Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 29 I Want to Hear You Scream

Just because of what Caroline just said, Liam wanted to suck on her skin harshly. Harshly sink his teeth on her flesh. Mark her as his. Leave prove that despite her hating him, she would still belong to him. He stopped kissing her neck and said, “I’ll leave them in places only I can see.” He pressed his lips against her soft skin once again. He trailed his lips down her body until he reached her breasts.

Liam cupped her breasts once again with his hands. He squished her breasts and then he leaned in to kiss them. He moved her white lace bra to the side, revealing her hard nipples. He massaged her breast, avoiding her nipples to not give her the satisfaction just yet.

When Liam finished having his fun, he pressed his lisp against her nipple, giving it a soft peck before grazing his tongue over it. His hot tongue pressed against the sensitive bud, making a breathy moan escaped her lips. Liam smirked at the sight of her reaction. Just the reaction he was looking for.

As Liam took the bud between his teeth, he massaged her other breast. He slightly pulled on the nub between his teeth and then pressed his tongue against it. He swirled his tongue around the bud as he sucked on it slightly.

Since her bra lace bra started to bother him, he paused for a second to take it off. He threw it to the floor and pushed her back on the bed. He kissed her once again, but this time, more intense than before. He bit her lips and sucked on her tongue after swirling his with hers. He separated from the kiss, leaving a string of saliva between their mouths. He then pulled her into another kiss.

After, Liam started kissing her neck once again. He then moved down to her chest, leaving a trail of kisses from her neck to her breasts. He kissed and sucked on her skin, leaving dark bruises on the soft skin. Since she told him to not leave any marks, he might as well leave some only he could see.

Liam continued leaving marks on her breasts including bite marks. He continued moving down her body, as he trailed his tongue on her body until he reached the hem of her mini skirt. He pulled down her skirt, as well as her white lace panties, leaving her body completely exposed to his eyes. He grabbed her right leg as his head dug down in between her thighs.

He turned his head and stuck out his tongue. He licked her inner thigh and then he sunk his teeth on the spot. He placed his mouth on her flesh and sucked on the spot. He then licked her bruised flesh. Each and every spot he has made a bruise, he licked before giving her other thigh, the same attention.

Liam finished leaving bruises on her soft skin. He turned his head to her core where he could see how soaked she was. He smirked and looked at her. “We have just started, and you are already this wet, princess.”

Without losing eye contact, Liam traced his fingers along her wet core before thrusting two fingers inside her. He pressed his fingers against her walls as he thrusted his fingers in and out. He stopped his thrusts and exchanged his fingers for his skillful tongue. He traced her entire core with his tongue, earning a loud moan from her. He pressed his skillful tongue against her clit where he began to draw tight circles at the spot.

Liam’s right hand reached out and cupped her breast in his hand. He pinched her nipple before pulling it slightly. He continued to massage her breast as his other hand reach over to give the same satisfaction to her other breast.

From the incredible sensation of him pleasuring her, Caroline slightly bent her back and grabbed the pillow that rested next to her head, as her nails sank onto the soft pillow. Seeing how close to the edge she was, he separated from her core. Caroline let out a whine at the lack of stimulation. “Why did you stop?” She cried out.

Liam smirked and his head went down once again, but this time, he thrusted three fingers as his tongue continued to rub on her clit, building her orgasm once again. Caroline moaned his name and he replaced his fingers for his mouth. Caroline let out another moan as she came into his mouth.

Caroline’s chest rose and fell each time she breathed, trying to catch her breath. Liam wore a smile of satisfaction on his face at the sight of the beautiful woman in front of him. She looked completely wreck, even though they were just starting.

Liam placed his fingers in her mouth, letting her taste her own juices. “You taste so good, princess. Don’t you agree? Now, suck on my fingers like the good girl you are.” Caroline obediently sucked on his fingers. “Good girl,” he praised. He stood up from the bed and captured the sight of her laying on the bed, covered with hickeys, bit marks, and sweat drops. He took off his shirt and directed, “turn over.”

Caroline looked at him and uttered, “what?”

“Don’t make me repeat myself, princess.” Caroline paused for a second before turning over. Liam took off his belt and stepped closer to the bed. He grabbed her wrists and tied them together with the belt. He unzipped his pants, making her flinch at the sound of the zipper. She knew what was going to happen next.

Liam finished undressing and got on the bed. He pulled her hips, making her bend her knees. He gave her ass a harsh smack before grazing his teeth on the red mark left by his hand. The spot already stung from his previous smack, but with his teeth grazing against it gave her chills. At this moment, the raw pain became enjoyable.

Liam sunk his teeth against her flesh. Caroline let out a loud cry as she felt his teeth pressing against her smooth skin. A bit further from the bit mark, Liam pressed a peck against her skin before sucking on the spot with the intent of leaving a bruise. He continued with the smack, bites, and sucking on her skin until he was satisfied.

