Unlawful Trust

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The furnished apartment I rented in the high-rise building overlooked another concrete jungle. I missed the cerulean blue waters of Greece and the rolling hills of Ireland, but instead I currently occupied a sweltering part of a desert stuck in air conditioning morning, noon, and night. I couldn’t even tell you what my new apartment looked like. Although the rent was steep and I should have stuck to my personal budget, I couldn’t pass up on the amenities. It had a spa in the building as well as the dry cleaning service, maid service, security, and concierge service. Not that I could enjoy much of it since I left for work early and returned to the apartment only to sleep. I never saw the spa to reap any benefits of the exorbitant rent I paid as I lived and breathed my company. There was an enormous amount of pressure on me to make this work. Not just for Maximiliano and his investment group, but for Mael as well. As my first investor, he needed this to be profitable so he could use the money in his own salon, a dream of his for as long as I could remember.

The long hours of hiring and training qualified and motivated employees were my reprieve from thinking about Paris. Most nights I fell asleep exhausted on the couch in the cozy little meeting area of my corner office, glad the building had a gym available on the lower floors. Not that I would waste my time working out as I barely had time to eat or sleep. No, the gym meant I had access to a shower and therefore I started bringing clothes here in the event I was too tired to make it back to my apartment. It saved on renting a car although I should investigate the possibility of at least leasing a vehicle. Oh, and getting a valid driver’s license, but right now I didn’t even have time to acquire that.

Unable to focus on the Japanese expansion, I inadvertently let my thoughts drift back to Ryder. I was taken by the way he had been so protective of me. As a lone survivor, I never had anyone to look over me and I never asked anyone to, but Ryder seemed like he cared. He tried to shield me from the awfulness of the world although I could write a book on all the injustice I found over the years. The pain I saw my loved ones endure because they were going against the norm and considered freaks in society, made me ashamed of humanity today.

Ryder was different. He fought for the underdog. The person who couldn’t fight for themselves. He stood up for what was right and it cost him dearly. It cost him his parents and sisters, and it cost him a chance at a wife and child. A world he obviously would have flourished in.

He was so different from the self-absorbed person I thought I left in Miami. A force to be reckoned with, but still, he didn’t scare me. He looked out for people who couldn’t do it for themselves. A man who had value. A man I could fall for.


No, I swore it would never be that way again. I loved Marius and it hurt beyond words when I had to give him up. Watch him while he loved another. Selfishly I married him to have a reason to be close to him. He loved someone else and it took every ounce of courage to admit it, but he was better off with Ian.

Then there was Phillip. I loved Phillip and he wounded me. Making me feel bad for asking for what I wanted sexually. Well, it would never happen again because I wouldn’t let it happen. No more relationships for me. No more putting my heart out on the line only to watch it be crushed. I never needed a man. I had my company and my drive to succeed, and I didn’t need a man to show me my worth.

Each day I grew closer to seeing my dream materialize before my eyes and eventually the night in Paris would fade from my memory. At least I hoped. If it were just the weird circumstances and the phenomenal sex, it would have been gone by now. The thought of Ryder being so affectionate, so caring, so compassionate woke me up at night, and I was getting pissed. I needed my sleep. I didn’t need to wonder about where he was, and if he was in trouble. And if he thought about me too. Before in Wisconsin, we decided on the one night together, an itch to be scratched, but our fling in Paris turned it into so much more.

He was in some heavy shit and it bothered me. He had several people he employed and hopefully watched out for him as well as the numerous other people he had them keep track of, but he was still taking a sizable risk.

Besides, Ryder wasn’t the one-woman kind. Maybe I shouldn’t make those types of assumptions about him. He wasn’t the self-absorbed ladies’ man I thought him to be. He was misunderstood and didn’t fuck uncaringly. Not some manwhore only looking out for his own benefit. He was involved in a slew of legal and illegal activities making sure his family and friends were safe as well as seeking the revenge of a woman he loved so deeply he couldn’t let it die even after fifteen years. He might be a gigolo but what you live through tended to make you jaded. I was no exception. I haven’t been able to bring myself to be with another man emotionally. Although I could use my business as the reason right now, it would just be an empty excuse.

