Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 12 Hello Partner

Caroline and Persephone finished getting ready for work. They went to the kids’ bedroom where they woke the children from their slumber. They dressed the kids in their uniforms and got them ready for school. “Can you pass me that Achilles’ tie?” Persephone asked. Caroline reached over the tie on the bed and handed it to Persephone. Caroline continued buttoning up Ian’s cardigan. She fixed Mia’s skirt and said, “alright, time to have breakfast.”

When the children were ready, they all went down to the breakfast room, where they found everyone else sitting at the table. The children sat next to each other at the dining table, where the food was already served. “Mommy, will you take us to school today?” Mia asked. “Of course, aunt Persephone and I will be taking you to school today.” Mia’s eyes light up.

“What about us, Mia? You don’t like it when uncle Tae and I take you to school?” Mark asked. “I do, uncle Mark, but I like it when mommy takes me to school.” Caroline chuckled. “What about me?” Elizabeth asked. Mia nodded as she ate her food. “I like it when you take me, abuela.”

When they finished having breakfast, Caroline decided to talk to Elizabeth. “Mom, Persephone is having some problems at her home. Can she stay with us for a while?”

“Of course, Caroline. Tell Persephone we are here for whatever she needs.” Caroline smiled. “Thank you, mom.” Elizabeth smiled back as she placed her hand on Caroline’s cheek. “Of course, muñeca.” Caroline spoke, “Persephone and I will take the kids to school today.” Elizabeth nodded. Caroline made her way to the entrance, where Persephone was waiting for her.

After taking the kids to school, Carline drove back to the mansion. She exchanged her car and drove to her company. She went to her office and sat on her chair. Joseph knocked on the door and walked inside her office. He placed some documents on her desk and said, “you have several meetings today.”

“Okay,” Caroline spoke as she looked over the documents he had just placed on her desk. “Within those meetings, you have a meeting scheduled with the owner of the fragrance company you signed a contract with.”

“Oh? So, we finally get to meet this mysterious partner,” Caroline commented. “Yes, Ms. King.”

“I’m surprised he sent his lawyer as his representor. Though, dealing with Samuel Patel wasn’t a total nightmare, either.”

“Excuse me, Ms. King. How do you know the owner a man?” Caroline chuckled. “Call it intuition. Plus, I looked into the company. It’s a fairly new company that only develops male fragrances. I’m sure that with this partnership, they would like to develop fragrances for women.”

“Why did you accept this deal, if the company is a small company?” Joseph’s comment made Caroline snicker. “You got it wrong, Joseph. I said it was fairly new. I never said it was a small company. We have no intention of doing business with small businesses. I tried to look into the owner, but it was a dead end. The owner used a fake name.”

“Then why would we get involved in such sketchy business?”

“Curiosity? After all, Samuel Patel wouldn’t get involved in anything ‘sketchy’, he is one of the best lawyers in the world. I’m sure he would never risk that title. Nevertheless, the profit made from this partnership will go straight to the employees’ bonuses. And that includes you, Joseph.” Joseph’s face lit up when he heard about the bonuses.

“Is that all?” Joseph placed more documents on her desk and said, “these files need to be signed by the end of the day.” Caroline nodded. “That will be all,” Joseph spoke. “You may leave now.” Joseph bowed his head and left her office.

Meanwhile, Persephone had just talked to Elizabeth and was happy to know she agreed on letting her stay in the mansion for a while. She called her chauffeur and went to her mansion.

When she arrived, she went straight to the living room, where she found her husband sitting on the couch while watching the news on the giant flat-screen TV.

Persephone stepped further into the living room and grabbed the control remote on top of the oval-shaped glass coffee table. “Hey! I was watching that!”

“Does it look like I care?” The man leaned back against the sofa and said, “what are you doing here? I thought you were working today.”

“I took the day off and I don’t need to give you explanations this is my house. You are the one intruding.”

“In that, you are wrong, honey. We are married. In other words, what’s yours is mine.” Persephone chuckled. “This is only a contract marriage, jackass. Now, are you going to leave my house, or should I ask the bodyguards to kick you out?”

“You can’t kick me out of our house, sweetheart. I am here because my in-laws sent me here. They said we need to start leaving together. Like the happy couple that we are.” Persephone clicked her tongue. “Happy couple my ass. You are only here to make my life a living hell. Since you have no interest in leaving, I will go call the bodyguards, so they kick you out.”

“You will not do that.”

“And why is that?”

“I will tell my in-laws about the way you treat me. They will not be happy when they hear the news. Who knows what they will do to Achilles?”

“They would never hurt their grandson.” The man chuckled. “Are you sure they would never hurt the child they have tried on hurting countless times? Sure, they did warm up to him a bit after he was born, but don’t you remember the things that happened while he was in your stomach?”

Persephone recalled when she told her parents about her pregnancy. They were not too thrilled about it. Her dad even tried causing her a miscarriage. Thankfully, his plan failed. That is the only reason she agreed to the marriage; to protect her son from her parents. “So, honey, are you going to cook some dinner for me tonight?”

