Unlawful Trust

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The following week at two minutes to one o’clock I showed up in her doorway. I called her assistant and had the appointment rescheduled in the name of Zeus enterprises to tease her. She really was my Hera. I couldn’t give her up even though I couldn’t give her my all either.

I knew it would be risky to continue meeting her. Never having a regular fuck buddy, Ami was so unique I couldn’t think of any other person I would rather sink my cock into. Remarkable in all aspects, I grew fond of her in a short period of time.

After our tryst in France, I left her alone for as long as I could. Connor convinced me Enzo never found out about our deception and Ami wasn’t an interest of his. Once I realized I didn’t put her in danger I had a hard time working in the same state and not thinking about her constantly. Suddenly all my focus was on my Vegas nightclub hoping I would have a reason to run into her.

When my meeting with Maximiliano ended last week I couldn’t help but ask about our most recent investment. He said he was confident it would make us money, but he was concerned with the amount of time she worked, informing me of the nights he would leave and her office light would still be shining. Max was a worker. He poured all his time and efforts into his company and if he said he was concerned about Ami spending too much time working, it must be serious. I needed to see for myself and when I went to her office my desire to take care of her overcame anything else. Well, except my desire to fuck her into a stupor of course.

The last time we fucked in her office had been incredible. I wanted back inside her strong pussy and the fact she screamed my name, drove me to think about her all the time. She spasmed so painfully hard around my cock deep inside of her it made jacking off to her a daily ritual over the last week.

And she called out my name at the moment of climax. Mine. Not one of her other suitors. Mine, all mine.

If I could talk her into coming to my house after work I would, but I didn’t want to scare her off. I had an overwhelming need to take care of her. Make sure she ate. Make sure she slept. I would kill to have her wake up in my arms, but we weren’t there yet. I would need to settle with a mid-afternoon tryst in her office, just the two of us relieving tension.

Before she looked up from the scattering of papers on her desk, she knew I was here, “I thought you promised me lunch last time you were here? I don’t see any.” She pulled her eyes away from her charts and stared me down.

“It is ordered and should be here in a half-hour. Did you really think I would be able to watch you eat and not have you first?” She quickly glanced behind me to the empty desk and her anxiousness made me laugh, “She is gone and there is no one to hear my advances.”

Not looking at all amused, I worked harder to get her scowl off her face. She grew tense again and I fully intended on working it out of her. “Yes, well, she seems to be taking her time in the mailroom.” Shaking her head, she threatened, “I would fire her but I don’t have time to look for her replacement.”

Hiding my grin I closed and locked the door. She crooked up her eyebrows while I admitted, “Just making sure we aren’t disturbed. Eliza seemed a little curious about what went on in here last week.”

She finally gave in and laughed, “I think you’ve got an admirer.”

“Good, I need someone on my side.”

“She is on your side more than she is on mine, and I am the one paying her. I think she has fallen in love with you.”

Making my way to her desk, I held out my hand as she willingly dropped her reports and took it. “Eventually they all come around.” The look in her eyes passed so briefly I couldn’t make it out. Her poker face returned and I longed to go back to the time when we could ask each other anything and know the other person was being honest. What would she say about doing this again? And again? Would she admit she liked having a regular fuck or admit it was turning into something more? Our day of honesty came and went although I hoped it could return one day.

She stood and tilted her head up to mine daring me to kiss those luscious lips of hers. “The flowers you sent from Zeus Enterprises this morning are lovely. Thank you.”

Sixteen long-stemmed red roses symbolic of my trust in her were delivered promptly this morning. We shared a secret. I haven’t had anyone I could share myself with in so long it felt like nirvana not to need to keep up my guard around her. “There is only one way to thank me for them.”

“That is why I am not wearing any underwear.” I groaned the loudest groan known to mankind as my tongue forced its way into her warm mouth. She was so fucking sexy dressed in her tight black skirt. Even the business-appropriate blouse she wore made her look incredibly sexy. It curved under her enormous tits giving them the perfect outline. I remembered exactly what I wanted to do today. Let those girls go free so I could palm them all to myself.

My tongue licked around the outline of her lips before tickling the inside of her mouth reminiscent of the way I flicked over her clit less than a week ago. When she moaned, I plunged deeper. Her hands were already cupping the outside of the front of my trousers in the most delicious way. I broke the kiss only to beckon her over to the window. Her hesitancy amused me as I didn’t think there was anything she wouldn’t be game for.

