Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 40 Two Against One

When Caroline finished her phone call, she let out a sigh and looked at the landscape in front of her. Right at that moment, Mason walked closer to her with a glass of scotch in his hand. “Are you alright?” Caroline rolled her eyes. “I don’t have time to waste on you.” She took a final puff of her cigarette and blew the smoke on his face.

Caroline placed the cigarette on top of his glass and tapped on it, making the remains of the burned cigarette fall inside the glass. She then threw the remnants of the cigarette inside the glass. She then turned around and walked away. She walked back inside the manor and saw the servants setting the table for lunch. Caroline walked up to the twins and said, “it’s almost time for lunch. Let’s go wash our hands.”

After having lunch, Caroline was in her bedroom with the twins. She was tapping away at the keyboard of the laptop resting on her lap when Mia interrupted her concentration. “Mommy, do you know how to ride horses?” Caroline turned her head to look at her and responded, “of course.”

“Can you teach us?” Caroline smiled and sweetly responded, “yes, my little angel.” Caroline closed her laptop and placed it on the nightstand next to her. She got up from the bed and said, “let’s go downstairs.” She grabbed their hands and walked out of the bedroom. They made their way down to the living room. Mia and Ian held Caroline’s hand while they held a toy in their other hand.

When they arrived, they sat on the couch to play with their toys. Caroline walked to the grand piano in the corner of the living room. She sat in front of the piano and touched one of the keys. She then placed her fingers on the keys and began to play a piece.

As Caroline played the beautiful song, Mia and Ian walked up to her. They sat beside her on the stool to watch her play. They tried to mimic her moments. Just like any child, looking up to their mother.

When Caroline finished playing, she looked at Ian and Mia and asked, “what have you learned in your piano lessons?” Mia placed her small hands on the keys and said, “this is what we learned last week.” Caroline and Ian stood up from the stool to let the toddler play the piano.

Because they had just started learning, they didn’t know that many pieces. Mia played a rather simple and small piece perfectly. Caroline and Ian applauded when she finished playing. Caroline leaned over and gave Mia a hug. “That was amazing, my little angel.” Caroline pressed a peck on Mia’s cheek before she stood up from the stool.

When Ian sat on the stool, he placed his small hands on top of the keys, imitating Caroline’s movements when she was playing earlier. He tried to mimic Caroline’s moments in hopes of playing just like his mother. Caroline attentively watched him trying to play the same complicated piece she just did. To her surprise, Ian managed to mimic most of the small part he was playing.

When he finished playing the small portion, he managed to learn just by watching Caroline, he got off the stool. Caroline crouched down and embraced him in a hug. “That was amazing, Ian.” She pressed a peck on his cheek and tightly hugged him again before extending out her arms and invent Mia into her warm embrace.

She placed a peck on their cheeks after she said, “you two are very talented. Soon you will even play better than mommy.” Caroline began to tickle them, making them burst into laughter. The ginormous room was filled with the laughter of the little kids.

Vincent and Victor stepped inside the living room with a smile on their faces. Even though they felt Caroline hated them, they still felt glad they got to meet their beautiful grandson and granddaughter. The sound of laughter soon stopped when Caroline made eye contact with the men walking inside the living room.

Caroline looked up at them and coldly spoke, “any news?”

“No,” Vincent responded. Just then, Mark stepped inside the living room. Vincent looked at Caroline and said, “there is something I must tell you, come with me.” Caroline stared at him without even standing up. Mark sensed the tension in the air and suggested, “go. I’ll look after the twins.” Caroline reluctantly stood up and walked closer to Vincent. They walked out of the living room and made their way to the wine cellar.

“Could you help me chose the wine for tonight?” Caroline let out a scoff that was disguised as a chuckle. “You brought me all the way here to make me choose a wine? Why don’t you ask your butler for that? Isn’t he your right hand? Why don’t you also ask him to solve the issue at hand with the threats?”

“He is already busy with that, which is why I am asking you to pick a wine.” Caroline let out a sigh. She looked around the lavish amount of wines stored in the wine cellar and grabbed a bottler that caught her attention. “Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992. This should do.”

Caroline inspected the well-kept bottle in her hands and couldn’t help but picture how it would taste. She could not wait to see the wine’s opaque color. She could not wait to taste the ripe and intense fruit with its great purity and the highly extracted blackcurrant fruit. She could not wait to taste the richness of the wine inside the bottle she held in her hands.

Caroline handed the bottle to Vincent and then walked away. She went to the room in front of the wine cellar. She looked around at Vincent’s collections of guns in the gun room. Vincent walked inside the room while Caroline looked around the guns displayed on the walls. “Which one are you going to use to kill the bastard that dared threaten us with my kids?”

