Unlawful Trust

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It wasn’t until he whisked me to the elevator that I came out of my stupor. The shock of the night and what went on changed when I realized it wouldn’t have happened if Ryder didn’t need his little fix, and in all places but Paris. My Paris! There were hundreds if not thousands of these clubs all over the world not to mention the United States but instead, he went to Paris? And when did he turn into a Dom? Did he beat women for the fuck of it? Get off on causing pain and making women submit to him? Well, fuck him. Maybe my wrath was somewhat misdirected because of my own mixed emotions at the moment, but my desire to call him on his bullshit helped to curb my self-loathing for letting him control me earlier.

The elevator doors opened, and he guided me by the small of my back down the hallway. What once seemed a meaningless touch now caused his skin to feel like acid on mine. I shrugged out of the contact and walked further ahead of him when he called out to me, “Here.” We stopped at a room, and he used his key to enter. I had half a notion to turn and head back to the elevator and leave but there were too many questions I wanted answers to, and by God, he would give them to me.

After walking into the room and turning on the lights I couldn’t even enjoy the splendor of the Grande Suite. “Ryder!” I fumed as I turned on him, but he fully ignored me and walked over to the small table in the room and took his time smelling the roses. Was he for fucking real? He acted aloof and it only fueled my anger.

Stomping over to where he stood, I yelled, “Ryder what the fuck is--”

He seized me up in his arms adhering his body to mine, “Tell me I didn’t hurt you.”

It caught me off guard. When I didn’t answer right away he grew louder with his pleas, “For Christ’s sake tell me I didn’t hurt you.” The shock of it and the fact I could feel a slight tremble in his body made me catch my breath. He buried his face in my hair and continued to hold me tight.

“No. No... I am fine.” He brought me almost impossibly closer and hugged me to him as his breathing went from manic to steady.

He loosened his grip enough to look in my face. “You aren’t just saying it, are you?” I heard a pleading in his voice and was struck by his genuine concern, afraid of what suffering he would incur should I tell him he did hurt me.

“No Ryder. You didn’t harm me.”

He sighed and put his forehead on mine leaning in slightly. I could feel the tension slowly leave his body as well as any underlying fear. The back of his hand touched my cheek tenderly and all fight left me. He removed his head from mine and looked over at the door to the side of the suite. “Come. I want to wash you.” Wash me? I guess it wasn’t too long ago he soiled me but I didn’t think my cleanliness would be a top priority right now.

“Ryder? What the hell happened tonight?”

He nodded at me. “It is safe to talk and I will, but I just want to take care of you first.” I let him lead me into the gloriously designed bathroom without complaint. In another time I would have been looking around in wonder at the lavish fixings but right now my confusion caused havoc in my brain.

Ryder started the water in the deep marble tub but I wondered why now we could talk when he wouldn’t let me ask my questions before. “How do you know it is safe to talk?”

He continued to work on getting towels over to the side of the tub and making sure the temperature was warm. “The roses.” I looked at him questioningly when he stood up by me and reached for the buttons on my dress. I shrunk back from his touch, and he looked as though I struck him in the face.


I hesitated for a while longer but couldn’t help noticing the beseeching look in his eyes. He needed to take care of me right now and I guess I wanted him to as well. I wanted to figure out what the hell was going on, and for whatever reason, I wanted to be by him a little longer.

He removed my dress as he explained, “The hotel always brings in eighteen roses. There were eighteen pristine roses in that vase when I left and now there are sixteen. My room was checked for listening devices while I was out. It is clean. My associate took the roses with him to let me know he was here.”

My breath sped up when I realized the implications. “Listening devices? Ryder, what the hell is going on?” The anger left me and increased confusion had taken its place.

Now with my undergarments off, he started to remove his own clothes. He wanted to bathe with me, and right now, I couldn’t refuse his wishes knowing the need I saw in his eyes. He stood before me naked as he reached up for my hair clip. Loosening the clasp a piece of paper rolled up in a slim cylinder fell to the ground. He snatched it up and opened it quickly and urgently.

“She was my contact.” A rush of air escaped him as he looked at the information.

“What is that?” I had no idea she had it hidden in my hair.

“The code I need.” The relief in his face was enormous, and he took his time to set it on the vanity before returning to his original task.

It wasn’t until he had me settled into the tub, leaning against his large frame until I let myself ask another question. “Jouet, the Toy, she was your contact?”