Yes, I wanted to keep pushing to make this company a thriving entity in as little time as I could, but I feared the real reason I pushed myself was so I didn’t need to think about Ryder. About the time we shared. About his hands on my body and the erotic sensation it caused. And most of all, I didn’t want to think of falling for him. The longer he remained out of my life, the easier it was to forget him. It had been one month since Paris and I hardly thought of him at all. Well, barely. My thoughts of Ryder were usually centered around him with me in my bed, having sex, his cock driving into me, and it certainly helped when I utilized Russell for some much-needed relaxation.

Eliza interrupted my mid-day remembrance, “Ami, you’ve got a nine o’clock meeting with Boren to talk about logistics.”

My new executive associate was a dimwit. I wanted to give her a chance but now I wasn’t sure what I saw in her when I interviewed her. I kept thinking she would surprise me but my surprise was in her inept ability to handle walking and chewing gum.

Mid-morning on a Wednesday, she had yet to come up with a list of the investors in my company I asked her for at least twice before. I wanted to study the companies that put their money into my idea. If I could sway my clientele to use their establishments as a payback for their faith in me it would be a way to thank them for their trust. Eliza fell short once again and I needed to admit I made a mistake hiring her.

The reason I kept her on was purely selfish. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt as I was once a young female executive assistant trying to get ahead, but all I deducted from her skill set was a self-seeking simpleton more interested in checking the status of her persona on social media than trying to please the woman paying her wage.

“Ami?” I cringed at the name she said over my intercom system. Not that I wouldn’t mind if she called me by my name had I offered, but she took it upon herself to be overly friendly with her boss from the start and it rubbed me the wrong way. She had no respect for me and I rolled my eyes at her ineptitude.

Pressing the button on my desk phone, I answered her, “Eliza, I heard you the first time. I’ll be right there.”

Picking up the laptop from my desk I made my way over to Boren’s office caught up in the world of systematization. Slowly but surely it all came together and as boring as this type of planning could be, I found it enlivening to see things start to fall in place.

Heading back to my office, I glanced at the giddy twenty-something who called herself a professional. Eliza perched on the front of her desk chair and quickly made herself look busy when I came into her vicinity. Clueless as to what went on in her head, I feared it was crickets most of the time. I didn’t have the energy to deal with her right now or the time to go through the hiring process, so I silently seethed at my predicament as I made my way to my office.

When I opened the door, I saw him sitting at my desk. In my seat even.

Ryder looked amused as he rifled through my papers. “What the hell do you think you are doing looking through my stuff?” I shut the door behind me with a bang not wanting my nosy assistant to overhear.

“Just waiting to see you. I had a meeting with Maximiliano and thought I would check in on you.” His face and posture were jovial, easygoing, but his eyes hid a slight apprehension as he looked me over. Dressed in a dark business suit with a white shirt and red tie, he always looked so striking and I instantly knew what had my assistant so excited. It was hard to imagine him just as comfortable in suits and ties as he was in jeans and a t-shirt, and I hated how equally handsome he became in both.

“Or did Maximiliano want you to check up on me for him?”

He laughed. “Maximiliano doesn’t need me to spy for him. If he thought you weren’t living up to your promise, you would have been removed a while ago. As a matter of fact, he says you are spending an extraordinary amount of time here. More than even he does.” His sharp brown eyes noticed the blanket hiding under the couch by the far wall and a touch of worry glinted in his eyes. He was observant, but he had to be considering what his extracurricular activities included, although it wasn’t any of his business.

“It takes a while to get a company like this going. It’ll all pay off in the end. How did you even get in here?” I tried to deflect his train of thought but couldn’t deny how his concern touched me.

