rushed to untie the sub from the bed, and she collapsed into the arms of the male dominant as he carried her past us and through another door behind the crowd. Swallow down my fear I glanced at Ryder trying to figure out what type of twisted shit he was into.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Enzo gauged my reaction, so I tried to pass off a look of nonchalance. Ryder’s expression centered on anger but this time I felt it was real.

Enzo stood up and made his way over to me, talking to Ryder but not looking in his direction, “Good subs are so hard to find.” He brought his hand up to my hair and touched it. The back of his hand slid down my cheek before drifting lower unto my neck.

“She might not be a good sub Enzo, but she is still mine.” Ryder expressed his disapproval with the man’s touch. Enzo obviously didn’t like being told he couldn’t treat me the way he wanted as a flash of indignation crossed his dark eyes. Taking his time he removed his hand from my body, but he obviously didn’t like being told what to do. The glare he sent Ryder made my trepidation grow but Ryder refused to back down.

Behind me, scantily clad workers stripped the bed now that the players went into a back room. There were fewer people on this side of the wall and therefore all eyes now focused on what was transpiring with their boss.

Enzo smiled at me, but it was less than jovial, “Red hair is so appropriate for you. I see a fire inside. A reluctance to submit. I envy you, Ryder. She seems...” He let the word linger as if searching for it, “a notable challenge to break.” Swallowing deeply, I didn’t like the glimmer in his eyes or the way he spit out his words at Ryder. I shouldn’t have followed Ryder in here but now I no longer feared for my safety, I feared for both of us.

The Ryder before me wasn’t the person I knew from Wisconsin, or at all for that matter. Something in the way he looked at me told me he wasn’t exactly into the same acts to go on in this establishment. He was playing a game with this man and I had no idea how to act to help him. Ryder wasn’t a regular here, I couldn’t say why I knew this, but somehow Enzo acknowledged him as an equal anyway.

“Believe me. She will surely be punished. Hera, come here.” Hera? The name was familiar. I thought back to our time spent in Wisconsin. The goddess he talked about at the hotel. The one with the red hair. He was protecting my name and my identity for some reason. I used his full name when I came in, so they knew who he was. They must know about him being a famous American and it bothered me he felt the need to protect me but yet had himself so exposed.

Walking around Enzo, I went to Ryder and sat on the other arm of his chair. The slim brunette remained on his other side, evidently not discouraged at all that his submissive had made herself public.

“No. On your knees.” I chanced a look at Ryder and hid my scowl. I might have placed us both in trouble but the thought of cowering to a man, even Ryder, had my hackles up.

Unfortunately, Enzo noticed. “Ah, I see now why you left her to sit alone in a hotel room. It must be hard having a submissive who doesn’t acquiesce.” I heeded his words and fell to my knees at Ryder’s feet. Regardless of my independent nature, we were in the presence of a powerful man. I didn’t have any idea what this was about, but I did not have a doubt that this man could turn on me, on us.

“She is just new. She hasn’t learned to trust that I know what is good for her yet.” Ryder looked at me stoically but I saw the need on his face. He needed me to submit and I wanted to appease him right now. I didn’t know why, but in the end, I realized I did trust him.

“Now would be a good time to show her discipline. The stage is yours for the taking. Unless you would like me to show her instead.” I sucked in my breath understanding what he meant by the stage and what he could do. Looking at it I felt the fear rise in my throat but I kept it at bay. The bed now covered in fresh linens appeared ominous.

“Non, il doit m’avoir. Tu as promis.” The brunette objected. Promised to Ryder, she didn’t want to give up her time on the stage with him. I didn’t acknowledge what she said choosing to keep hidden in the guise of misunderstanding. I needed to keep the fact I knew the French language to myself.

Enzo quickly stepped over to her and gripped her face in his massive hand. “Vous ferez comme je dis, jouet. la bravoure pour parler aura un coût. Vous seriez sage de fermer la bouche.” You will do as I say, toy. Bravery for speaking will be at a cost. You would be wise to shut your mouth. He threw her on the ground and I felt Ryder tense in front of me. His breathing sped up microscopically, but thankfully I was the only one to notice.

Fear replaced her defiance and it appeased Enzo. He turned to Ryder and smiled, “She shows such disappointment with not following through on my wishes but I feel you have more important matters to attend to with your submissive.” Ryder nodded slowly but never took his gaze off Enzo.

