Not My Yesterday

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I wasn’t expecting it. That’s the best I could explain it. I mean Chance had been my childhood crush but I had outgrown it. He was my best friend’s older brother. “That is one very dangerous bikini” he said his voice husky. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me against him. I gasped as I felt his hardness against me. “Don’t you know how beautiful you are Amber” this time when he said my name it sent a shiver down my spine. He leaned over pressing his lips softly into mine. My brain was on overload, Chance, Chance was kissing me and oh god it felt good. I moaned and that seemed to be the confirmation he had been waiting for as he deepened the kiss. My lips parted and his tongue entered my mouth. I placed my arms around his neck and twirled my fingers in the sandy hair at the back of his head. He lifted me easily in the water and I wrapped my legs around his hard body. His fingers traced my jaw line as his mouth did ungodly things to mine. Nipping, licking, sucking. His hand slid down my neck, tracing down my arm sending shivers through me. Desire pooled in my stomach and I knew that I was already wet for him. His hand slid across my stomach and up to cup my breast. He ran his thumb over my already erect nipple and I groaned into his mouth which caused his cock to twitch against my legs..

Erotica / Romance
RA Winters
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Chapter 1

I wasn’t expecting it. That’s the best I could explain it.

I mean Chance had been my childhood crush but I had outgrown it. He was my best friend’s older brother. It wasn’t some stupid it’s forbidden thing.

I was so gaga over him she knew it and used to make fun of me daily.

Besides being cute with his sandy blonde hair and warm chocolate eyes he was also nice to me. He used to share his snacks, do things like teach me how to play catch and even sometimes let me play with him and his older friends if Ashley wasn’t around and if that didn’t make you crush worthy as a kid I don’t know what did.

But I grew out of it, or so I thought. I mean I hit high school and started liking boys in my grade and getting attention from boys in my grade.

He was done high school by the time I started, he had gone away to school and so my attention shifted I guess is the best way to put it and it stayed that way until yesterday.

I was back for summer after our third year of University. Ashley and I ended up going to the same school which was the best choice ever because then we got to be roommates and who doesn’t want to live with their best friend right?

Anyways yesterday I was at Ashley’s hanging out at her pool when I heard a deep laugh.

I hadn’t seen Chance for a couple of years because he was doing internships in the summers for law school.

Ash’s dad was a lawyer and both Chance and Ashley wanted to work with him. Chance was interning at Mr. Anderson’s firm this summer, he had one more year after this and then he would be a full blown lawyer (if he passed the bar).

Ashley was already studying for her LSATS. Anyway as I was saying I heard this deep laugh and I turned around and there he was.

Tall and tanned from the sun. His sandy blond hair falling into his eyes as laughed. His body was taunt and chiseled and I know I gasped out loud because Ash shot up in her seat to ask me what was wrong.

“Nothing, nothing” I told her still staring, mouth gaping open.

Ashley followed my gaze “Ewww, you’re staring at my brother.” She stuck out her tongue disgusted. “We’re not starting this stupid gaga crush crap again are we?” she teased.

I forced a laugh “What? No of course not” I told her but even to me it sounded fake.

“Good” she said “you better wipe the drool off your face then.” She laughed throwing a towel at me.

“Shut up” I laughed, grabbing the towel and throwing it back at her peeling my eyes off him.

She stood up stretching her long arms over her head. Being tall seemed to run in their family. Chance was well over 6 feet and Ashley herself was close to 5’ 10” but she carried it well.

She had legs that went on forever and drew attention anywhere she went. She was fit and knew how to dress herself to show off her body.

Her long sandy blonde hair had a natural wave that I was envious about and her big brown eyes reminded me so much of Chance.

“I’m going to go get some more water” She held up her empty glass to show me “want anything?”

“No I’m good” I replied turning my body back towards the sun.

Unlike Ashely I had to pay for my schooling so I was starting a job at a local cowboy bar next week and wanted to soak up all the sun I could before then.

