Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 33 You're A Masochist

The next day, Caroline was woken up by the irksome sound of the alarm. She reached out her hand and turned off the alarm sounding from her phone that was on the nightstand next to her. She sat up while squinting her eyes. She stayed up late, conversing with Persephone. She turned to the side and looked at the woman sleeping peacefully next to her.

Caroline smirked and leaned close to Persephone’s ear. “Sephie, wake up,” she whispered. She graced her soft lips over her ear before repeating, “wake up.” Caroline stuck out her tongue and trailed it over her ear, making a moan escape Persephone’s lips.

Caroline was taken aback by Persephone’s reaction. Persephone sat up and turned to look at Caroline who had burst out laughing. “Why did you do that? Why did you wake me up?” Caroline continued laughing.

“I didn’t know you would let out such a cute moan,” Caroline commented on the verge of tears. Persephone glared at her. “Don’t laugh so loud. You will wake up everyone in the house.” Caroline reached out her hand and patted Persephone’s head. “Get up. We’re going to the gym.”

Caroline got up from the bed and walked to her closet. Persephone groaned and asked, “why are you so energetic? Why do I have to go with you?” Caroline did not respond, making Persephone get up from the bed.

After Caroline and Persephone got ready, they went out of Caroline’s bedroom. They went down the stairs, all the way to the kitchen, where they found Charles and Taekyung conversing. “You guys ready?” Caroline nodded.

When they were about to leave the mansion, they saw Mark walking towards the stairs with a glass of water in his hand while yawning. “Hey, Mark. We’re going to the gym. Wanna join?” Charles asked. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

“Why not? You seem so skinny. How do you plan on getting any girls looking like that? You have to gain some muscle.”

“The gym isn’t really his thing,” Taekyung responded. Mark yawned once again. “Why are you so tired, Mark?” Taekyung asked. Caroline stepped closer to Mark and crossed her arms. “How many times have I told you to not procrastinate your schoolwork?”


“Exactly... Look at those bags under your eye, Mark. Staying up all night doing work all night is not healthy.”

“Staying up all night talking with your best friend is also not healthy.” Charles chuckled after hearing Mark’s statement. “Touché,” Caroline uttered. She patted his head and said, “make sure you get some sleep. And don’t procrastinate your work.”

“Yes, mom,” Mark responded with a hint of sarcasm in his tone. Caroline stopped patting his head and hit his head. “Don’t give me attitude.” Mark hissed and rubbed his head. “Okay... you didn’t have to hit me that hard.”

“Go cry somewhere else.” Caroline turned around and opened the door. “Make sure you get some sleep, Mark.” Caroline let the mansion along with Charles and Persephone. Taekyung stayed behind and looked at Mark. “You okay?” He asked. “Yeah, you know how Caroline can be sometimes.” Mark lowered his head and to fill the awkward silence he said, “enjoy your workout.” Taekyung said nothing. He looked at Mark one last time before walking out and closing the door.

Out in the driveway, the chauffeur parked a black and red Bugatti Chiron and a blue one behind it. Caroline grabbed Persephone’s hand and led her to the red Bugatti. “We’ll meet you there,” Caroline said before getting in her supercar. She closed the door and drove away.

When they arrived, they walked inside the building and went to the fitness center. Caroline looked around and spotted two models exercising. Looking at Caroline walking in, they politely smiled before going back to what they were doing. Caroline turned to look at Charles and Taekyung who were walking behind her. “Let’s warm-up first, and then we’ll get your little nonsense over with.”

Caroline grabbed Taekyung’s arm and started dragging him towards the cardio equipment. “We’ll do our routine,” Caroline spoke, “have fun you two.” Caroline looked at Taekyung who was confused about what was happening. Caroline winked as she continued to drag him away. “Why are you taking me to the cardio section? We almost never do cardio.” Caroline shushed him and said, “I think those two have something going on.” Taekyung glanced at Persephone and Charles.

