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BITTER Sugar Daddy

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Like I told Ariel yesterday, customers are always right, even though they are a pain in the ass. In this case, my client and my business partner are both a pain in the ass.

"The mango cheese cake is to dieeee for, I promise." Gerard dramatically rolls her eyes up as his right hand touches his chest.

Claudia Green laughs as I scan the menu scribbled on the black board that's pasted on the wall of the cafe. Instead of having lunch at a restaurant I've booked for us, Gerard decided it's better to consume their lunch calories on dessert straightaway since our client has a sweet tooth.

"Welcome to Jahn and John, what can I get you?" The voice makes me turn my eyes from the menu, straight to the owner of that sweet, sweet voice even though I haven't decided on what to order yet.

Bloody hell, it's the bloody babysitter.

"Tell me honey, should we order the infamous mango cheese cake?"

Not even a full day but we're already meeting again. What are the odds.

"Oh yesss," her cheerful face lights up at the mention of the mango cheese cake. I gulp my saliva imagining how that yes comes out of her mouth but in a different setting.

Shit, having a hard on during lunch? With my business partner and important client next to me? In the middle of a mediocre cafe like this? Since when am I 15 again? Grow up, Augustine.

"We only have three slices left. I suggest you grab it before people are pouring in for lunch in, ummm," she glances at the watch wrapped on her skinny wrist, how would that feel when I grab it while I fuck her on the wall mhmmmm, "10 minutes."

"Really? Oh dear, then can we have two slices of those yummy but sinful dessert?"

She giggles as she nods, "two yummy but sinful dessert coming right up!"

Fuck, all those words describe her perfectly. Yummy lips, sinful ass, I am seriously craving for different kind of dessert right now.

"How about you, sir?" She tilts her head to the left when she gasps. Looks like my little kitten has just realised she's facing her predator again.

"Nah, he eats different kind of dessert." Gerard waves his hand as he and Claudia laugh.

I ignore both of them and clear my throat instead, "I'll just have a cup of cappuccino."

"Make it three, please." Claudia slips in making her attention diverts to both of them again.

"Alright. Would you like any finger food?"

I groan at the innocent question. I sure as hell don't mind fingering you on this table and lick you clean for lunch.

"Nah, we're here just for dessert."

"Oh come on, Gerr, live a little," Claudia taps my business partner's hand, "Can you give us the chicken wings as well?"

Gerard squeezes his hand on Claudia's as his eyes widen, "Claudy! We can't have those! I'm on strict diet, I can't have chicken wings!"

Her sweet scent of peach and something fruity makes me shifts my pants, I'm getting uncomfortable with this hard on thank God for this hideous table cloth that hides my dick very well.

"Oh so you can have mango cheese cake but not chicken wings?" Claudia rolls her eyes.

"I guess it's okay," she suddenly interrupts their stupid conversation, "mango is a fruit afterall. Fruit is good for health, it's definitely okay to eat fruit while you're on diet."

Both of them look at each other then laughs as they nod, "You should grab a chair, girl. You fit just foine with us."

"Us, excluding this all-serious-no-fun's-allowed man here." Gerard points a finger to me briefly.

Despite their thousand dollars suits, I feel like I'm sitting with two clowns. They've been like this too during our business meetings. To think that Claudia is a heiress that's also our major client, I just let it slide and entertain her silliness.

"Soooo, two mango cheese cake and a serving of chicken wings?" She grins and that's when I've decided it's enough, I can't look at her anymore without imagining doing something inappropriate to her. So I take out my phone and check my emails.

"Yeah. And don't forget our cappuccino, dear."

"Hot?" Shit, she's doing it again. Of course you're hot, you got me all bothered since you showed up on my door yesterday afternoon.

"No, make it cold please. The weather is too hot to have hot beverage."

"Alright, three iced cappuccino. Anything else?" Suck my cock. Now.

"Think that's all. Or you wanna order something to eat, Augustine?" I want her served in a little apron with nothing else but that apron.

"No." I answer Claudia while still keeping my gaze towards my phone screen.

"Okie." She beams with her non-stop cheerfulness as she walks away from us.

The way she said okie instead of okay really makes me wanna grab her jaw and teach her how to pronounce it the right way. But also want to hear it a couple times more by how cute it is. Urgh. She's making me going both sides I want to just fuck her to get her out of my system.

Maybe I should just do it?

"Mango cheese cake coming right now," she comes with two plates of ugly yellow looking cake that look nothing like her; delicious.

"Thanks Eve." Eve? I thought my sister mentioned her name is Anna? I fucking remember because I have one Anna at my office working as the head of finance.

"You're welcome. The drinks will be here in a minute but the chicken wings will take another 10 minutes. Is that okay?" What would you do if I said it's not okay? And look how you can pronounce okay just fine, not like some 5 year old girl. Even my nieces can say okay just fine.

"Yeah we can devour these little heaven first, no problem."

"Well then, please devour them." I close my eyes hearing her say it. Devour. I so want to devour you since the first time I saw you. Fuck.
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