Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 10 To Being Reunited

“Caroline, is everything ready?” Asked Mark. “Yes,” Caroline responded. “Can you go get the twins?” Mark answered, “okay.” Mark walked back inside the mansion and said, “Ian, Mia, are you ready?”

“Can we take Chocolate?” Mia asked. “We can’t. If we do, Brownie is going to be lonely.”

“I don’t want Brownie to be lonely,” Ian commented. “I also don’t want her to be lonely.”

Just then, the butler walked closer to them. “Mr. King, there is someone here to see you.” The butler moved to the side as Persephone walked closer to them. “Hi, Mark.”

“Achilles!” Mia exclaimed. Mia stepped closer to the toddler holding Persephone’s hand and hugged him. Ian also walked closer to him and waved his hand. “Hi, Achilles.” He waved back. “Hi, Ian.” Mark greeted Persephone and said, “it’s so nice to see you, Persephone.”

“Where is Caroline?” Mark chuckled and responded, “she is out in the dock, she is waiting for us.”

“What are we waiting for then?” Mark grabbed the twins’ hands and started walking to the dock behind the mansion. They walked past the pool and arrived at the dock. “Is it okay if I invited a friend?” Caroline responded as she helped the twins on the yacht. “Sure. I don’t mind.”

After the twins were in the yacht, Caroline looked up to meet Mark’s gaze. She opened her mouth in shock when she saw the woman walking towards them. She got off the yacht and sprinted towards Persephone. Caroline embraced Persephone in a hug. Caroline pressed a tender peck against Persephone’s cheek. “Persephone.”


“I can’t believe you are here! And blonde?” Persephone chuckled. “I am. I changed my hair not long ago.” They embraced each other in a tight hug once again. “Can you two leave the touching reunion for when you are on board, so we can be on our way?” Both Caroline and Persephone turned to look at Mark. “No,” Caroline responded. “Caroline, maybe we should get on the yacht first.” Caroline let out a sigh. “Fine.” She got on the yacht and Persephone got on after her. They went up the stairs and went inside the living room.

When they were inside, Persephone was greeting Elizabeth, when she noticed the toddler playing with Mia and Ian. “Who is this?” She asked. Persephone turned to look at the boy she was referring to. Persephone stepped closer to her and responded, “he is my son, Achilles.”

“Your son?”

“Yes, he is my son.”

Caroline looked at the children and spoke, “those two cuties next to him are my son, Ian, and my daughter, Mia.” Persephone chuckled. “I know. I met them when I was taking Achilles to his first day in that preschool. I was so shocked when I saw Mark and Taekyung there. I couldn’t believe it when they told me they were yours.” Caroline tenderly smiled once again. “Yes, they are my little angels.”

Persephone faced Caroline whilst displaying an angered look on her face. “How could you just leave like that. I tried contacting you, but you just disappeared. If it weren’t for your face appearing on the news every day, I would have thought you were dead.”

“I’m sorry. I never wanted to run away like that, but the way things happened, I just wanted to flee New York, flee my old life and start fresh.”

“How come you lost touch with your family and friends except for Mark, Taekyung, and Elizabeth?” Caroline replied, “because, I ran away to South Korea with Taekyung and I told my mom to come to live here with Mark.” Persephone let out a sigh. “If I weren’t happy to see you, if I weren’t your best friend, I would never forgive for leaving without saying anything.”

“I know, Sephie. But try to understand why I did what I did. You were there. You witness the whole thing. I just wanted to leave and never go back there.” Persephone embraced Caroline in a hug and whispered, “I know. I know you ran away because it was the best thing to do, but I would have been appreciated it if you would have called or texted at least once.”

Persephone separated from the hug and smiled. She walked closer to Achilles and said, “come with me. There is someone you need to meet.” The toddler stood up from the couch as he held Persephone’s and hand. Caroline crouched down as they approached her. “Achilles, this is your aunt, Caroline.” Caroline chuckled. “Nice to meet you Achilles.” Achilles waved his hand and shily said, “hi.” Caroline placed her hand on his cheek and caressed it. She smiled and then said, “go play with Mia and Ian.” Achilles nodded and walked back to the couch.

Caroline stood back up and said to Persephone, “why don’t we go have a seat and drink something?”

“Sure.” Caroline walked to the bar and prepared two drinks, one for her and one for her Persephone. She walked to Persephone and said, “let’s go outside for a bit.” They walked to a seat outside the living room. Persephone grabbed the drink as she stood up. They walked out of the living room, leaving Elizabeth alone with the children.

When they were sitting on the couch, Caroline said, “who is the father? How come you didn’t bring him with you?”

“Out of all the things you could have asked, that is what you are asking me?” Caroline giggled. Persephone let out a sigh. “I don’t know who the father is.” Caroline’s mouth fell open. “Before you say anything... remember the time I had a one-night stand and I was freaking out?”