“You knew what they were saying the whole time?” The shock in his voice diminished as he said, “Of course. I should have guessed. Marius.” He started to bring the washcloth up and over my arms coating them with the sudsy warm liquid and I hated how good it felt to let him bathe me.

Of all the questions, I needed one answered foremost, “It was your first time at the club?”

He sighed, “Yes.”

My idea of what this entailed skewed my assumption of him and I felt embarrassed. “Ryder...”

“Let me wash your hair and I’ll tell you everything.” It seemed as if he would tell me regardless but I let him work on my hair as he explained.

“Enzo and his club was never my focus. What goes on in the club is, for the most part, done with the agreeance of both parties. He runs a respectable club so to speak, but he has less than reputable people in attendance at times. It doesn’t mean he would take kindly to me going in there and getting private information on one of his visitors. He guarantees discretion to all his associates, and if word got out, he would lose business. My contact, the Jouet?” He did a fair job at the correct pronunciation, “Is a regular at the club. A sub who is lent out to other clientele.” He brought my head back to wet it with the handheld nozzle with such tenderness it was hard to imagine what he put my body through not that long ago.

“An...” he cleared his throat, “employee in my company was supposed to come tonight but his cover was blown. Connor wanted to scrap the whole deal but I couldn’t let him. Not when we were so close. Instead, he gave me a reputation sure to impress Enzo and I guess it did.”

So many questions lit up my mind I couldn’t keep quiet. “What is your... company? You can’t seriously be talking about owning nightclubs.”

He chuckled but it sounded sad, “No. That in itself is a long story. One I never wanted to tell.” Instantly I knew. “Your Nulligan.” He nodded and even though I couldn’t see him, I felt the sorrow cloud his face.

“Her name was Ana. She was a prostitute I fell in love with.”

“What happened?” He placed a sizable amount of shampoo in his hands and started to massage it through my hair. He needed something to do with his hands as I could tell this story was hard on him.

“I met her when she attended a party with one of her ‘johns.’ She was utterly beautiful. Long black hair and a woman’s body but what stood out about her was the power she had when she entered a room. She put up with so much shit talked about her, but she never gave into it. When she came into a room, all eyes focused on her. So much so I had to get to know her.

“I contacted her employer and arranged a meeting. And then another. And another. Soon I was her best client. She mesmerized me never letting me under her skin until one day when she came to me after one of her ‘johns’ hit her.” I froze, not knowing what to say. Ryder took offense to Enzo hitting the Toy and I realized he wasn’t like him at all.

“She stayed with me that night. Not as an escort but as a lover.” He sighed and I knew he was caught in his memories. “She opened up to me about how she came into the trade. She spoke fluent English but had an accent. Originally from Belarus, she was promised passage to the US for a year of servitude. She knew exactly what she was getting herself into but it was only to help her and her brother obtain a better life out of their village.” I shivered at the thought. He must have misunderstood as he swiftly turned on the hot water again to fill more of the tub.

“I promised that night to buy her out of her ‘contract’ and make sure her brother got safely out of Belarus. It ends up I only fulfilled one of my promises.” My hands felt his legs under the water and I started to casually rub up and down, soothing him if I could with my touch.

“I paid for his passage anonymously, and he fled into Europe. As far as Ana’s situation, I didn’t have a clue how to handle these men. When they found out my intentions, they refused to let her leave. It was their objective all along to make her work regardless of any contract and before I could even figure out my next step, she disappeared.” He sighed heavily, “Ana’s body was found several days later in Miami.” I stiffened and waited for him to go on but it took an eternity.

“Her employer made an example out of her, making sure he prevented any of his other women from having the same idea in leaving him. They brought her to Miami to be punished by the boss. As a human trafficker, he makes a ton of money selling women so he didn’t appreciate one of them escaping his clutches. When I figured out what had happened, I flew down to Miami, but by then it was only to identify the body. I pushed for an answer from the authorities but I got the cold shoulder. She was nothing but an illegal alien and a prostitute. No one cared she was raped and...” he swallowed hard, “sodomized and left for dead. Her last breaths were in a filthy ditch where they dumped her body. Part of me died that day and the other part wanted revenge.” The pain I felt in him told me just how much he cared for this woman.

