Unlawful Trust

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My timing couldn’t be better. When I pulled into the driveway, and she was standing there, in those short shorts and a tight-fitting shirt showing her fabulous chest, I couldn’t help but gloat. My presence made her uncomfortable. I liked having that effect on her. The way she left me in Miami she should be uncomfortable. And I should be mad, not humored as I had been with what all transpired, but when was the last time a woman had bested me? She sought me out for one thing and one thing only. And when she finished, she left. She used me. Used me good.

And I still think back to how incredible it was.

When Chelsea offered for me to stay here in the same house as Amilyn, I couldn’t pass it up. I didn’t want to bring out our dirty laundry to Chelsea but I did want to get Ami alone. Back her up against a wall and see if there could possibly be a round two in store. One which would benefit us both this time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get her alone. Not yet, but I was a patient man.

It had been a long time since I enjoyed fishing. Being around kids made it fun and I eventually got them talking too. They were despondent by the separation from their father. Brandt’s oldest son, Cole, took it the hardest. It bothered me how he seemed to blame Chelsea for the impending divorce, but she wasn’t one for confiding in the kids about Brandt’s issues. She would rather take the brunt of the kid’s anger and frustration than have them see their father as fallible.

Brandt wasn’t handling it well. He laid around at home pissed he couldn’t get around because of his leg but not wanting to work on it either. He took out his frustrations on all who entered the house and it only prolonged his rehabilitation. Two physical therapists walked out on him just this week. He was so miserable I didn’t even want to go see him.

And he still drank. He didn’t hit rock bottom yet and I knew I couldn’t help him. I lived through the same thing with JJ.

There were so many times I would reach out to JJ, bend over backward to take him to another drug rehab facility just to watch him leave on his own the next day to get right back into drugs. I could only handle so much and it hurt to see him go through it. Tough love didn’t even work with the stubborn asshole. The only thing that worked was for JJ to find out he had a son. A son who needed him. It gave him an excuse to get sober, and he did finally straighten up his life.

Brandt needed his reason too and I learned long ago it couldn’t be me.

After Angel started to show signs of fatigue and night descended around us, the games were postponed until the next day and the kids were hurried off to bed. I hoped this would be my opportunity to get Ami alone and as I walked through the kitchen I spotted something that would maybe loosen us all up.

“Found this in your kitchen.” I carried the bottle of wine in my hands as I descended the back stairs to Chelsea’s backyard patio.

Chelsea groaned and shook her head at the wine bottle and corkscrew I held up for her to view. “Ugh, none for me.”

I laughed, “You did look a little green earlier. Did I miss girl’s night?”

She nodded, “I think I drank my weight in wine last night going out with Ami. It will be a while until I have anymore but you and Ami are welcome to indulge though.”

I tilted the bottle in her direction, and she nodded, “Sure. I didn’t have nearly as much as Chelsea did.”

Returning to the house I grabbed two glasses and opened the bottle. It wasn’t until I reappeared on the back patio with the glasses that I noticed how lovely she looked tonight. Ami changed into soft pants that stretched over her shapely bottom and added a hooded sweatshirt the color of baby blue making her hair look incandescent in the lights hanging off the shed behind her. It took all I could to not reach out and touch her.

“So, tell me about last night. Chelsea doesn’t let loose as much as she should. In fact, there was this one time on tour when we were playing quarters--”

Chelsea stopped me from my tale. “This isn’t a tell drunk stories about Chelsea night.”

I chuckled. Chelsea may be the most caring woman ever to live on the earth, but she really needed to lighten up. She was the mother hen on the bus although no one really minded. When she joined us on tour she would cook, clean, and make sure shit got done. Even JJ secretly liked having her around even if he would give Brandt shit about it just to rile him up.

Ami joined in with my amusement, “Not much to say. We went out to a local hangout from back in the old days when we lived together. And after a few beverages, we did a little shopping.” Chelsea looked like she would jump out of her skin after Ami’s comment and it made me chuckle. As an inside joke between the two of them, Chelsea’s wide eyes focused on Ami as she tried to nonchalantly shake her head back and forth. Maybe Ami got her to go to a male strip joint. Good for her. She needed a little fun. Ami would not only be a shoulder to cry on but also get her out of her comfort zone and push her to let loose.

“And then we came home and crashed in bed.” Chelsea finished the story quickly as if nothing happened but then turned to Ami, “So, tell me about your new business adventure.” Ami still had a mischievous look in her eye but seemed to let it go. Curious about Ami’s new business, I let it go for now too.

“I don’t want to say much at this point. It’s too new and I’m still ironing out all the details. Starting up a new company is challenging.”

“So what does it involve?” I couldn’t contain my interest. Drumming in a band was a release for me. I enjoyed my time touring and seeing the country but I always wanted my own business. To build something from the ground up. Brandt was the driving force to make our band great but it wasn’t my own experience. I shared the burden and the joy with four other pseudo-brothers. It wasn’t like having my own company. If my company took off or if it flopped, it was my responsibility. It showed me I could make it on my own. Be my own man. Fight for something I wanted and come out winning.

“What part of ‘I don’t want to say much at this point’ confused you?” Ami gave me an incisive look.

She stared at me trying to make me uncomfortable but it only made me laugh, “I see. Keeping the million-dollar idea to yourself. Good tactic.” Ami’s fangs went back in and Chelsea shifted in her chair beside her.

Bringing her legs up Chelsea tucked them to her and sighed, “This reminds me of the old days when we lived together. Me hiding out in Wisconsin while you traveled the globe but this time it will be with you running your own business. Flying from Costa Rica to Spain and having rich, foreign boyfriends in each city in between. Well, at least more than Russell and Chuck.” Chelsea’s laugh caused Ami to smirk my way.

