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I wasn't ever going to belong to Bodin. I wasn't his for the taking! Bodin Charters had been my friend since we were kids. Painfully shy and uncomfortable in crowds. I was always the outgoing one. Willing to fight and shout for what I wanted. But Bodin wanted something now. Me. I had told him he’d not have me countless times over the years. I was waiting for a man who wrote me sonnets and climbed walls to sneak into my chambers. Bodin would never do any of that. He didn’t have an unpredictable bone in his body… Until he did. My father was ill and had been for a long time. I didn’t know Bodin, who’d inherited the Charter’s fortune and property, had persuaded my father to make me his ward upon his deathbed. Now my father is gone. And Bodin is stating I can’t be his ward because it’d be improper. I must become his wife. I won’t. But as his ward, he has law over me. Law where he can make me do things I don’t want to do. And he keeps reminding me, he’ll have more sway over me as my husband so I best start learning to obey him. The devil I will. Unfortunately, I’m finding Bodin is a far more clever devil then I expected…

Erotica / Fantasy
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Note from Author:

This is only a few teaser chapters.

“Relax.” Bodin directed.

I blew a long breath and tried to ease my body. Jumping slightly as I felt the smooth gliding of his finger further inside me.

“Bodin!” I breathed raggedly in panic. My throat arching as something tightened through me. Already soaking his hand and making deep behind my belly tighten. Gripping his digit.

Once I felt his knuckles pressing the outer entrance he drug his hand back out. Pressing it back in so quickly that I drew a quick indrawn breath.

His palm still pressed my shoulder into the bed and he began slipping his finger in and out of me faster. Twirling it as it entered me fully to rub on something delicious that sent tendrils of pleasure wrapping through me.

A wild moan escaped me and his hand lifted from my shoulder to gently cover my mouth.

I gave him a panicked look.

“You don’t want someone coming in and seeing us do you?”

I shook my head.

“Then you have to be quiet.” He whispered to the back of his hand still lightly covering the bottom half of my mouth. “Now it’s going to feel a little different.”

I gave him a questioning look.

“That felt good, didn’t it?”

I bit my lip under his hand and my eyes fell.

“Come now, Belle. Be truthful. You know it did.”

I met his gaze. Unwilling to admit the truth but not denying it either.

“I want to offer you a better taste.”

I didn’t know what that meant but there was an ache building inside me that didn’t seem inclined to be denied. I nodded slightly.

His hand moving with my chin.

He plucked at his breeches a moment and then I felt something pressing against my entrance again.


And feeling almost softer but harder at the same time.

It slid smoothly inside me but my back bent reflexively as everything inside me stretched to fit him.

He moaned in pleasure. “You feel good, Belle. I knew you would. You fit me like a glove. Your body perfectly suited to swallow mine.”


“I’m inside you, Belle.” He explained flatly. “I can feel you.”

I knew that was bad. I could see both his hands now and knew we were connected at the pelvis. And I understood enough of mating to know that this act was what defiled ladies.

This act is the one that makes men have to marry damaged goods.

I was now his damaged goods.

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