Ryder quieted and his momentary reminiscence made my heart break for him. He rinsed the soap from my hair with gentleness as he continued, “Fifteen years I have been tracking all the people involved in her death. Fifteen years I had my hate to drive me forward. I did it too. All the scum who had anything to do with my Ana’s death have been eradicated from the united states and I’ve just one more stone left unturned.”

“Belarus?” I knew when I said it.

“Yes. The person in Belarus who promised her freedom for one year of hell. He took the longest to find and I didn’t think I would ever be able to pull it off. I had been so careful these last fifteen years. I couldn’t let anyone know what was going on otherwise my team would be in danger. There are a group of three guys on my payroll working on this as well as another project.”

“Another project?”

“Human trafficking.” He said it with distaste and his voice turned dark as he continued, “When the trail grew cold as it often did, I concentrated on stopping the buying and selling of other women... and children. I had the best cover to be able to do it too. Touring in a rock band we would frequently stop at several venues around the united states. The guys wouldn’t think anything if I were to leave for a little while and visit the local strip clubs. JJ went with me but he never knew my plans. He was either too drunk or too high to understand. I would go in and casually talk to the girls, asking indirect questions until I was satisfied. If I got any inclination something didn’t seem right, I would send one of my guys in later to check it out.”

“Is that why you shared women with JJ?” I couldn’t help myself. The stories Chelsea told me rang in my ears.

He surprised me with a laugh, “Not exactly. JJ was a complacent druggie. Low key and even-tempered when he was high. His drinking was more of the problem and it made him mean sometimes. Especially if he let things get to him. Luckily he got high way more than he drank which made him less of an asshole. Even his bad moods didn’t happen often but when they did — and I could always tell when — I convinced him I wanted in. He wasn’t a bad guy. When sober he would be better than the rest of us almost, although he never let it show often. Only the times when he was blackout drunk he could be downright cruel. We shared women because I could control him. Brandt had shared women with JJ early on as more of an excepted act of the bad boys of rock, but he soon tired of it. When Chelsea came around, he couldn’t fathom being with anyone else. Quade never gave into the rowdy shit we pulled and my own reputation preceded me. The press kept talking about my lewd behavior in the news and it ultimately helped me over the last fifteen years to find these assholes and stop the torture they were doing to women.”

Ryder was never the bad guy. He gave up his reputation willingly to prevent inhumanities to women without any thought to himself. It all became clear. The separation from his family, the false imprisonment with his reputation, even the...

“Your vasectomy.” I turned and looked at him.

Ryder didn’t look me in the eye but finally answered, “I knew the danger of my actions. There was no way in hell I would ever put a child in danger because of my vendetta.”

With my wet hand, I slowly caressed his face and got him to look at me. “You take care of them too, don’t you? The band?” He saw me. He saw me because I see him.

“Sienna and Quade got away from her ex-husband, some horrible excuse for a human being. He whipped her, and she has these horrific scars down her back because of him. She tried to protect Quade from him and ran away. I met one of my men, Connor, when Quade started looking for her. He is a private investigator and a good one at that considering he didn’t have a lot of information to go on to find her. I hired him shortly after and he took my mission farther and faster than anyone else.”

Ryder placed his hands gently on my shoulders and guided me back to sitting between his legs to finish his story, “When we found Sienna, Quade knew he had to do something to stop her husband even though I didn’t want him involved. Quade doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and didn’t have it in him to kill anyone. Brandt and I both went along to make sure he didn’t end up dead himself. We enticed Sienna’s husband until he came out to North Carolina and attempted to kill Quade. He ended up getting killed instead but the monster has an estranged brother I am keeping watch on. I don’t trust him and want to make sure he won’t come after Quade or his family.” He took the soap and ran it over my upper back and shoulders and his touch comforted me as he continued to explain himself.

“JJ is clean and sober finally after fifteen years. He has his shit together and found someone to share his life with. Nina is good for him but JJ has drug-dealing friends I don’t want to interfere. They sold him a lot of drugs and they don’t like him being sober. Some are no longer around, murdered in drug deals while even more overdosed already which made it easier for me. Gang fights and bad business decisions helped to thin the problem but there are a few still lingering and I want to make sure they leave them alone.”

“And Chelsea? Brandt?”