“There is nothing to worry about. Maximiliano constructed the building with tinted windows and made sure no one would be able to see in.” She looked back at me and finally smiled. There she was. My little exhibitionist. She didn’t seem so put off fucking in a room full of strangers back when we were in Paris but I knew why it would bother her now. In Paris, we could keep our encounter secretive but here she was the owner of a business and it demanded a certain decorum. She wasn’t shy but I would never willfully expose her as anything less than the professional businesswoman she was. I had to admit the thrill of Paris for me entailed how each person in that room saw me pleasing her and it stroked my ego to know I could make her explode around me so skillfully.

Walking her over to the large window, I pushed her hands out in front of her to touch the glass while I slowly inched up her skirt. She told me the truth about her voluptuous bare ass and I took the time to squeeze it roughly in my hands. So rough in fact, I elicited hissing noises from her that were music to my ears. Sliding my hands to her front I started to undo her blouse. Unwrapping it from around her I finally figured out to unbutton a clasp low at her waist and the shirt sprung free exposing her delicious breasts housed in a see-through lace bra - with a front clasp. This woman was thinking ahead and it brought a smile to my face.

Quickly I released the hooks on the bra and her breasts were mine to fondle. I loved the shape, the feel, the way they fit in my large hands. Taking my time playing with them, she squirmed in front of me. Unable to take it anymore she used her husky voice to tell me what she wanted, “Will you just fuck me already.”

Leaning over her I whispered in her ear, “Tsk-tsk. So needy.” Really I was the one who had been needy for this woman but I didn’t like to show my cards. I would rather her not see how much I wanted her. How much I needed her. How utterly infatuated with her I had become.

She growled her disapproval but waited for me to remove my hands from her breasts as I slowly removed my dick from my pants. Painfully hard now, I worked the head of my cock between her soaking wet thighs. It took all my willpower not to climax even before I fully sank inside her. When she arched her back and slid her pussy onto my tortured head I gave up and slammed into her fluttering core. She engulfed me in one stroke and the pleasure she gave me made the lights dim in my field of vision.

Her manicured nails scraped the window ahead of her and her low throaty growl almost made me lose it. Snapping back to my senses I slowed down to prolong the enjoyment. Painfully slow. Sliding in and out of her savoring every inch of her. The tight hold I had on her hips loosened as I once again caressed her bountiful tits, rolling her nipples and tugging the hard nubs to her satisfaction. Her breathing quickened and her pussy flitted around me as I staved off my orgasm a while longer. She was getting there but still had a way to go. Soon she would scream out again, and hopefully my name. My name on her lips sounded heavenly.

My thoughts went back to Paris. We were not in a good situation over there and her orgasm was muted for the benefit of Enzo but it made me wonder what it could be like if she let herself go. Did she like fucking in front of an audience? I certainly enjoyed having the envy of every man there while I fucked such a beautiful woman but would she feel the same? Did she like how I fucked her up against a window now for the whole world to see? She had a brazen seductress quality to her but was she interested in taking it further?

Leaning into her changed the angle of my stroke and I felt her knees buckle slightly. I went to whisper in her ear and her familiar scent wafted up between us and drove me insane even more so than just having my cock buried in her.

“What if the glass was transparent? What if everyone could see me pleasing you, taking you to the height of ecstasy?” She whimpered and the fluttering of her core heightened. She seemed to like the idea although she didn’t say anything right away. Her breathing changed, and she panted as she closed in on her release.

“We... we shouldn’t. I... I couldn’t. I couldn’t be found out.” It didn’t mean she wouldn’t favor a night of debauchery in front of a crowd.

“In another place? Somewhere we can remain anonymous?” She groaned and her hands turn into fists on the glass.

I didn’t think she would ever answer but then I heard her reluctantly say, “I have to say no. Too, ah, risky.” Before I became too disheartened, she added, “Unless we couldn’t be found out.” I smiled at her impudence but she was right. No matter how much pleasure I would get from showing her off, I would never expose her. She had a reputation to uphold, and I would prevent any bad publicity on her part because of a silly need to show my masculinity.

“No, you are right. I would never place you at risk.” She moistened further and I could feel her fluids dripping down my balls.

Opening her palms, she started to slowly walk them down the glass until her upper body was parallel to the floor and I found myself incredibly deeper inside of her. I tried not to slam into her as I could already feel myself nudging her cervix. Although if it hurt, I couldn’t tell by the way she was moaning and writhing. The fluttering of her pussy now came faster but my cock inside her felt so unfucking real I wanted it to last.

