Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 32 Decline on C&K Stocks

When Caroline finished eating, the front door opened. She stood up from her chair to greet her children. She hurried to the foyer and crouched down to greet Ian and Mia with a warm hug. She hugged them tightly. She kissed their foreheads and said, “I’ve missed you, my little angels.”

“We have missed you too, mommy,” they said at the same time. Caroline continued to hold the little kids in her arms until she saw Achilles standing in front of her. She opened her arms and said with a smile, “come here, Achilles.” Achilles smiled and hurried into the hug. Caroline hugged them tightly.

When Caroline finished embracing the kids in a hug, Louisa walked over to them. “I will take them to get changed.” Caroline nodded. Louisa went up the stairs and Caroline went behind them. Caroline went to her bathroom and ran the water on the shower. She took a strand of her hair and smelled her hair. “I do smell like the beach. I should have showered before coming here.” She undressed and went inside the shower.

After taking a shower and getting dressed, she went back to her study. She grabbed her fully charged her cellphone and debated on whether she should deal with her problems right now or spend time with the twins. “My children come first.” She placed her phone back inside a drawer on the desk and walked out of the study. She went straight to the playroom, where she found the twins playing with Achilles.

Caroline joined the kids in their games. She played with the kids until the sun began to set. Then Persephone stepped inside the playroom. She greeted the kids before dragging Caroline out of the playroom. She led her out to the outdoor lounge to scold her without the kids knowing. “Where the hell were you? Why didn’t you call nor text? What is up with the pictures going around Newser?”

Caroline calmly responded, “could you not scream? The kids might hear you.”

“I don’t care, Caroline! Where were you?”


“You were on a yacht while we were all worried about you?”


“Why didn’t you call me or text me? I was so worried.”

“My phone died.”

“What about the pictures on Newser? Why were you with Liam?”

“I will fix that later.” In all her answers, Caroline kept her cool and calm tone. “How can you be so calm at a time like this?” Caroline knitted her eyebrows, waiting for Persephone to elaborate. Persephone fetched her phone from her designer purse and opened the Newser app. She showed Caroline the gossips and rumors going around on Newser. Caroline grabbed the cellphone and started scrolling through the posts.

In the posts, Caroline was being called Liam’s mistress. There were pictures from the time they left the action together, from the time they were playing poker together, and from yesterday at the entrance of her company. The posts reminded her of four years ago when she was being a mistress. It was as if history were repeating itself.

Caroline continued scrolling until she found out why she was being called a mistress. “That asshole!” She exclaimed. “What? What happened?” Caroline angrily handed the phone back to Persephone and started strutting away. She passed by Charles who was casually sitting on the couch, listening to their entire conversation. “What happened, cuz?”

“Mind your own business,” Caroline responded as she passed by. She walked inside the mansion and went straight to the study. She grabbed her smartphone from the drawer and called Joseph. “Assistant Young!”

“Yes, Ms. King?” his voice trembled over the phone. Caroline took a deep breath before speaking. “I understand I was unable to be reached yesterday and almost the entire day today, but why wasn’t the issue going on social media taken care of?”

“Ms. King, we have been working on that issue, but it seems it is too late.” Caroline let out a sigh. “Run a report of the effects of this issue and ask the P.R department to come up with a solution. Also, find who was responsible for taking those pictures in front of the company. If it was an employee, let me know right away.”

“Yes, Ms. King.” Caroline hung up the phone and let out a sigh. She took a sit on the chair in front of the desk and turned on the iMac in front of her. She logged into her Newser account and continued to look through the posts. She as she scrolled, she felt her rage begin to build up. “That asshole! How could he be engaged to that bitch!” She threw the mouse she had in her hand across the room, making it hit the wall. She grabbed her ringing phone from her desk and answered Joseph’s phone call.

“Hello, Ms. King. I have been trying to reach you for the past hour.”

“I am aware, Joseph. What happened?”

“There has been an alarming decline on C&K stocks.” Caroline let out a sigh. “Will there be any major loss?”


“Will this affect us drastically?”

“If by drastically you mean the stocks will plummet, no. That will not happen.”

“Then we have nothing to worry about... I want the reports first thing tomorrow.” Caroline hung up the phone and placed it on the table. She rubbed her aching temples as her mind wondered what she might do about the issue at hand.

When it was time for dinner, Caroline stood up from the carpeted floor where she was playing with Persephone and Mia. She went to the castle-like structure in the room to look for Ian and Achilles and said, “come on, it’s time to eat.” Both Achilles and Ian stopped what they were doing and went out of the castle, they stood by the door where Mia and Persephone were waiting for them.

Caroline grabbed their hands and took them to the bathroom where they washed their hands thoroughly before going to the dining table. They sat on their seats where the food was already served.

Taekyung saw Caroline and uttered, “hey, Caroline. Where were you?” Caroline stayed silent for a second. She cleared her throat and avoided the subject. “How was work today, Taekyung?” Taekyung paused for a second. “It was alright.” Caroline smiled and asked, “how was the gym today? Did you miss me?”

“Of course.” Caroline chuckled.

After dinner, Caroline was in the bathroom inside the twins’ bedroom, preparing them for bed. After bathing them, brushing their teeth, she tucked them into bed. She grabbed a book from the bookshelf and sat on the giant teddy bear, in between both beds.

