Unlawful Trust

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Amilyn - Epilogue

Thane walked into my office with my delivery of long stem red roses and a box the size of a brick. The shiny silver box had a red ribbon around it in the color of my flowers. Ryder had been upping his game ever since I agreed to marry him. Now over a month since we shared our vows he understood what it meant for me to marry again. That was before Ryder stumbled into my life and over the last six months, he turned my world upside down.

We were just going to get it over with - I mean we live in the perfect town for just that sort of thing - but Chelsea wanted to make it special for us. She planned a wedding for us at their house in California, and I couldn’t say no considering our supposed first time happened during such an affair. Besides, she was doing it all. The only thing I had to do was show up.

Mael agreed to walk me down the aisle, but I made him promise he couldn’t outshine the bride whether he decided to wear an evening gown or tux. He loved the idea of us together and adored Ryder. And I never had to miss a haircut anymore since Ryder promised to fly Mael and Ibrahim out whenever he couldn’t get me to Paris. Ryder had been rather gracious with Mael and I couldn’t love him more for it.

Chelsea didn’t understand my choice of a wedding gown. It consisted of off-white sheer fabric, empire waist, and gold trim looking mostly like what a Greek goddess would wear. When Ryder saw me walking toward him, his jaw nearly hit the ground. He growled in my ear and admonished me for giving him wood during the ceremony. He also said he would make up for the last wedding we attended at this location knowing he passed out on me before. Ryder definitely made up for it during the whole honeymoon too.

We focused on coordinating our companies’ responsibilities to go out next summer for the reunion tour. The band decided to start the tour after the kids finished school for the summer so they could partake in the fun. It kept some guilt off Brandt with his solo career skyrocketing. He started with a few small gigs throughout the country, mainly weekend shows, but had to give them up for bigger venues when the song Drowning in Emptiness entered the airwaves. As an overnight hit he was sought after once again but this time he held back from the constant travel, agreeing on mostly weekend gigs, which lent to the fans wanting only him more. Brandt worked a way to be home a lot more with his budding solo career. He missed the guys, but he understood how they couldn’t keep going on forever.

The original band planned to do the bigger festivals in summer, stick around the major venues, and keep the tour dates small. All the families would be going. They obtained four large buses for us all and so far tickets sold out before becoming available, spurred on by his rising solo career. I looked forward to watching my husband perform in front of auditoriums and huge arenas. I loved how the sweat built upon his upper body and made his arm muscles shimmer. The sinewy and muscular biceps and forearms showed how virile he still was and it only made me want him more.

Although the guys were looking forward to it, no one was interested in anything further than this summer’s concerts. There might eventually be more down the road but Quade and his wife settled into doing movie scores. JJ turned out to be a rather good record producer, and he adhered to the best interest of his wife’s career. Her being a doctor, she could only take off from the hospital for a short period of time. Besides, JJ hinted at the fact he didn’t do well over the road without her and I knew it had something to do with his past drug use.

Thane set down the vase of flowers with a horribly concealed smirk, “Did Ryder make it back from New York?” After handing me the box, I removed the card.

I shook my head, “He is in the air but it is still a couple of hours until our lunch date. He hasn’t missed one yet.”

Thane nodded but didn’t seem to be leaving. I hesitated to open my present. Something told me I shouldn’t open the box in front of an audience. Ryder and I had been experimenting with our fantasies at an alarming rate. Where I was hesitant to trust anyone else with certain aspects of sex, I had no fear of doing it with Ryder. He got me. He pleasured me in ways I haven’t even thought to do, and I pretty much had done one of everything in the past. We had even started to invite over JJ and Nina on occasion. The thrill of being watched during sex became erotic to me since our rendezvous in Paris.

“That will be all Thane.”

He looked at the box and then at me and smiled, “I plan to leave in a couple of hours for lunch but I could reschedule for another day this week if you require me to?”

I brushed him off knowing Ryder would make it in time. “No need.”

“As you wish. I will pick up your dry cleaning at lunch and visit my sister at her work.” He made himself scarce every Tuesday afternoon as he wasn’t one to stick around and wait until our lunchtime tryst ended. He guessed early on what we were doing and had kept his mouth shut which proved his worth as well as his ability to go far in this company.

