Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 43 I Want to Apologize

“What? He was cheating on me? How could you not tell me? You are like my sister. You are supposed to tell me everything. Especially if it involves me,” Roxy interrupted. “I know I might have overstepped, but that imbecile needed to be wiped out from this earth. I wouldn’t necessarily let a man who cheated on you and tried to flirt with me continue living.”

Roxy sat back down, trying to gather her thoughts. “As I was saying, I let two incompetents get rid of him: Charles and Vincent. Because they failed to do a simple task, we were then threatened. We began to have letters sent to the manor threatening all of us.”

“Caroline, we did not fail at our task. The people we sent, didn’t do their job correctly,” Vincent countered. Caroline clicked her tongue. “Either way, it was your responsibility to wipe him out without any trace.” Caroline let out a sigh. “At least now I have provided you with a solution. Don’t mess up this time.”

Elizabeth gave Caroline a concerned look and said, “Caroline, when did you become like this? You’re like a monster. I have never seen you like this.” Caroline chuckled. “Funny you ask that, mom. I became like this when you let him torture me when I was younger. So, if there is anyone who should be blamed for my behavior, it’s you two.”

“No, became like this after you were kidnapped when you were little.” Caroline was taken aback by Elizabeth’s statement. “What happened when you were kidnapped?” Caroline took a while to respond. “I don’t know. I can’t remember.” She could still remember the tragic kidnapping vividly but preferred to not talk about it.

“Mom, don’t try to justify your and his actions. Because of you, I had to go through that training. You were too weak to protect your daughter from your lover.” A tear began to run down Caroline’s cheek. “Because you failed to protect me from him, I became the “monster” I am today.” Caroline wiped off the tear and added, “I never wish anyone would bear the pain I bear because they would be too weak to take it.”

Caroline walked out of the manor and went down the stairs made of stone. She went down the stairs and walked past the garden. Caroline made her way towards the stables. She stood outside of the stable and took out a black and gold cigarette case from the pocket of her jacket. She took out a back with golden tip cigarette and placed it between her lips. She took a black and gold lighter from her pocket and right when she was about to light it, Nicolas took the cigarette from her lips.

“What is wrong with you?” She exclaimed. “You can’t smoke here,” he said. “And who are you to tell me what to do?” The man let out a sigh. “If you want to smoke, go somewhere else, but not near the stable.” Caroline raised her eyebrow. “Fine. Keep it.” Caroline went inside the stable, leaving the man out in the cold.

The man went inside the stable and caught up with Caroline. “Ms. King, please forgive my behavior just now. I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s fine. I should know better than to smoke near animals.”

“Please, don’t fire me.”

“Don’t worry. I will not fire you. I’m not wearing black today,” Caroline joked. “What?” Asked the man. Caroline turned to look at him with a smirk on her face. “It was a joke.” Caroline looked forward once again before looking at the horses next to her. “How long have you been working here?”

“For four years now.”

“You look fairly young. How old are you?” Nicolas responded, “twenty-three.” After hearing his response, Caroline looked back at the horses. She stopped when she saw the black Friesian. She approached the beautiful stallion as she slowly reached out her hand. The horse sniffed her hand and then she petted his head.

“He likes you,” Nicolas commented, “he has never let any stranger get near him.” Caroline smiled and said, “he is a true beauty.”

“I can tell you like Friesians. Out of all the horses here, you chose to pet this one.”

“Their elegance, their beauty, and their grace are somethings I like to admire. Their beautiful long mane and their exceptionally beautiful trot.”

“How long have you been riding horses?”

“It has been so long since I have been near a horse that I cannot remember the last time I rode a horse.”

“Well, why don’t we change that?” Caroline looked down at the mini skirt she was wearing and said, “how about tomorrow?” The man smiled and responded, “sure.”

“Is he trained for dressage?” Caroline asked. “Yes, he is. He is actually one of the best horses here.” Caroline smiled as he continued to pet the horse. Then, she continued walking around the stable. She stopped once again when she met eyes with the brown Andalusian. “I see you like dressage horses.”

“They are truly beautiful.”

“They are indeed.” They said nothing else. Caroline petted the horse in front of her after approaching it. After seeing how Nicolas was not trying to make small talk with her, she slowly turned her head to look at him. He started at her lips and then he met her gaze. They locked eyes and he leaned in. He placed his hand on the back of her neck and kissed her soft lips.

Caroline bit his bottom lip and then kissed him once again. Then, his tongue met hers. Their tongues swirled around together as the kiss intensified. Then, Nicolas separated from the kiss. “I’m sorry about that, Ms. King. I don’t know what came over me. You must have a husband... I’m sorry for doing what I just did.”

Caroline bit her bottom lip and stepped closer to him. “I don’t have a husband.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips. Just as the passionate kiss continued, the sound of the stable door echoed in the giant stable. Caroline and Nicolas instantly separated from the kiss and looked at the man approaching them.

“Caroline, there you are. We have been looking for you,” said Charles. “Why?” Caroline responded as she slowly moved further from Nicolas. “My dad said you ran off. Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine. What about you? How your hand?” Caroline looked at Charles’ left hand, which was wrapped in bandages. When she was near, she grabbed his hand to inspect it. “Does it hurt?” He shook his head. Caroline raised her eyebrow and pressed her thumb against his palm, making him groan in pain. “Caroline, what the hell?”

