Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 48 Pleasure Doing Business with You

Caroline hung up the phone and looked at the toddlers sitting down on the floor, coloring their coloring book. Caroline placed a peck on their foreheads before leaving. “Have a nice day, Ms. King,” said Louisa. “You too,” Caroline responded before walking out of the playroom.

When Caroline walked inside the company, workers were making way for her to strut towards the elevator. “Do you think she is mad?” A worker gossiped. “Who’s gonna tell him?” Another man spoke. “Shh...” She’s coming this way,” a woman commented.

When Caroline reached her office, she went inside and then sat on her chair. Joseph walked in behind her and stood in front of her desk. Caroline took off her dark sunglasses and placed them on the table. “How did this happen?”

“Ms. King, it appears an employee from the logistics department made a mistake on the form submitted for today’s exports.”

“How come that form was never submitted to me?”

“Do you wish to speak with the person responsible?”

“Is the problem fixed?”


“Then, no. I don’t wish to speak with them. You fire them.”

“Yes, Ms. King.” Joseph bowed his head then walked out of Caroline’s office. Caroline let out a sigh and looked through the paperwork that was left on her desk. She reached over and grabbed the first document on the stack in the corner. Despite only being morning, Caroline already had many documents to sign. “Should I just retire?” She sighed. She then thought how boring her life would be without working and all her thoughts of retiring vanished.

In Liam’s mansion, he was about to leave to go to work when he opened the door and found Rebecca and Noah standing in front of him. “Rebecca? What are you doing here?”

“Surprise!” She exclaimed. Noah let go of Rebecca’s hand and stepped closer to Liam. He crouched down and picked the boy up. “How are you, little buddy? Did you miss me?” Liam began to walk to the living room, leaving Rebecca standing alone at the entrance.

After the as one maid placed Rebecca and Noah’s belongings in their bedrooms, Rebecca walked to the living room. She had another maid follow her and asked her to take Noah down to the beach.

As soon as they were alone in the living room, Liam stood up from the couch and asked, “what are you doing here?”

“What? Can’t I come live with my fiancé?”

“Rebecca, how many times do I have to tell you? I only got engaged with you because you made it public that Noah is my child.” Rebecca let out a sigh. “I came to pressure you. We have been engaged for three years, Liam! It’s time for us to get married.”

Liam looked at her coldly, making her shiver. “Liam...” her tone was softer than before, trying to disguise how much she feared him. “Liam, our parents want us to get married already. Please, Liam, let’s get married at the beginning of next year.”

“Fine. Plan the wedding. Just know there will be no honeymoon unless you would like to travel alone.” Rebecca opened her mouth and let out a soft, “what?”

“You heard me.” Liam stood up from the couch and walked out of the living room. Rebecca fast passed behind Liam. She grabbed his arm, making him stop. “Liam, don’t leave yet.” He glared at the woman clinging onto his arm, making her shiver and letting go of his arm.

Liam stepped closer to the door and walked out of the mansion. He got on the black Rolls Royce and Marcus drove away to the company. “Why wasn’t I informed of Rebecca’s arrival?” Marcus looked at him through the rear-view mirror and said, “I thought you knew, boss. She is in town for a new project she started.”

“How long will that take?”

“I am not sure, boss. I will find out and let you know.”

Back at Caroline’s company, Caroline was looking at the report sent by the production company. She looked at the list of actors participating in the new film and saw Rebecca’s name at the top. She never really understood why Rebecca continued working for her company, but she did not really care because she was profiting from Rebecca. She decided to just let her continue working for her company.

When Caroline finished going over the document, it was already lunchtime. She stood up from her chair and walked out of her office. Right when she walked out of her office, she found Joseph enjoying his meal. He was about to stand up when Caroline stopped him. “I will go to the meeting I have set up with Mr. Williams.” Joseph bowed his head slightly as Caroline walked away.

When Caroline arrived at Roxy’s restaurant, she greeted her cousin, and then Roxy led her towards the table where Harry was seated. He got up to greet her and then he accommodated her chair for her. A waiter walked over to them and served them some white wine.

