Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 36 Satisfy Your Needs

When they stepped off the elevator, they walked into the lounge filled with media reporters. Caroline wore her signature smile as she graciously walked past the flashes from the cameras. After she took a seat on the couch in the middle of the room, Liam sat next to her.

Just then, the commotion between the media reporters began. They started shouting their questions at them. Joseph cleared his throat and the room fell silent. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the flashes from the cameras. “Good evening, everyone,” Joseph spoke, “we have gathered here today to clear the rumors spreading through social media.”

“Ms. King, what’s your relationship with Mr. Sabbatini? Are you his mistress?” Caroline was unbothered by the question. Instead, she gave Liam a quick glance before looking back at the crowd in front of her. “Please, leave the questions until the end,” Joseph said.

“We were debating if we wanted to make this public or not, but Mr. Sabbatini and I have been working together on a new project. We have been meeting in order to make this new partnership we plan to make a peaceful environment for business. Though we are rivals, we are working together in order to achieve one common goal, to show that no matter what, there can always be peace,” Caroline spoke.

“We cannot reveal too much about this new partnership until the release date. As Ms. King said, we share one common goal, which is why we decided to work together. Please stay tuned for what is to come,” Liam followed up.

As the conference meeting continued to run smoothly, it was time for questions. The media reporters would take turns in order to get their questions answered. “Ms. King, how do you feel about the media portraying you as Mr. Sabbatini’s mistress?”

Caroline showed a deceiving smile. In her mind, she said, “of course they would ask something like this. This is all this asshole’s fault. If he would have left me alone, we wouldn’t be stuck in this situation.” Caroline turned to look at the cameras filming her and responded, “of course, I was not fond of the situation. No woman wants to feel attacked and defamed by the media. Mr. Sabbatini and I are only business partners.” Caroline turned to look at Liam and added, “and nothing will change that.”

“Mr. Sabbatini, you have announced your engagement with the superstar, Miss Rebecca Smith. When will the date be set?” Liam glanced at Caroline before answering. “We still haven’t set a date,” he coldly responded, making the media reporters get goosebumps running through their bodies. One brave media reporter decided to speak up. “If there is nothing between you two, how can you explain the photos and videos on social media?”

“Ms. King and I were going to assist a meeting. We were waiting for her car when she lost her balance and leaned on me.” Given the cold look Liam was giving them and the deceiving smile Caroline wore, the media reporters decided to stop asking them questions.

Caroline was surprised they did not mention their marriage four years ago. It was best if they had forgotten about that, if they were to mention it, it would have been more of a headache. Caroline stood up from the couch and said, “I guess that concludes this conference meeting.” Liam also stood and they said, “thank you all for coming.”

Caroline and Liam shook hands while the paparazzi took pictures of them. Caroline smiled at the camera and then she stopped shaking his hand. She turned around and started making her way back to the elevator, leaving the suffocating atmosphere created by the reporters and the cameras.

In the mansion, the servants were setting the table when Elizabeth stepped inside the dining room. She saw some empty places and went to the living room, where Persephone and Taekyung were playing with the kids.

“Why are there so many empty spots at the table?” Persephone looked at Elizabeth and responded, “Caroline is taking care of the rumors on Newser, Mark went out with some friends, and Charles said he would be back later.”

“What are they thinking? They should be here on time for dinner. Who do they think we are? One of those families that just sits in front of the TV without interacting with each other?”

“Do you want me to call them?” Persephone asked. “Yes, please,” Elizabeth answered. Persephone grabbed her cellphone that rested on top of the coffee table and decided to call Mark first. The call took a while to get through, but when it did, she was only able to listen to the loud music coming from the other end of the line.

When the music began to faint, she was able to hear Mark’s voice. “Hey, Persephone,” he spoke. “Hey, Mark. Where are you? Elizabeth is worried about you. You have to come home for dinner.”

“I don’t think I will be able to make it, Persephone. Could you tell her I am studying with some friends?′

“Of course, as if she were to believe that. Mark, leave that club and come home.” When Taekyung heard the word “club” he raised his head to look at Persephone. He knitted his eyebrows and wondered where Mark could possibly be. Mark hung up the call, leaving Persephone talking to herself. She let out a sigh after Elizabeth asked her whether Mark would go back home for dinner.

Taekyung stopped playing with Mia and stood up from the floor. He grabbed his cellphone from the coffee table and started walking towards the door. “Where are you going?” Elizabeth asked. Instead of answering the question, he said, “I will be back soon.” Taekyung opened the giant door and walked out of the mansion.

Persephone opened her phone once again and called Caroline. The call did not take long to get declined. “Why didn’t she respond?” Persephone called Caroline once again, but the call was declined once again.

Back at the Company, when Caroline was back at her office, she was gathering her belongings to leave when Liam stepped inside her office. She glanced at him and continued gathering her belongings. She held her designer handbag in one hand and the latest cellphone model in her other hand. She began walking towards the door when Liam gripped her arm, stopping her from leaving.

