Unlawful Trust

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She just got up and left. I watched her walk right out the door after she rode my cock like a pro. I was still sitting there stunned into silence with my indignant dick and throbbing balls. Ami took what she wanted and selfishly left me hanging, and for some fucked up reason, I just shook my head and... smiled?

The scent of us lingered around me and I could still feel the weight of her on my body. Her beautifully curved body. The way her heavy breasts swung in front of my eyes just inches from me the whole time. The thought of her riding me. The whole picture of her legs in those stockings that went up to her thighs and the way I could see her completely hairless pussy lips take in my cock. She definitely would be my jerk-off material for quite a while. Not many women could engulf me like she did, plus the way her pussy clenched down on my cock when she got herself off left me without words.

Climbing off the bed I made my way to the bathroom to dispose of the empty condom. My dick was still mad and rock hard but to jack myself out of it felt useless. It wouldn’t compare to the feel of her silk lining, wet and pulsating around me. I half thought about going back to the club and finding another woman to take the edge off with, but by this time of night, it would be nearly impossible to locate someone who wasn’t drunk or too needy. I didn’t fuck drunk women and I didn’t do relationships.

Instead, I dressed silently and made my way to the door. Putting out the service sign on the handle for the maid, I left for my temporary housing. Adam could take care of closing up the club as my mind surely would be on other things tonight.

The next morning I headed to my rental car with my suitcase after a restless night of sleep. My flight back to Vegas didn’t leave for four more hours but I had some business to attend to at the nightclub before leaving the city. My phone rang as I settled into the driver’s seat and turned on the ignition. The display read Chelsea’s name and I guiltily thought about Ami. Did she tell Chelsea about our rendezvous and now Chelsea would give me a piece of her mind? Chelsea made it no secret the night of her wedding all those years ago about her wanting me to stay away from her friend. Well her wrath couldn’t be from me necessarily scarring Ami’s virtue. Not after what she did to me last night.

Looking at the time on my dash I had the uneasy feeling something was wrong. Although nine in the morning by my time it was after six in California. Too early for a friendly call. Quickly I answered, “Chelsea? Is something wrong?”

“Ryder, it is Brandt. He was in an accident.” Her voice seemed tired but not necessarily frantic, so I calmed slightly from my original fears.

“An accident? Is he okay? Was anyone else in the car with him?” It frightened me to think he had caused damage to himself or one or more of the kids.

“He was coming back from Corey’s house. He was alone and had been drinking...” She let her voice trail off but I could piece the rest together. Corey was a fucking loser who threw house parties for the attention of the rich and famous. Brandt liked the ego boost he got from him, so he frequented the parties from time to time. He must be partaking in the alcohol more than I thought. The dumb ass drove loaded and got into an accident on the way home. He let his drinking get out of control and could have killed himself or anyone else on the road. Chelsea didn’t deserve the hell he was putting her and the kids through and I should try harder to get him to stop.

Chelsea’s drained voice interrupted my mind’s rambling, “Anyway, he veered off the road and the driver’s side hit a boulder. It took them a while to get him out of the car. He has a broken nose, bruised left hip, and broke some bones around his ankle.” I sighed both relieved he didn’t kill himself and disheartened to find out it happened in the first place. Did he finally hit rock bottom? He narrowly escaped death so maybe this would jolt him back into the straight and narrow.

“I’m just finishing up in Miami and can be there this afternoon.”

“Don’t come on my account. I won’t be here.”

Concern coursed through me, “What?”

“I’m leaving him.” Although still in shock, I could hear the pain in her words, “I warned him I would if he didn’t stop his reckless behavior. I can’t let the kids watch him self-destruct, so I’m taking them back to Wisconsin. Back to my family.”

“Oh Chelsea. I’m sorry. If you can wait, I will come out and--”

“No. I didn’t call you to help me. I called you so you could be there for Brandt.” It figured. Chelsea always thought about other people before thinking of herself. “I need someone to check on him. Maybe help him get home from the hospital when the time comes. Make sure he is doing what the doctor told him to. I just know it can’t be me.”

I didn’t know what else to say. Brandt was a stubborn ass and wouldn’t listen to me any more than he would listen to her at this point but I wanted to alleviate her worries if I could. “I’ll do it.” With Chelsea and his kids leaving him, he would be crushed. They were his life, although he lost sight of it some time ago. Even though he was my best friend, Chelsea was a close second.

“Go to Wisconsin with the family and I’ll come out to see you as soon as you get settled. Let me get Brandt home and then I want to make sure you are okay.” I should go out there sooner but I knew the Moltke clan. They were all-consuming and it would do Chelsea and the kids good to be surrounded by them. They needed the support of her family to get through this right now.

“Thank you, Ryder. I knew I could count on you.” Her voice broke at the end as she stifled a sob and it squeezed my chest tight.

“I will always look out for you Chelsea. I love you.”

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