Liam pressed his fingers against her entrance and was surprised to know how soaked she was once again. “You must have enjoyed that, princess.” He positioned himself and let out a grunt as he slipped inside of her. His thrust began slowly until he picked up his pace and grabbed onto her hips. He guided her hips as he pounded deep and hard into her.

Caroline pulled on the leather belt used as cuffs. Her wrists ached with the stinging feeling left by the belt. Liam continued his thrusts as his soft moans and groans harmonized with her moans.

One of Liam’s hands trailed from her hips to her back. His fingertips trailed up her back and latched on to her hair. He grabbed a fist full of hair and tugged on it as his thrusts quickened as they both began to feel their orgasm coil up on their lower abdomen.

Caroline tightened up around him and a grunt escaped her lips. “Fuck- you’re so tight,” he huffed out. His thrust became almost impossible to maintain. He pounded hard into her, pushing them both over the edge simultaneously. He let out a grunt as his cock twitched inside of her and released his hot seed inside her, filling her completely.

Liam let out a grunt as he slipped out of her. The juices inside of her began to drip on the mattress. Caroline’s face flushed and began to burn up as she heard the juices fall on the mattress. Liam wore a faint smile on his face as he took off the belt and laid down next to her. They both panted heavily as they tried to catch their breaths.

Caroline placed her leg over his body and rested her head on his chest. He placed a peck on her head. “I’ve missed you a lot, Caroline. I thought I would go insane without you.” Caroline said nothing. She placed her hand on his chest and caressed it. He looked at her wrist which still had the red mark of the belt around it. The corners of his lips turned down into a faint frown. He reached her hand closer to his mouth and placed a peck on it.

He looked at the woman in his arms. “Are you okay?” He asked. Caroline kept her eyes closed and responded after a bit, “yeah, I’m just tired.” Her sleepy voice made his heart skip a beat. He cuddled the small woman in his arms and fell asleep.

Two hours later, Caroline woke up from her slumber with an unquenchable thirst. She got up from the bed and picked up Liam’s shirt black shirt which rested on the floor. She put on the shirt and buttoned up some buttons before going out of the bedroom. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water.

After Caroline drank the water and calmed her thirst, she walked to the bow of the yacht. She looked out and took a deep breath of the cold ocean breeze. She looked at the full moon shining over her. She looked at the water and the beautiful beaming moon reflected on the dark ocean.

Caroline continued looking at the water as she was lost in her thoughts. She did not even notice the man walking behind her. He stood behind her and moved her hair to the side. He placed his hand over her eyes, blinding her vision. He kissed her neck, bringing her back from her thoughts. She flinched when his soft lips made contact with her sensitive spot. He continued to kiss her neck, earning a breathy moan from her.

Liam stopped kissing her neck and wrapped his arms around her. “The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?”

“It is,” he responded as he looked at the moon shining above them. While still being in his arms, Caroline turned around and looked at him. She smiled and got on her tippy toes. She placed her hands around his neck and leaned in for a kiss.

Liam corresponded to her kiss and his tongue went and met hers. Their tongues swirled around together as if they were dancing, moving on their own. Liam separated from this kiss and looked into her eyes. He smiled and pulled her into another passionate kiss.

As they kissed, they stepped a bit further from the railing. Eventually, Caroline laid on the floor as Liam held her in his arms. He trailed his warm hand on her thigh and started moving up her body. The coldness of the floor crept up on her back, making her shiver. His warm embrace made the cold feeling go away. The moon shined over them and the wind roared as they kissed under the bright night.

Liam unbuttoned the shirt and gently pressed his hand over her body. Caroline bit her lips to suppress her moans from escaping. Liam’s lips traveled to her ear, where he whispered, “I want to hear you scream in pleasure.” Her teeth separated from her bottom lip and a loud moan escaped her lips as he rubbed frantically at her clit.

“Just like that, princess. Don’t suppress your beautiful moans.” He stopped rubbing on her clit and took off his bathrobe. He threw the robe to the side. He locked hands with her as he leaned in to kiss her. At the same time, he let out a grunt into the kiss as he slipped inside of her. Caroline let out a breathy moan when he was completely inside of her. He began to pound at a light and gentle speed until his thrust transformed into full-on harsh pounds.

Liam let go of her hands and gripped her hips as his thrusts continued. His thrusts quickened as he went in deeper and she tightened around him. He embraced her into a hug filling her with every inch of him. Her loud moans roared with the wind.

Since they were in the open ocean, there was no need to keep quiet. Caroline stopped her moans and panted heavily instead as she reached closer to the edge. Her pants got heavier, getting her high on the feelings to the point that her rational thinking was completely blurred.

As Liam continued to harshly pound into her without no remorse, Caroline placed her hands on his back and began to slowly sink her nails against his skin. Her nails scratched his muscular back as he placed his mouth near her ear. His hot breath rubbed against her ear and his soft moan lingered in her ear.

Caroline let out a loud moan once again as he pushed her over the edge of ecstasy. She threw her head back as she was relieved to cum around his twitching cock. He continued his thrusts until he reached the edge. He climaxed after one deep thrust.

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