Unlawful Trust

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Miami layovers were the worst. So close to a tropical destination but far enough away that all I could focus on was the commercialism of greedy business developers in wrecking what could have been a sultry oasis. Crime, litter, and graffiti-covered the town and didn’t even leave a hint of the scenic locale I remembered before all the construction and highways marred the area. The concrete jungle replaced the pristine beaches for tourist traps and it was a damn shame.

The airport suggested this hotel after notifying me my flight had been delayed by more than sixteen hours, but it lacked the luxury of even a four-star retreat. It had the basic amenities and would be a place to lay my head but I always favored more prestigious accommodations. Living on a budget would be a necessary evil since I was about to embark on a journey of uncertainty, and never having the guts to do it previously, common sense won out in favor of blowing needless amounts of money on more luxurious lodging. Besides, they had a deep soaking tub, and right now all I wanted to do was relax in some bubbles and dispose of a little pent-up aggression.

The warm water worked its way into my tense, stressed muscles and I let out a sigh as I fully relaxed into the tub. The bubbles played around me in the light of the small candle I purchased at the gift shop that stood flickering on the countertop by the sink. I needed this. I had been under so much pressure since quitting my job and the tension wreaked havoc on my upper back. If I didn’t get rid of it soon, I would need to break down and visit my regular masseuse, to hell with the budget.

Regretting my decision to leave my old position at Boeing, I blindly went from my previously stable company for a sweet talker in D. X. Enterprises with empty promises of my own division and it left a sour taste in my mouth. After a couple months of working at D. X., I could see they were appeasing me superficially and I was just sought out for my global connections. I finally gave up and decided I would rather run with my tail between my legs than give up my contacts to a bunch of 'good ole boys’ intent on world domination regardless of whom they stepped on to get to the top.

It pushed me earlier than I wanted into the self-employment realm. I had the idea poking around in my head for several years but I realized I was a fool to leave a good job without some type of safety net. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t done well with my money up until this moment. I invested wisely, but I was far from financially stable enough to put all of my own money into a deal that could fizzle out. Unable to take a large monetary loss I contemplated asking my friend Chelsea and her husband, Brandt. I knew he invested in businesses, but I didn’t want to be responsible for them losing money should my idea not make it. And, I got the sense something changed for them over the past year and I didn’t want to add to their drama. Chelsea wouldn’t confide in me and I didn’t want to pry. Knowing she would come around eventually and tell me when she felt ready, I realized it couldn’t be too damning. As far as marriage and relationships went, Chelsea and Brandt were it. Perfect for each other. Nothing could destroy what they had, and I was only slightly jealous.

That was, I would be jealous but I noticed a long time ago that my life was different from hers. I wasn’t made to be with one man for the rest of my life. I had a horrible track record with relationships and my love life was only truly enjoyable when I hopped from one man to another living on the excitement of newness and the thrill of the chase. If I learned one thing from my life so far, it was to not rely on someone else to make you happy. You needed to take matters into your own hands. Only you could make yourself happy.

Speaking of taking matters into my own hands, I lifted them out of the water and let my soapy fingers drift over to my breasts squeezing at the fullness. My huge rack had helped me get far in a man’s world. They stared all the time but I didn’t mind. I learned how to use my womanly ways to get what I wanted over the years. I didn’t even care if other women felt I misused my sexuality. They weren’t faced with climbing up from the bottom of a company in a male-dominated industry. I might have caught their attention with my body but I impressed them with my business smarts. If I were just a body and not a mind to go with it, I wouldn’t have lasted as long as I did.

If only my body would last. My hands felt underneath my breasts at the crease where the incisions were made. You wouldn’t even know I had any work done and the physician was paid handsomely for his effort. Forty wasn’t fatal but my body started to sag. The men still looked but now it was an occasional glance as women half my age were pursued instead of me. I still had my share of admirers but I had to stay competitive too. I never let my body go but I refused to sweat it out in a gym. Instead, I chose what I ate carefully and got the occasional surgical procedure. Not an enhancement, just putting back what gravity seemed to insist on taking from me. And my breasts look fabulous once again. Perky and upright, back where they belonged.