“After that time, you made me promise to never have any more one-night stands, so I never did. But a few days before that night, you went to visit me. You told me about the accident and how you couldn’t have children after you saw me take the pill. After that day, I stopped taking the pills. I never thought I would be able to get pregnant that fast. When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to keep my baby, so I told my parents about my decision and they were furious. They arranged for me to marry a man I didn’t even know. I took a job here to run away from him after we got married. My parents forced me to get back until recently when I moved back here.”

Caroline placed her hand on Persephone’s shoulder and gave her a sympathetic smile. “When I found out I was pregnant, I was the happiest woman alive. Even the doctor told me it was a miracle. The doctor looked at my medical record and said it was impossible for me to be pregnant. When I heard that, I just had to keep it. When I found out I was having twins, I was gleaming with joy. Though I did have a few complications during my pregnancy, they were truly a miracle and they are and always be my little angels.”

“I’m so happy to see you again, Caroline. After all these years, we have finally reunited.” Caroline smiled and extended out her glass. “To being reunited.”

“To being reunited.” Carline placed her empty glass on the table in front of her and asked, “When is his birthday?”

“June fourth.” Caroline smiled. “What about the twins?”

“June eleventh. I guess we weren’t that far apart during pregnancy.”

Meanwhile, Mark was resting on the couch on the top floor of the yacht when Taekyung showed up. “It’s a nice day to go out like this, isn’t it?” Taekyung commented Mark made eye contact and stood up from the couch. He completely ignored him and planned to walk away without talking to him, but Taekyung grabbed his arm, making a stop when he passed by him.

When Mark was beside him and he held onto his arm and said, “why are you ignoring me? You have been avoiding me this past week.”

“I haven’t been ignoring you. I just have nothing to say to you.” Taekyung let go of Mark and he walked away. He went down the stairs and met with the kids and his mother. He stayed in the living room with them until they arrived at their destination.

When they arrived at their destination, the captain walked down from the bridge of the yacht to the living room. “We’ve arrived,” he said. Just then Caroline and Persephone had stepped inside to look at the kids. “Mommy! We’re here.” Caroline smiled. “Yes, Mia.” Mark stood up from the couch and said, “I’ll go out for a swim.”

“Wait... take the kids with you,” Caroline said. Mark just continued walking away. Elizabeth stood up from the couch and said, “have fun taking care of the kids.”

“Where are you going?”

“I will go tan.” Caroline looked at Persephone and let out a sigh. Persephone placed her hand on Caroline’s cheek and smiled. “Come on kids... let’s go,” said Persephone.

After getting the kids ready with sunscreen, they went down to the swim platform, where they found Taekyung diving into to water. Ian grabbed Mia’s hand and they both jumped in the water. “Oh my God!” Persephone exclaimed. Caroline shifted her gaze to the toddlers in the water. Then, she looked back at Persephone. “It’s okay. They know how to swim.”

“But what if-.”

“Nothing will happen.” Persephone let out a sigh as she looked at Mark and Taekyung sitting on the sup paddleboards. Mia sat with Taekyung and Ian sat with Mark. Persephone tightly held onto Achilles’ hand. “Come on, Achilles! Jump in!” Mia exclaimed. Achilles slowly let go of Persephone’s hand and jumped in. “Achilles-.” Achilles jumped in and saw to Marks paddleboard. Mark helped the toddler on the board.

“See? Nothing happened. You can relax,” Caroline uttered. “Yeah, okay.” Caroline sat on the swimming platform, with her feet inside the clear water. Persephone sat behind her as they watched the toddlers calmly sit on the boards as Mark and Taekyung paddled away.

“I’ve missed you so much, Sephie.”

“I’ve missed you, too, Care.” They looked at each other with a smile. “I never wanted to run away. I never wanted to lose contact with you. It just happened. I regret not contacting you these past four years.” Persephone embraced Caroline in a hug and said, “It’s okay, Caroline. We are reunited now. There is nothing that will separate us.

After spending almost, the whole day playing and enjoying their time in the water, the kids were exhausted. Caroline and Persephone watched them play around and eventually took them to the hot tub on the top floor of the yacht so Caroline and Persephone could enjoy the bright Miami sun and sunbathe for a while.

Afterward, Caroline and Persephone gave the kids a bath before putting them to sleep in the master bedroom of the yacht. When they went back to the swim platform, they decided to use the water skis. They put on the life jackets and got on the water skis. “How about a race?” Caroline said, “surrounding that yacht over there and back.”