“Chelsea is one of the reasons I feel so strongly about this. After her kidnapping, I watched how Brandt suffered. I felt helpless when it happened and so did he. It all led up to a boiling point. I had lost Ana shortly after Chelsea was found. While they were grieving over the loss of a child, I grieved for my Ana.”

Ryder’s arms stilled on me and I grabbed them to wrap them around me. The sorrow I felt for him was immeasurable. His strong chest cushioned my back and I could feel his heartbeat as I leaned on him. All the information he told me jumbled in my mind and I had a hard time putting it together. This was a man who I misconstrued. A man so much better than any other I had ever met. A guardian angel waiting in the shadows. They were all lucky to have him.

The unease in his voice in my ear grounded me, “Ami, what were you doing there tonight? My God, I could have hurt you...” He left it up in the air but I heard his anguish.

Now my turn to give him the truth, I admitted, “It was the five-year anniversary of Marius’ death. I went to the Roxy to, I don’t know, to celebrate I guess. Drink in his honor? Marius and I would go there. It was where we first met. In fact, I saw him go in and out of that door to the back room a few times.”

“Did he ever...”

I knew what he alluded to, so I answered, “Take me with him? No. In fact, he asked me to stay away and so did he after we started seeing each other.”

The water turned cold and I felt tired thinking about the whole night. Ryder ran his hand up and down my arm and felt my skin — goosebumps. “You are cold. Here. Let me help you out.” He leaned me forward gently as he got out of the tub first. Without any regard to him dripping water and uncomfortable, he opened a fresh, white towel and held it up for me first. Slowly I climbed out of the tub and let him wrap me in its softness.

“I’m clean.” At first I didn’t know if I understood the context of what he said, but when he looked at me with those dark, unwavering eyes, I guessed.

“You couldn’t use a condom on your submissive, could you?” He nodded understanding how insistent I had been for him to use it earlier at the hotel. A contracted submissive would have gotten tested so her dominant could go without protection. He came on my back as a way of marking me in front of the crowd but also as a way of adhering to my wishes.

“I don’t get tested as much as I did when out on tour but I still get tested.”

I nodded, “I trust you. Even with the IUD I always insisted on a condom, so we should both be safe.” He looked out for me, but wasn’t that always his mantra?

Removing the plush robe from the hook in the bathroom he wrapped me in it before he took a towel and placed it around his lower half. “You need your sleep.”

He tried to take care of me like he did the others and although he meant well, I balked at it. “Ryder you don’t need to take care of me too. It seems as though you have enough people you are protecting.”

Instead of being offended he sighed, “No. You are right. I don’t need to take care of you too. You are a very strong and able woman.”

Even though he appeared to believe his statement he continued to pull me out of the bathroom and down to the bedroom. Opening the door I noticed a massive bed, lush in the finest European linens. A historically accurate decorative coronet hung over the bed with silk curtains draped from the ceiling surrounding it. The antique bed held impeccable quality to the time period or at least a damn good replica to provincial France. It looked breathtaking, and in my daze, I let him lead me right over to it. When we got closer to the bed he pulled me in for a tense embrace. “I should have never had done what I did to you.” His voice gruff with emotion rustled my hair.

“You had no choice. You were protecting me... us.”

“It doesn’t erase the fact I was,” he seemed to be grasping at the word, “forceful.”

I wanted to ease his fears. “Ryder, it wasn’t like I couldn’t handle it.”

He pulled my chin up to look in his eyes, “But you shouldn’t need to. I could have hurt you.”

In the midst of his confession, it gave me the strength to let him in on my own secrets. “It is my Nulligan.” With the mention of my Nulligan I grew solemn, and he let me take the time I needed to collect my thoughts before I could go on.

“Ryder, you know as well as I do I orgasmed,” I swallowed deeply, “hard.”

He looked at me with guarded concern, “Anyone can have a physical response to--”

I interrupted him, “Not with me. Not with you.” He seemed confused, so I went on.

“Very few people have ever seen the real me. Chelsea is my longest and dearest friend but there is still a part of me I keep hidden.”

Pulling away from him, I decided to let him in on the real me. “Do you remember Phillip? He lived in California and--”

“Helped Brandt find Chelsea after the kidnapping. Yeah, I remember. It was lucky he did.”

“Yes, I agree. We had broken up by then but I still considered him my first love. We had so many strikes against us, but I really wanted it to work between us.”