After feeling the underside of my breasts, I worked my way over to my nipples. They liked the heavier stimulation of a pinch or tug and I probed them into hard little stones feeling the occasional jolt of electricity down by my core. I waited to invite a man in my bed until my tits fully healed and since had masturbation down to a science. Although it didn’t necessarily happen all that easily without some battery-operated stimulation.

Glancing down at the towel holding ’Russell' on the floor I saw his sleek silver metal twinkling at me. My silver phallic male stand-in would never let me down. He had been the longest sex toy I owned. A personal record since I had been steadily using them even before my divorce almost seven years ago.

Picking up Russell with my left hand, I turned him on. The steady hum had a Pavlovian effect on me. Knowing he would deliver the release I desperately needed I let him drift down below the water to my clit while I continually pinched and tugged at my nipple. My breath sped up and I let my head drift back into the cold hard porcelain of the tub waiting for my reward.

And waited.

And waited.

It wasn’t until I looked up in confusion I realized Russell wasn’t doing it for me. He went too slow so I jerked him out of the water in a hurry working the controls to put him in hyper-speed but all I got was the occasional twitch. Troubleshooting the issue I knew it couldn’t be the batteries as I replaced them before this trip. Russell sputtered and then died.

Fuck! In my frustration, I hurdled him across the room, and he crashed to the floor after hitting the cabinet door. The batteries sprung out of the crack in his side and if he wasn’t dead before, I had surely just killed him. Now, what to do?

My sexual frustration became unbearable as I glared over at my deceased chick stick. My options were few. Rubbing one-off wouldn’t do it for me anymore as I had become self-reliant on a vibrator making it nearly impossible to get myself off manually. My only other option would be to go and look for some male entertainment.

Weighing my options I decided to take a chance on the local entertainment. My hotel sat in a section of Miami that went through a revitalization effort. There were a string of dance clubs just down from my hotel and at the very least I could see what it had to offer.

Dressed in a lightweight snug fitting dress the color of burnt sienna I grabbed the only shoes I brought along on this trip — High heels. I loved heels as they made my five-foot-four frame taller and the slim-fitting dress would surely make me stand out in a crowd. Paired with my thigh-high stockings and silk undergarments I felt sexy and only hoped it worked to my advantage.

Making my way out of the hotel and down the street, I stopped at a vaguely familiar sign: Social Sector of Miami. Why did that name sound familiar? The music drifting out through the doors was the same dance beat that was a mainstay in every club on the strip. Maybe it seemed familiar because of its generality? Then it hit me. The owner of the club was Ryder Jurdaine, the drummer and friend of Brandt.

Chelsea told me Ryder had branched out with his third club. He had one in California and I believe another one in Vegas. Maybe this was an omen? The coincidence might work in my favor. I needed some type of luck. My pussy was aching in need of the release my body was promised when I woke it up earlier.

Walking in the door, I noticed the same cliched atmosphere. Ryder didn’t stray too far from what worked for many in the past. Flashing lights circulated over a dark underbelly. The loud, deep bass of the music reverberated through my skin and I could feel it strike deep inside of my torso. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling but the loud noise would make it hard to talk to any prospective Casanovas. The dance floor up ahead provided the main focus of the establishment clad with flashing lights and mirrors. I veered to the left and came up against a wall of people all waiting their turn at the bar. Already hot and sweaty, the men and women of the place scoped out who would most likely be returning their advancements. It made me feel like meat in a meat market but I guess I asked for this.

Waiting for my turn patiently, I acknowledged the bartender when he nodded my way. Winking at me I found his flirting suspicious knowing he would be searching for a big tip. I winked back only hoping he poured a little more liquor in my glass than customary since I could play the game too.

