Reign of the Dragon Queen

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Serious trouble has been brewing in the mythical Kingdom of Westoria as tensions are at an all-time high. Draxus, the Dragon King has been returned from his accursed slumber, unintentionally bringing with him the most powerful creature known to mankind; the Great Pearl Dragon. After learning what his treacherous brother did to Lillian during his time under the influence of the curse Draxus seeks revenge against Marcus. Now with the power of not one but two massive armies at his command and after forming an alliance with King Marcus, the demonic ruler King Xytsis seeks to locate his missing daughter and grandchild with hopes to corrupt and obtain power from them. Now that he has finally located the whereabouts of the Great Pearl Dragon here in our world, Xytsis has his sights set on forming a bond with the mighty creature as its destined rider. After her husband’s unscheduled departure the Dragon Queen has unexpectedly gone into labour while trapped in an isolated cavern, far from home. As it appears only the Veemon Flynn may be able to assist Lillian with bringing her future heir safely into the world. But their troubles have only just begun as they are paid an unexpected visit by Rayvinn and King Marcus himself! NOTE - This is Book 5 in the 'Power' Series... Only chapters 1-3 are on Inkitt. To read more of this series, please visit 'Galatea' and search for my book, 'POWER'.

Erotica / Fantasy
Bec Middleton
4.8 10 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Calling for Backup

Book 5 in the POWER Series...

The young Dragon Queen was in the early stages of labour and in serious trouble it would appear, as her and the Veemon Flynn were sudden...

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