Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 21 Liar Liar Pants on Fire

When they arrived at the mansion, before Caroline opened the door, Liam asked, “why did you drink the champagne?” Caroline recalled when Jonathan handed her a glass of champagne. She knew something was wrong with the drink, yet she still drank it because she had a feeling Liam would save her if anything happened to her. She knew her logic was messed up, yet she still went with it.

Caroline decided to not respond to his question because she did not want him to know she was counting on him. She did not want him to know she still had feelings for him because she did not want to get hurt again. All she wanted to do was stay as far away from him as possible.

Mark, who had just stepped out of the mansion to answer a phone call, noticed a black Lamborghini parked in the driveway. “I will call you back,” he said as he noticed Caroline getting off the supercar. He managed to get a quick look inside the car and saw a familiar face. “Liam? What is she doing with him?”

Mark noticed Caroline closing the door, so he ran inside the mansion to avoid getting seen. The thought of Caroline and Liam being together hammered in his mind. “What could they be doing together? Are they back together? Though Caroline said she would never get back with him.”

When Caroline walked inside the mansion, she went straight to the living room where she found her family. They all stood up from the couch when they saw Caroline step inside except Mark, who was still lost in thought. “Where were you? Why didn’t you answer your phone? We were worried about you,” said Elizabeth. “I spent the night in the penthouse I have in Brickell.”


“I just wanted to spend some time alone.”

“Without saying a word? Without your children?”

“I just wanted to be alone,” Caroline replied. “What’s with the turtleneck? It’s like ninety degrees outside,” Charles commented. “It’s a fashion statement,” said Caroline, “now if you’ll excuse me, I have to say hi to my little angels. Are they in their playroom?”

“We’re not done here!” Elizabeth exclaimed as Caroline walked away. She entered the playroom and found Persephone and Louisa playing with the children. “Mommy!” Exclaimed the twins at the same time when they saw Caroline walk inside the room. Even Ian who was always calm and composed was shouting with Mia and running towards Caroline.

Caroline crouched down with her arms spread out and wrapped them around the twins. She hugged them tightly, refusing to let them go. “Mommy, you are hugging too tight,” said Mia. Caroline let go of her grip a bit, without letting go of the twins. “I’m sorry, my little angels. Mommy is just very happy to see you.” She placed a peck on their foreheads before letting them go.

The twins got back to playing together and Caroline walked closer to Persephone. She sat on the armchair next to her whist looking at the children play. “Where were you?” Persephone asked. “I wanted to spend the night in a penthouse I own.”

“Sure, because that silk turtleneck you’re wearing is not suspicious at all,” said Persephone in sarcasm. “It’s a fashion statement,” Caroline instantly replied. “Sure, sure.” After a pause, Persephone added, “your cousin said Liam was there and that he would bring you home. What’s up with that?” Caroline was taken aback by Persephone’s statement. “Yes, he happened to be at the event, but nothing happened. Since I had a bit much to drink, I did not want to come home. I went to the penthouse instead.”

Persephone rose her eyebrow. “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”


“Caroline, I know you better than anyone.” Persephone stood up from the armchair and walked closer to her. She sat on her lap and moved the fabric that was wrapped around her neck. She shook her head as she clicked her tongue. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“I should have covered it up with makeup?” Persephone responded, “yes, you should have.” Caroline chuckled. “Who did this?” Caroline reached her hand closer to her face as she answered, “that is not important.” Caroline took a strand of Persephone’s hair that was almost covering her face and tucked it behind her ear.

Persephone looked at Caroline’s wrist that was revealed because the blouse rolled up. Persephone grabbed Caroline’s hand to inspect her wrist. “Oh my God! What the hell is this? What happened, Caroline?” Caroline looked at the red mark left by the bowtie and blushed even more than before. Since she had Liam’s bowtie tied on her wrists until she wore off the effect, she spent almost until dawn with her wrists tied together.

Caroline cleared her throat and looked at the children playing with the toys scattered around the room. She looked at Persephone and placed a peck on her lips. “I have to tell the kids to start cleaning up before having dinner.” They stood up at the same time and Caroline stepped closer to the kids.

“What the hell is wrong with her? What actually happened yesterday?” Persephone wondered. Persephone walked closer to them to help the kids clean up.

After cleaning up the playroom, they went to the dining room where they were all gathered for dinner. “So, Caroline. What happened yesterday? Liam told me he would bring you home but this morning when I got here, I found out you didn’t come home last night,” Charles commented. “What about you? You did not come home last night either. Were you with that woman that was keeping you distracted?”

They all shifted their gaze to Charles after Caroline put him on the spot like that. “I thought I told you to go with Caroline to keep an eye on her and protect her, not to be flirting with women,” said Elizabeth. “I’m sorry... though Caroline doesn’t need protection. Look at her, I actually feel bad for whoever tries to harm her,” said Charles. At first, he was apologetic but then he returned to his usual tone.