“What can I get for you?” He shouted over the music as his eyes drifted to my breasts before returning to my face.

Knowing he didn’t store any of the good liquor I truly wanted, I gave my old standby. “Bourbon on the rocks.” He left while I scanned the room at my prospects. Young, virile men filled the space but none to entice me. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe I should go back to the hotel and hang out in the bar over there. It might hold fewer possibilities but it would be a lot less of the meat market than this place.

“Here you go.” I turned back to the bartender and grabbed my drink. “Do you want to start a tab?” Knowing I wouldn’t be here long I searched my purse for my card when a hand came over the top and stopped me.

“Her money is no good here.” I recognized his voice without even needing to turn around. The deep rumble of the club owner and the drummer in the band Social Offender lorded over the music. I would know his voice anywhere. I loved how low and profound it was and suspected it made many panties drop while out on tour as well.

Turning around I leaned into him, “Thank you.”

“My pleasure. The value of this place went up tenfold the minute you graced us with your presence.” I fought hard not to roll my eyes. As the owner, his flattery only felt par for the course besides the fact he was a player. He buttered up women so often it must get hard to top even himself.

“I didn’t expect you to be here,” I confessed.

He gave me a deliberate hurt look before noticing a smirk playing with his bottom lip, “So you weren’t hoping to run into me by chance?” Heedful of his game I controlled my facial expressions. I played the game well over the years and I thought of myself at an expert level by now.

Leaving my face slightly amused, I looked at him sharply making sure I kept one step ahead of the player. It had been about eight years since the last time I saw him. We both shared a goddaughter and had both been at the christening. My ex-husband was with me at the time, playing the dutiful life partner, so there wasn’t much instance to mingle with the others. Not that I had a wish to mingle with him since the night we shared together. The night of Brandt and Chelsea’s wedding. The night we ended up in bed.

“I’m in Miami just for the night before flying out in the morning due to an unexpected layover. I wasn’t sure I would even go out tonight.” If Russell still functioned I wouldn’t even be here but I wasn’t going to offer that information to him.

“Well then, the planets must be aligned in my favor to have you here.” With the noise of the surrounding people and the racket of the dance music, it made it hard to hear and I found myself leaning in towards him. His musky, woodsy smell reminded me a little of my life as a smoker. Not the bad smell that stale cigarette smoke had, no this scent hinted at the sulfur of the match and the first drag that made you want to smoke more. Once you smoked cigarettes, you were always in love with the smell. Ryder never indulged to my knowledge and I had never smelled it on anyone else. It seemed to go with his nightclub owner persona.

Letting my eyes drift from top to bottom I could only be impressed. He always dressed impeccably. Tonight he had on a black button-down shirt with tan trousers although I have seen him comfortable in a suit and tie as well as dressed down in jeans. Ryder presented well as a businessman, much different from his band days. From what I could remember, he always dressed better than the rest of the band although I had never gotten around to seeing them in concert.

As much as I leaned into him, he inclined towards me and I could see the flicker of the dance lights in his deep, dark eyes. The eyes of a wise man. A man who knew what he wanted and usually got it and it made me want to play with him a little.

Taking a sip of my drink, I let the liquid flow down my throat swallowing slowly. Ryder watched my neck as I swallowed and let his eyes travel down further to my chest. They all did at some point, but I was surprised at his interest. From what I heard about Ryder, he never fucked the same woman twice, and he already had me. Well, of what he remembered at least.

It brought me back to the night of Brandt and Chelsea’s wedding when Brandt pulled me to the side after watching his rowdy bandmates still partying hardy and asked me for a favor. He wanted my help in getting rid of them so he could have his wife all to himself and the boys were unknowingly hurting his chances. I always loved that about Brandt. He didn’t beat around the bush. He loved Chelsea and was good for her. I loved him almost as much as I loved Chelsea, so I helped.

I moved the party.