“Your assistant is a fan, ” he admitted and shrugged casually while a scowl formed on my face.

“She isn’t much of an assistant if she is letting just anybody into my office.”

He gave me a look of mock astonishment. “I am not just anybody. Besides, no woman can resist my charms.” I couldn’t help but laugh. He was charming. Women would do anything for him and my useless assistant was bound to disappoint me either way.

“Stop avoiding the issue.” I walked over to the desk and placed my laptop down on the end as he studied me. “Did you even eat today?” The look I sent him did nothing to hide my answer. “You didn’t, did you? I can tell you haven’t been eating right. Your dress isn’t hugging your beautiful curves like it always does.” The nervousness left his eyes and a look of lust filled them as he took me in, scanning my body from heels to chest before looking into my eyes again. He made me feel so desired. And I hated admitting how I wanted him now too. I should be running the other way. I shouldn’t think about him during the day and dream about him at night. Worse off, he had been my spank material since I last had him. No other guy came close. Not even Russell Wyman.

“My eating habits were always irregular. I eat when I am hungry, and I am too busy to be hungry. Whatever happens, you shouldn’t be too concerned since I never lose my curves.” He smirked at me as I folded my hands under my breasts making his eyes go right to them like a homing beacon while my nipples tightened in my bra with the desire I saw on his face.

“No, I wouldn’t want that.” I brazenly looked down at the crotch of his pants. Seated in his usual carefree posture with his legs slightly spread I noticed the unmistakable outline of his delightful shaft making its presence known.

“I think I like your hardness as much as you like my softness.”

Ripping my eyes away I went back to his face and his jovial look turned darker. “Impossible.” He nodded his head in my direction, “Come here.”

There was no mistake how bad I wanted him, and right now my body just wanted the relaxation. Although I knew it wasn’t a good idea - not because I found out what his extracurricular activities were the last time we saw each other - but because he was dangerous on more of an emotional level. Actually, his devious nature never bothered me. So what if he was into doing some illegal shit provided he had good reason.

As I walked forward my mind screamed not here but I just wanted to feel his lips on mine, run my hands through his hair, and somehow stop the throbbing in my pussy that wouldn’t seem to go away. I stood between his open legs while he sat forward and nipped at my breasts through my silk shirt. I cupped his head in my hands as a ripple of tingles seeped from my breast down to my sex making me wetter than I was when I spotted his hardening dick.

Ryder caressed his hands on my lower calves softly tracing the curve of my leg as he ran them up my thigh. He watched my reaction as he worked his way higher and higher. I couldn’t pull my gaze from his and shuddered when he touched the top of my thigh-high stockings as I felt his hands graze my flesh. “I...” Running my nails in his soft hair the heat in the room escalated in waves. “I should go and lock the door.” He moaned as his hands worked up to the scant fabric of my thong. Hooking the sides in his hands he slowly pulled them down lightly teasing my clit along the way. I hissed and migrated in the direction of his hand so needy for him.

“Don’t lock the door.” I pulled his head back and angled it up for him to look me in the eye. As he went to a standing position all I could see were those sexy brown eyes of his. Ryder was still so much taller than me even with my heels, and I crooked my neck to watch his beautifully strong face. “It is more exciting knowing she could walk in on us, isn’t it?”

Exciting? Yes. Wrong? Now that I was a boss it seemed highly unprofessional and not at all businesslike, but he was right about the thrill it gave me. Contemplating whether to end it and go and lock the door I finally gave in to the rush I wanted. Damn this man. It seems he could talk me into anything.

His mouth casually came down on mine savoring his taste and mine mixed together. He bit down on my lower lip and with a flick of his tongue, I welcomed him in my mouth. As an experienced kisser, he delighted me with his skill. He knew what I liked and would give it to me willingly.

