Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 22 A Royal Flush

Caroline approached the table after the man that had just won the intense poker game stood up from the chair. Just then, a middle-aged man she had done business with a few years ago approached her. “Ms. King, to what do I owe this pleasure?” Caroline turned around and was able to get a glimpse of the man through the gap between her two muscular bodyguards.

Caroline told the bodyguards to stand down and greeted the man. “It’s great to see you, Edward Quinn.” Caroline shook the man’s hand and he suggested, “shall we play a game?” Caroline smirked and responded, “sure, why not?”

They took a sit in front of the poker table. Caroline showed her devilish smile and made a signal to the dealer. The dealer lowered his head and Caroline whispered in her ear, “we’ll be playing Dealer’s Choice. Are you familiar with the game?” The man nodded.

“I am sure you are both familiar with the game. It is my job to state the rules of not-so-common games like this one.” He grabbed a new deck of cards from the box and added as he shuffled the cards, “the rules are very similar to those of poker. You will be dealt five cards, which you will exchange one time only. You will be using a fifty-three-card deck with one joker. However, in this game, you can neither fold nor call. You will only be allowed to bet or raise. The person who bets the most money will be giving the right to choose either a stronger or weaker hand. There is no limit to how much money you can bet. Each chip will be worth ten thousand dollars. How many chips would you like, Ms. King?”

“I will have fifty chips.” The dealer looked at Edward and asked, “how many chips would you?” He looked at Caroline and smirked. “I will have one hundred chips.” The dealer handed them their chips then dealt their cards. “The participation fee, both of you will throw one chip.” They both set the chip out in front of them. Caroline looked at her cards and said, “I will be exchanging these two cards.” Caroline showed a queen of hearts and a king of diamonds.

Edward exchanged the cards for a four of hearts and a seven of spades. Edward could not tell if she was just willing to lose and waste money or she was actually trying to win. Edward placed ten chips and said, “I will raise ten chips.” The dealer looked at Caroline and she smirked. “Raise, twenty-five chips.” Caroline placed the chips forward. The dealer looked at Edward, expecting a response. “Mr. Quinn, raise?”

“No,” he responded. “Ms. King, it’s your turn to choose, weaker hand or stronger hand?” Caroline looked at her cards and answered, “weaker.”

Alright, please show your cards.” They both laid their cards on the table. Caroline showed her devilish smile and the dealer pushed the chips to her. The dealer dealt the cards again after they paid the initiation fee. “I will exchange these three cards,” said Caroline. She exchanged three fours, leaving both the dealer and Edward dumbfounded. They exchanged the cards and Caroline pushed two stacks of chips forward. “Twenty-five chips.”

Edward raised his eyebrow. He pushed forward two stacks of chips and said, “raise, forty chips.” The dealer looked at Caroline, expecting an answer. “Will you raise, Ms. King?” Caroline shook her head. “Mr. Quinn, stronger hand or weaker hand?”

“Stronger hand,” he responded. “Please, show your card.” They showed their cards at the same time. Caroline obviously lost with her weaker hand. Edward celebrated his win and Caroline wore a deceiving grin on her face. “I will make sure to erase that smile off your face,” Caroline said to herself. “Should we continue?” Asked the dealer. “Yes, let’s continue,” Caroline spoke with confidence in her tone. “You seem quite confident, Ms. King. You will be out of chips very soon.”

Caroline cunningly smiled once again. “Mr. Quinn, do you know the reason why I gamble?” The man shrugged and responded, “because of the money?” Caroline chuckled. “Incorrect. I only gamble to see my opponent crushed after playing.”

Caroline smirked after leaving Edward dumbfounded by her statement. They placed one chip in front of them and the dealer dealt the cards. Caroline exchanged two cards then she raised ten chips and Edward raised twenty chips. “I chose the weaker hand.”

Once again, Edward won. “Ms. King, we can stop now if you want.”

“No need, Mr. Quinn. Let’s continue” The dealer dealt the cards and Caroline chuckled. Edward raised his eyebrow, wondering what was going through Caroline’s head. “Is she trying to trick me? What kind of hand does she have? Whatever, I will win,” he thought. Caroline grabbed the jocker and said, “I will exchange this card.” The dealer looked at her in shock.

“No one in their right mind would give up their jocker. What is she thinking?” Edward wondered. He instantly exchanged the jocker for a ten of hearts. Caroline pushed forward her remaining nine chips. “It seems you ran out of chips, Ms. King,” said Edward in a cocky manner. Caroline raised her eyebrow.

Underestimating Caroline, Edward pushed forward all of his stacks of chips. “Mr. Quinn, since you placed the biggest bet, what hand do you choose?” Edward smirked and responded without hesitation, “stronger hand.” He was confident he would win with a seven-four of a kind. Both Caroline and Edward showed their cards at the same time. Caroline wore a cunning smile from ear to ear. “How- how is this possible?”

Edward stood up from his chair while slamming down on the table. Dave Solis walked over to them. He looked over at the table and saw the cards on the table. His mouth fell open from the shock. “A royal flush. How is this even possible?” Caroline leaned back on the chair unbothered by the situation. She raised her eyebrow while looking at the man in front of her losing it.

All of the money she had lost throughout the game she won it back and a bit more. “Ms. King, please. I don’t have that money with me. Please, let me pay it little by little.” Caroline stood up, completely annoyed by the man’s pleading. “I will accept the money, but with some interest. Speak with my assistant about the details.” Caroline turned around and took a few steps forward before stopping.