“Are you sure about that?” Caroline looked back to see what they were up to. They were both as far from each other as possible. She looked back at Taekyung and said, “or maybe not.” Taekyung chuckled. “You’re so cute, little lady.” Caroline smiled and glanced at Persephone, who was talking to one of the models. “I better get her before she decides to mess around with one of the models.”

Caroline walked to where Persephone was and grabbed her hand. Caroline took her to another room. “Let’s warm-up, shall we?” She said. When they finished warming up, Caroline and Persephone walked up to Charles and Taekyung, who were talking to the models. “Could you two stop flirting with my models?” Caroline spoke in a jesting tone.

When Caroline spoke, the man and woman who were conversing with them walked away. “Why would Taekyung flirt with a man?” Persephone asked. Caroline looked at her but stayed silent. Then, Persephone uttered, “oh.”

“I didn’t know you were-.” Taekyung nodded, cutting Persephone off. “I never thought you liked men- you just seem straighter than Charles.” Both Caroline and Taekyung laughed. Charles opened his mouth in disbelief. “You just look more feminine, Charles.” Caroline continued to laugh. “What do you have against me, blondie?”

“Nothing,” Persephone responded. “Alright, let’s get this over with. I’m on a tight schedule today. Charles, you go first,” Caroline commanded. Charles took off his shirt, revealing his perfectly muscular body. Persephone’s mouth fell open for a second, then she bit her bottom lip. She licked her lips as she looked at him up and down. She then rested her gaze on his abs.

“How much?” Caroline asked as she grabbed a forty-five-pound weight. She placed it on one side of the bar as Charles responded, “two-hundred.” Caroline signaled Taekyung to place the weights on the other side of the bar. Charles did a bench press like if it were nothing. Caroline grabbed another weight and placed it on the bar as Taekyung did the same.

Taekyung stood behind Charles to be his spotter. Charles did a bench press but struggled a bit. He let out a deep breath. “Alright, two-seventy. Not bad, Chuck,” Caroline spoke. Caroline took off a weight from the bar and Charles did the same on the other side. “Go,” Caroline commanded with a smirk on her face. Taekyung did the exercise as if he were bench pressing feathers. Caroline grabbed the nearby forty-five-pound weight and placed it on the bar as Charles did the same.

Same as Charles, Taekyung was struggling a bit to do the exercise. When he placed at the bar back, Caroline said, “it’s a tie then.” Taekyung sat up and extended out his hand. “Nice job,” he said. As he shook his hand, Charles said, “how much can you deadlift?”

“Oh, God. Persephone come on. With how competitive Chuck is we will stay here forever. I’ll be your personal trainer for today.” Caroline grabbed Persephone’s hand and started walking towards the smith machine. “No thank you. You know I don’t work out.”

“Why did you come here, then?”

“To watch?” Caroline crossed her arms. “Just because God gifted you with an insanely fast metabolism, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise.”

“You know I do fasting.”

“Even if you fast, you still need to exercise.”

“I don’t need to exercise. Plus, I already took the picture I was going to post on Newser. So, I’m just going to go to the lounge and wait until you’re finished.” Caroline grabbed Persephone’s wrist and said, “no, you’re not.”

“But I don’t like when my body gets sore,” she whined, “I don’t like it when my muscles hurt.”

“Why are you whining? You don’t think that soreness feels good?”

“No? Do you?” Caroline nodded. “You’re a masochist.” Caroline rolled her eye as she said, “whatever. We’re doing legs today.” Caroline showed Persephone how the exercise first and then Persephone tried it. “This is so hard, Caroline.” Caroline thought of a way to motivate her. She was not trying to force her, she just wanted to do what was best for her, and keeping a healthy and active lifestyle is what is best for everyone.

“I will buy you a handbag. The designer of your choice.” Persephone’s eyes widened. “You know, this doesn’t seem that bad.” Caroline wore a smile of satisfaction on her face. “Just know I am doing this for your sake.”

