Unlawful Trust

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The moonlight faded in and out through the clouds casting an eerie illumination on the wooded land in front of me. The area was familiar as if I had been here before. Movement in the trees to the side caught my eye and my mind concentrated on it to try to make sense of it.

White opaque linen blew in the breeze, cutting in and out of the trees. Not just linen, a woman dressed in white. Someone running from me. She had shoulder-length dark hair but in the dark of the night, I couldn’t tell who she was. The laughed she gave in her husky, deep voice did nothing to soothe me for I had been here before and I knew the jovial sound would soon turn to fear.

Although my legs felt as if they were buried in cement, I took off in a run. I needed her to stop, to protect her. Running after her I tried to get to her before she realized the trouble she was in.

Yelling to her she finally turns in my direction as I closed the gap. Smiling and shaking her head, she laughed, “Silly man. You wasted so much time on me.” Ana stood before me with her dark hair lighting up intermittently with the moonlight fading through the tops of the trees. I stopped running, and she turned and disappeared behind a tree. I wanted to go after but hesitated. Although I loved her so much, it seemed right to let her go.

Waking up, I startled and reached for her even though I knew she was gone. When my hand touched someone, it felt different. Different but right.

Amilyn. She stayed. Hastily, I grabbed her and dragged her to me. Soft and warm, I tucked her in safely to me and let my eyes adjust to the lack of light in my bedroom. The room was dark but light enough outside to make me think the sun went down not too long ago. She awoke and looked sleepily up into my eyes in the darkness of the room. A worried look clouded her face as her hand came up to caress my cheek. “Ryder?”

“You stayed.” The relief could be heard in my voice as I buried my head into her neck taking in her aroma.

“You needed me to.” She said it as a matter of fact. Like she would be with me anytime. Like we were a couple who relied on each other and it felt good.

Pulling back from my embrace she searched my eyes, “How are you feeling?” Taking into account the amount of alcohol I had, the pounding in my head could be worse. I shouldn’t have drunk as much as I did but after hearing the news I couldn’t tell whether I felt like celebrating or mourning.

“My head isn’t so bad.”

“That isn’t what I mean.”

My eyes lowered as I realized what she meant but I felt already overwhelmed with my confusion to sort it out for her to understand. “It is done. At least the trail that started with Ana. I thought I would feel different. Feel relieved or happy almost, but I don’t. I feel indifferent about it and it scares me. As if the last fifteen years were for nothing.”

“Don’t you dare say that.” The venom in her voice shocked me.

Pulling us apart she turned fully toward my body looking me in the face. “You knew you couldn’t bring her back when you started this. You were in pain and you wanted revenge but it isn’t what I’ve seen in you. You could have just kept it about her but instead you changed your company into helping all the victims you came across. Think about all the families who you helped get their loved ones back. All the men who’ve been reunited with their Ana.”

My eyes dampened and I shifted them away from her intense glare. “You are right about one thing. One important thing. No matter what, I couldn’t bring her back.”

Her hands came around to both sides of my face as she forced my head up to look at her. “That is what you choose to focus on? Did any of what I said sink in? You’ve been working in human trafficking for the past fifteen years. You stopped at least part of the violence. Numerous lives have been saved because of you.” She caressed my face and it calmed me, “Like it or not Ryder, you are an unsung hero.”

As her face closed in on me I felt her soft lips gently slide across mine. She rained kisses all along my jaw and up my cheekbone. Light, feathery kisses that seemed foreign to all the other times we were intimate before. When she pulled back to look me in the eye once again, I took over unable to let the tenderness between us end. I kissed her with all my passion. The kiss grew deep in meaning as I realized how badly I wanted this, whatever this was between us. I needed her with me and in my bed. I needed her in my life to spend evenings with. To share my day with. To grow old with. I poured it out in each tender touch I placed upon her body, and she gave it back to me willingly.

Our kisses deepened but not in a hasty way. She gently pushed me back on the bed while she let her hands travel up and down my body relearning my build. I let her take control. I let her find her way to me and the journey proved immeasurable.

Ami took one breast in her hand and I watched in awe as she offered it to me bringing it up to my mouth. I devoured her stiff nipple as her head jerked back in rapture. There was a familiarity with our actions and I noticed a not so subtle coincidence with the painting I described to her back in Wisconsin; Hera bestowing Zeus her breast. Could this be an offering?

Without holding back I descended on her body. We fought for control and the ability to pleasure each other in the best way possible. Removing my boxers quickly I granted room to my hardening dick while my lips made a journey down her body, one side and then the other. This time there was no hurry, no animalistic pulling at each other. This was raw affection pouring out of us and it felt better than any other time I indulged in her.

Only when I felt her body ready for me did I steady myself above her, positioning the head of my shaft outside her moist folds. Her eyes searched my face and when she locked them on my own, I delved inside her ever so slowly.

We watched each other. I relearned every nuance of her. Every sigh and every whimper. The way her freckled chest flushed when I pushed all the way in. The feel of her heavy breasts as I worked the sensitive weight of them to the nipples and beyond. The way her breath hitched when I stroked her sensitive g-spot. All of it heightened my arousal and I felt what was growing between us.

This wasn’t the untamed way we had sex in the past. No groping, no overindulgent depravity. We were making love. I knew the difference although I hadn’t experienced it in so long I didn’t think it would occur again in my life.

The caring look in her eyes touched something deep inside me. With each glide in her slick channel, I felt her tensing up, a precursor to her coming to a desirable end. I sucked on her bottom lip before kissing her with fervor. Delving deep inside of her and consuming her taste, her touch, her feel. When the passion came to a head, I pulled back and watched as her body exploded underneath me.

She crumbled. Spent. Satisfied.

With her deep contractions still ebbing and flowing, I took my time stimulating her until I couldn’t take it anymore. With one final prod deep within her, I let loose filling her up and holding her tightly so I wouldn’t drift away. The sensation so unreal I barely had the energy to kiss her as we came down from our bliss.

Slowly I removed my depleted dick from deep inside of her. She hissed a response to the extraction and I smiled as I laid on my back and pulled her to be near. I needed her close, smelling her familiar scent mingled with mine to soothe me. Stroking up and down her arm with my hand I noticed a shiver. “Are you cold?”

Ami looked up at me and shook her head. “No, I--”

The doorbell rang followed by a loud knock at the door that startled both of us. My instinct to protect her suddenly came into play. “Stay here.”

“Ryder?” I could hear the protest in her voice.

“No, please stay quiet in here. I haven’t been found out yet but it is always a possibility since I pretty much pissed off more than one wrong person in my lifetime.” I quickly put on a pair of pants and made my way to the door.

Checking my security camera on my way to the front door, I became cautious for another reason.

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