With the help of the limo service, Ryder, JJ and another friend (Dallas or was it Austin?) hit every bar in the small town to the south of their house only to find Ryder and myself drunk and in each other’s arms at the end of the night.

I couldn’t hide my attraction to him. Who wouldn’t be attracted to him? He was tall, taller than Brandt but not by much, and had a strong jawline. The blonde hair of his past changed into more of a caramel brown and took the place of the sleek, mature hair of the present. Even the length changed. On hiatus with the band he chose to cut it short, to more of an industrious style and it looked better than the shaggy mop of his rock and roll days although each had its place.

Other features drew me to him. The playfulness of his dark brown eyes, the sure way he held himself. Proud, like he owned the place. He had a right to be proud too since making a name for himself with three robust nightclubs and many other well-managed investments. The band’s fame and fortune may have kick-started his entrepreneurship, but he had the intelligence to make it into the conglomerate it was today. Although talented both in business and music, something about him told me to be cautious. Maybe it was his intensity or maybe the fact he thought he could play me but I always went with my gut and my gut told me to stay away.

“You think the planets were aligned?” I laughed at his obvious mismanagement of trying to appease me, “I think you were lucky I preferred some entertainment tonight to lying in my warm, sudsy tub at the hotel.”

His eyes flared with the image and I kept my face neutral, encouraging his deplorable behavior. Flirting always had a place in every transaction I had with a man of his caliber, and I was looking for just the diversion tonight. Maybe I didn’t want him but it wouldn’t stop me from playing with him a little. It served him right for passing out on me the night of the wedding before we could have sex. Funny he assumed we had done the deed. Maybe he even deemed me incredible in the sack. It could be why he currently sniffed around me even though he never fucked the same woman twice.

“The image of you is enticing.” He leaned down so far his breath tickled my ear. He could see down the top of my dress but I didn’t mind. I liked the tease before I turned him down. Always leave them wanting. Sometimes the illusion was better than the real thing.

Tipping my head back to take another swig of the bourbon, I angled into him even further before I answered, giving him a clear view of my breasts, “Then picture me naked and writhing in the water because that is what I was doing when I was getting myself off.” His eyes went wild and he growled. He actually growled and I think now would be a good time to let him down. I might even let him down easily. No need to bruise his inflated male ego. Men like him always seemed strong on the outside but didn’t take rejection lightly.

About to end the conversation I sucked in my breath when he exclaimed, “You know, you were my biggest regret.”

Fighting to keep my poker face straight, I burned inside. Did he really think fucking me was his biggest regret? How dare he? He was lucky I let him touch me. Okay so we didn’t actually fuck but that was beside the point. If he thought he would get another chance at my body, he barked up the wrong tree. In fact, it would serve him right if I taught him a lesson. Give him back some of his own medicine. How dare he insult me to my face.

Instead of showing my repulsion at his close proximity now that I was well aware of the shame I caused him, I leaned back and smiled my best come-hither smirk. I suddenly knew what would level this playing field. “Too bad there isn’t a room close by so I could redeem myself.”

His dark eyes grew darker, and he licked the edge of his lips as he contemplated my suggestion. Giving a quick look around he offered, “I’ve got just the place. Follow me.” I let him take my hand as I drained the last of my glass and set it on the bar. I needed the liquid courage although I was so enraged I knew I would go through with his punishment.

Ryder snaked his way to a back door and then down a long hallway. I assumed he would take me into his office, but he surprised me when we walked past the door marked private and outside to the alley after putting in a code to silence the alarm. “Come with me. I know a place close by.” I hesitated slightly. Not being stupid enough to follow a strange man down an alley, I had to remind myself he wasn’t necessarily a stranger. We partied together before but it didn’t mean I should blindly trust him.

“Where are you taking me?” He looked back and noticed my hesitancy.