Boyfriends. I willed off the jealousy that overtook me. Amilyn was a beautiful, exciting woman. Of course she would garner male admirers wherever she went. I had been one not too long ago.

Ami leaned in by Chelsea and patted her arm, “You know you’re more than welcome to visit me when I travel. We could consider it a mini-vacation. You can come by yourself or with the kids.”

Chelsea guffawed at the idea, “The kids are more interested in their video games and phones lately. It is probably better off to keep them here to detox.” She looked down at her toes and wiggles them. “You were right when you called them little assholes.”

Did she just say what I thought she did? I spit out my wine a little as I tried to swallow and laugh at the same time, “You called Chelsea’s kids assholes?”

Ami didn’t seem hampered by the fact at all. “Yes, I called them assholes. All they have been doing this whole time is complaining. Instead of being grateful for a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs, they bitch about the internet service or having to pitch in with chores. They take advantage of a mother who bends over backward for them and all they are worried about is that there isn’t a designer store to get their four hundred dollar shoes at.”

Chelsea slapped the patio table to her right startling me, “Yep. Little assholes. It is a good thing you never sugarcoat anything with me.” Ami seemed proud of herself and I just shook my head and laughed. Yeah, I could see her point. The kids did complain a lot earlier until I distracted them by fishing.

“So what is your game plan then? Make them launder all their clothes in the river by beating them with a rock? Oh, and after, they can hunt for their meals.”

Chelsea knew I kidded her and it produced a smile. “No, but I realize giving them everything I wished I had as a kid did nothing to make them appreciative. That is why I decided I’m going to ask for nothing in the divorce.”

Ami sat up straighter and mirrored my look of concern. “Now wait a minute Chelsea. Half of that money is yours.”

Chelsea nodded, “I know but it isn’t what we need. I’m not going to ask for child support or alimony.” She turned and motioned to the house. “Dad gave me grandma’s house to use as long as we need. The rest I can budget from my modeling money. When Brandt and I first got together, he wouldn’t let me pay for anything so I put all my modeling money away in stocks and bonds. It isn’t anything near what Brandt and I had but it is enough. I could even find a job here in Wisconsin if I needed to. We won’t be desolate by any means. The kids will do well to understand the worth of a dollar or a days’ work helping the neighbors.” She had the guts to go from princess to pauper but it worried me.

Bringing my hand to hers, I gave it a little squeeze, “Promise me you will contact me if you need anything. Anything at all.” Chelsea showed me a tender smile but doubt stood in her eyes. With her being so stubborn, I got the feeling she would go close to starving before asking for anything. I couldn’t help but be impressed how she wanted to stand on her own two feet. It wouldn’t stop me from making sure she was taken care of somehow before I left tomorrow though.

“Thanks, Ryder.” She looked over to Ami and smiled just as tenderly, “And thank you.” She yawned, “I think I have hit a wall. I am a little tired. Maybe I will call it a night.”

Before I had a chance to smile over at Ami she jumped up and stood by Chelsea, “Me too. I am ready for bed.” Dammit.

Not knowing how to work things in my favor I sighed and gave up, “Well we can all call it a night then.” I started to pick up the empty bottle of wine and Chelsea grabbed the glasses off the table. A quick look of relief displayed on Ami’s face but it left before I could confirm it. She normally had the best poker face I had ever seen but I still wanted my chance to talk to her alone.

We went inside and made our way upstairs. A bathroom sat at the top of the stairs and had a bedroom flanking it on each side. My room for tonight was on the left and Chelsea and Ami would be together in the bedroom to the right. Grabbing my toothbrush from my bag, I made my way to the bathroom. After completing my nighttime routine, I opened the door to find Ami standing there waiting.

“Uh, Chelsea is in the only other bathroom downstairs.” Already dressed in pajamas, small little cotton shorts, and a loose top, I noticed she didn’t have a bra on and my eyes fought to look anywhere else except for the mounds of pleasure underneath the thin cloth.

As I leaned in, she ducked under my arm and snuck into the open bathroom. Before I could fully turn around, the door slammed in my face. I chuckled and made my way to the bedroom to change. She didn’t realize just how patient I could be.

Returning to the hallway, I dressed in only my lounging pants. When Ami finally opened the door she came to an abrupt stop as she stared at me. “Did you ah, need back in?” Her face was stoic but her voice grew husky betraying her arousal. If it was only the hoarseness of her voice I could deal but her poker-face wavered as she let her eyes travel up and down my body. Her vision stopped for more than a brief moment at my package before making it back up to my face. I didn’t mind since I was doing the same to her.

“I would love to get back in.” Her eyes found mine when she realized what I alluded to. Her breathing picked up and her chest flushed.

Before another word could be spoken, Chelsea bound up the stairs. “Sorry, there are only two bathrooms in the house. The downstairs one is free now though.”

Chelsea made her way between us as Ami addressed her, “No, actually I am all done... with it all.”

Ami turned to follow Chelsea into the bedroom. She sauntered with a little more hip movement than she normally had before although I wouldn’t complain. It gave me a good view of her ass. The cotton fabric of her pajama shorts didn’t cover all of her generous backside. I groaned loudly as I noticed her cheeks peeking out from under the bottom of the shorts and never have I wanted to run my tongue along them and taste them so badly.

Chelsea heard my groan and laughed as she turned back to me, “Go to bed Ryder. There will be no sandwiching tonight.” Unobservant of the increasing lust between Ami and myself she thought it related to a comment I made when I first got here. It was a great cover so I let it be, but what I really wanted was to indulge in her friend.


The door closed but not before Ami leaned out one more time and addressed me in her throaty voice, “Good night Ryder.”

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