Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 2 Who Is the Father

The next day, Caroline was woken up by the irritating sound of the alarm. She turned off the alarm and sat up. She stretched out her arms and got off the bed. She walked to the sliding door to the terrace and opened the curtains to see the sunrise. She went to her closet to change into her sports clothes.

A year ago, Caroline developed her own fitness clothing company. The headquarters being in Miami, she actually decided to make a gym in the headquarters. The gym is one of the biggest gyms in the world. Only the models and Caroline have access to the gym.

When she finished getting ready, she went down to the kitchen. She was preparing her pre-workout when Taekyung stepped inside the kitchen. Caroline finished preparing her drink as she watched Taekyung scoop the passion fruit-flavored powder. He grabbed a glass of water and placed the scoop of powder in his mouth. He drank the glass of water in one sip as he swallowed the powder. “How does it taste? This flavor just came out last week.”

“It’s good.” Caroline smiled. “Let’s go, then.” Caroline held her bottle in her hand, which she would drink on their way to the gym. They walked out of the mansion and Taekyung fetched his blue Bugatti Chiron. Caroline got on the supercar and drove to C&K Fitness.

After working out with Taekyung, they went back to the mansion. Caroline sat on top of the kitchen island while Taekyung prepared the protein shakes. They drank the beverages and the chef went into the kitchen. Caroline got off the countertop and finished the drink. She placed the cup on the countertop and said, “how is this flavor? It’s also new.”

“It’s good. I like it.” The chef stared at them as he waited for them to leave. Taekyung and Caroline left the kitchen to let the chef do his job. Caroline went up to her bedroom to take a shower.

After she took a shower, she saw that it was still early. She changed into her pajamas and tucked herself into bed again. She planned to take a little nap before waking up to go to the airport.

When Caroline drifted off to sleep, she was woken up by Mia and Ian, who had entered her bedroom. Mia sat on the bed next to Caroline, while Ian stood next to Caroline. “Mommy, mommy. Wake up.” Mia pressed a sweet kiss on Caroline’s forehead. Caroline smiled and opened her eyes. She sat up and placed one hand on Mia’s cheek and another hand on Ian’s cheek. “Good morning, my little angels.” Caroline’s smile always shined brightly, and her eyes lit up whenever she saw the twins.

Caroline stood up from the bed and said, “I will get ready. Why don’t you two go play with Chocolate.” Ian calmly responded, “yes, mommy.” Mia got off the bed and Ian grabbed her hand. “Come on, Mia. Let’s go downstairs.” The cute brother-sister bonding warmed Caroline’s heart.

After Caroline got ready, she went down the stairs and found a maid walking up the stairs. “Could you take my suitcase to the car, please?”

“Yes, Ms. King.”

“Thank you.” Caroline continued making her way towards the bright breakfast room. She took a seat on her chair. “Did you two go to the gym, again?” Asked Mark. “Every day,” Taekyung responded. “Why don’t you come with us next time, Mark?” Mark shifted his gaze from Taekyung to Caroline and answered, “no, thank you. I prefer the gym we have here.”

After they had breakfast, Caroline said her goodbyes to Elizbeth. In the foyer of the mansion, Mark and Taekyung were waiting for Caroline to say her goodbyes to the twins so they could take them to school. Caroline crouched down and hugged the children. “Mommy will go on a trip for a few days.”

“When are you coming back?” Caroline smiled and said, “sooner than you expect. I will call you every day.” Caroline pressed a sweet kiss on Mia’s forehead then on Ian’s forehead. Be good, my little angels.” Caroline stood back up and turned to Mark and Taekyung. “Don’t forget their piano practice.” Mark rolled his eyes. “Yes, we won’t forget.”

“Good.” Caroline hugged them goodbye and walked out of the mansion. At the same time, she was leaving for the airport, Mark and Taekyung were taking the twins to school. The chauffeur got on the driver’s seat and drove away.

When they arrived at the school, Taekyung and Mark were walking together when they heard a familiar voice call their names. “Taekyung? Mark?” They instantly turned their heads at the sound of the familiar voice. “Persephone?” They both said at the same time. They stared at the woman completely dressed in designer clothing. She took off her dark designer sunglasses and uttered, “oh my God. I never thought I would see you here. What a small world. And who are they?” Both Taekyung and Mark looked down at the twins. “Hi, I’m Mia.”

Persephone crouched down and said, “Hi, Mia. I’m Persephone.” She looked at Ian and said, “and you are?” Ian shifted his gaze to the floor and shily responded, “my name is Ian.”

“Nice to meet you both.” Mark and Taekyung looked at the little boy next to Persephone. They looked at each other then back at Persephone. “Who is this?” Mark asked. “This is Achilles, my son.”

“You’re son?” They both asked in shock. “Yes, this little devil is my son. He is calm right now because he is shy, but don’t be fooled by his angelic face.” Both Taekyung and Mark laughed. “Why don’t we let the kids inside and we go and grab a coffee?”

“Sound’s good.”