“Back to the Liam thing,” said Persephone, “why were you with Liam?”

“I wasn’t-.” Charles interrupted, “I saw you two leave together.” Caroline explained or more like lied right on the spot, “we did walk out of the venue at the same time, but we went our separate ways. You all know I want nothing to do with him. I don’t even want to hear his name so if you could please drop the subject.”

“What’s with the turtleneck blouse, sis?” Asked Mark. Caroline placed down her fork while glaring at him. “Why are you all interrogating me? I already told you I spent the night in my penthouse in Brickell. I can wear whatever I want. This is not the first time I have worn something like this, so if you could place stop it.”

After that, the dining room fell silent and they ate dinner in silence until the twins started to fill that silence. Once they were done with dinner, Caroline went with the twins to their bedroom and got them ready for bed. She sat on the giant teddy bear in the middle of both beds as she read them a book. When the twins fell asleep, she went to her bedroom and got ready for bed.

One week later, Caroline and Persephone were playing with the kids in the playroom. They spent almost the entire afternoon and early evening playing together. Just like this past week, Caroline has dedicated all her free time to her little angels.

After playing with them for a while after dinner it was time to go to bed. The kids picked up their toys and went to their bedroom. Persephone walked with them to the bedroom and while the kids were brushing their teeth in the bathroom, Caroline and Persephone were talking in the bedroom.

“I forgot to tell you, Caroline, but can you take care of Achilles for me? I have to fly to New York tonight. I should be back by tomorrow in the evening.”

“Of course, Sephie. But what are you going to do there?”

“There are some things I have to take care of. I plan to not stay too long because of Achilles. I don’t want to take him with me on this short trip.” Caroline nodded. “That’s fine. I will take care of him. Don’t worry.” Caroline placed her hand on Persephone’s arm and showed a reassuring smile on her face.

After the kids fell asleep, Persephone and Caroline left the bedroom. Persephone went to her bedroom and grabbed her small designer suitcase. She got on the elevator and went down to the first floor.

When she stepped off the elevator, she found Charles passing by. He saw the suitcase and asked, “where are you going, blondie?”

“New York,” Persephone responded as she walked closer to him. As she passed by him, she said, “don’t miss me too much. I should be back soon.” Persephone continued walking and walked out of the mansion. She got on the white Mercedes-Benz and the chauffeur drove her to the airport.

After tucking in the kids to bed, Caroline went to her bedroom to get ready for an event. She called her stylist who styled her beautiful long hair into curls. Her makeup was done in such a way that she seemed more intimidating than usual. Her ruby red lipstick matched the ruby on her key necklace which she then exchanged for a pearl necklace. She wore a backless spaghetti strap black maxi dress.

Under her dress, she placed a garter with a dagger which she hid on her right leg where there was no slit on the dress. She wore some black Saint Laurent high heels, matching her dress and a white fur boa, covering her shoulders and back.

When Caroline finished getting ready, she was going down the stair where she found Taekyung going up the stairs. “Where are you going looking like that?” He asked. “To a casino.” Caroline continued walking down the stairs and made her way to the front door. She went out of the mansion and walked to the white Rolls Royce. The chauffeur opened the door for her, and she got in the luxurious car.

When they arrived at the casino, Joseph got off the car and walked to the other door. He opened Caroline’s door for her and extended out his hand. She placed her hand on his and got off the car. She grabbed onto his arm as they walked inside the casino where her bodyguards were waiting for her.

As soon as she arrived, she was greeted by Dave Solis, the owner of the casino. “Ms. King, it is so great to see you.” He extended out his hand to greet her. Caroline gently laid her hand on his. He inched her hand closer to his lips and right when he was about to kiss the back of her hand, Caroline gracefully pulled her hand as she looked away.

Caroline looked back at the man and he said, “Ms. King, please follow me.” He led her across the casino, all the way up the stairs to a separate poker table where she found two men playing poker.

A waiter walked closer to them with a silver tray and two glasses of champagne on the tray. He handed one glass to Caroline and one to Dave. Caroline looked at the champagne before taking a sip.

Caroline continued to look at the two men playing poker as she sipped on the expensive champagne. After a bit, she turned around and walked away. She rested her hands on the railing as she looked over the casino. Caroline took a sip of the champagne as she was lost in thought. She then felt a hand gaze up her arm. She turned to look who it was and found Dave inching closer. “Ms. King, I hear you are single-.”

Just then, one of the bodyguards grabbed his arm and looked it behind him. “Let me go!” Dave exclaimed. Caroline looked at Dave then back at the bodyguard. “Why did you take so long to react?”

“I’m sorry, Ms. King,” said the bodyguard. Caroline looked back at the man agonizing in pain and after a few more seconds she commanded, “let him go.” Caroline looked over at the poker table and found one of the men looking unbothered with a glass of whiskey in his hand whereas the other one wore a devasted look on his face.

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