Ryder’s large hands pushed up against the weight of my heavy breasts as I lowered my own hand to stimulate his cock through his pants. He was hard and ready, and we haven’t even completed as much foreplay as we had in the past. My hands left his crotch and worked their way up his chest breaking the hold he had on my tits to help him off with his suit coat. I loosened his tie as he hiked my skirt up to my legs. Before I had a chance at the buttons of his shirt he pushed me on the desk and spread me wide. With a growl, he sank back into the chair and buried his head between my legs. Stifling back a scream I pinched my eyes shut as fire shot down to my clit. Resting my high heels on the arms of my office chair I opened up fully inviting him to finish what he started.

“You are entirely too tense. This will never do.” He mocked me but I let it go unable to think of a comeback. Unable to think at all.

Ryder took his time licking me up and down. From the bottom of my pussy lips to the top of my clit and then back again. Each time he reached my clit he vibrated his tongue over it stimulating it with so much pleasure I almost begged for him to stop. Each stroke of his tongue proved torturous.

“Being with you is like the most enjoyable trip around the world,” He said as he continued to lick, flutter, lick. “Your Italian stockings envelop your velvety skin making your legs look so incredibly sexy.” Lick, flutter, lick. “Your skin is made so succulent with your lotion and smells like Greece.” Lick, lick, flutter, lick. “The best part by far though is your Brazilian.” His tongue strokes intensified and his mouth flew everywhere as if he was a starving man and my hands weaved into his hair pulling him to the spots to bring me the most joy.

My clit throbbed painfully already, and he shoved his tongue lower into my sex. I started writhing on the top of my desk, eager to find my release. He almost had me when I wrapped my ankles around his back, digging my heels into him while I pushed my hips into his face trying to draw him impossibly closer. He snaked his hand up my thigh and his finger shoved deep inside my folds. I gasped, “Fuck Ryder. Do it again.” I didn’t need to ask twice.

All his concentration was on me. He flicked his tongue with precision over my clit as he worked my g-spot over and over. Sparks flew in my core, and I was close to losing it right here on my desk. My eyes were still closed as I threw my head back in rapture. “Oh fuck.... Oh fuck...” I wanted to yell out his name but I bit my lips to keep it in. It would only prove to satisfy his strong male ego and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. My sight dimmed unbelievably in the darkness of my eyelids and I saw little flashes of light. There. Right there. Here it came. Fuck!

My whole body shook violently as I came so hard I forgot to breathe. My sex clenched his finger deep inside me, but he already left his position between my legs as he stood up and unzipped his pants. As my head lazily swung forward, a second wave hit. I watched him unclothe his incredible cock and sink into me before the third wave of spasms brought another rocking sensation to my body. The feel of his hard cock along the lining of my sensitive inner tunnel made me stifle yet another scream. It alighted me all over again and I grabbed onto his hair and brought him to me to kiss firmly while wrapping my legs around his waist. He tasted like me but more importantly, I could taste his need. And it tasted wonderful.

Placing one hand on the desktop I raised my hips off of it, meeting him just as furiously as he was pistoning into me and I could feel his heavy thighs start to shake. “Fuck Ami you feel good.” He broke the kiss to shift my hips, going deeper. I gasped and adjusted them even more to grant him access to go deeper than he had been. I felt the ultimate sensation. The pain/pleasure of him hitting my cervix. Every thrust brought me higher and higher. This felt so much better than the explosion to rock my body moments before. He didn’t hold back, not this time, and when he saw no hesitation in my eyes he slammed down inside of me.

Fearing another orgasm, I tried to stave it off knowing how fully depleted it would make me. Multiple orgasms only came to me when the sex was good. And this was good.

“Come for me again, Ami.” He knew he had me but I still resisted.

“No, I won’t have the energy to finish the day.” My confession made him chuckle but the look on his eyes turned devilish as he found my nipple and gave it a hard tug.