“Make sure when you go to give your sister my best. Oh, and please take your time.” He chuckled as he left through the door to my office.

Looking down at the box, I picked up the card beside it. Ryder left for New York a couple of days ago to scope out a new site, a possible fourth nightclub in an up-and-coming district of New York. The same district which had seen a rise in human trafficking according to Connor. They worked steadily at ridding the states of the trafficking on this side although they avoided going international due to the risk. I hoped to help with my intercontinental company as soon as we all felt it was safe.

The message on the card made my lips curl in a grin: Last night only made me want you more. A present for today’s meeting. See you soon, Zeus.

Last night the phone sex became so raunchy I had to replace the batteries in Russell. Of course, I had to dust him off first. The poor guy had been neglected lately. To my dismay, Ryder was against a video chat. He dealt with surveillance and knew how it could be corrupted. It was all for the better in the long run. Absence did make the heart grow fonder... and hornier.

Unraveling the red ribbon, I opened the box to find two shiny steel balls. My smile widened knowing what these balls were used for as I continued training my pussy with my daily Kegels exercises. He loved how tight I could make myself and I fully enjoyed how strong my orgasms were from the repetitive maneuvers. This type of gadget had been used to train a person to do the Kegels initially, which confused me since I haven’t needed to use the balls in the past. Maybe he thought it would improve upon them? Whatever the reason, he would love to know I inserted them and used them waiting for him to return to me as just the mere mention of my using Russell drove him wild.

Quickly I glanced at my agenda coming up. It was all desk work until Ryder showed, so I should be fine to oblige his request. I took the box with me to my attached bathroom and set it on the counter while I removed the first of the spheres. To my surprise, it was heavily weighted in the middle and rolled almost clumsily on the palm of my hand. I hiked up my skirt and inserted the first one. The second one followed the first one and I stood up and moved around. The sensation was subtle. Nothing that gave me sparks to my sex, almost as more of a muted feeling like the sensation of wearing kitchen gloves while doing dishes, not that I ever did the task often.

Settling back in my office chair, I took the next couple of hours to perform my inner calisthenics while going over the latest projections. My business steadily gained a following and more referrals were garnered every day making adding staff a necessity. It was a wonderful feeling but there were complications associated with it. My affiliation as a rising businesswoman, as well as a certain association with the drummer of a legendary band and businessman himself, made anonymity virtually impossible. We gained the novelty of most social media sites as the power couple of the year. With his fame and my booming business, it made staying in the background impossible. It gave Ryder a reason to expand his nightclubs, but it kept us vigilant about what we were doing at all times.

Glancing again at the clock it clicked to one minute after one in the afternoon, and I was about to look at the airport’s internet site to see if the plane had been delayed when I noticed a certain sexy man leaning against the door jamb of my office. With his tailored jacket flung over his shoulder and one leg casually crossed over the other, he looked like a male model. His white shirt gave depth to his brown eyes and perfectly styled cropped hair. The angle of his jaw was shaved smooth as if it dared a hair to light upon it. The business slacks he wore fit snug over the thickness of his thighs and gave a nice outline of what hid underneath his zipper. It seemed as though he stood there studying me for some time as I noticed a look of love change into lust.

Excited I stood, “Ryder! I hoped you would be on time.” And then looking as demure as I could I remarked, “I missed you.”

He smiled as he stalked forward never taking his eyes off me, “And I missed you. Did you get my present?”

In my excitement, I had almost forgotten about them, “Yes, but I really should go and...” looking over Ryder’s shoulder I acknowledged Thane as he signaled to me he was leaving for lunch. Lowering my voice, I finished, “remove them.”

“Ms. Burke, I will be leaving now. May I take the liberty to lock your door?” Ryder didn’t even flinch. He liked it known he came here to pleasure his wife.

“Thank you, Thane.” Ryder dismissed him eagerly and reached out for me as the door clicked shut. Encompassing the back of my neck he brought his other arm around to my ass pulling me tight up against him as he kissed me deeply, sucking in my tongue and crushing my will to think. He pushed his growing erection into my stomach and I moaned. Never in my life had I felt so enamored with a man.