“You don’t need to worry yourself about that, Caroline. Mr. Mills will take care of it.” Caroline glanced around until she found an empty spot on the collection. She gave Vincent a quick glance before going out of the room. She went up the stairs and made her way back to the living room. She looked around for Mark and the twins, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Caroline began to look around for the twins but was unable to find them. She asked a maid if they had seen them, but no luck. She then walked inside the study and found Charles sitting in front of the twins fully focused on their chess match. Caroline stepped closer to Mark and whispered, “what the hell is going on here?”

“Chuck wanted to play a match with them,” Mark spoke, “surprisingly, they have been doing well.” Caroline let out a soft chuckle. “Of course. They are my children.” Mark let out a laugh quietly after hearing Caroline’s statement. “Shh...” Mia uttered, “you’re making me lose concentration.” Then, she moved a white pawn that was encrusted with crystals and ended up defeating Charles’ rook. “What? Hey, that’s not fair.”

Both Caroline and Mark laughed. “I can’t believe you are losing to two three-year-olds,” Caroline commented. Then, Charles moved the queen and defeated the pawn Mia had just used. Ian inspected the board and moved the white queen encrusted in crystal two places diagonally. “Check,” he said. Charles moved the king. Then, Mia and Ian looked at each other. They wore a smug expression on their face. Mia then moved the knight and they both said, “checkmate.”

Mark and Caroline burst out laughing. “I can’t believe you lost to two little kids.”

“It wasn’t a fair match. It was two against one.” Mark followed up, “they’re three.”

“I let them win,” Charles spoke in order to redeem himself. “Sure,” Caroline said in sarcasm. Charles stood up from the armchair and said, “I’d like to see you try to beat them.” Caroline smirked and sat on the armchair. She helped the twins organize the chess pieces encrusted in crystals before beginning the match.

Before the match ended, Caroline moved the queen to a white square and said, “checkmate.” Both toddlers looked at the board with a frown. Caroline’s lips curled down a bit after seeing the look on the twins’ faces. She stood up from the armchair and stepped closer to them. She crouched down and looked at them. “Don’t be sad, my little angels. I’m sure you will beat mommy next time.”

“Caroline, I want to play a match against you,” Charles spoke. Caroline turned her head and responded, “if you can’t even beat the twins, how do you think you will beat me?” The toddlers laughed. “At least we beat uncle Charles and uncle Mark,” Mia said. Caroline chuckled and looked at the designer watch on her wrist. She stood back up and said, “it’s time for your nap.”

“But mommy, we want to continue playing.” Caroline shook her head. “It’s time for your nap. You can continue playing later. Now come on.” Ian got up from the armchair first and then Mia followed him.

After Caroline tucked the toddlers into bed, she walked out of the bedroom. She went to the kitchen and found the staff on a hurry-scurry to have the dinner ready for later tonight. “Ms. King, is there anything you need?” Asked Mr. Mills. Caroline looked around and said, “may I speak with you for a second?” Mr. Mills agreed and walked out of the kitchen with her.

They stood in the middle of the hallway to converse. “Mr. Mills, Vincent has informed me about the situation with the letters. He told me you would fill me in whatever information you have gathered.”

“Mr. King said that?” Caroline nodded. After a second of hesitation, Mr. Mills said, “I’m sure you are aware of the other letters. They weren’t anonymous, unlike the one from today.”

“Who sent the other letters?” Mr. Mills was about to respond when there was a loud bang coming from the kitchen. “Excuse me, Ms. King. It appears someone has dropped something in the kitchen.” Caroline watched the butler walk into the kitchen before making her way towards the study.

When she walked inside the spacious study, she closed the door once again and walked to the desk. She began to open the drawers in hopes of finding the letters Mr. Mills was talking about. She tried to open one drawer, but it was locked. She opened another drawer and found nothing but a revolver and dagger with an emerald handle and a golden case encrusted with emeralds and rubies. Also, on the case, hanged a golden chain with three emeralds.

Caroline grabbed the dagger and took it out of the case. The iron blade had a gold design from the base to the tip. Caroline placed the sharp blade inside the case and let it rest on top of the desk. She grabbed the revolver and also placed it on top of the desk. She tapped on the empty drawer before trying to find a way of lifting up the bottom of the drawer.

Caroline moved up a part of the bottom and found a small compartment with a key. She grabbed the key and opened the drawer that had been locked. She looked inside the drawer and found the letters. She grabbed the letters addressed by Maximo Diaz. “Has this bastard resurrected from the grave or was he never killed?”

Caroline continued to read the letters and wondered why Vincent had not made a move yet. “This bastard had one foot in hell already. He should have burned in the pits of hell by now. Vincent and Charles’ incompetence are truly amazing. I handed them this bastard on a silver platter.” Caroline clicked her tongue and added, “I should have killed him myself. It’s true what they say, if you want the job done right, it’s best if you do it yourself.”

Caroline gathered the letters and found the letter that had the twins’ pictures. Unlike the other letter’s this was the only one that was not addressed by someone. “This is definitely someone else. Who could be after the twins?” Just then, Caroline heard someone place their hand on the door handle. She looked up and saw the door handle begin to turn.

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