Unlawful Trust

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The air sizzled around us so much I swore I had a burn from the arc flash. We were staring into each other’s eyes waiting for one or the other to make a move. His hands were still softly caressing the girth of my breasts making it difficult to think. Did I want this?

And then I smiled.

Turning from him, I made my way down the hallway and into the kitchen where Chelsea stood cleaning the countertops. “Sorry, Chels but I just got a call from my investor and I need to leave. It isn’t something I should deal with over the phone.” I hated to lie but I already intended to leave tomorrow anyway. Besides, she wanted me to wash the windows. And she was excited about it. No thanks. I wasn’t kidding when I said I loathed domesticated duties.

“Oh hun, that’s okay. I’m just grateful we were able to spend some time together. You’ve helped me more than you know.” She smiled and brought me in for a hug. It tugged a little at my sense of humanity but then I thought of what Ryder told me in the hallway, and then I remembered the size of his cock, and I fell into full-fledged selfish mode once again.

With Chelsea being sweet, gullible Chelsea I didn’t even need to do any more work. It was her idea for Ryder to drive me to the airport since he planned on leaving anyway. She even helped me pack my bag.

We hugged once more outside of Ryder’s car. Ryder hugged Chelsea and it was sweet. He really did love her in his own way and I only hoped the both of us could help her through the rough road ahead.

We said our goodbyes to each of the kids and I promised to call Chelsea more, as did Ryder. Getting to a standing position after hugging our goddaughter, I snatched the car key fob from his hands. “I’ll drive.”

Moving around the car to the driver’s side I saw Chelsea shaking her head, “I am not sure how much insurance you have on your rental car, but I would not let her drive.”

I feigned hurt but then smiled as Ryder watched me open the door. “Now Chelsea, you know I can’t lose my license.” Getting behind the driver’s wheel I smiled as I took in the expensive design of the vehicle. He did not skimp on this rental. This car had all the bells and whistles you could ever want and it only made me more impressed with his attention to detail. Ryder seemed to go all out. He had expensive tastes and it appealed to me as well.

The door to the passenger side opened as he climbed in. I heard Chelsea over the chime of the open door, “That’s because you don’t have a license!”

The door shuts and all went quiet while Ryder turned to smirk at me. “Ah, maybe I should drive.”

I shrugged, “I didn’t lose my license. I just never got around to renewing it. With me being all over the states and Europe I just didn’t get a chance.”

He laughed, “Yeah, I guess it would be an issue but I meant the car is a standard.” Looking down at the floorboards I see the clutch pedal and my smile grew bigger.

Rolling my eyes at him, I engaged the clutch and started the engine letting the fine piece of machinery purr as I put it in reverse and whipped the car around into the lawn before flooring it out of the driveway. The smile would not dare leave my face as I watched his tension rise with each gear I quickly ramped up. This car was on fire. It had been a while since I drove a sports car of this magnitude and I wasn’t going to let the opportunity go to waste.

“You shouldn’t assume I can’t do something because I am a woman,” I chided.

“I misjudged you. My mistake.” His comment was genuine and placed a smile on my lips.

“You wouldn’t be the first man to underestimate me.”

“I take it you get it a lot?”

I shrugged, “Men look at women as the lesser sex. Almost as if brains went with a particular strand of DNA only on the Y chromosome. When we best them, they tend to get spiteful.” More than one man hated my position of power over them and tried to belittle me but in the end, I wouldn’t let them. “Actually, it would work in my favor at times.”

“Really? How so?”

“It helped me to weed out the assholes quickly when I went out looking for male entertainment.”

He laughed, “Duly noted.” Ryder didn’t fit the bill. He might have wondered about my ability to drive a standard car but I didn’t get a condescending vibe from him. It made me want him all the more.

Ryder struggled to keep his tension contained as we took the rural backroad closing in at seventy miles-per-hour. I might not get out this way much, but I still grew up on these desolate roads and I could navigate them in my sleep.

His fingers dug into the armrest at his side and I didn’t even try to hide my snicker. “Ah, Ami?” An intersection loomed ahead. As a familiar road from my childhood, I would drive down it hundreds of times to pick up Chelsea. The intersection had farm fields on all sides but I knew why he was concerned. “Ah, Ami?” His heightened sense of road rules made me giddy as I kept my foot on the gas pedal doing over ninety miles-per-hour at the moment. “AMI!” I didn’t even let up after I blew through the traffic sign.

“Did you not see the stop sign?” He looked at me incredulously.

I kept my eyes on the road, “They just put it up five or six years ago because some old farmer protested the young’ uns would drive too fast. They really didn’t need one there.” He looked at me oddly and then let out a thunderous laugh. It honestly surprised me he wasn’t mad at me for trying to beat the shit out of his luxury car for thrills.

“Are you always like this?” The worry on his face turned to a dead sexy smile and I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road and not on him.

“This? Not sure what you mean by this. I happen to like the thrill. You can’t tell me you don’t take chances either. Push the limits maybe? Enjoy the thrill of the excitement? Be a little unlawful, even a smidgen.” A flash of understanding lit his features. Even though he didn’t say anymore, he relaxed visibly in the seat next to me.

“Where am I taking you?”

His fingers flew over the screen on his phone before addressing me. “I just reserved a suite at the Belton.”

My eyes hiked up. “The Belton? You really like the best of the best don’t you.” The Belton was the most expensive and luxurious hotel in Green Bay.

He smiled as he looked out the window at the streets, “That I do.” When his eyes traveled back to me he made me feel as if I fit the bill as well and I couldn’t help but be flattered.

As soon as I pulled up to the valet Ryder emerged from the car barking orders, “Take the suitcases up to the presidential suite and leave them outside the door.” The valet driver handed Ryder the key card to the hotel suite and I looked at him confused. How could he avoid checking in? As I rounded the car, Ryder put his hand in the small of my back to quickly led me inside.

When he noticed my sly expression he quipped, “When you pay double you get certain perks. And for you, I didn’t want to waste any time.”

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