“Ryder!” Screaming out his name, I climaxed unable to tell if this was an entirely new orgasm or just another hardier spasm from the last one. I came so hard and fast my stomach muscles locked up and I got instantly lightheaded as if I could lose consciousness. It took an incredibly long time for my muscles to unclench but it wasn’t like he minded. Keeping himself buried deep within me, his head arched back in a fit of euphoria. His brown eyes lost their lust and change to something more sated. His face developed a fine sheen of sweat, and he looked utterly spent.

And I loved that look on him.

And I loved knowing I caused it to surface.

Slowly I relaxed my inner walls and let go of his cock inside me. He sighed and looked down at me through those soft hooded eyes as if me fisting his cock was another round of bliss for him. I smiled and then frowned when reality poured in. “We...” My breathing had yet to figure out we had finished our fuckfest. “We should put ourselves back together.”

He nodded slowly and pulled out of me with a groan from both of us. I couldn’t help it. I missed his gorgeous cock inside of me. He laughed at my response as he pulled up his pants and tucked in his tailored shirt leaving his tie loose around his neck like a subtle statement of what went on in this room. “You can’t tell me there is an ounce of tension left.”

I stretched my neck from side to side and rolled my shoulders. Loose. No tension. “No, I guess you fucked it right out of me.” Smirking he leaned back down and lifted my thong off the floor.

I put out my hand, but he just shook his head. “Souvenir from my trip around the world.”


Eliza chose that moment to interrupt on the phone’s intercom, poor timing as my panties disappear into Ryder’s pocket after he brought them to his nose for a quick sniff. Pig. Although I secretly loved it. “Ami, your next appointment is here.” She seemed a little too giddy as if she enjoyed breaking up our impromptu get-together. He chuckled as he watched me smooth down my skirt and check the rest of the clothing he allowed me to wear for any signs of the debauchery that had just occurred.

“Duty calls. I must let you return to your busy day.” He ran a finger down my cheek, down the side of my neck, running over the opening to my shirt to play with the tops of my breasts. My nipples hardened instinctively. “Next time I am letting these beauties out.”

My breath turned shallow so I could feel his finger on my skin, and it wasn’t until he lifted his suit coat and draped it over his arm I realized what he said. “Wait? Next time?”

Turning from me he walked to the door before responding, “You want to relieve the tension again, don’t you? See you next Wednesday, but this time it will be during lunch. You need to eat more to keep up your energy.” He didn’t ask me, only assumed I would agree. Instead of getting mad and refusing, I found myself wanting it more than I could ever know and it pissed me off. It pissed me off how I still wanted him so badly I would be willing to give in to his demands.

Well, at least I could make a demand of my own, “Wednesdays are too busy. Tuesdays at one are usually a slower time for me.” A compromise. This at least felt like I gave in more on my terms.

Grabbing onto the doorknob he opened it but not before giving me a cocky glance. With a nod of his head, he entered the waiting area outside my office. I could see Eliza stand up quickly and lean in over her desk. “Mr. Jurdaine!” She placed her hands on the top of the desk using her upper arms to squeeze her breasts together producing an ill-effective cleavage.

“Eliza dear would you be able to do me a favor?” He continued walking unaffected by her show of eagerness. “I need a running appointment scheduled with Ms. Burke. Let’s say one o’clock until two. No, make it two-thirty. Every Tuesday from now until the end of the year.”

Ryder reached the elevator out of my field of vision but I could see how Eliza's brightened smile turned into a glower as she looked back at me. I quickly adjusted my hair and gave her a smile that left her no doubt what just went on in my office. She may very well be a gossip but suddenly I didn’t care if she told everyone what she thought had happened. The difference was that I refused to play her game. She could flirt all she wanted, but she needed to remember Ryder was all mine.

After Ryder left and my next meeting was underway, I heard a knock at the door. When a delivery man disrupted it, I was overcome with authentic Italian food, sixteen long stem red roses, and a large box of Swiss chocolates from an expensive European store around the corner. It was the first time in as long as I could remember I blushed.

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