When Caroline finished reading the book, neither Ian nor Mia were asleep yet. She looked at them with a smile. “What is going on here? Why aren’t you too asleep?” Mia giggled. Caroline looked at her with a smile on her face. “Mommy,” Ian called out, making Caroline shift her gaze to the little boy on the bed. He sat up and Caroline walked closer to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and gently laid her hand on his head. “What’s wrong?” She asked as she patted his head.

“The teacher said you have to go to school tomorrow.” Caroline’s expression instantly changed. She wore a worried expression on her face. “All the other parents are going to be there. I want you to be there, too.” Caroline felt some relief knowing it wasn’t anything serious. Mia stood up from her bed and walked to Ian’s bed. She sat next to Caroline.

Caroline rested her other hand on her head. She ran her fingers through her silky hair and then patted her head. “Yes, mommy. Tomorrow is bring your mom and dad to school day,” the little girl spoke in her cute little tone. Caroline was taken aback by their request. She never went to the school unless it was to drop them off occasionally. She recalled she had a lot of work to take care of tomorrow. Caroline spoke in a sympathetic tone, “mommy is very busy tomorrow, my little angels. Will it be okay if uncle Taekyung and uncle Mark takes you to school tomorrow?”

Mia shook her head. “I want you to be there, mommy.” Caroline patted her head. “I know, but I truly can’t go tomorrow. I have a lot of work to take care of at work. You will understand when you get older.”

“I understand, mommy. I am a big girl! I know mommy has to work.” Caroline cracked a smile after hearing the childish words from her cute little. Caroline pinched her cheek and said, “you are very energetic, little girl. It’s time to go to bed.” Mia pouted. “But I’m not tired.”

“You still need to sleep. Come on.” Caroline stood up from the bed and picked Mia up. She laid the little girl on the bed and tucked her into bed. She placed a peck on her forehead and said, “go to sleep.” Mia closed her eyes and pretended to go to sleep. Caroline smiled and walked closer to Ian. She tucked him to bed and pressed a peck on his forehead, as well. “Mommy?”


“What about dad?” Caroline paused for a second. “Tell dad to go tomorrow.” Caroline was surprised. This is the first time Ian had ever mentioned his dad. Mia sat up once again and said, “mommy, all my friends go to school with their mom and dad, but we don’t know who our dad is.”

Caroline did not know how to respond. She wanted to tell them who their father was, but by the way things were going with Liam, it was best not to tell them. And she never wanted Liam to find out about the twins. She was sure that if he found out, he would try to take them from her. She could not let that happen, but she also did not want her children to grow without a parental figure, which is why she wanted them to grow near Mark and Taekyung.

Even though the twins considered Taekyung as their uncle, they looked up to him as if he were their father. Caroline was lost in thought when Mia brought her back from her thoughts. “Mommy, is dad the man in the pictures on your phone.” Caroline’s mouth fell open. She tried to find the right words to say. At the same time, she was trying to figure out she came up with that conclusion.

Caroline remembered she caught Mia looking through the pictures on her cellphone when she was playing a game. Caroline took a deep breath. She remembered the pictures she had of Liam on her phone, which she never deleted. “Yes, he is your dad,” Caroline spoke in a soft tone. “Where is he now, mommy?” Ian asked. “We want to see him,” Mia added, “can he go to school with us tomorrow?”

Caroline shook her head. She sat down on Ian’s bed and caressed his head. “Your dad is working to make money for you.”

“But you have money, mommy.” Caroline chuckled. “I do have money, but your dad also wants to earn money for you. He wants me to buy you the nicest things. That is why we work so much, to make money for you.” Caroline smiled and stood up from the bed. “Now, time to go to sleep.” She pressed a peck on Ian’s forehead and then she pressed a peck on Mia’s forehead. She walked to the door and opened it.

“Good night, my little angels,” Caroline said in a sweet tone before closing the door. She let out a deep sigh as she walked to her bedroom. “What’s with the sigh?” Persephone asked as she walked closer to Caroline. Caroline looked up and asked, “did Achilles fall asleep?” Persephone nodded.

“Are you going to the school tomorrow?” Persephone nodded. “Are you?”

“No, I need to take care of the issue going on Newser.” Persephone reached out her hand and gently laid her hand on her cheek. “Why are you sad?”


“Every time you leave the twins’ bedroom you have a smile from ear to ear, but this time you have a frown on your face.” Caroline shrugged. “I’m okay. Just tired.” Persephone grabbed Caroline’s hand and led her to Caroline’s bedroom. They went out to the terrace and sat on the white comfortable couch.

Caroline rested her head on Persephone’s lap. “They just asked me about Liam.” Persephone played with Caroline’s hair. She tucked her hair behind her ear and ran her fingers through her silky hair. “What?” Caroline responded, “because of the event tomorrow at school, the twins were asking about their dad. They want to meet him.”

“What did you answer?”

“I told them he was abroad making money to support us.” Persephone chuckled. “You think they will believe that?” Caroline smiled and responded, “no.” After a pause, Persephone spoke once again. “What are you going to do now that he is back?” Caroline opened her mouth, but no words came out.

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