Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 24 Hate Men

After Joseph showed Breanna to the guest bedroom, he walked back to the living room, where he found his boss with a glass of red wine in her hand while looking at the night sky mixed with the water from the ocean through the giant floor to ceiling window.

Joseph stood behind her and said, “Ms. King, I will take my leave now.” Without turning back, she responded, “call my chauffeur. I will see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, Ms. King.” Joseph bowed his head and left. Caroline opened the glass door and stepped out to the terrace and walked forward until she reached the glass railing. She placed one hand on the railing while she held onto her glass of exquisite wine with the other. She sipped on the flavorful wine as she looked at the starless night. The cold breeze of the night made her shiver a bit.

When Breanna went out of the bedroom, she went to the living room, looking for Caroline. She stared at Caroline’s bear back until Caroline sensed someone behind her. She turned her head and found Breanna standing behind her. Caroline looked out the horizon once again before turning around. She stepped back inside the living room with the empty wine glass in her hand. “Thank you, for all of this, Miss...”

“You don’t need to know my name.” Breanna nodded. Caroline looked at the time on her phone and said, “it’s late. I will be leaving now. If you are hungry, you can order something from the phone in the kitchen.” Caroline opened her designer clutch purse as Breanna said, “thank you for paying that money... I promise I will pay you back.”

“You don’t need to do that. I wanted to spend that money, anyways. That is the money I got for playing a simple game of poker.” Caroline handed Breanna four hundred dollars, which she had in her clutch purse. “I will come back tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” Breanna bowed her head, making Caroline crack a faint smile. After that, Caroline got on the elevator and left. She got on the white Rolls Royce that was waiting for her. Then, the chauffeur drove to the mansion.

When Caroline arrived at the mansion, she took off her high heels to avoid making any noise. Technically, she only did it to not wake up the kids. She had no consideration for everyone else’s sleep.

That same day, Caroline was in her office going over some files when Joseph knocked on the door. “Come in.” Joseph stepped inside Caroline’s office and stood in front of her desk. Caroline looked up from the document she was reading, and Joseph handed her some documents. “There wasn’t much on Miss Rees. She lost her parents at a young age. She has been living on her own until she met her boyfriend.” Caroline glazed over the pages of the document as Joseph spoke. “Her boyfriend ended up in the hospital because of a car accident.”

Caroline looked up from the files and said, “I presume the money from the auction would never be able to cover the man’s recovery.” Joseph shook his head. “I’m assuming she was planning on asking money from whoever bought her.”

“What do you think of her? Should she be trusted?”

“From what we could gather, that is all there is to her.” Caroline looked at the two pages front and back and then said, “pay for her boyfriend’s medical bills and get me his background check.”

“Yes, Ms. King.”

“You may leave now.” Joseph bowed his head and left her office.

Caroline continued reading the information on Breanna until she reached the end of the information. She grabbed her smartphone and checked the cameras in the penthouse to see what Breanna was up to. Through her phone, she saw that Breanna was just looking at the indoor sky garden by the pool.

She stood up from her chair and grabbed her white Fendi purse. She put on her white blazer over her shoulders and walked out of her office.

Joseph looked up from his computer screen when he saw the door of Caroline’s office open. “I will leave now. Cancel all my meetings.”

“Yes, Ms. King.” Caroline made her way to the elevator and got on. She went down to the lobby of the building while she put on her dark designer sunglasses. She stepped out of the building and got on her red Lamborghini Urus after the valet got it for her.

Caroline drove for a bit until she reached the building where Breanna was staying. At the entrance, she got off the luxurious SUV and entered the building as the valet parked her SUV. She got on the elevator and went up to the penthouse.

When Caroline arrived at the penthouse, she found Breanna sitting in an outdoor lounge chair on the terrace. Caroline walked past the indoor pool and went out to the terrace. “What have you been up to, little Bambi?” Breanna instantly sat up. “Miss, I was just here enjoying the view.” Caroline chuckled. “Now, now. There is no need to get this flustered.”

Breanna nervously giggled and said, “right.”

“I was just stopping by to check up on you.” Caroline sat next to her and uttered, “why didn’t you tell me you had somewhere to stay?”


“You’re living with your friend, aren’t you?”

“I am, but how do you know that?” Caroline chuckled. “I had someone run a background check on you, of course. I want you to use this as a valuable lesson: never trust anyone in this world. By letting you stay here doesn’t mean I trust you. On the contrary, I brought you here because I wanted to know more about you. I do wonder why you never opposed to me bringing you here. Did you think I brought you here because of the auction?”

“Ye-yes.” Caroline looked at the woman next to her and spoke, “something tells me that is not the only reason why you didn’t say anything. Maybe you had a disagreement with your friend and didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

“How did you know?”

“Just a wild guess.” Breanna looked away and said, “I had a fight with my friend. She told me to leave and never go back if I ended up selling myself in that auction.”