I looked down briefly, avoiding his eyes and unsure if I wanted him to know but I couldn’t necessarily stop at this point. “We had quite the age difference and his kids hated me. He was more rugged and country, while I was...”

“Sophisticated.” The intrusion of Ryder’s comment made me smile.

“You might say that.” I walked over to the bed unable from stopping myself from touching the fine linen. The red silk ruffled under my fingertips. “When I felt comfortable enough to open up to him I started to tell him my wildest fantasies. The ones I kept hidden.” I saw his face tighten. Not in rebuke but in curiosity.

“You could say the orgasm you gave me earlier was right up my alley. The thrill of the excitement. The pain...” I purposely let the word linger on my lips as I watched his expression, but he kept silent waiting for me to continue.

“When sex got mundane with Phillip I asked him to be a little more... forceful. We would dabble in some S&M but it wasn’t what I wanted. I’m not one to be tied up and Phillip never liked the idea either, but we compromised with inflicting a little pain on occasion. Push a little harshly. Be a little vigorous in bed.”

Swallowing deeply, I tried to make my way across the room, but he grabbed my hand, “Go on.”

“One night when we were having sex he had a...” Even after all this time, it was hard to say, “a heart attack.” Ryder’s expression changed from stoic to worried and I talked faster trying to make him understand. “I called the ambulance and went with him to the emergency department. The doctors called it a minor heart attack and it had resolved before we got to the hospital. Luckily Phillip had no lasting damage, well to his heart that is.” I sighed, before I continued, “The damage happened to our relationship.”

I tried to put a small smile on my face, making it seem like it didn’t bother me but Ryder guessed the issue, “He blamed you.”


“And with Marius? Did you tell him about your needs sexually?” Although curious, Ryder said it cautiously.

“We weren’t together long enough as a couple for us to go much beyond some mild kinky sex. Besides, the guilt I carried with me from what happened to Phillip was enough to prevent me from disclosing my proclivities to another man.” Ryder still held my hand and pulled me in closer to him. Once next to his body, he tilted my chin up to look in his face.

He had the most sincere look to him while he said, “You should have never been made to feel guilty. It wasn’t your fault.”

My lips curled up into a halfhearted smirk, “You really are a nice guy.”

His eyes turned dark and his emotion changed at my remark. Gripping my chin ever so harder he admitted, “Don’t. Don’t look at me as some kind of martyr. I am not a nice guy. Don’t be fooled.” His words alarmed me but he never frightened me. I didn’t think anything Ryder did would ever frighten me anymore.

“Nice guys take care of their friends without them knowing. If you want me to think of you as an asshole I am coming up short.” I challenged him. I had to find out what he meant by not being a nice guy. From my viewpoint, he was a saint.

Ryder’s look turned grim and his eyes were hard as he started to explain, “One by one I found the men associated with Ana’s death. It was my call. We had proof they were involved and could lock them up but I didn’t want any possibility of them getting away. Plus I wanted my revenge.” He looked me square in the eye when he continued, “We disposed of them. And I watched.” He never flinched. Didn’t even blink and I could tell there was no regret in his decision. “I watched and made sure they were tortured before they died for what they did to Ana. So yes, I am not a nice guy.” Ryder could have turned them into the authorities, but instead, he made sure they got what they deserved. He was at peace with his decision and it didn’t bother me in the least.

“You must have confused me with Chelsea somewhere along the line. Chelsea is the one with rose-colored glasses. I don’t see the world in the same light. There are evil people out there. People who do cruel things against the innocent. I believe in an eye for an eye. A little backwoods’ justice to these murderers is exactly what they deserved.” His lips parted and I believed I shocked him a little by my statement. I had traveled the world and seen a multitude of injustices come in many forms and some people deserved what they had coming to them. Not all men had the guts to clean up the mess, but Ryder did.

Instead of easing up on my chin, he forced it higher as he brought his lips crashing down on mine. With his left hand cupping the back of my head, he held me in the kiss. His right hand loosened the bathrobe exposing my naked now heated body while his hand roughly groped my breast and I moaned in my response. Working his hand around to my back, he laid it on my ass and pulled me in tight to him to feel his growing erection through the towel around his abdomen that separated us.

The kiss we were entangled in ended as he broke the contact to push the bathrobe off my body the rest of the way. Gently nudging me towards the bed he laid me down like a token and watched as my chest heaved with excitement. His eyes follow my breasts and I loved how I could almost hypnotize him with them.

