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Mr Knight doesn't understand why she intrigues him so much since the first time they met. Though the word 'intrigue' seems like an understatement considering how bad his junior betrays him every time they see her. She seems so pure, so innocent that he feels like he has to put some drawing into that white canvas. Ruin her a little, show her how the world works, and perhaps taint that soul with his imprints. Though 10 chapters in, turns out Evie isn’t who she really is.

Erotica / Humor
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What's better to do on a Sunday afternoon than having a tea party with Cinderella, Ariel and Belle?

Of course nothing, not even a business meeting or hanging out with my friends, because this is absolutely my dream come true to spend my worthless time with three adorable Disney princesses.

"It's your turn," the brunette Cinderella sitting next to me says after she divides the fake plastic donuts evenly among us four.

Whoever said time is gold has clearly never met me. Despite my mother and my sister's opinion that the value of my time is merely copper, I think it worths one-hundred-carat diamond, not just plain old gold. But no, of course not according to those two, their nails and hair are more precious than a hundred carat diamond.

"Uncle Teen," the one in yellow gown calls me, "are you listening?"

"You can just leave if you don't wanna join us," the sharp tone from Ariel makes me turn my gaze from my iPhone straight to her stern face, "you're not even dressed for the party."

What she said makes me feel rejected, even though I am already in this tea party. It's like being disapproved by the leader of the group.

I quickly put my phone back in my pocket and flash the sweetest smile, "Ariel dear,"

"What." She's such an intimidating one compared to the other two.

"Ariel dear," I begin again, "Forgive me. I was texting the Queen to ask her when will Snow White be here." I was indeed texting their mother when will the bloody babysitter come for the fact she's supposed to be here 30 minutes ago. Thirty, not twenty, not ten, but thirty fucking minutes ago.

"Oh? Snow White's joining us?" Excited Cinderella chimes in.

"Really?" And Belle is already smiling so wide that pushes her eyes to be smaller.

The happiness radiating from Belle and Cinderella makes me nod my head, "yes. She's on her way now." I swear if she's not here in 5 minutes I'm gonna call my assistant and ask her to be here instead.

Don't get me wrong, I love my nieces but I seriously can't waste my time playing tea party when I have an important meeting to prepare for.

Weekend or not, I've fulfilled my obligation to my family for our Sunday brunch so I can do whatever I please with the rest of my weekend, either by spending it at the office or drowning myself with work at home.

"Is it the same girl who came last week?"

"I believe so," I don't know who that girl is and I'm not sure if she'll be the one coming today but whatever, anything to calm these little people.

I waited for another fifteen minutes instead of the five I mentioned but nothing, nothing happens. Not even a text from my sister about this tardy babysitter.

So I dial my assistant's number even though it's the weekend. I pay her good for a reason.

"Yes Mr Knight?"

"Serena, I need you at my sister's house now."

"May I know for what, Mr Knight?"

I sigh, why does she have to ask so many things? I'm her boss, just come when I ask her to. No questions asked.

"I need you to be here for two hours." My sister did mention they'll be gone for four hours so there's two left.

"But I-"

"Make sure you're here by 3, Serena." With that I hang up and walk back to the tea party that somehow has turned into a fake restaurant.

I adore my sister's effort to pamper her helpers once a month, really, but can't she do it alternately instead of giving them the time off at the same fucking day. Urgh.

"Excuse me," Ariel snaps me from my attention to my phone again, "If you're not gonna order, you can just leave, you know. I have customers waiting to sit here."

I smile at how arrogant she is while holding that small Hello Kitty pad and pink pencil.

"I'm sorry," I sure can't wait the moment she hits teen age and strangles her parents with this attitude, "Can I have a donut and iced chocolate please?"

"This is not a donut shop," she sighs.

"Oh? Then what do you sell?"

"It's Mc Donald's!" Belle who is wrapping toy burger in a paper shouts from her little Ikea kitchen.

"Oh. In that case, can I have a cheese burger and diet coke?" I tell Ariel who pretends to write on her little notepad.

"I'll get you salad. You're too thick to eat cheese burger." She's only five and already this sassy? I bet it's her mother who taught that, slapping hurtful comments as if it's nothing.

"You can't just change my order. Customer's always right." I purposely argue with her to hear more insulting comments.

"Girls are always right." She glares at me and that's when I laugh, she's so fucking adorable that I grab her and hug her tightly.

"Stop it! Let me go!" She struggles in my embrace but I hug her anyway, until the bell suddenly rings. I jump from the little seat and walk to the door, all while carrying her in my arms. The other two follow me from behind.

"Hello," a dark haired woman with a dark brown eyes smiles while standing in front of us.

So this is the bloody babysitter who's an hour late than the time she's supposed to be here? And she dares to smile like this as if she's innocent?

"Hello," all three of them greet her back.

"You're pretty," Belle supplies as she steps forward.

"Awww thanks," the tardy babysitter squats in front of her and smiles. I feel like wiping that smile off this instant by the rage in me, she fucking wastes an hour of my life.

"Girls, go inside first. I need to talk to her."

"But why? I wanna play with her. She's pretty." Cinderella protests.

"I like her long hair," Ariel who's in my arms looks at her adoringly.

"Go inside or I'll send her off."

"Fine." Cinderella stomps her feet then walks back inside.

"Meanie." Belle looks at me in hatred before following her sister.

"I can't walk, even if I want to escape your evil self." Ariel who's still in my arms scowls. The bloody woman giggles hearing her.

"Wait here." I warn her before carrying Ariel whose feet are bound in her mermaid tails. Putting her on the chair, I walk back to the tardy babysitter.

"I don't appreciate this tardiness." I start when I'm standing in front of her again.

"But I'm-"

"I'm going now. My number's on the fridge in case you can't reach their mother or grandmother for an emergency."

She nods, but still looks at me intimidatingly with those big brown eyes.

"Feed them something in half an hour for snack time. Their mother will be back around 5." I step out of the door as she nods again.

Bloody babysitter. If it's not for my urgency to finish my presentation pack, I would've asked for another and bring her to my house instead for a lesson on punctuality. Her porcelain skin with that big round eyes are seriously asking for some spankings.

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