Reign of the Dragon Queen

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Serious trouble has been brewing in the mythical Kingdom of Westoria as tensions are at an all-time high. Draxus, the Dragon King has been returned from his accursed slumber, unintentionally bringing with him the most powerful creature known to mankind; the Great Pearl Dragon. After learning what his treacherous brother did to Lillian during his time under the influence of the curse Draxus seeks revenge against Marcus. Now with the power of not 1 but 2 massive armies at his command and after forming an alliance with King Marcus, the demonic ruler King Xytsis seeks to locate his missing daughter and grandchild with hopes to corrupt and obtain power from them. Now that he has finally located the whereabouts of the Great Pearl Dragon here in our world, Xytsis has his sights set on forming a bond with the mighty creature as its destined rider. After her husband’s unscheduled departure the Dragon Queen has unexpectedly gone into labour while trapped in an isolated cavern, far from home. As it appears only the Veemon Flynn may be able to assist Lillian with bringing her future heir safely into the world. But their troubles have only just begun as they are paid an unexpected visit by Rayvinn and King Marcus himself! NOTE - This is Book 5 in the 'POWER' Series. For the story to make sense, please read Books 1 - 4 beforehand! WARNING: SOME SCENES CONTAIN ABUSE & FORCED SEX SCENES!!!

Erotica / Fantasy
Bec Middleton
4.8 6 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Calling for Backup

The young Dragon Queen was in the early stages of labour and in serious trouble it would appear, as her and the Veemon Flynn were suddenly surrounded by intruders who had made their way inside the cavern to surround them.

King Marcus stood at the front of the group with a smug grin on his face, his arms folded in front of his chest; clearly proud of having caught them off guard them like this. Lillian was completely vulnerable; this would be all too easy. Soon both the Queen and her newborn child would be their prisoner and promptly escorted back to Castle Krillian.

The dark sorceress Rayvinn who was responsible for transporting the King Regent and his King’s Guard Soldiers to this location was also readily standing by. She watched on from her position further back towards the entrance to the cavern with a keen interest as the Veemon stood between Lillian and the intruders, his Lunai sword drawn and ready to fight.

He would not allow them to take Lillian or her child.

Flynn glanced across at the sorceress, knowing full well that she was the reason they were currently surrounded by enemy soldiers. He glared at her as he spoke venomous hatred.

“Now this is a new low sorceress, even for you.”

Rayvinn merely chuckled at his comment, “What can I say, I always choose the winning side Veemon. And now you’ve got nowhere left to run…” she peered over his shoulder at Lillian as she breathed through another contraction painfully.

“Though lucky for us, it looks as though we won’t have to wait long until the little one arrives.” she sneered with a grin, “Oh and in case you haven’t yet realised, both the Queen and her child are coming with us... now.”

“You’ll have to get through me first bitch!” Flynn shot back defiantly, his eyes glowing brightly as he stood in a fighters stance, fully prepared for what would come next.


The sound of Lillian’s voice mixed with pain and terror seized his attention and he spun his head around to listen to her.

“You need to find him Flynn!”

At first her command had made no sense but then as she spoke again he began to understand what the distressed Queen had meant.

“Bring him back to me. Go… go NOW, before it’s too late!”

“But what about you?” he pleaded, his brows furrowed with concern at her mixed stupidity and bravery, “I’m not leaving you alone against them!”

As soon as he asked Lillian’s eyes began to glow a bright white shade as she pulled herself up into a seated position; her powers having been activated. Her sights were fixed on her supposed husband as she glared with tremendous hatred.

“I can handle myself Flynn. Just do it!”

“Lillian, I don’t-”

“-GO NOW FLYNN!” she shouted, this time a little more desperately.

The Veemon let out a frustrated growl as he suddenly disappeared into a glowing purple hue, leaving Lillian alone in the cavern filled with enemy soldiers rapidly surrounding her while she sat vulnerably on the floor.

Marcus began to laugh with a deep and sinister delight as he looked down at Lillian with obvious intimidation. He enjoyed having control over her.

“Now that may have been a mistake, dearest wife.” he taunted.

“Come any closer and you’ll learn what a real mistake can be, dearest husband.” she retorted, her eyes still glowing brightly with her incredible power.

“Come now Lillian, you’re clearly outnumbered. And no offense but it’s obvious you’re in no state to defend yourself from all of us.” Rayvinn spoke from her position off to the side, “Why not come willingly, for the sake of your child.”

A wave of rage washed over Lillian as she turned her furious glare toward her apparent sister. The villainous snake, she cared for no one or nothing but herself.

“Don’t for one second pretend you care for my baby’s welfare you evil manipulative bitch!” Lillian snapped, “Like I said, come any closer and I’ll- UGH… Aaaaah!”

Cut off mid-sentence the labouring Queen was suddenly overcome with a powerful contraction; one that had caused her entire face to contort and her eyes to close as she held at her tightening belly and hunched over in incredible pain.

“You’ll what, dearest?” Marcus taunted with a smirk, “Hmm?”

Turning his head only partially to the side he gave his next command to the eight men standing around him. It was time to make their move.

“Take her.”


Just outside of the cavern a strange glowing purple light suddenly appeared and began to grow in size and brightness until Flynn himself appeared in person, crouched down on his hands and knees and looking around cautiously for any more soldiers. He had only transported himself a short distance away from inside the cavern as he wanted to get back to assist Lillian as soon as he possibly could.

She was clearly outnumbered; there was no way she could manage to protect herself against all of them at once!

Flynn stood up and glanced out at the distant darkness of the night’s horizon. He needed to make a mental connection with Draxus, as he had done once before for Lillian on the night of her wedding to Marcus.

But it wouldn’t be easy.

Closing his eyes Flynn fought to concentrate on one thing and one thing alone; The Dragon King. Within a matter of seconds he had managed to form a strong enough bond with the Draxus’ mind and began to speak aloud. His words would appear verbally within Draxus’ mind as he soared high through the darkened skies atop his mighty dragon.

Draxus…” Flynn’s voice echoed off into nothingness, surprising the Dragon King as he sat up slightly and looked around with confusion, narrowing his eyes.

“Flynn?” he spoke aloud, not quite sure he had in fact heard the Veemon’s voice just now.

It wasn’t possible; he was hundreds of metres up in the sky soaring amongst thick white fluffy clouds in the blackened surrounding of night.

As the Veemon fought to hold the mental bond with Draxus, Flynn knew he was rapidly running out of time and needed to get a message across to him fast. He would only be able to hold the connection for a moment longer before it broke.

“Lillian’s in danger… baby’s coming.” was all he managed to communicate before the connection suddenly broke off without any warning. Flynn reopened his glowing purple eyes, breathing heavily from the strong amount of power he had just used.

“I hope that worked.” the Veemon spoke, staring out at the distance with desperation, “Come on Draxus… Lillian needs you.”

Meanwhile at that exact moment Draxus had gotten the intended message from Flynn loud and clear as he quickly changed Drako’s current course to return to the cavern he had come from. His wife and child were in danger and that’s all he needed to know.

“Faster Drako, Lillian’s in danger!” he shouted out to his winged companion through the roaring night wind as they soared through the clouds, “Faster!”

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