For the next exercise, Caroline handed Persephone a ten-pound kettlebell dumbbell. “I can’t do this anymore, Caroline. This is too heavy.” Caroline raised her eyebrow. “It’s only ten pounds.” Caroline let out a sigh. “Come on, you can do it. Remember, do it for that handbag.” Caroline knew that if she asked Persephone to do it for herself, she would not do it, so it was best to motivate her with a designer handbag.

When they finished their workout, Caroline and Persephone met up with Charles and Taekyung at the entrance before going to the parking lot. They left the building and went to the cars. They got in and drove straight to the mansion.

After arriving, Caroline and Taekyung went straight to the kitchen. Caroline prepared the protein shakes and sat on the countertop to converse with Taekyung while enjoying the sweet flavor of the chocolate chip protein shake. “How was working out without me?” He asked. Caroline let out a sigh. “Let’s not bring them with us anymore.” Taekyung chuckled. “Was it that bad?”

“I owe her a Gucci handbag.” Taekyung laughed. “How do you think she will react tomorrow when she can’t walk?” Caroline chuckled. “My leg routine isn’t that bad.” Taekyung raised his eyebrow. “Yes, it is. Just because you have a fast recovery rate, it doesn’t mean others are like you.” Caroline let out a sigh. “You’re right. I might have to get her more than one Gucci handbag.”

Just then, a chef stepped inside the kitchen. Caroline finished the protein shake in one sip and got off the countertop. She went straight to her bathroom to take a shower. After the nice, realizing cold shower, Caroline got ready for work.

Caroline was sure to fire someone today. She put on some black trousers, along with a long sleeve corset-style top, and some ombre red to black stilettos. She did her makeup and her hair before going to the twins’ bedroom.

She walked inside the bedroom and found the twins ready for school. She grabbed their hands and walked out of the bedroom as the nanny followed them. They went to the breakfast room and sat on their sits where breakfast was already served.

Caroline grabbed the mimosa in front of her and took a sip. “Who are you firing today?” Charles asked. Caroline put down the glass and answered, “probably the P.R department for being so incompetent. Why do you ask?”

“I’ve heard that when you wear dark clothing is because you are firing someone.”

“Well, today I’m not firing someone. I’m firing the entire P.R department.” Taekyung looked at Caroline and asked, “what? Why?”

“Because of their incompetence.”

“Is it because of the pictures and rumors on Newser?” Mark asked. Caroline nodded. “But why are you firing them?”

“Why are you all looking at me like that? I’m only firing the P.R department from this branch because they didn’t do their job. They failed to complete a simple task. All they had to do was get rid of those rumors and pictures-.”

“There are also videos,” Charles spoke, “why did you hide your face against him like that?” Carline let out a sigh. She grabbed the mimosa in front of her and took a sip. “I still don’t understand why you must fire them,” Mark spoke. “Because they didn’t do their job. Now they must face the consequences.”

“But isn’t it your fault? You were the one messing around with an engaged man.” Caroline raised her eyebrow. “Mark, if you keep thinking like that, you will get nowhere. Their incompetence is not benefiting me in any way.” Mark looked at her and asked, “are all CEOs like this?”

“No,” Taekyung responded, “Caroline is the most ruthless one. She wears dark clothing to terrorize her employees until she fires someone. The way she does business is just intimidating. And now that she is on top of the world, she is scarier than anyone. Don’t get me wrong, she is a great boss. She treats her employees well and pays them a fair amount of money, which is why everyone wants to work for C&K.”

“Why didn’t the bots I infiltrated on Newser get rid of the pictures?” Caroline wondered she was not even paying attention to what Taekyung just said because of how deep in her thoughts she was. “Good morning, everyone,” said Persephone as she walked inside the breakfast room. She sat Achilles on his chair and then she took a seat. “That asshole,” Caroline murmured, “this is all his fault.”

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