Unlawful Trust

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This time there was no holding back when we entered the room. Ami walked in and surveyed the surroundings when I pulled her back and pinned her up against the wall. Our mouths crushed down on each other and I loved how she always wore heels. Considerably shorter than me, the height of her shoes helped her hands reach all the places she wanted to go, namely my hair. I loved it when she ran her long nails in it to mess it up.

Steeling my hands away from her own reddened mane, I worked them down her body to her waist pulling her closer to me to feel how hard she made me. Honestly, I started to get hard in the hallway of Chelsea’s house when we cleared up our little misunderstanding. How could she ever think I would regret a single second with her? On the contrary, each second I spent with her made me want her all the more. She was an addiction, arousing me in ways few had in the past and I needed to guard myself against it. We only agreed to one night of pleasure. One night to get her out from under my skin.

It could only be one night.

She reached down to stroke my rock-hard cock through my pants when all was lost. I went feral grabbing at her shorts and pushing them off her along with her silk and lacy panties she wore for me. Hell, she probably wore them all the time but the thought of her wearing them for me made it more tantalizing.

She worked with as much vigor as I was to free myself of my pants, and we both scrambled to remove each other’s shirts. Once my fingers found the clasp to her bra, I unhooked it and stumbled back to unveil the beauties. As a sucker for a good rack, I had to admit Ami had the best tits I had seen in a long time. Full, round, massive tits that would overflow my large hands. Her nipples were proportionate, larger than normal, but right now they were drawn tight with stimulation and I loved being the reason. When my eyes finally found her face, she only smirked at me. She knew she had a nice pair of tits to go with her curvy body, and she wasn’t afraid to let me enjoy them. It made me impatient to get my hands on them and my dick inside of her.

Falling to my knees I helped to remove her shoes knowing I would be rewarded by her beautiful tits swaying by my face. Once her shoes were removed I palmed her generous breasts and brought them to my mouth. Sucking in a tight nipple, I savored the feast before me. The last time I indulged in her body she didn’t let me fully enjoy it. There was so much to enjoy too.

I quickly removed a condom from my wallet to get right to the good stuff — me inside that oh so fine pussy. She arched into me as I sucked on her other neglected tit and worked the condom onto my shaft. Not wanting to hurt her with my zealousness, I stood up with her as I grabbed her bountiful ass and walked her over to the low credenza, planting her firmly on it.

Her face was flushed red. Not the same muted red of her hair, but the color was enticing all the same. Her right hand snaked up my chest and entwined in my hair at the nape of my neck. Spreading her legs farther apart I saw another pretty red in the shape of her puffy lips further below. She let me watch all of her with a cocky grin on her face. She glistened with her arousal and I had the hardest time holding back and not shoving inside her like an animal.

Positioning my highly aroused and now angry cock at her entrance I painfully let her take over. With her left hand, she grabbed onto my stiff rod and fed it into her, arching into me and giving me the full advantage of her tits in my face once again.

And I ravished them.

When we were fully joined, I let out a savage growl deep in my throat. The feel of her fully engulfed around my cock was like no other. Few women were able to take me in all the way. Knowing how big I was I knew I had to be careful. I was never able to pound into a woman, always cognizant of hurting them. I always held back and even though she could fully sheath me, I knew I still couldn’t let loose on her.

Her hand found my ass and her manicured nails raked along it until they found my lower back. She started to pull me in and force me into a rhythm that worked for both of us. She liked the control and I felt she would get more out of the sex if I gave her full reign. Kissing her deeply, I let her work my cock in and out of her delightful pussy, savoring how deep I could truly go. When she let her pace of our fucking stray out of cadence, I took it as my cue to take over.

Angling my cock up inside of her I made sure I wouldn’t get too worked up and hammer into her due to my enthusiasm. The rhythm quickened when I felt her arch into me and I knew it wouldn’t take long. Knowing what would appeal to her the most I leaned over to her ear, “Touch yourself.”

Ami took back some control when her right hand left my low back and found purchase in between us. She worked her clit while I held onto her and within seconds her control faltered as she screamed, “Fuck!” Her whole body convulsed, and she slammed down on my cock inside of her as I sucked in a breath. I remembered this. I remembered how tight she became when she orgasmed, but it seemed so much more right now.

She tightened delightfully but almost painfully around my cock.

Every inch of my cock.

Every inch.

Burying my head in her neck, I palmed one glorious tit and heaved one more time into the tightness of her. Stars shown in my eyes as I growled and filled the tip of the condom inside of her pulsing tunnel. Selfishly I kept my cock deep inside of her waiting for her to release me from her tight lower muscles but not truly wanting it. It felt too good to be this deep, this tight.

All at once her body relaxed and with it my cock. I could still feel the faint pulsing of us, not sure if it was her amazing pussy or my own punished cock although I didn’t care. Breathing in her hair and the scent that I was yet to figure out, I lazily lifted my head to look at her. She was a blazing sight of fire and heat barely sated and I couldn’t pull my eyes from her beauty. Next time I wanted to watch her face as she climaxed.

Inwardly I smiled. There would be a next time. We had the rest of the day to pleasure each other and I fully intended on taking advantage. But for right now, the credenza couldn’t be all that enjoyable so I tipped her head in my direction. “Come, let me get you to a more comfortable place.”

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