Booking Roy Cesar (COMPLETED)

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Krissy knew that her heat would kick in next Saturday, so she booked herself a night with an alpha escort. Alpha Roy Cesar didn't know what came over him when he heard the name of his new omega client. Together, they spent a night of passion and that's not where it ended for the alpha and the omega. 🔞 18+ (contains sex and swearing). ⚠ This is omegaverse AU, not werewolf AU. #bxg #mature #explicit #sex #omegaverse #alpha #omega #happyending #love #romance #erotic romance #fluffy #fluffandsmut #caringmalelead

Erotica / Romance
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The appointment

*Just a heads up. This is a short story! And an old work of mine*

Krissy looked at the business card she held in her hand. It had a name and a phone number written on it, in red curly letters.

“R. Cesar. Alpha escort,” she read out loud.

Amy, her roommate, had stuffed the card in her hands before she left earlier.

“Call him, Kris, you really need to take action in your own hands. Have you forgotten how you felt during your last heat? Have you forgotten what could have happened? Don’t be a dumb omega girl, please, call the man!”

Amy’s words still lingered in her head. Oh, she knew very well what could have happened during her last heat. She had been so far gone back then, she got out of the house and ended up wandering on the streets in the middle of the night. She could easily have gotten raped or worse. On that fateful day, almost a month ago, she had already been dragged by her hairs by some devilish horny alpha, wanting to have his ways with her. It was horrible. Luckily, Amy and her boyfriend had saved her before even more horrible things happened.

She just couldn’t control herself during heat and it only got worse every month. She knew she had to stay inside her house, safe from dangers, but her body didn’t listen to her brain during one of her heat periods and that was frightening.

Probably the lack of sex had something to do with it too. She hadn’t gotten any in almost two years. Normally, she felt fine about that as she didn’t wanna fuck around with strangers or have one-night-stands and all that, but during heat, things changed.

Krissy knew that next Saturday would be the day: Her heat will kick in again.

Should she really call this R. Cesar? Could she sleep with a stranger? A male seemed so wrong to do... Could she really pay a man to share her bed with?

This Cesar guy was known to be an expert when it came to omegas in heat, at least that’s what Amy had said. She knew a guy who knew a girl who knew another girl who had a great night with the male prostitute a few weeks back.

Krissy looked at the number and inhaled and exhaled a few times before she said, “you know what? Fuck it, let’s do this.” She then dialed the number that was readable on the card. The phone rang and a lady picked up.

“Good evening, Heated services, this is Xelesia speaking, how may I help you?”

“Uh...hello. I...I’m calling to book Mr. Cesar, for next Saturday.” Krissy cleared her throat. “Please.” she then added, feeling the burn on her cheeks. How does one call for an escort? God, it was so fucking embarrassing.

“Wait one moment, please.” There was a minute-long pause. “You will be in heat next Saturday?” Xelesia asked. “We only take omegas in heat at the moment.”

“Yes, I will be.”

“First day of heat?”

“Yes, Saturday it’ll start,” Krissy answered.

“When is your peak?” Xelesia asked. “On the first day?”

It was almost like calling the doctor, except for the fact that her doctor wasn’t going to bang her. Thank goodness, only the thought of her and old Dr. Williams made her hair stand up straight, and not in a good way.

“Yeah, the first day. Mostly in the evening,” Krissy answered.

“To be clear: Saturday night will be your peak?” Xelesia asked to be sure.


“Eight p.m., is that ok for you?”


Dear lord. Did she really just make an appointment...?”

“Eight o’clock it is,” Xelesia spoke through the phone.

The rest of the conversation was mostly Xelesia giving information. About payments, contracts that needed to be signed online, and some further information that Krissy should wash herself before the arrangement took place and if she wanted to use toys, she should get them herself.

It was all awkward as hell.

And that was it. Next Saturday, she would share her bed with a male escort!

After she had hung up the phone, she texted Amy to tell her that she got herself an appointment. Amy texted back that she was proud and that she would crash at Mason’s all weekend. Mason was Amy’s boyfriend. He was a cool guy.

Five minutes later, Krissy wondered what the hell she just did to herself, and she started to laugh uncontrollably, like some maniac. “Oh God..! What have I done?”


Notes: Hi, everyone. This is the writer speaking. This short story is all sexy, romantic, and mostly just a sweet read. I’m no English speaker so there might be some grammatical errors.


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