Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 13 Not Here

Liam sat down on the couch as he watched the woman pacing back and forth in the spacious office. “How long will it take her to notice I am sitting here?” He wondered. Caroline continued pacing back and forth until she looked to the side and found Liam comfortably sitting on the couch. She flinched when she saw him. “What are you doing here? Get out.”

“That is no way of treating your partner, Ms. King. I am here because you ran away before we could start the meeting.” Caroline took a deep breath. “Please, have a seat, Ms. King. Let’s start our meeting like civilized people-.”

“Nothing with you is civilized. You committed fraud. You used a fake name and signature to sign those documents.” Liam stood up from the couch and walked closer to her. She started walking away. “In that, you are wrong, Ms. King. Everything was completely legal.”


“Yes, Ms. King,” Liam spoke, “but please, have a sit.” He grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the couch. Caroline glared at him as she sat down on the couch. He showed a semi-smile then he sat on the armchair in front of her. “I refuse to do business with you,” Caroline voiced. “Ms. King, I believe you have no way out. You signed the contract. There is no turning back now.”

Caroline thought for a moment. She remembered how she signed the contract whist thinking nothing of it. “Fine, seems I am stuck with you, so you will be meeting with my assistant from now on.”

“No, Ms. King. That was in the contract you signed. We will be meeting from now on.” Caroline sat up from the couch and exclaimed, “that was not in the contract!” Liam remained calm. “If it were in the contract, I wouldn’t have signed it.” She walked to her desk, where she found the document she signed. “Page four,” Liam spoke.

At that moment Caroline wanted to throw the papers at him because of his cockiness. She looked through the pages until she found the page. “Nothing in here says-.” Liam stood up from the armchair and walked closer to her.

“Wrong, Ms. King. It says it here.” He signaled at the writing at the bottom of the document. The writing was so small it could barely be read. Caroline turned to look at him. She raised her hand to slap him.

When she was about to slap his face, he grabbed her wrist and said, “is this how you treat all of your business partners?” Caroline tried pulling her arm free from his grip, but he only gripped tighter. “Fine, then I will call off this project. There is no need for me to be working with someone I don’t want to work with.”

“You can’t do that.”

“Oh, really? And why is that?”

“Go to page five.” She raised her eyebrow. He let go of her wrist to let her turn the page. She turned the page and he signaled at the small writing at the bottom of the page again. “You asshole!” Caroline managed to slap him this time.

The sound of the harsh slap echoed in the room. He grew angry at her behavior and placed his hand around her neck. He pinned her against the wall, leaving her no room to escape. She held her head high, unwilling to give in. He let go of his grip around her neck. He gripped both her wrists. “Let go of me,” she demanded. “No.” Caroline rolled her eyes and repeated, “let go of me.” He smirked.

“You rolled your eyes. You know what the consequences are.” He tightened his grip on her wrist and walked to the couch. He threw her on the couch and got on top of her. He took off his blazer and placed it on the coffee table. He undid his tie and grabbed her wrists once again. He tied her wrists together and pinned them above her head. He took off his waistcoat and placed it on the coffee table as well. He opened the buttons of her blouse, uncovering the key necklace she wore. “Nice necklace,” he commented.

Caroline glared at him. He leaned in and placed a peck on her chest. “Stop. Not here.” He looked up and assured, “don’t worry, princess. I will not punish you like other times.”

“Liam, stop.” He leaned in again and she turned her head to the side. With this free hand, he moved her head, making her meet his gaze. “You always say no, but you always end up giving in.” He kissed her lips and she corresponded to the kiss. “See? Just like that.”

He placed his hand on her chest and trailed down her body. She let out a whimper at the light touch of his fingers. “You are more sensitive than before... I wonder why.” He leaned in to kiss her lips, but instead, he moved his head and placed his lips against her neck. “Don’t- don’t leave any marks.”

“I can’t make any promises, princess.” Caroline then tried moving her legs, in hopes of escaping. He kissed her soft lips again and she eventually gave in. He continued kissing her lips until there was a knock on the door. He separated from the kiss and she gave him a worried look. “Liam, stop. Someone could walk in.” He kissed her again to stop her from whining. She separated from the kiss and uttered, “Liam, please. Stop.”

“If you don’t want someone to walk in, you better keep quiet.” He began to leave small kisses on her collar bone and then he made his way down to her chest, leaving a trail of kisses from her collar bone to her chest. He slipped her breasts out of her white bra. He smirked as he graced his fingertips against her hardened nipples. She let out a breathy moan, just by the light touch of his fingers.

Liam took the hardened bud between his fingers. He lightly pulled on the nub, earning another suppressed moan from her. He placed a peck on her nipple before taking the bud between his teeth. He lightly pulled on the nub before gracing his tongue against it. He circled his tongue around it again before moving to her other breast.