“Fuck off.”

“Don’t be so mean to your loving husband. I came here all the way from New York just to see you. I’ve missed you, babe.”

“You can drop the act, Elijah. We have been married for almost four years. Aren’t you tired of kissing my parents’ ass for money? How much do you want for the divorce?”

“Persephone, sweety. I’m not cheap. Every time you ask me for a divorce, the price goes up. But I don’t want to divorce you just yet. I’m still after all the money your parents offer me just to pretend to be your husband.” Elijah stood up from the sofa and walked closer to her. He placed his index finger under her chin, making her meet his gaze. “Plus, I still haven’t slept with you.” She slapped his hand off. “That will never happen.”

“You should be grateful that I am a decent man and I would never force a woman to sleep with me.” Persephone spoke in sarcasm, “wow. Thank you for being a decent human being for once in your life. I am so thankful for your kindness.”

“But I assure you that after being with me one night, you will fall in love with me. Many women have, but to their bad luck, I am married to you.” Persephone sneered. She turned around and started walking away. “I want you out of here by the end of this week.”

Persephone opened the front door and left without saying anything else. She got in the car and her chauffeur drove away. “Where to?” He asked. Persephone wanted some time to clear her thoughts and think of what to do about her husband. “The mall,” she responded.

After going around the mall for a few hours, some famous branded paper shopping bags in her hand and the rest being carried by her chauffeur and bodyguards. She saw a store that caught her attention. She handed the two shopping bags she held in her hands and handed them to one of the bodyguards.

Persephone entered the store that caught her attention. She was going through the aisles of the expensive clothing as she thought, “Elizabeth’s clothing line is truly amazing.” She kept walking while looking at the clothes until she found a dress that caught her attention.

Persephone was about to take the dress when a man also grabbed the dress. “Excuse me, this is mine,” Persephone spoke. The man paused for a second. He looked at Persephone up and down. He remembered he had met her before. Seeing how she did not recognize him; he did not bother on introducing himself. “I don’t see your name on it,” replied the man. “Well, I saw it first.”

“I’m sorry, but I saw it first.” They both tugged on each end of the hanger, waiting for the other to let go of it. “I am sure your girlfriend will look terrible on this. Unlike me, everything looks good of me, so if you could please let go.” The man continued tugging at the hanger then he said, “I think you are right; my girlfriend wouldn’t look good on this.” He let go of the hanger, making Persephone fall to the ground with the dress in her hand. The man turned around and said, “you can keep the dress. Though, I’m not sure if it will look good on you.”

After that, the man walked away, leaving Persephone on the floor. She stood up and the store manager walked up to her. “Excuse me, are you alright?” She asked. “I’m fine,” Persephone responded with a hint of anger in her tone. She handed the dress to the manager and said, “I will not be taking this.” Persephone walked out of the store with an enraged expression on her face. She walked to her chauffeur in front of the store and commanded, “let’s go. No more shopping for today.”

In Caroline’s office, Caroline was finishing up an email before she went to the meeting where she would meet the mysterious partner. As soon as she finished, it was time for her meeting. She got up from her chair and walked out of her office with some files in her hand.

She made her way to the elevator as Joseph followed behind her. They went to the meeting room on the forty-fourth floor of the building. Joseph opened the glass door for her. Caroline went inside the glass meeting room and Joseph went in after her.

Caroline walked to her chair at the end of the table and took a sit. She looked at the gold watch with crystals on her wrist and thought, “he is late.”

Just then, the door opened. A tall man with perfectly polished shoes stepped inside. His dark attire, his fawn-colored hair, and his piercing green eyes combined with his demeanor, all contributed to his strong aura. He took a seat on the chair right across from Caroline. He wore his devilish smirk. Caroline looked into his green eyes making her shiver. “Hello, partner,” he said.

Caroline stood up from the chair with a surprised look on her face. She looked at the man lazily leaning back against the chair. She raised her eyebrow and asked, “Mr. Sabbatini, what are you doing here?”

“I am here for the meeting.” Caroline sat back down. She let out a sigh and rubbed her aching temples with her eyes closed. She hoped that when she opened her eyes again, Liam would not be sitting in front of her. She slowly opened her eyes and Liam gave her a smirk. “I am sorry, but I believe there has been some kind of mix-up. I have no intention of doing business with you.”

“Ms. King, the contract has already been signed. There is no going back now.” Caroline stood up from the chair once again. “Excuse me,” she said. She walked out of the meeting room and went to the elevator. She got on the elevator and went back to her office.

In her office, Caroline was pacing back and forth as she tried to wrap her head around the situation. “How is this happening? There is no way he is here for the meeting. What is going on?”

Just then, the office door opened. She was so focused on her thoughts that she did not notice the man stepping inside her office. The man closed the door and locked it. He stepped closer to her.

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