“I see your friend is smarter than you. You could have listened to her and avoided all of this. I guess destiny just has its ways. You are quite lucky I decided to help you-.”

“Why? Why did you help me?”

“I’ve already told you, little Bambi. Because of pity.” Caroline stood up from the lounge chair and said, “I have paid for your boyfriend’s medical bills. All you have to do now is wait for his recovery.” Breanna looked up, meeting Caroline’s gaze, “thank- thank you, Miss.”

“Though I do hope that going to such lengths to save him didn’t go in vain.” Breanna gave her a confused look and Caroline explained, “let’s just say he finds out that you sold yourself for money. Will he be grateful, or will he leave you right then and there?” Breanna stood up and uttered, “that would never happen. We love each other. Our love is bigger than any action!”

Caroline laughed. “That was cute. But let me tell you where you are wrong. Men are disgusting ungrateful animals. If you think he would be happy that you almost prostituted yourself in order to save him, you are only fooling yourself. No matter how much you ‘love’ each other, he will never look at you the same way again, because that’s how men are. They are ungrateful wastes of space.”

“But- but there are good men out there,” Breanna softly voiced. Caroline snickered and placed her index finger under her chin, guiding her gaze to meet hers. “You need to learn to speak up, little Bambi.”

Caroline retrieved her hand and turned around. She walked to the glass railing and extracted out her hands while holding onto the railing. “You’re right. There might be some good men out there, but I don’t have the time nor the energy to waste on useless things such as thinking about listless thoughts.” Caroline turned her head to look at Breanna. She then stepped closer to her and said, “now that your boyfriend’s bills have been paid for and you didn’t have to prostitute yourself, you can go back to living with your friend.”

“Thank you. For all you have done for me. I’m sorry you had to spend the night somewhere other than your home because I was here.” Caroline laughed. “...I also want to thank your husband for helping, as well.” Caroline laughed even laughter. “Is he not your husband? Is he your boyfriend?”

Caroline continued laughing before she said, “he is my assistant.”

“Oh, I-I thought-.”

“That we were together? How did that cute little head of yours come to that conclusion?”

“I never thought a woman would order around a man like that and coldly stare at them unless they were in a very special relationship.” Caroline could not hold back her laughter any longer. “I’m sorry for laughing, little Bambi,” Caroline spoke, “let me ask you something, have you ever worked a day in your life?”

“No. Before my boyfriend got into the car accident, he was the one that worked and I stayed home, cleaning and doing all the housework.” Caroline laughed once again. “Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but in the time, we live in, I don’t think women should be bound to stay home. They should go out into the world and follow their dreams. I’m sure you had your dreams too, little Bambi.”

Breanna nodded. “I wanted to open up my own coffee shop.”

“Let me guess, you told your boyfriend and he said you had to stay home doing all the housework.” Breanna nodded. Caroline shook her head as she clicked her tongue. “Women should not be living in the shadow of a man anymore. They should be out in the world chasing their dreams, making a name for themselves, becoming leaders, not followers, and most importantly, they should not be letting men walk all over them. How do you think I got to where I am today? I didn’t allow men to walk all over me. I decided to not live under the shadow of a man and build my own empire, my own dynasty.”

“You seem to have so much hate for men... may I ask why?”

“I don’t hate men. I just gave up on them four years ago.” After a pause, Caroline advised, “you need to be careful out there. This world is an ugly place. Especially for easy targets like you.” Caroline snapped her fingers as she said, “just like that, anyone could take advantage of you. Use you and distort you in any way they want just like your boyfriend prevented you to follow your dreams, anyone can do that and many other awful things.”

“You also seem to very young, yet you speak as if you were old and very wise,” Breanna said. Caroline chuckled and said, “that is because I take care of myself, little Bambi.”

“But you seem to be just a bit older than me and you are very beautiful. I think I have seen you somewhere. Are you a model?” Caroline snickered. “I may be young, but there is more than to what meets the eye. Don’t be as stupid as those that underestimated me in the past. Even my own dad underestimated me. He never knew I was stealing companies from him since I was twelve years old. Of course, I couldn’t manage them, but they were still under my name.”

Breana was left stupefied by what Caroline had just told her. “That is enough information for today.”

“Miss, I still don’t know your name.”

“You don’t need to know my name. It’s already everywhere.” Caroline started walking back inside the penthouse before she stopped and said, “I will have my chauffeur drop you off at your house. It was nice meeting you, Breanna.” Caroline continued walking and Breanna followed behind her. “Miss, I still have your clothes.”

“Keep it. It’s yours.”

“And what about the money you gave me yesterday?” Caroline stopped walking and turned around. Caroline said nothing about the money, instead, she said, “the chauffeur should be here soon.” Then Breanna spoke, “thank you, for everything. I am truly grateful for everything you did for me. I will never forget how much you helped me.”

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