Ryder finished his drink leisurely and pasted a devilish grin on his face before addressing Enzo, “I have no doubt you could teach even me a thing or two about breaking a submissive but her disobedience will be dealt with by me. I am sure you understand the importance of keeping your women in check.” Enzo displayed disappointment but almost seemed flattered with the way Ryder turned him down.

He waved at the bed, “Now, carry on. The stage is yours to deal with your...” He looks at me with an evil smile, “...pet.” His look so degrading and evil, he appeared like the devil himself.

“On your feet Hera.” Ryder steadied his voice as he rose to a standing position. “May I borrow your sub as I get ready?” Enzo seemed pleased with the acknowledgment he was indeed the master of the room. He nodded towards the brunette as she scrambled to stand to do Ryder’s bidding.

I stood on shaky legs with no help or acknowledgment from Ryder. I watched as he cupped the brunette’s face in his hands. “Ready her for me. I will be back.” Without even turning around to look in my direction he left me in a room with the malicious strangers. The jouet or ‘toy’ jumped and clapped with excitement, unable to contain her joy at even being second best. She smirked at me as she led me over to the bed.

Swallowing deeply, I knew I only had myself to blame. Had I left when I intended to, I would have never seen Ryder walk in here. He could go on with his sordid little rendezvous with this ‘toy’ for all to watch and I wouldn’t be in this situation. Now, I was faced with the knowledge that not only would I be punished, but it would be in the presence of an audience. I had to play the game though. Should the Master see my charade, I feared it would put us both in jeopardy.

She grabbed onto my waist where she started to unravel my wrap dress but I slapped her hand away. Enzo luckily found this amusing but I couldn’t help hanging on to some of my independence. I might be on display as a ‘toy’ or ‘pet’ but I planned on keeping my dignity for as long as possible. Undressing without hesitation I could only think fuck it, let them watch. The thought didn’t bother me as much as it would to most. I had been risqué before in my sexuality, and as much as it annoyed me how Ryder would ‘teach’ me my place, I did trust him not to inflict too much pain.

Opening the dress, I exposed my bra and panties. The toy took my garment from me and placed it on a chair by the side of the stage. With each item I removed, I held my head high and glared around the room. Only when I stood in front of them naked did I look over and notice Ryder. He was dressed in silk pants and nothing else. His bare chest showed his accelerated breathing and I turned facing him fully, taunting him with my stance. Fine, I brought this on us, but I would accept the challenge. Right now I willed him to perform to his fullest. If he screwed this up for us now, I would be pissed.

Enzo and Ryder exchanged words. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but when they broke apart, the Bossman nodded over to the bartender to ring the bell. The curtain slid open behind me revealing me to the rest of the bar patrons on the other side of the glass. This time my defiance caused my bravado to skyrocket. I turned and gave them a show of my naked body as I felt Ryder’s breath behind me. His arm swept around my stomach as he brought me into him, burying his face in my hair. I heard him ever so lightly, “Do what I say, and we will leave here in one piece.” My rebelliousness falters with the acknowledgment of the risk he was taking all because of my own curiosity.

His hands snake up to brutally grip my breasts and I let out my breath and wince at the sharp pain. “You should have stayed at the hotel.” He said it loud enough for the crowd to hear. I felt him to my back. A slight tremble coursed through his body, and he pushed the stiffness of his shaft against my bottom. It shouldn’t be arousing but I couldn’t help but feel the control he had. Although I had done some risqué shit, I had never been pushed this far. My interests lied in the lewd and unconventional at times but I found myself aroused by his mannerism more than I thought possible.

Ryder’s powerful hands squeezed my breasts a little longer, and he gave a hard pinch to my nipples as I cried out in pain unable to tell if it was too much or just what I needed. I grew wet with anticipation and when he removed his hands, I almost grabbed them and replaced them on my breasts but I knew it wasn’t the game we were playing now. He growled and pushed me forcefully on the bed in front of me. Splayed down on my stomach, I didn’t dare move. I couldn’t see what he was doing but when I heard the crowd awe and murmur, I could only guess he unsheathed his considerable cock. The size being impressive I fought the need to squirm knowing what would be coming my way. I still remembered how it felt inside of me. How it felt as though it was made just for me and I grew wetter with natural arousal.

Never being in this situation before, it frightened me how my body and mind reacted. We were in the midst of a madman and all my thoughts went to was the fact I would be pleasured in front of all of these people. They would see what Ryder did to me, how he worked my body, and although part of me knew of the risk, the other part didn’t care.