When they arrived at the café, Mark and Taekyung sat on the couch and Persephone sat in front of them. Persephone placed her coffee down on the coffee table in front of them and said, “it has been so long. Are those your kids? They are adorable. I never thought you two would end up together. I’m happy for you two.” Mark looked at Taekyung who remained calm and unbothered by Persephone’s statement. Mark, on the other hand, started blushing when Persephone thought they were a couple.

“We are not together,” Mark clarified, “they are Caroline’s kids.”

“What? Caroline? I haven’t heard from her in four years, how is she?”

“She is alright-.”

“Actually, now that I do think about it, they do look a bit like her. Mia seems to have the same personality as Caroline, but Ian seems calmer and quieter... who is the father? Is it-?” Mark and Taekyung nodded at the same time. “They look just like him. They look more like him than Caroline.”

After a pause, Persephone added, “I can’t believe he managed to hurt Caroline so much to let her to the point of completely losing contact with her best friends. I heard from Sebastian she hasn’t set foot in New York for the past four years.”

“When did you come here?”

“I accepted a job and got sent here not long ago.” Taekyung looked at the ring on Persephone’s finger and said, “I see that you are married. Congratulations.” Persephone chuckled. “This was just an arranged marriage. When I told my parents I was pregnant, they arranged for me to marry some man I didn’t even know. They didn’t want people to know I was pregnant before marriage, so they arranged it.” Persephone grabbed the mug from the table and took a sip. She then said, “where is Caroline? I am dying to meet her again.”

“She is on a business trip,” Taekyung responded, “she should be back in a few days.”

“I’ve missed her so much. I can’t believe I wasn’t able to get in contact with her for four years. To think that it just isn’t like her to run away like that. Now I get why she wasn’t in the headlines for an entire year. When I saw those beautiful green eyes on the twins, I instantly got reminded of him.”

“Persephone, could you do me a favor?”

“Yeah, sure, what is it, Mark?”

“When you meet with Caroline, please don’t mention him.”

“Yes, of course.”

After three hours, Caroline finally arrived in New York. She stepped off the elevator and walked inside her penthouse. She took a deep breath and looked around the penthouse. It was exactly how she left it four years ago. She went up the stairs and went into the wine cellar. She grabbed a bottle of wine and wine glass. She poured some of the flavorful red wine into the glass and took a sip.

Caroline ended up drinking the entire bottle as she looked out the floor-to-ceiling window and thought of how in the past four years, she completely forgot about her life in New York. How she forgot about her friends and family. Though the memory of Liam constantly lived in her mind. No matter how much she wanted to suppress her thoughts, he would always wind up in her mind.

“I guess it’s true when they say you can never forget your first love.” Caroline finished the wine she had in her glass in one sip. “That asshole!” She slammed the glass against the table when she remembered all the things he said and how much he hurt her.

Caroline stood up from the chair and walked to her bedroom. She went inside her spacious closet for a change of clothes. She got dressed and left her penthouse. She stepped out of the building. The cool air of autumn brushed against her gentle skin. She hailed a taxi and decided to go to the park.

One of her favorite activities during her favorite season was to watch the yellow and orange leaves fall in the park.

When she arrived at Central Park, she paid the taxi driver and got off the yellow cab. She walked inside the park filled with trees surrounded by yellow and orange leaves. She walked around the park until she found an empty bench. She sat on the bench to enjoy the sight of the leaves fall. She watched some little kids playing with the piles of leaves and could not help but think of Mia and Ian. She stood up from the bench and continued walking along the trail filled with leaves.

When Caroline returned to the penthouse, she took off her coat and went into the living room. She sat on the white upholstered sofa and reached for her phone inside her white designer handbag. She looked at the time and smiled wore a smile of satisfaction on her face when she remembered the twins were already at the house. She made a FaceTime call to her mother in hopes of talking with the twins.

“Hola, muñeca. How’s New York?”

“It’s alright... how are the twins? Are they with you?”

“They should be in their playroom with Mark and Taekyung.” Caroline instantly hung up the call. She made a FaceTime call to Taekyung this time. “Hey, Caroline.”

“Are the twins with you?”

“Yes, they are.”

“Can you give them the phone? I want to speak with them.” Taekyung handed his cell phone to Ian and Mia. Caroline instantly said, “my little angels. Mommy misses you so much. Do you miss mommy?”

“We miss you, mommy,” Ian responded in a sweet voice. “I will be back soon. Don’t miss mommy too much.”

“Don’t miss us too much, mommy.” Caroline felt a warm feeling in her heart. Her son’s sweet voice made her feel like she was right there next to him. “Yes, mommy. Don’t miss us too much,” exclaimed Mia. Caroline giggled.

After talking with the twins, it was time for them to go to bed. Caroline hung up the phone. She sat in the living room with an empty stomach she ordered some food and waited for it to arrive. She enjoyed the delicious sushi she ordered.

When Caroline finished having dinner, she went to her bedroom. She walked inside the lavish bathroom and ran the water on the amethyst quartz crystal bathtub. She went inside after the water filled. She went to sleep after having her nice and relaxing bath.

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