“That is for stopping me.” Caroline pressed her thumb against his hand once again. “And that is for grabbing the blade.” Charles instantly retrieved his hand, which had begun to bleed through the bandages. “Don’t look at me like that, Chuck.”

After a pause, Caroline added in a sympathetic tone, “why did you grab the blade?” He let out a sigh and looked at her. “I don’t know. I was trying to grab your wrist, but I ended up grabbing the blade.”

Caroline clicked her tongue. “You should have just sat back and enjoyed the show. I wasn’t actually going to stab him. I was trying to warn him to not never touch my kinds again.” Charles, who was looking at his bleeding hand, looked back at Caroline. “Come on, let’s get that checked out,” Caroline said

Caroline grabbed his arm and began to drag him out of the stable. They walked back to the manor and Caroline took Charles to his bedroom where they called the family doctor to tend to Charles’ wound.

The doctor took a seat on the armchair in front of Charles and looked at his bleeding palm. The doctor looked at him and uttered, “what happened?” Charles shrugged. The doctor let out a sigh and put on some gloves. He began to take off the bandage. The doctor cleaned his wound and saw that the stitches were fine. The doctor bandaged his hand once again. “Don’t put too much pressure on your hand and avoid using this hand until it has recovered,” the doctor advised.

“Thank you, doctor,” Caroline spoke before the doctor left the bedroom. “Take care of yourself, Chuck. Don’t do anything reckless, alright?”

“You should take your own advice, Caroline.” Caroline chuckled then said, “okay. Though I can’t make any promises.”

“Roxy told me what you did. She is mad at you for not telling her anything.” Caroline let out a sigh. “I’m going to talk to her.” She was about to make her way out of the bedroom when Charles stopped her. He grabbed the dagger he had resting on top of the nightstand next to the bed. He walked closer to her and handed it to her. “My dad wanted you to have it. He was going to give it to you, but you beat him to it.” Caroline chuckled and grabbed the dagger.

Caroline walked out of the bedroom and walked around the first floor of the manor. She went inside the kitchen to see what the chefs were making.

Caroline found a chef taking some mini apple pies out of the oven. Caroline grabbed a plate and walked closer to the tray. She carefully grabbed two mini apple pies and walked out of the kitchen. She walked around the manor again, looking for Roxy.

When Caroline walked out to the terrace, she overheard Roxy talking on the phone. “Yes, babe. I know. I have everything ready,” she said, “I will see you next week. Alright, bye. I miss you.” Caroline raised her eyebrow as she overheard the conversation. Caroline walked down the stairs and met eyes with Roxy. Caroline walked closer to her and sat on a chair.

Roxy was about to get up from the chair when Caroline stopped her. “Roxy, please. Let’s talk.” Roxy glared at her and crossed her arms. Caroline slowly pushed the plate with the dessert on the table. “I brought these for you. Be careful, they were just out of the oven.”

Roxy was about to grab a dessert, but then stopped when Caroline told her the desserts were just out of the oven. “What do you want, Caroline?”

“I want to apologize. I want to apologize for not telling you about Maximo. I want to apologize for telling you in front of everyone like that.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I thought it would be best if you didn’t know the type of scumbag you decided to get engaged to. I preferred you thinking he just left without saying a word rather than knowing he was cheating you. But today, I was so pissed with what happened, I just blurted out words. I’m sorry, Rox.”

“I don’t want to forgive you just yet, but you are my cousin. You are like my sister even. So, I know you only want what’s best for me, Caroline. So, I forgive you.” Caroline stood up from the chair and walked closer to Roxy. She bent down and gave her a hug. “Thank you, Roxy.”

After Caroline spent the next hour talking with Roxy, she walked back to her bedroom to check up on the twins. On her way to the bedroom, she could only think about finding out who is the scumbag her cousin is dating now.

Right when she was going up the stairs, Caroline encountered Mark and Elizabeth. “Caroline, can we talk?” Mark asked. Caroline nodded. They made their way to the living room and took a seat. “What happened when you went to New York, Caroline?” Elizabeth asked.

“When I met with Roxy, she told me she was engaged. Right the day before her wedding, I found out Maximo was cheating on her. I told him to leave her, but that asshole decided to stay until he said “I do not” at the altar. Roxy was devastated, but I’d rather have her heart broken than lied to.”

“Why didn’t you tell us she was getting married?” Mark asked. “I just didn’t see the point to it. She did not get married in the end, so I don’t think it mattered.”

“Did you make up with Roxy? She was mad because you didn’t tell her about her ex-fiancé,” Mark stated. “Yes, I talked to her and we made up.”

“That’s good, Caroline. I’m glad you two made up.” Caroline smiled and stood up from the couch. “I will check up on the twins now.” She went up the stairs and went all the way to her bedroom at the end of the hall.

When she opened the door, she found the twins sound asleep on the bed. She wore a tender smile on her face as she approached the bed. She caressed their faces before standing up from the edge of the bed to answer her vibrating phone. She opened the white double door French door and then closed it. She stood out on the balcony to talk on the phone.

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