The Toy scurried around the bed reaching for my arms as my legs found purchase on the floor to at least steady me somewhat. She held my arms splayed out on the bed while exclaiming, “Je l’ai eu pour toi.” I got her for you. I started to squirm and Ryder noticed my dislike. It was one thing to play submissive for Ryder but I would not submit to a Toy. Especially one who currently vied for the position to be under him instead of me.

Although fighting it now proved risky, Ryder came to my rescue, “Let go of her arms. She will behave now.” And then he said more for the benefit of the crowd, “I could tie you down to make sure you don’t move, but I am trusting you not to. Should you move -- even a little-- I will whip you. Do you understand?” It was a warning. One he didn’t want to make and I sensed his plan. He could easily tie me down, but he knew my ultimate punishment in the eyes of bossman would be to submit and do it willingly. In a way he was being as chivalrous as he could, I just hoped it didn’t cause Enzo to see any weakness in him.

Weaving his fingers through my hair, he forcefully lifted my head to look me in the face waiting for my acknowledgment. I nodded as much as I could, “Yes sir.” Satisfied with my answer he roughly shoved my face to the other side away from the view of Enzo and I knew it wasn’t by accident either. He held my upper body onto the bed by placing a hand in the middle of my upper back. Without giving me any warning, he thrust inside me quickly and completely. I cried out with the shock of it all but it didn’t hurt like I thought it would. Not as wet as I was and my own arousal surprised me. My loud cry of shock pleased Enzo, or maybe just the crowd, but a booming round of applause circulated the room.

Panting, I laid as still as I could and took his constant pounding inside of me. Ryder drove deep within my sex. His whole length. Deeper than he had ever been. The way I could feel his bulbous head pounding into the base of my cervix went from painful to uncomfortable to a more pleasant feeling. With each powerful thrust into my depths, he filled me up so sufficiently the tinge of pain once there changed into something else.

And I liked it.

His one hand continued to hold me forcefully to the bed while his other hand gripped my hip enough to cause bruising. He thrust deep inside of me, forcefully hammering into me until his hips touched my bottom. He grunted each time his cock slammed against my cervix. It caused pain, but there was freedom in that pain. A delicious sense of being filled, and I was glad Ryder faced me away from Enzo and my thick hair covered any look of pleasure on my face, despite the fact I played the role of punished submissive and cried out with every prod of his stiff shaft.

Although rough with me, I felt liberated. The only other time I let a man get this physical with me, it didn’t end well but I tried not to think about it. Instead, I thought about the way his warm hand secured me to the soft silk sheets. I concentrated on the way his splendid cock powerfully surged deep inside me and the way he knew how to touch my insides just right. Mainly I concentrated on the way he was nudging me into the bed and how he positioned me so the sheets would stimulate my clit.

Throughout this all, I sensed he looked out for me. The way his fingers barely touched my back dispersing his pressure so it wasn’t so intense. The way he positioned me on the mattress to make sure my clit would be stimulated. But mostly by the way he plunged deep inside me and hesitated slightly at the moment of full penetration. It might not be enough to be discernible to Enzo, but I could tell.

Over and over he forcefully prodded inside of me and made my body come alive. The chatter of the onlookers only fueled the fire by this point. My nipples peaked as they rubbed against the fine bedding and my sex clenched at the impending orgasm. He ran the head of his cock against the sensitive lining of my walls and I fought back a moan knowing I couldn’t reveal how much joy this gave me. Any notion of fulfillment would put us in greater jeopardy, so I bit down hard enough on my lip to draw blood.

Ryder hardened impossibly further as he pistoned inside me. An ache formed in my hands as I wanted to clench the sheets and writhe around on top of the bed, but instead, I was tortured into a waiting game between pleasure and the self-discipline of lying still. He shifted his stance and I bit my lip again to stave off my orgasm. The sensation of him seemed to slip out of my control and I stiffen further. As almost if he sensed it, his left hand worked its way from the middle of my upper back slowly up my body. It enhanced the angle of his cock deep inside me and I trembled slightly with the possession of it.

When his hand tangled in my hair, instead of trepidation, I yelled a silent plea for him to take me. Take control and use me however he felt necessary. And give me pain. The pain that would send me over the top. The sting of hedonism my body craved to give me my climax.

And he delivered.