“Let’s do it.” They began the race and Caroline took the lead. She passed by Mark, who was on top of the paddleboard, making him lose his balance. He fell in the water and when he swam back out of the water he exclaimed, “Caroline!” Caroline quickly turned her head and shouted, “sorry.” She turned her head again and continued with her trajectory. Despite losing sometimes taking a detour to make Mark fall, Caroline won. She threw her hands in the air as she celebrated her victory. “I won,” she said while laughing.

“Congrats, now it’s my turn,” Taekyung said as he walked down the steps while eating a slice of watermelon. “Hey, Mark. Wanna race?” He shouted for Mark to be able to hear him. Mark made eye contact with him and completely ignored him. “I’ll race with you,” Persephone commented. Caroline got off the water ski to let Taekyung raise with Persephone. “Ready. Set. GO!” Caroline shouted.

Halfway through the race, Taekyung stopped completely. He looked at Mark, who was talking to a man who had approached him on his paddleboard. They were conversing as they while sitting opposite each other on the boards. Taekyung continued looking at them for a while. He could feel his jealousy burning within him. He started to jet ski once again and turned back to the yacht without finishing the race since Persephone had already won.

“What happened?” Caroline asked. “Nothing,” he responded. Caroline and Persephone continued to have their fun with the jet skis until Mark got back on the sub paddleboard. Caroline and Persephone returned to the yacht and the captain fixed the jet skis, so they could head back to the mansion.

When they got back to the mansion, the sun was already setting. “Today was a fun day, right?” Caroline commented as they walked to the Mansion. “Yes, it was,” Persephone followed up. As soon as they went inside the mansion, Caroline took off her white floppy hat and placed it on the couch.

As soon as Chocolate saw them enter the mansion, he ran to them, scaring Persephone. Persephone let out a scream, watching the dog run towards her. “Chocolate, sit!” The dog obediently sat and swayed his tail, waiting to be pet. “Isn’t he adorable?” Caroline commented. She crouched down and pet the dog. “Yes, you are very adorable,” Caroline spoke in her most adorable voice as she petted the dog, “yes, you are.”

“Are you scared of dogs?” Asked Taekyung as he stood next to Persephone. “A little,” she responded. Just then, Caroline’s ferret started running towards her. Persephone looked at the furry animal running in her direction and lost her composure. She stood on the couch as she screamed, “there is a rat!” Caroline opened her mouth with an undignified look on her face. She picked up her ferret from the floor and stepped closer to Persephone. The kids, witnessing the whole thing were laughing at Persephone for freaking out about the cute little pet.

“She is not a rat. She is my little princess. You have no right insulting her like that. She is probably cleaner than you.” Caroline pressed a peck on the ferret’s head and added, “right, Brownie?”

“She... is your pet?”

“She is Caroline’s ferret,” Mark responded as he lazily leaned back against the couch. Taekyung walked closer to her and extended out his hand to help her off the couch. Caroline walked closer to Persephone and asked, “do you want to pet her?”

“Does she bite?′

“Sometimes.” Caroline sat on the couch and Persephone sat next to her. Mia grabbed Achilles’ hand and said, “come on, let’s go play.” She also grabbed Ian’s hand and dragged them both to the playroom.

When the kids left, Persephone commented, “your kids are quite fearless. The way they jumped in the water today...”

“Yes, they are. Especially Mia, but Achilles is also fearless. He also jumped in, despite his experience in swimming.”

“How did you notice?”

“I just assumed he doesn’t swim as much as the twins. The twins love swimming. Every time I come home; I find them swimming in the pool.” Persephone chuckled. Caroline placed Brownie on Persephone’s lap. Persephone petted the ferret and commented, “her fur is so soft.” Caroline nodded. Persephone looked at Caroline and said, “aren’t ferrets carnivores?”

“Yes, they are obligated carnivores.”

“What do you feed her?”

“Rats,” Mark responded. Caroline explained, “her caretaker feeds her raw meats like chicken wings, lamb, rabbit.”

“Rabbit?” Caroline nodded and continued, “there are times he also feeds her a whole prey like mice.” Persephone’s facial expression changed completely. Caroline laughed and took Brownie from her lap.

Right at that moment, Elizabeth stepped into the living room and commanded, “go wash up. All of you, so we can have dinner. I will take care of the kids.”

“You will take care of them or you will tell Louisa to take care of them?”


“Mom.” Elizabeth angrily looked at Caroline and demanded, “go put that rat away and go take a shower.” Caroline stood up from the couch and called over the butler. “Please, put her in her cage.” The butler nodded as he took the ferret. Persephone also stood up from the couch and walked with Caroline up the stairs. Elizabeth looked at Mark and Taekyung and raised her eyebrow. They instantly stood up from the couch and walked away.

When Mark reached his bedroom, he opened the door and stepped inside. He closed the door and took off his shirt. Taekyung opened the door and went inside the bedroom. “Don’t you know how to knock?”

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