“The hotel around the corner. Somewhere that has a bed so I can spread you out.” The corner of his mouth slid up and I could feel the want radiating off him. And I liked it. I liked being wanted but I also liked the revenge I craved even more. I started walking again and this time he placed the flat of his hand on my back guiding me by touch. We crossed the alley and went into a small but quaint hotel, not unlike the one I inhabited an hour ago. He guided me to the elevator without checking in at the desk. As the elevator climbed the floors, he saw my confusion.

“We rent out the rooms on the top floor.”

Keeping my face agreeable, I countered, “So you do this often.”

The quick laugh he gave me surprised me but I kept the stone face. “No, not really. The rooms are for the drunks who can’t drive. It is cheaper to fit the bill for a room than to get sued by a stranger looking to screw you and take your business.” His forethought showed his business talents and I couldn’t deny how impressed I became.

The door to the elevator slid open, and we both descended into the hallway. Ryder reached into his pocket and pulled out a key card pointing to the last door on the right. His stride never faltered and soon we were behind the closed door to his private room.

And then the gloves came off.

His mouth crashed down on mine and I only took one moment to savor it. As a good kisser, I couldn’t let his amazing technique steer me off course. I pulled apart from him, “You want me?”

Already breathless and nodding his concurrence, he responded, “Yes, I want you.”

“Then you need to do things my way.”

His eyes hiked up before a smile spread across his face. “You like to be in charge?”

I nodded my head, “It is the only way this will work.”

He surprised me with a laugh. “All right. I’ll play. Take me any way you would like.”

“Any way?”

He saw the implications of his permission and retracted, “Within reason.” Turning he left me to make his way to the other side of the room and I watched his ass in his tailored pants. Standing at the head of the bed he opened his arms, “Now what?”

“Take off your clothes and get on the bed.” The amusement showcased on his face and I realized not every woman must talk to him like I had and I waited for his response.

Ever so slowly, I watched as he started undressing. “Aren’t you going to join me?” He was tempting me but I kept a neutral face. I figured as soon as he finished undressing and laid on the bed, it would be a good time for me to give him a piece of my mind and walk out the door but until then, I would enjoy the way he unveiled his body to me. I never did get to see much of it the night of the wedding as he was already naked and under the covers when I came out of the bathroom. And already snoring too, letting me know my night of fun wouldn’t be happening.

“Not yet. I don’t want my attention on anything other than your body.” Stroking his ego, I knew it would make this payback so much easier if I kept him off guard.

Ryder took little time removing his shirt. First, he unbuttoned his cuffs, and then he worked on the trail down his chest. His upper body was sculpted with a small gathering of dark hair that made me want to run my fingers through it. I saw the way his tattoo shimmered with his movement. The guys in the band all had at least one. His shown an eagle grasping a lightning bolt, some type of symbol they used to differentiate themselves in the band when they first started out. It made him look untamed, a stark contrast to his business identity he showed the rest of the world.

The fact we were both a little drunk that night was a shame I didn’t get to run my hands over a body that fine. When he toed off his dress shoes and doffed his pants I didn’t hide the quirk to my lips. He wore boxers although I thought of him as more of a briefs guy. I was wrong about the choice in underclothes, but that wasn’t all I was wrong about.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he removed his boxers and set them on the chair next to his pants. A shallow gasp escaped my mouth before I could control it. There was another thing about that night I wished I could have remembered. The size of his cock.

Longer than the average man and not even fully hard yet, I fought myself to remove my eyes from it but it wasn’t easy. I could feel that long forgotten ache creep back into my dampening pussy and I resisted the urge to push my thighs together. Holy hell he was impressive.

Clearing my throat, I looked him in the eyes and continued my demands, “Get on the bed.” He smirked not one bit shy of walking around with his dick swinging. Climbing onto the bed he sat with his back to the headboard and folded his hands on his lap in a waiting pose not at all able to cover his enormous cock that lurked underneath.

“Your turn,” he proclaimed a little too cocky for my taste.