My pussy clenched down on the steel inside of me, and I was left panting by the time he broke the connection. “Leave them in.” He reached up and caressed my face tenderly as a devilish grin replaced his soft look.

“What do you mean, leave them in?”

“I have plans for you. Ever since last night I’ve been so fucking hard for you. Listening to the vulgar words come out of your mouth, not to mention you doing fucking obscene and deliciously dirty acts to your body, gave me such a boner it still fucking hurts. That sassy mouth of yours worked to drive me insane and I intend on filling it now with something other than words.”

My brows knit together. Blowing him was not what I planned for our little afternoon delight. “If I suck you off now how will you return the favor?” I challenged him. I was worked up in his absence, and we usually spent our Tuesday meetings both giving and receiving. Always attentive to me, he would never think of having his needs met first, so I was a little put off with his command.

“Me? I don’t plan on getting you off. In fact, I might not even touch you at all.”

He didn’t plan on touching me but only expects me to polish his knob? No fucking way. “Ryder I am all for getting you off but if you expect me just to service you, and get nothing in return--”

He put his finger up to my lips, “Now, now. Don’t overexert your mouth by talking. I wouldn’t want you to strain it on anything besides you sucking my cock.”

Fire shot to my chest and stomach as the anger rose. My mind went to how he expected me to give him fellatio instead of the mutual satisfaction we gave to each other. This didn’t seem like Ryder. When did he turn into a self-serving Neanderthal? This type of man set my blood boiling. The strong businesswoman inside of me could be convinced to be submissive at times, hell I still looked back at our time in Paris as one of our best sex sessions, but I wasn’t a woman to be used.

Ryder smirked at me and left my side before I could state my rebuttal. Walking over to the couch in the sitting area of the room he noticed my look of distaste and chuckled as he sat down slowly unzipping and unbuttoning his pants. I was speechless once again as I watched him ready himself for me, so convinced his wife would satisfy his every decree. By the time he uncovered his cock from inside his pants I shot daggers at him with my eyes. My posture went from wanton woman to jutting my shapely hip out to the side with my hands on them in a defensive stance.

The aggression I emanated did nothing to dissuade him as he stroked himself and motioned for me. “Come here.” My face reddened and my blood hit a boiling point. I hated how I stared at his enormous cock and still wanted it knowing how self-centered he was being with this whole activity.

“Ryder you seem to think--”

He cut me off again before I could get my sentence out, “Do you trust me?”

His question stopped me. Of course, I trusted him. With all we had been through, I trusted him with my life. But it still didn’t mean he could use me. “Ryder...”

“Do you trust me?” The sincerity in his voice made me shift my defensive stance to a guarded one.

My mind wavered between giving him a piece of my mind and letting him command me. Part of my strong businesswoman persona liked when he would make me do acts akin to bordering submissive. I liked the fact he owned me knowing I owned him just as well, but I still had some lingering sense of self-preservation. He had broken down my walls but the ruins were still getting in the way at times.


“Then come over here.” He motioned to the couch and I only hesitated a moment longer before making my way over. My eyes darted angrily between his cock and his smug face but I gave in to him.

“Kneel on the couch beside me.” Showing his amusement at my reaction, I tried to keep my annoyance to a minimum. Being quick to anger, I let out the Irish heritage in me more than I would like to admit. I fought hard to curb it over the years both in my personal life and my professional life, but me yielding to a man felt so old-fashioned.

Reluctantly, I did as he asked and knelt on the couch beside him placing my knees inches from the outside of his left thigh. His deep brown eyes were searching mine. He seemed happy with my servitude and reached up to stroke my cheek, “Do you really think I would ever leave you lacking in any way?”

His question made me slightly ashamed. He may have come in like a dominant, but he never did anything to make me feel less of a person. In all fairness, he put me on a pedestal since the beginning of our relationship and I should do more to believe he wouldn’t fail me now.

Shaking my head, I licked my lips and looked down at his rock-hard cock. He held it out for me and I could see the precum already moistening the tip. The veins stood out and snaked their way around his stiffness as well as discoloring it from its natural state. Suddenly I couldn’t think of anything I would rather do than to position it in my mouth and taste his flavor.

