Unlawful Trust

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When I made my way down the stairs, I realized I was the last one to wake up. Chelsea usually woke at the crack of dawn but I had a hard time sleeping last night. I couldn’t blame it on jet lag anymore but really it took me a while to fall asleep last night thinking of what Ryder had said, about how he would like to get back in me again. Normally I wouldn’t entertain the idea, but he looked so damn sexy last night and if I was truly honest with myself, I wanted back on that cock. It surprised me he would revisit sex with me. He never had sex with the same woman twice so why was he still sniffing around my door like a pussy-starved fiend? Red flags went around in my head warning me off. He could easily be addictive and I didn’t need any complications in my life. I had a tendency to do things spur of the moment and only some of those turned out in my favor. The majority did not, and I was getting to the point it just wasn’t worth it anymore. It would be better just to forget it altogether.

Already dressed in worn jeans and a short-sleeved v-neck shirt, Ryder looked virile and refreshed this morning, casual but masculine, and as I walked into the kitchen his eyes lit up and my nipples tingled in response. Why did he have this effect on me? He had a cup of coffee in his hand and I tried to concentrate on the enticing aroma and not his deep bronze eyes that screamed to me how he knew fifty different ways to satisfy me.

“A little pick me up?” I startled and then realized he meant the coffee.

My mouth dipped in a sinister grin, “Is it stiff?” I shouldn’t be flirting but I couldn’t help it. Last night’s restless sleep did nothing to deter me from playing with him a little.

His eyes flared, “It could be.”

Just then Chelsea came around the corner, “Ami! You’re up. You must really have needed your sleep.” She made her way to the cupboard and pulled out a mug, “Here. Let me get you some coffee.”

I settled down at the table while she brought me the mug. “Thanks. You know, I don’t need to be pampered all the time.”

She rolled her eyes, “When I told you to pack old clothes for cleaning you packed a five-month-old shirt and shorts that cost more than my refrigerator.”

I laughed, “You didn’t tell me you planned on working me like a slave. There is a difference between light cleaning and what you do.” Ryder watched us bicker clearly amused.

“So what if I happen to like my weekly spa treatments. I wasn’t cut out to be domesticated.” I eyed Ryder but his face didn’t seem to change with my confession.

“Nor should you ever.” Ryder lifted his cup to his mouth and I watched him take a drink. His Adam’s apple bobbed and it made my eyes trace his outline. Strong jaw, tan neck, chiseled chest, tapered area down to the stomach...

Before I went any further, Chelsea interrupted my eye voyage. “Well, today I thought we could tackle the windows. It is one of the last things I need to clean before I start to do the attic and garage.” I tried to hide my displeasure, but Ryder noticed and snickered.

Chelsea grabbed the coffee pot and refilled Ryder’s cup. “And how did you sleep last night?”

She smiled sweetly at him, but he continued to focus on me. “Once I got to sleep, I slept like the dead.”

Patting his back, she looked at me. “He always slept so soundly on the tour bus.”

He laughed, “It paid off as I was always stuck in the bunk above or below JJ.” It made them both laugh and I had to join in considering how likely JJ would be to have a guest in his bunk.

“When does your flight take off?” I asked.

He looked a little annoyed. Not because I asked but because it seemed he may not want to leave all too soon. “Later.”

“Will you be going back to Miami? You do have a nightclub there, right? I believe Chelsea mentioned it at one time.” He saw me playing with him and smirked.

Chelsea, still unobservant, took the time to brag over his endeavors, “He has one in Las Vegas too as well as his first one in California. All of which are doing great.”

Obviously proud of him, he took in a tinge of modesty as he smiled at her. “Which reminds me, if you ever need money you can cash in on your investment.”

The look on her face showed her confusion. “Investment?”

“Brandt invested some of your money in my first club when I started out. It made quite a large nest egg for you and is yours whenever you need it.” He smiled at her sincerely.