Quickly I reached down to her clit only to make contact with her own hand already stroking herself and I smiled. I loved how she knew what she wanted and went for it on her own although I also wanted to be the one to give her all her pleasure. I covered her hand with mine and helped her to rub faster and harder, needing to push her over the edge. Needing to complete that certain special something to make her fly into oblivion and instantly I realized what I could do. Leaning over her back I located the soft flesh of her shoulder and sunk my teeth into her.

Ami’s head rammed back in ecstasy as her body stiffened. A sound from deep inside of her escaped in a throaty cry, “Ryder!”

The increased fluids from her pussy made it harder for our joined fingers to stroke her clit much further. She trembled and her legs buckled as I scrambled to catch her and hold her close to me. She fisted my cock through her orgasm and I let loose deep inside of her. Three long jerks jetted my cream forcefully against her cervix as I emptied my cock. I sucked in and realized I wasn’t breathing as the sensation left me mindless. “Fuck, Ami!” She finally let go of my cock while rasping and coughing trying to calm her own lungs.

Ever so slowly, as almost in a trance, she walked her way back up the glass. Closing the gap, I let her lean into my chest with myself still firmly planted deep inside of her. Moving away from me she sought out the relief of the cold window on her heated skin as she willed her breathing to calm. Finally, she tilted back into me and it felt like the most pleasurable way to end our climax. Me holding her in my arms and her leaning on me like we belonged together.

Not since the day we spent together in Wisconsin have I felt the need to wear a condom with her. The night in Paris she told me she was clean and had she asked, I would have used protection on the several occasions after but I felt we shared an unspoken trust. I went uncovered with her and she understood the implications. It was a win in my corner. She may still have a physical relationship with other men, but I was the only one to go raw with her. It gave me some hope.

Would she give them up? Did I have the right to ask? I couldn’t even look at another woman since being with Ami, not since Miami, and definitely not since Paris. I went from being the whore around town to being totally devoted to this one person but that was on me. She never asked. We didn’t talk about our other conquests. It would hurt too much to know she didn’t feel the same way I did but it only made me feel like more of an ass. How could I think of a relationship with one woman, even this incredible woman, knowing it would put her at risk.

Once our breathing returned to normal, she wiggled her ass slightly and I took the hint. Sliding my softening cock out of her warm pussy we both groaned our dismay. Being inside her felt right. Neither one of us seemed to want to leave the embrace of each other but it had to be done.

“Let me help you.” Quickly I tucked my cock back inside my boxers and put my pants back on to help her gather her tits in her bra unable to let her do it herself without a couple more gropes from me.

“Thanks. It isn’t easy to secure the girls in this thing.”

I laughed, “But it was such a welcomed gift to me.” I helped to tuck in her tits saddened at them being put back in place. Adjusting them on her own, she put her blouse on straight while I lowered her skirt. “If you will excuse me. The bathroom is a necessity.” I bet. I haven’t gotten that drenched in a while and it encouraged my overindulgent ego once more.

“Ami. Your lunch is here.” Eliza sounded on the intercom as Ami made her way to the adjoining bathroom to her office.

She smiled at me and I nodded, “I got it.” I headed to her phone and hit the button to talk back to Eliza. “Hello, Eliza. Give me a minute to unlock the door and they can set it on the conference table.” If she wondered why the door would be locked she was at least smart enough not to say it.

Going to the door, I saw the chef from the bistro down the block personally deliver our food with two of his sous chefs in attendance. Ami left the bathroom and her look of astonishment flattered me. She waited patiently with a smirk on her face as they laid the food out on the table before us.

“Monsieur Jurdaine, will that be all?”

I nodded, “It looks amazing Pierre. No, that will be all.” He bowed as he and his helpers left. Turning to Ami, I could see the shock on her face.

“Is there anything you can’t buy?”

“Happiness.” She studied my face to see if it was a joke but came away with a wistful look on her face. I pulled out the chair for her and helped her to sit at her place at the head of the table as I took the seat next to her.

The sounds of pleasure she gave me as she ate reverberated throughout the room. If my dick wasn’t so satiated with our last round of fucking I would be growing hard again from the moans of pleasure coming from her. Pierre really outdid himself.