“Let go of me,” she commanded. “I helped you get rid of those rumors, now you have to pay, princess.” Caroline tried to pull her arm from his grip, but he just gripped tighter. “What do you want?”

“I want you to sleep with me.” Caroline chuckled. “What makes you think I would agree to that?”

“You have done it before, why are you saying no, now?” Caroline gave him a death stare and responded, “why don’t you ask your fiancée? I’m sure she would be happy to throw herself into your arms.” Before Liam could say anything, Caroline’s phone began to ring. Liam took her phone from her hand and declined the call. Then, he turned off her phone.

Once again, Caroline tried to pull her arm away, but he gripped tighter. His grip was so tight on her skin, that it was sure to leave a bruise. Of course, Caroline did not want to add another bruise to her body. “Four years ago, you got into an accident... The doctor said you were unable to have children. Why were you trying to take those pills this morning?”

Caroline was taken aback by his question. She avoided answering by saying, “I don’t have time right now. I will meet you at your house this weekend.” Liam started to release his grip on her arm after seeing the slight expression of pain on her face. “Who said you are in the position of placing conditions, princess?”

“Liam, I truly don’t have time to deal with you. I have to get home now, so if you would be so kind to give me my cellphone and the car keys, I would sincerely appreciate it.” Liam said nothing. “Liam, please. I must leave now.” Seeing Caroline’s expression, Liam let out a sigh and handed her cellphone. “If you don’t come to my house this weekend, there will be some consequences.”

“Fine.” Caroline instantly grabbed her cellphone from his hand, and he grabbed the car key from his pocket. “I’ll accompany you to the car,” he offered, waving the car key in front of her. “You-.” He smirked and said, “you are so easy to fool, princess.” Caroline rolled her eyes as she began to walk towards the door. She opened the door and walked out of her office.

Caroline made her way towards the elevator as Liam followed behind her. When the elevator arrived, Caroline went in first and then Liam. He pressed the button to the fourth floor of the building and the doors closed. The elevator began to go down. As Caroline turned on her cellphone, Liam looked at her from the corner of his eye.

Liam reached out his hand and placed it on her ass. She instantly looked at him and gave him a nasty stare. He looked at her with his devilish smirk. He stood in front of her and grabbed her waist. “What- what are you doing?” He pulled her closer to his body as he said, “what do you think I’m doing, princess?” He looked into her eyes before shifting his gaze to her cherry lips. He bit his bottom lip as he stared at her lips, then he met her gaze once again.

Liam pinned her against the wall and cupped her face with his hands. He kissed her soft lips as his hands began to travel from her cheeks, down to her waist. His hands continued to travel down to cup her ass. He bit her bottom lip and then kiss her once again as he squeezed her ass. Caroline let out a moan through the passionate kiss.

They continued to kiss until the elevator came to a stop with a ding. When the elevator door opened, Caroline and Liam were standing next to each other, as if nothing had happened. The employee who had called the elevator saw Caroline and decided to not get on the elevator. He bowed his head and stepped back, letting the doors close.

Because her private elevator was under repair, Caroline had to take the same elevator as her employees. When the doors closed once again, Liam stepped closer to Caroline. “Why did you do that?”

“Don’t pretend like you didn’t enjoy it, princess.”

“Does your fiancée not satisfy you that you need your ex-wife to satisfy your needs?”

“Of course. You are the only woman that can satisfy my needs, princess.” He placed his lips by her ear. His hot breath brushing against her ear, sending shivers all over her body. “And I am the only man that can satisfy your needs. Remember that.” He smirked as he met her gaze once again, leaving the lingering feeling of his soft lips brushing against her ear.

When they arrived at the fourth, Liam and Caroline walked to the parking lot next to the building. Liam placed his hand over Caroline’s waist, guiding her to the car. He took her to the newest matte black Lamborghini Urus with dark tinted windows and gold rims. He handed Caroline the key. Caroline smiled at the sight of the beautiful SUV in front of her. She walked closer to the door and opened it. She got in the luxurious SUV and started it.

Liam got in the SUV with her and handed her some papers that laying on the passenger’s seat. “It’s already in your name.” Caroline glanced through the papers and saw nothing wrong. She opened the glove box and placed the documents inside. She extended out her hand, waiting for Liam to hand her the item she had inside the glove box of the SUV he took from her.

Liam grabbed the pistol he had on the inside pocket of his suit jacket. Caroline looked at the magazine and found all the bullets inside it. She placed the pistol inside the glove box and closed it. “Why do you carry that around?”

“In case I encounter assholes like you on the road,” she calmly responded. “Where did you learn to use weapons?” Of course, he knew the answer to the question, he just wanted to see if she would tell him if she would open up to him. But instead, she said, “that is none of your business.” After a pause, she added, “now that you have accompanied me, you can leave.”

Liam placed his hand on the door handle as he leaned closer to her. He stole a kiss from her. “Remember I want you in my bed this weekend. The entire weekend.” Without saying anything else, Liam got off the SUV and closed the door. “Shameless asshole!” Infuriated, Caroline put on her seatbelt and drove towards the exit of the parking structure.

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