He gave the same attention to her other breast. Then, he cupped her breasts together. He stuck out his tongue and moved his head horizontally. Back and forth, gracing his tongue against her nipples. Caroline’s face was blushed. Her cheeks were as red as an apple. She moved her hands from above her head to his hair. She ran her fingers through his silky hair and said, “Liam. That- that’s- enough.” He looked up at her. He could not get enough of the sight.

Every time he graced his skillful tongue against her nipples, she would tilt her head back and bit her bottom lip to suppress her moans. He continued having his fun with her nipples as he moved his hand to the hem of her baby pink trousers. He unbuttoned and unzipped her trousers. His hand slipped in her pants and he presses his fingers against her soaked sex.

Unconsciously, she bunked her hips, in hopes he would give her the stimulation she desperately desired. Liam listened to her pleas. He pulled down her trousers along with her white lace panties. He took off her white stilettos, then he took off her trousers and her panties. He spread her legs. He placed his lips against her inner thigh where he began to nibble on her soft skin, leaving a few bruises. His soft nibbles turned into hard bites, leaving her flesh bruised and filled with bites. He turned his head and did the same to her other thigh.

When Liam stopped teasing her, he moved to her sex. He pressed his tongue against her entire core. He reached her clit and began to draw tight circles on her clit with his tongue. Caroline lightly pulled his hair and huffed out, “Liam- please.”

Caroline hated how she would always give in. She wanted to tell him to stop. She wanted him as far away from her as possible, but every time they were together, she could not refuse him because she knew he was the only man that could give her what she wanted. Despite how much he has hurt her, she would not admit it, but she still wanted him because... she fell in love with him.

These past four years she could not get him out of her mind. Every night she would think about him, wondering if he were also thinking about her. She would always conclude he was not, making her heartache. Every night before going to sleep, she would look at the pictures of him she had saved on her cellphone. She felt pathetic for being obsessed with the man who used her, who lied to her, and worst of all, who hurt her as no one else has. She would often wonder if they were to meet again and what she would do. She pondered on the thoughts of forgiving and forgetting.

Liam listened to her pleas and unbuckled his belt. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He positioned himself between her legs and slipped inside her. They met eyes for a short second before Caroline turned her head to the side. With his hand, he moved her head to face him and uttered, “let me see that beautiful face of yours.” He looked into her eyes as he began to pound hard into her. He kissed her lips as his thrusts quickened.

Caroline unintentionally wrapped her legs around him. He continued his fast and hard thrusts. He kissed her again to stop her from letting out her moans. He separated from the kiss to kiss her neck. She let out a loud moan, making him separate from her neck. “Don’t moan so loud. Only I should be allowed to hear those moans.”

“That moan escaped my lips by accident. Good thing this office is soundproof,” she thought. After that, all her thoughts were blurred as Liam continued his thrusts. Making them both reach near the edge. After one hard thrust, he sent them both over the edge. Liam kissed her once more. She moaned into the kiss as his hot seed filled her up completely.

Liam’s thrusts came to a slow stop. He slipped out of her and kissed her once again before standing up. He stood up from the couch and fixed his pants. He fixed his shirt as she sat up. He took the tie he used as restraints and placed it around his neck. Caroline fixed her bra, then her shirt. She put her panties and her trousers on. She put on her stilettos and sat up straight.

“Help me with my tie,” he demanded. Caroline glared at him and stood from the couch. Her legs trembled as she walked. She leaned on him for support. He chuckled, making her glare at him even more. “You have two hands, don’t you? You can tie it yourself.” Her disobedience made his blood boil. He pinched her jaw with his fingers, hard enough to cause pain and discomfort. “I suppose these four years you have been away from me have brought you to forget obedience. I will teach you obedience, again.”

Liam let go of her jaw. The mark on his fingers went away after a few seconds. Caroline tied his tie and he placed his hand under her chin, leaning in for a kiss. He separated from the kiss and walked to the door. He unlocked the door and looked at her. She opened her mouth in disbelieve. “So, you-.” He smirked and said, “I will have my assistant schedule another meeting. Goodbye, partner.”

Liam opened the door and walked away, closing the door behind him. Caroline sat down on the couch and let out a sigh. She stood up from the couch after resting for a bit. She staggered on her way to her desk. She sat on her desk and resumed her work. She looked at the document she signed.

Caroline grabbed a magnifying glass from one of the drawers on her desk. She read the smallest letters on page four. She turned the page and read the smallest letters at the bottom of the page. She continued to read the small writing at the bottom of the pages and thought, “after all the years of experience I have, I came to mess up this badly. How am I going to get rid of him now?”

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