“That’s my Hera.” I leaned down and took him just to the tip when the metallic balls shifted inside me. I gasped in surprise around the head of his cock. It took me a moment to understand what had happened. The weighted balls were up against the front wall of my sex, and when I brought my upper body down, they seemed to roll over my g-spot. The sensation was like no other.

Bringing my mouth firmly around his engorged dick, I let it water and my throat relax. With the slightest tilt of my head down his shaft, it brought about a new exhilarating awareness. I moaned deeply as the orbs oscillated and moved over the sensitive lining of my tunnel. I grew wetter and groaned with every up and down movement on his erect shaft. He obviously enjoyed my eagerness now. “Fuck Ami,” he moaned out the words and it was all I could do not to go feral on him.

The way the balls worked deep inside me spiked my arousal. It made the grip of his dick in my mouth be the joystick to my pleasure and I turned into a madwoman. He knew exactly what heightened sensation it caused me. I was enthralled with the fact that me bobbing up and down on his cock produced a wicked jiggling sensation to make my pussy clench hard and a strong throbbing started. I was wrong thinking he wanted me to suck him for his pleasure. No, he did this to hand over full control of our endeavors to me and to bring us both to climax and I couldn’t think of a more pleasing way to orgasm.

I widened my stance next to him on the couch and moaned at the change in sensation. With every draw in and out of my mouth, the fire grew in my own core. I couldn’t get enough of him. I needed to suck him deep and fast working us both to a climax I knew would wreck me. Faster and deeper I went as he started to groan. “Fuck!” His head fell back onto the top of the couch as my mouth and fist worked to get him over the top. My own saliva trickled out over my lips in overabundance and worked to lubricate my handwork as I pumped his shaft earnestly.

My body rocked as if a pendulum. I sought out my pleasure not one bit apprehensive anymore, loving how I could control the sensation. I yearned for release and went faster and harder changing my stance and moaning with satisfaction when I hit the spot that would make my stomach quiver in anticipation. Pressing my thighs back together, I gyrated as the orgasm built inside of me. Ryder’s hands had a death grip on the seat cushion in front of him and his grunting took on a caveman-like quality. He was close and I wanted nothing more than to get him there. Get him pouring himself into my mouth and as deep as I could take him too.

“Fuck! Argh... Ami, I can’t hold back anymore.” His thighs tensed and hot, thick liquid forced its way down my throat as I sucked in as hard as I could to envelop his cock deep inside my mouth. It took three long gushes of fluid before he let out his next breath but I couldn’t stop. I needed to keep going as I felt my impending climax closing in.

Quickly Ryder reached inside of my blouse and wedged his fingers inside my bra. My nipples were as hard as diamonds and sensitive to his touch. He found the left nipple and pinched it between his fingers. The sting of pain sent a surge of excitement to my pussy but it wasn’t enough. Not yet.

It wasn’t until he ever so slowly started to twist my hardened nipple that I felt the point of no return. First a little twist and a little pain and then carefully he rotated it harder until I couldn’t stand the pain/pleasure connection my body craved at my most aroused state. The balls shifted once again and I screamed out his name around his still hard cock with force. I tensed and shook as the pleasure exploded in my body. I couldn’t stop sucking on him until the last of my throbbing and it left me breathless and lightheaded. His softening cock fell from my mouth with an audible pop and I sucked in large amounts of oxygen as I struggled to steady myself. By this point, I didn’t know if my dizziness was because of the out-of-control orgasm or the lack of air. I fell into him and tried to get my bearings.

Engulfing me in his arms he stroked my hair away from my sweaty face, “Are you okay?” He seemed concerned about my wavering weakness after our sex session. Still unable to talk, I just nodded. He helped me back to a sitting position and I groaned again with the shift in the balls, but this time my pussy was too spent to fully enjoy it.

Settling back on the other side of the couch, I laughed fully sated and looked at Ryder with newfound wonderment. Oh, the pleasures he could find in my body. The man had talent.

Ryder smirked at me and I couldn’t believe I doubted him. “What do you have to say now?”

He called me on it and I shook my head and gave him my best fuck me look. “All I have to say is... Oh Zeus.”

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