Suspicious of his timing, I remembered how concerned he was last night when she mentioned she would live without Brandt’s money. I noticed his ploy. Ryder wanted to give her a way of living without relying on her husband. I wondered what Brandt would say about him helping her. How Ryder was helping her become independent of him. As I remembered, Brandt always liked being the breadwinner. This was bound to cause a rift between the two of them should he find out.

When I looked at him strangely, he just blew it off with a shrug of his shoulders. He stuck his nose where it didn’t belong, but he had known Brandt a long time. Maybe this would foster some healthy conversation between the two of them.

“I didn’t know. Yes, I guess it may come in handy. Thanks for telling me about it.” He nodded his head at her and stood up as the kids came rushing in.

“Ryder! Ryder! We found a shack in the woods.” Vinny talked excitedly while Ryder bent down to block Angel from getting knocked over in his enthusiasm. The twins followed just as eager.

“Well, why don’t I come and take a look.”

They excitedly pulled him out the door but before they could leave I noticed Cole look back to Chelsea, “You want to come, mom?”

It was the most civilized thing he said to her since I came and I could see her soften visibly, “Yeah, we all will go see it.” She turned to me and I nodded. Dropping off the coffee pot on the countertop we walked to the door. It seemed as if Ryder’s talk with him yesterday had an effect on him. Cole was as stubborn as his father. They normally butted heads, but he could also be loyal to a fault when it came to him too. Ryder smoothed a lot over in his little time here causing me to see the successful playboy in a different light.

We got back a little after the noon hour and Chelsea rushed to make a light lunch. It wasn’t until after we cleaned the table off and the kids ran back outside to get their gear together for another round of fishing that Ryder cornered me in the hallway. It wasn’t as if I didn’t want to be trapped though.

“Do you know how hard it is to get a second alone with you?” Blocking my path he pushed me up against the hallway wall. The doors to the rooms were all shut so we had little light to see each other, but I could still notice the playfulness and hunger in his eyes.

“You were trying to get me alone? I hardly noticed.” He smiled but it was more of a predator versus prey smile.

“You left in quite the hurry in Miami. I didn’t get to finish, ah, exploring you.” It had a dual meaning and I gave a deep, gruff chortle. Although he didn’t look angry, I chose my words wisely. Flirting with him after the stint I pulled would upset any man, so I was intrigued by his amusement.

“I got what I needed. A lot faster with you than most men if it makes you feel any better.” His only response was a caveman grunt.

Holding me by the hips to the wall I focused on his dark eyes. My breathing sped up and my sex started to clench with the feel of his touch. Leaning in close to me I could smell a lingering soap smell mixed in with his deep smoky scent.

“It seemed a little abrupt though. Almost as if you didn’t want me to find my pleasure in you. Like you were punishing me for something?” He caught me and I decided to come clean. I did leave him hanging, or should I say, stiff.

“I thought you deserved a punishment since you called me your biggest regret. I don’t take kindly to being called a mistake.” The rumble started low in his chest and made its way to the surface. The laugh appeared genuine but only led to my confusion.

Shaking his head in disbelief, he leaned close to my ear. I could feel the rush of his breath tickle my hair as he quipped, “You are my biggest regret but it isn’t what you think. I regretted the night of Chelsea and Brandt’s wedding because I was so drunk I don’t remember being with you... in you.” His hands traveled up my side coming to just below my breasts and it made my breath shallower while I enjoyed the closeness of his hands to my now hardening nipples. “I regret not remembering the way you feel... the way you sound when you come on my cock... the way you taste.” His hands teased the underbelly of my heavy breasts and it shot tingles of excitement down to my pussy.

The heat between us became inextinguishable. I wanted to give in. I wanted back on his cock but I saw the danger in giving myself to him and I needed a guarantee this wouldn’t wreck me.

“I don’t do relationships.”

Ryder smiled, “Neither do I but I wouldn’t mind a day of leisurely fucking in a hotel room with you. No ties. What do you say?”

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