With her back to him, Caroline confessed, “you disappointed me, Mr. Quinn. I thought playing this game with you would be more... entertaining. But it was just monotonous and a waste of my time.” Caroline continued walking towards the stairs. She passed by the man by the stairs, spectating the entire game. “Congratulations, Ms. King,” said the man in his deep voice. “Thank you, Mr. Sabbatini.”

“You seem to be indifferent to the one million dollars you just made.” Caroline chuckled. “Please, Mr. Sabbatini, that amount of money is roughly what I make every ten minutes.” Before stepping down the stairs, Caroline added, “you also seem unfazed about the one million you made earlier while playing at that same table.” Caroline said nothing else and walked down the stairs as the bodyguards followed behind her.

“She has bodyguards now. She also seems more mature, but at the same time, she is the same Caroline as four years ago. She has changed so much, yet she is still the same.”

After Caroline walked around the casino, greeting celebrities, politicians, and executives. An hour went by until she went up the stairs again. This time, she found Liam lazily leaning back against the railing while he waited for the other players that were on their way.

Caroline walked behind the two men that were going to meet Liam for a game. They stopped walking and turned around when they noticed that Caroline was walking behind them. The two men had done business with Caroline in the past. She recognized them immediately. “It’s nice to see you, Ms. King,” said one man. “It’s nice to see you, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Wells.” Caroline shook both their hands and Steven Wells looked over at the poker table and offered, “would you like to play a game of poker with us? We heard you won with a royal flush. You are quite lucky, Ms. King.”

“Perhaps,” Caroline answered. They walked closer to the table and Lewis McCarthy moved her chair for her. She took off her fur boa, exposing her shoulders and her back. She placed her hair to the side, exposing her neck. She graciously extended out her hand to the side a bit and Joseph placed her a black with a golden tip cigarette in between her fingers. All the men present instantly took out their lighters to light her cigarette.

Liam stepped in and gripped her wrist. He took out his lighter and lit her cigarette for her. Caroline looked at him and took a puff. “I didn’t know you smoke,” Liam commented as he sat in front of her. “Occasionally,” Caroline replied. The other men took a sit and the dealer grabbed a new deck of cards. He shuffled the cards and dealt them as the game started.

During the game, Caroline and Liam intensely look at each other, daring each other. Without looking away from each other. If they lost eye contact it was as if they surrendered. “Ms. King?” Caroline shifted her gaze from Liam to the dealer. She looked at the cards laid out on the table and said, “call.” She pushed a stack of chips forward, matching the amount Steven had just raised.

Liam pushed a stack of his chips forward and spoke, “raise, four thousand.” Caroline looked at him and raised her eyebrow. “What is he planning what kind of hand does he have?” She wondered. As the game went on, Caroline and Liam continued staring at each other, completely forgetting about the other two players.

“Tell me, Ms. King, how is your company doing? Would you like to work with me again?” Caroline was forced to turn her gaze to Lewis. She showed a deceiving smile and responded, “C&K has no interest in doing business with smaller companies.”

“You are so cold, Ms. King. Despite doing business with me in the past.” The man looked down at the chips in front of him and pushed them forward. “Raise, five thousand.”

“Oh, Mr. McCarthy, I’m anything but cold,” Caroline spoke, “you made a simple suggestion and I gave a simple answer.” Caroline looked at the cards laid out in the center once again, then she looked at the cards in her hand. She pushed another stack of chips forward. “Call.”

“Ms. King, I am very intrigued by what cards you have. You have not raised the amount not even once.” Caroline smirked. “Is that so?” Of course, she was not going to let his comment affect her.

The dealer looked at Steven, who was taking his time deciding his next move. He looked at the dealer then back at his cards. He knocked on the table and then Liam proceeded. Not caring what consequences, it would bring her after, not caring the place she was in, Caroline slipped her right foot out her designer high heel in under the table. She did not really know why she did it. Maybe she was just caught up in the moment.

Caroline reached out her foot to the man’s thigh in front of him. He looked up from his cards and met eyes with her. The corners of her mouth turned up and she uttered, “we’re waiting, Mr. Sabbatini.” Lam let out a soft chuckle before raising his bet to five thousand three hundred. Caroline’s foot traveled further on his inner thigh.

Caroline remained composed and raised the bet, leaving them surprised at the amount of money placed in the pot. Caroline’s bodyguards began to whisper at how much money was there. They could never be able to even see that about if not for the movies, yet here their boss was gambling it as if it were nothing.

When the dealer revealed the last card on the table and it was Steve’s turn, he folded and handed his cards to the dealer. Lewis also folded, leaving Caroline and Liam still in the game. Caroline’s foot had reached the growing tent in his pants and chuckled. She pressed her foot against his hard cock and rubbed her foot against his trouser, creating enough friction to drive him mad.

Liam opened his mouth ever so slightly and let out a deep breath. He pushed another stack of chips forward and then gave Caroline a look that would scare anyone. Of course, he knew his intimidating look does not affect her in any way. Caroline just giggled as she pushed another stack of chips forward, calling Liam’s bet.

The game finished by them revealing their cards on the table while staring at each other. When they broke eye contact to see who won, Caroline slowly retrieved her foot after giving him pleasure during the game. She graced her foot against his thigh once again before reviving it completely.

Caroline placed her foot back in her high heel. The dealer looked at Liam then back at Caroline. He pushed three of the cards that were on the middle of the table forward, revealing who won.

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