I closed my eyes enjoying the warmth of the sun on my body when a shadow blocked it. “Hey Ash mind moving you’re blocking my sun” I asked her without opening my eyes.

“I know you haven’t seen me for a while but I don’t think I look that much like Ashley” An amused voice countered.

My eyes shot open to see Chance standing above me staring down. I jumped up to hug him “Hey Chance” I squealed feeling embarrassed by how excited I sounded, but crush or not he had always been one of my favourite people.

“Hey Chatterbox” He smoothly replied picking me up and spinning me around. Man it felt good being in his arms, I was kind of sad when he put me down.

He looked me up and down and I felt myself blush. “Look at you Chatterbox, all grown up” He winked, and grinned a wicked smile as I stuck my tongue out at him.

I HATED being called Chatterbox and he knew it but I’d earned the nickname as a kid because whenever I was around him I wouldn’t shut up.

“Not looking so bad yourself Anderson” I answered giving him a little shove. “So tell me how are things? How’s school? One more year and you’re big shot lawyer.”

He laughed that deep husky laugh that had drawn my attention just moments ago.

I was staring again and I knew it but I couldn’t seem to stop. I was watching the way his throat moved up and down as he chuckled, it was almost mesmerizing.

Then I studied his face. He had a little bit of a five o’clock shadow and it made him look really really sexy. I wanted to reach out and run my hands across it.

His hair, his beautiful sandy blonde hair, had the same natural wave as Ashley and managed to fall perfectly right beside his eyes.

His eyes, oh shit, his eyes which were watching me amused as I’d been gawking at him. I felt my face flush and looked at the ground.

“Like what you see Amber?” He asked clearly amused.

Him saying my name sent a warmth through me right to my core as I realized just how close he was standing to me.

I felt my heart beat quicken as I stumbled on what to say “I…I”

Chance rumbled with laughter clearly enjoying seeing me tongue tied. Just then Ashley came back out with her water. She rushed up to hug her big brother.

They had always been close and Chance had promised to help her get ready for her LSATS this summer.

“Hey big bro, how have things been? How’s Carly?” Ashely inquired and I felt my stomach drop. Carly, Chance’s girlfriend since well forever or so it seemed but for at least the last 3 years.

“We broke up again” Chance said his eyes still on me. His expression was unreadable but I noticed his eyes kept drifting downward towards my tiny bikini.

I wasn’t tall and blonde like Ashley but I did okay for myself. I was much shorter than her standing at 5’5” but I had a nice body.

Much curvier than Ashley’s but I liked my curves. I looked down at my black bikini to make sure the girls hadn’t slipped out.

That was the one area that Ashley was jealous of me about because as she said I had been “blessed”, if you could call it that, with nice firm double D sized breasts.

They were thankfully still in place, barely, so I refocused on the conversation.

“You guys always break up before summer and always get back together every fall” Ashley reminded him (and me too I think).

I sighed inwardly remembering that much like Ashley and Dylan, Chance and Carly were end game. I wanted to tell her to shut up but I knew it wasn’t my place.

“Not this time” Chance told her his expression all serious “this time it’s for good.” I felt my heart skip a beat and I got hopeful for just a second.

“Sure, Chance, whatever, that’s what you say every year, come September you’ll be all lovey dovey again.” Carly reassured him.

I scowled at her trying to telepathically tell her to shut up and realized when I looked over at him that he’d caught the whole thing.

He grinned that dazzling mind melting grin that made my heart do little flips before getting up

“I still got some unpacking to do, we’ll catch up later okay” he told Ash hugging her one more time. “Will be nice to be home with you for one last summer.”

He turned to me “See you later Chatterbox” he started to walk in to the house but as he walked by me he dropped his voice to a whisper and said “nice bikini” looking me up and down once more leaving me feeling flushed.

My gaze followed him until I got hit in the head by a towel. I turned to see Ashely staring at me “gross” she said.

I stuck my tongue out at her and laughed. I turned my attention back to soaking up the sun.

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