My mind raced a hundred miles an hour knowing what I should do and what I wanted to do were two different things. This was my chance to get even but my brain kept circulating back to the size of his shaft and what it would feel like riding him.

And then a new plan developed.

Not wanting to get too close, I started to saunter in his direction throwing my purse in an open chair. What I was about to do was risky but I always liked the thrill of the gamble and I couldn’t forgo a cock of that size. My most favorite type of orgasm was only made possible by deep penetration but very few men had the appliance for what it took, and Ryder had what it took.

Making quick work of the snug-fitting dress, I lifted it up and over my head only getting snagged once on my large breasts. This only caused him to stare harder. I guessed him as a breast guy with the way he enjoyed my mounds as they overflowed from my lace bra. If he were a cartoon, his eyes would be bulged out, and he would be doing a wolf whistle while spittle hung down his chin. His response made my plan all the more fun.

Strategically I undid my bra first letting it all hang out. His cock twitched, and he moved his hands to his side, gripping the sheets on the mattress. Next, I took the time to work my panties down my curves letting my breasts sway while sure to leave my thigh-high stockings in place. I needed a quick getaway and I didn’t want to be waylaid by searching for clothing. Each successive article of clothing was placed on the chair and I even slipped off my shoes leaving them nearby.

Climbing onto the bed he had the noble idea to look up from my chest into my eyes, at least for a second. His own eyes were dark with need and the closer I got to him the harder his cock became. I didn’t think it could get any bigger, but to my delight, he stood up proudly by the time I reached him. He extended his arms in my direction but I batted them away. “No touching.”

Frowning like a child, his eyebrows furrowed inward. If I weren’t so interested in getting off, I would have laughed at his pout. “What do you mean? You aren’t going to let me touch you?”

“This is on my terms. I touch you. You don’t get to touch me.” His body slumped against the headboard, but he didn’t tell me no. He didn’t like my rules, but he wasn’t going to stop me. It seemed as if everything was working in my favor. I could only hope he kept up with being a gentleman.

Straddling his lap, I reached down and started stroking his long cock. He momentarily forgot to be saddened by my conditions and groaned his approval at my skilled touch. Being with my fair share of men I knew what they liked and wanted him as hard as possible. I needed to keep him wanting me, but not in a premature way as it would spoil my fun.

Working my hand up and down his length, I varied my grip. Sometimes light and playful and other times firm and stimulating. His eyes would roll back, and he would moan, but they never left my upper body. “Do you have protection? I never fuck a man without it.” I purred in his ear as I manhandled his rod.

He indicated the nightstand drawer and pulled out a brand of condom labeled extra large and I became suspicious of him saying he only used the suite for drunks too incoherent to drive. It didn’t bother me though. He had been with a multitude of women and I certainly couldn’t be upset knowing I indulged myself sufficiently. Taking the prophylactic from him I opened the wrapper and sheathed his cock with precision.

When his rod resembled a marble statue of adornment to the climax gods, I knelt up on the bed to place it at my entrance. Quickly I realized my mistake. With my short stature, he was still too tall for me so I went on my feet, squatting on top of him, and lowered myself down guiding his cock inside me with one hand while holding onto the headboard for support with the other. Before I fully encased his hard member, I felt his fingers grip my sides and reprimanded, “Hands!”

Immediately he removed them and placed them to the side, tucking them between the mattress and the headboard as a reminder of where they should stay. “I was just going to help you,” he scoffed.

I snickered, “Do I really look like a novice? Now keep your hands right there and let me concentrate.” Stunned by my forward mannerism, he growled low in his throat and it only amused me. He would obey me, although he didn’t like not touching me.

Now with his hands stuck in the side of the bed, I was able to concentrate on our union. My legs worked double time riding his lengthy cock. I hoped they held out as I wouldn’t be able to enjoy his full size and also be able to escape when the time came. I lowered myself all the way down and then tightened my muscles to feel him all the way back up. My legs screamed with the exertion of the task but I ignored them luxuriating with the feel of him deep inside of me.