Slowly he removed the towel from his waist, and I was just as mesmerized with his stiff cock standing tall in all its glory. It gave me so much pleasure inside of me and filled me up like few had done before him to the point I had started to crave it. Even after having him pummel inside of me and make me come so hard I forgot to breathe, I couldn’t believe how he made me want him over and over considering I kept myself unattached to the opposite sex.

Reaching up to stroke his magnificent rod, he grabbed my arm, and the look he gave me singed me. My breath quickened and I watched fascinated as he laid himself on top of me. His mouth went again to crush down onto mine as his hands roamed to none other than the breasts he delighted in viewing moments ago. I loved the way he worked them, using his warm hands to circle underneath the heavy girth then letting his fingers sidle up to pinch and tug powerfully at the nipple. I fought not to cry out not understanding if it would be in ecstasy or pain.

“Ami, tell me I can go raw with you.” He didn’t want to stop and get a condom and neither did I. What would be the use? I believed him when he said he was clean, and he evidently believed me as well.

Nodding, I looked into his eyes, “I want to feel your cock fill me up.” His jaw tensed and made his cheekbones more pronounced. Without further consideration, he pierced me with his shaft and blurred the lines between pain and pleasure once again.

When he shoved his cock deep inside me he did so with vigor. The pleasure made me gasp and my head fell back as I arched my tits in his face. He took full advantage of my posture and sucked one of my nipples in his mouth, biting down just enough to cause a myriad of sensations to course through me. Working me towards my climax, his rock-hard dick slid in and out of my drenched pussy with ferocity as he stimulated my sensitive g-spot. Heat built between us as the friction of his thrusting caused our sweat-slicked bodies to rub each other into a lather.

He didn’t hold back. Every time the bulbous head of his cock sank down into me he pushed until my cervix was stroked and each time my body stiffened with pleasure. This time he didn’t stop. This time he knew that the length of his cock was what my body needed and I reveled in the fact he could cause such intense pleasure to frolic through my body, and I was gasping and holding on to him for dear life.

As he plunged inside of me and pulled harshly at my nipple I would cry out, each uttered syllable climbing higher and higher until I was thrashing underneath him.

“Tell me what you need.” His deep voice couldn’t even stop my train of hedonism as I climbed farther and farther. When he repeated himself, I understood. He wanted to know what type of pain would drive me over the edge. And he wanted to give it to me.

Searching my mind I tried to single out what he could do to take me over the edge, and I was dumbfounded when I realized it was... nothing. Nothing I needed. No other man had ever been enough to satisfy me and it caused an epiphany. If I weren’t so close to orgasm, I would have told him. Instead, I murmured what was on the forefront of my mind, “You. You are perfect for me. Just fuck me.” And he did.

His unwavering cock prodded me and his hand went south and circled my clit. Stars flashed in front of my closed eyelids as I exploded in a pleasure so intense it was on the verge of mind-blowing. I sucked in my breath and let out a guttural scream so sharp I was sure the people on the streets could hear much less the other inhabitants of the hotel, but I didn’t care. My whole body convulsed as I clamped down on his cock deep inside me.

“Aw fuck Ami.” He shook on top of me unloading his semen and trying to hold his large frame above my body. Finally collapsing on me, he muttered, “You are a remarkable woman Amilyn Burke.” I smiled into his shoulder as I strongly bore down on his cock, prolonging not only his pleasure but my own. Thank fuck for all those Kegels.

As if he finally came out of his stupor he removed himself from me and rolled to the side of the bed gasping for air. We lay motionless side by side heaving and reveling in what we had done for each other.

Slowly he reached across me and gave me a quick, deep kiss on the way to the bedside lamp. Once the room darkened, he wrapped me in his arms whispering into my ear, “Thank you for trusting me tonight. I don’t know what I would have done if anything happened to you.”

In his embrace, I let my breathing slow as well as my heartbeat even out. We were still slick with our commingled fluids and hot from the fantastic fucking we just did, but once again, I was confused by the fact I didn’t find it repulsive. I felt comfortable in his embrace. I felt safe and cared for.

And that was why I couldn’t stay.

Once I felt the steady rise and fall of his chest I removed myself to leave unannounced yet again. This time I didn’t look back knowing it would be too hard on me.

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