Our conversations turned to easy lobbying of thoughts. It was comfortable sitting here and discussing whatever came to our minds. Ami talked about some of her travels and I talked about mine on the road with touring. She had a smile on her face the whole time I went over our last European tour and the landmarks I visited, offering me a new view of them when she could. What I wouldn’t give to go with her to each and every one of those sights again. To be able to experience it with her through her eyes. She would be great at this job by bringing a whole different insight into executive traveling few others could.

Ami asked me questions about how I started up my nightclubs and a few others about my investments. She inquired about strategies and I liked how she thought highly enough of me to ask. We even discussed her past trials at her last job. Some crappy affiliation called D.X. Enterprises who didn’t understand what they gave up when they underestimated her.

Eventually, the talk turned to another commonality we shared.

“How is Brandt? I tried to call him the other day to see how he was doing, and he didn’t answer. I don’t want him to think he can’t talk to me because Chelsea is my friend. He is my friend too.”

“Brandt is better I guess. Stopped drinking at least and has been putting his efforts into getting back his mobility after the fracture to his ankle now that it has healed. He is still convinced Chelsea isn’t serious about divorcing him, and she just did this to prove a point.”

“So, he is still in denial.”

I shook my head in dismay. If he wasn’t taking this seriously, he could easily lapse back into his old habits. I hoped he learned something from having his wife and children leave him though.

“He doesn’t want to think his marriage is over. He still loves her.” I made the occasional trip to his house to check on him. Brandt had therapy coming in, and he looked good but I couldn’t tell what the future held as far as the both of them were concerned.

“His old girlfriend, Cami, has been sniffing around again. It is no secret she wants him back. She left him before to make sure her career went in the direction to guarantee her the most money and fame, but she left a good thing, and she knows it.”

Ami mirrored the worry in my eyes before mentioning, “He isn’t the only one who has someone sniffing around.”

I looked at her questioningly. “Chelsea?”

She nodded, “Mason Ambrose. He was the cornerback on our football team in high school. Some jock who had a thing for her but left her alone after she started dating Dan.” Dan, the asshole who almost took her life. It wasn’t something we brought up in front of her. Too many bad memories.

“Anyway, Mason’s wife died about a year ago, and they ran into each other. It seems he has been helping her to fix things around the house, and they have been getting closer. I am sure Chelsea is naïve to it though. She looks at him as a friend. But the looks he gives her aren’t so friendly in nature.” It shouldn’t surprise me. Chelsea was a beautiful woman. Any man would be over the moon to gain any attention from her. “At least their marriage made it longer than most Hollywood relationships.”

I sighed and begrudgingly agreed, “Yeah, I guess. Another rockstar marriage to end in divorce.” I couldn’t be positive the question dealt only with our friends and not a possible link to something between the two of us.

“Marriage takes two people willing to do anything to make it work. Once you find someone you want to be with, it shouldn’t be that hard.” My eyes caught hers and held her stare. No words were exchanged but there was a sentiment there. She had her damn poker face on and I couldn’t tell what she was thinking and I hated it.

“Ami? You have a meeting in five,” Eliza’s voice broke into the conversation over the phone system.

“I should let you go. You’ve got a company to run.” She smiled but it wasn’t one of her winning smiles. The ones that lit up her face and I wished I could say something to put it back to where it belonged. Some witty commentary to lighten the fact we both had feelings for each other and no idea what to do with them.

Standing up I looked down at the array of food and refuse. “Leave it. Eliza is a crappy assistant, but she at least knows how to clean up a table.”

Without giving it much thought, I threw it out there, “What would you say if we did something this weekend? I could take you to Pierre’s restaurant and you can feast on his fine cuisine again.” She smiled, and I was relieved to see it looked genuine.

Her smile faded in an instant, as she let me down gently, “This weekend I can’t. I am flying to Paris.”

I tried to keep the shock out of my look. Paris? She meant she was going back to that guy. The one she left me for and I fought back a cringe and tried to save face, “Another time then.” I picked up my suit jacket I had draped on her couch and made my way to the door.

“I need to meet with my, ah, investor. I had this planned a while back.” I nodded but her revelation did nothing to dampen the hurt. This Mael guy. Not only would he get to see my woman this weekend, but he was allowed to give her money for her company where she blatantly refused to let me.

Without acknowledging her further I reached for the door. She called out after me, “Ah, I will see you next week, right Zeus?”

Stopping in my tracks I shot back a quick smile and a nod, “Bye Hera.”

Closing the door, I made it back to the comfort of my club knowing I would never make the same mistake and ask her out again. Her rejection hurt too much, so I settled for the only thing I could get and stopped my optimism in hoping for anything more.

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