With his hands rendered useless, all he could do was stare at me. He looked down at where we were joined and the expression on his face was unreadable. Almost as if it was a mixture of intense pleasure and bewilderment. His gaze only broke when his eyes drifted up to my undulating tits. Yep, a breast man.

Needing this to go quick, I reached down in between us with my right hand and started to circle my clit. Enticing sparks shot down to my sex. The room smelled of our comingled animalistic scent and the feel of the friction along my sensitive tissue was the most invigorating sensation I had felt in a long, long time. Ryder moaned and I drowsily looked up at him. He appeared lascivious. Sweat formed on both our bodies even though I did most of the work. I only lightly grazed the top of his thick thighs as I made my descent on his enormous cock and my own legs were starting to quiver but I held back until a pivotal point was reached. The build-up to my impending orgasm took less time than what was originally common but it had been a long time since I enjoyed a man of his size. It made me work my clit faster. A moan escaped me first and then Ryder echoed it.

Closing my eyes, I let my head drift back. I was close, so damn close and I didn’t want anything to break the spell. This was going to be good. Curl my toes and send me into oblivion good. I could just feel it.

Working harder on my clit, I finally felt the throbbing start. The throbbing that always led to my orgasm. Nearly there, I felt his hand snake its way up to my erect nipple. His finger pulled and pinched at the hardpoint and the sensation made the throbbing come on stronger. Knowing what would send me over the edge, I finally let my body down all the way on his cock. A small offshoot of pain pierced my core as he hit my cervix but soon morphed into a splendor unable to be described by words. I exploded around his cock while light danced around my closed eyelids. Only then could I slow the up and down perpendicular motion to a grateful pair of legs. My hands drifted off my clit and I stopped my scream of ecstasy before it left my throat. I liked this. Hell, I loved it but I had to remember this was Ryder’s punishment. Although the best fucking orgasm I have had in a while, I still didn’t want it advertised to him.

Ryder, shit. As his punishment, I didn’t want him to touch me at all but I got too wrapped up in the pleasure of his dick. His little maneuver at the end set me up for a powerful climax and I should be grateful, but now I had to make quick work if I wanted my plan to flourish.

Coming to my senses I quickly extricated his still hard cock from my pussy. It looked angry and purple through the film of the condom and I sighed a little thinking of all the fun we could have had if he had been a little more sensitive to me earlier. He regretted fucking me the night of the wedding. Well, fuck him. Let him regret this too then.

After climbing off him, he came out of his daze. “Hey!” He cried out to me as I jumped off the bed and my legs complained about the extra work. In one swift motion, I grabbed my dress and pulled it over my head. “Are you leaving?” I could hear the shock muffled in his voice.

“Well, I don’t have all night to wait for you.” Feining irritation in my voice, I bent down and picked up my underclothes and threw them in my purse before grabbing my shoes as I needed a quick getaway. “Besides, it was only... meh,” I said as I hid my deceit. Straightening my outfit I realized it wouldn’t be the first time I left sans underwear from a guys’ place but it may be my last. I may just regret this although it had more to do with not having that cock again.

Ryder gruffed, “What do you mean by that? Don’t tell me you didn’t get off. I felt your pussy clamp down on my cock.” Shrugging, I rapidly walked towards the door pretending our sex act didn’t leave me with weak legs, and it wasn’t entirely from the exertion.

“Ami?” Looking over my shoulders one last time I saw him still sitting in the same position on the bed. I tortured myself by looking down at his large cock now listing to the side but still hanging out proud. Remorse seeped in after I realized what I left behind — sexually.

I sighed and turned the doorknob as I remarked, “Bye Ryder. I guess I should say thanks for the fuck.”

Walking out the door I headed to the elevator with a smile on my face. I was even walking a little bowlegged but it seemed well worth it to prove my point. No one calls me a regret and now he would remember it too.

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