Tugging hard on my hair, he controlled my upper body in his strong grip. Pain flooded my synapses and I cried out as my body shuddered around him. Momentarily he grew still as I started to quake with my orgasm, but he recovered as if knowing it would be a disappointment to Enzo if I were to find pleasure in what he dished out. Instead of jerking me any farther, he slammed me back down on the bed, dragging his long cock out of me to deny me any more pleasure from my orgasm. Slapping my ass hard he moved my head to the side of Enzo and emptied himself on my back while I plastered an expression of disgust on my face. Thick, hot spurts of his seed splashed along my spine, my shoulder blades, even my hair as I tried to cover my face into the bedding feeling my look of disdain hard to keep up after the decadence of what his carnality did to me.

In my stupor, I heard the room break out into applause. Congratulating words of approval rained down on how Ryder handled his sub, and in a way, I couldn’t agree with them more.

As fast as he came across my back, he removed his weight from my back as if I scalded him. Now that the deed was done, shame clouded my thinking. What we did was to save ourselves, but me finding immense gratification in the act of pain and degradation was a punch to the stomach. I thought I left this all behind in my past and now it had come full circle.

Not being given the command to move, I laid still. I laid on the bed and waited for my dominant to tell me what to do and it was demeaning. Instead of giving me a command. Ryder appeared to talk over me. “Clean her up and get her dressed.” I almost forgot about the close proximity of the Toy. She was within breathing distance of our actions and when Ryder gave her the command, she was more than ready to do his bidding.

The curtain closed and the bell rang again. I felt a towel, the softest of fabrics, touch my back as she wiped away the act of our salaciousness. “Tu as tellement de chance. Je tuerais pour être à ta place.” Jealousy. She was jealous of the way he fucked me. Ashamed to admit it, I was too. But for how long? The shame of past experiences drove away any enjoyment our recent sex had on me.

She toweled off most of my back but I could still feel the wetness in my hair. The aroma of our mingled arousal prevalent in the locks prevented a clean feeling no matter how many times she wiped me. His scent would be noticeable all the way back to the apartment.

The Toy continued to help dress me and this time I didn’t stop her knowing my fight was gone. Stunned at what just manifested I went numbly along with the actions. While she helped me get my undergarments on, I glanced at Enzo. He watched intently, pleased with my unease, my unhidden shame.

Tearing my eyes away from his, I kept them down fulfilling my submissive role. The Toy helped to wrap me in my dress and secured the buttons. She blabbered on in French about how exciting my life must be with Ryder as a master. She removed a clip from her hair and started to put my locks in a twist using the clip to secure it when I started to refuse, “No, I...”

Shaking her head, she insisted, “S’il vous plaît?” Instead of fighting anymore, I weakly nodded and lowered my head again.

Ryder returned from the back room dressed in his suit but didn’t look at me. Facing the boss he commented, “Enzo you have been a gracious host but I will be taking my sub back to the hotel now. We are not done yet for the evening.”

Enzo laughed, “No, I see you have a lot of work to do.”

The two shook hands and I overheard Ryder tell Enzo, “My business is short in France and I appreciate the hospitality.”

He nodded excepting the compliment. “You are welcome anytime.” He glanced over at me appreciatively and I fought to control my shudder, “You or your sub.”

Ryder came to my side and roughly pushed me forward toward the door. He nodded one last time at Enzo and led me down the dark hall to the original room. We made a short time in the bar area and quickly found our way back to the dance club after being padded down by the same oaf who I challenged earlier. What was it that he could be looking for? He took his time feeling me up, but he must know I was naked just minutes prior. It didn’t leave me much time to steal anything. I glanced quickly at Ryder, but he made it seem as if he had expected this type of security.

Outside a car waited by the side of the road for us. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t decide between an apology or lashing out at him. The look he gave me when I glanced in his direction kept me quiet. He addressed the chauffeur as he opened the back of the car for us, “Extend my gratitude to Enzo for giving me a safe ride.” The chauffeur nodded and I realized Ryder said it only for my benefit. He wanted me to know we still were in the realms of Enzo’s influence and it wouldn’t be the best place to talk.

The ride took us into the heart of Paris, and although it was late, the city danced before us. I have always enjoyed Paris at night but my enjoyment right now was filled with bewilderment and disquiet. I was not even a little surprised at the driver as he dropped us off at Le Meurice, one of the most exquisite hotels in Paris.

It wasn’t until we were making our way across the hotel lobby that I heard him speak to me still full of anger, “Not one word until I tell you,” and my heart sank wondering what my punishment would be this time.

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