Unlike Roxy’s restaurant in New York, in this one, she chose to have one arranged menu where she would change the meal every day, making it a surprise to her customers what the menu was. Each menu was perfectly chosen by Caroline through her website where on her column, she would comment on wines she tried and accurately paired them with meals.

“Mr. Williams, tell me, what must I do to get you to work with me?”

“Ms. King, I had already made up my mind. I will take part in the project. I only wished to spend some time with you today.” Caroline chuckled. “Well, I’m glad you did.”

“Is that so?” Caroline smiled. “Now that we have established this is not a formal meeting, we can be more casual, don’t you agree, Harry?”

“Indeed.” Caroline smiled, watching him smile back. After that, neither said anything. They just stared into their eyes until the waiter walked over to their table and served them their meal.

They continued their lunch occasionally making small talk and catching up for the years they have been apart. Harry eventually asked her about what she had been up to these past years aside from expanding her business. Caroline thought of a moment and the image of her little kids appeared in her mind. She then chuckled nervously and responded, “nothing, just expanding. After all, I was aiming to be the number one business tycoon until Liam stopped me.”

When it came to business, Liam was the number one, then came Caroline, and then Harry. The news about them working together would spread like wildfires, making them grow even higher.

After enjoying their meal together, Caroline grabbed her designer handbag from the seat next to her and took out a document from inside her handbag. She places the document on the table along with a black and gold pen with crystals encrusted along with the pen. “Since you have agreed to join the project, I will need you to sign this document.”

Harry looked at her and then looked at the document she placed in front of him. “Liam and I share half and half of this project. Meaning he wasn’t such an asshole as he usually is and gave me fifty percent when I signed the contract. In this document, I am giving you half. Meaning Liam will have the majority, but if you and I work together, it wouldn’t be such a difference.”

“I have no intentions in going against your orders, Caroline.” Harry picked up the pen and opened the document. “Good,” Caroline responded. Harry went through the pages and signed the agreement at the end. He handed the document and the pen back to Caroline.

Caroline then stood up from the chair as Harry did the same. He extended out his hand and Caroline shook his hand. “Pleasure doing business with you, Ms. King.”

“Likewise.” Caroline smiled and he smiled back. His azure eyes fixed on hers. They walked out of the restaurant and Harry walked Caroline to her SUV. They said their goodbyes and then went their separate ways.

After Caroline arrived at her office, she continued her work as per usual. She was concentrated on the document in front of her. Joseph then knocked on the door, making her lose her concentration. “Come in,” she uttered as she continued to read the document.

Joseph walked inside the office and stood before her. “Ms. King, here is the report from last week.” Caroline looked up and reached out her hand to grab the files in Joseph’s hands. Caroline opened the file and began to look through the pages.

“How is Breanna Rees doing?” She asked. “She appears to have gotten a job at a local mall, but she also appears to be searching for a job at a company.”

“She was planning on majoring in business, right?” Joseph nodded. Caroline continued to look through the pages until she found something that caught her attention. “You had her boyfriend followed after he recovered, just like I asked?”

“Yes, Ms. King.” Caroline looked back down at the document and continued looking through the pages. She found some pictures of a man and a woman and she instantly turned to look at Joseph. “Who is this?” She asked.

“That would be Miss Rees’ boyfriend, Luis Gomez.” Caroline then pointed at the woman in the picture and repeated, “who is this?” Joseph responded, “that would be, Monica Adams. From the information we could gather, she has no contact with Miss Rees.” Caroline clenched the paper in her hands and then she placed it down at the table. “Break his legs.”


“Since he was just in the hospital; we might as well send him back.” Joseph looked at her trying to see if there was any hesitation in her eyes. He was waiting to see if she would retrieve her order. “Yes, Ms. King.”

“Also, get Miss Rees to the penthouse right now. I would like to meet her later in the evening, but unfortunately, I have an appointment I can’t miss this evening.”

“Yes, Ms. King.” Afterward, Joseph left Caroline’s office and she continued reading the document she was reading before getting interrupted by Joseph. She then signed the document and placed it in the corner of her desk. She then stood up from her chair and grabbed her designer handbag.

Caroline walked out of her office and found Joseph’s chair empty. She walked towards the secretary division and looked at the secretaries that appeared to be focused on their work. “Secretary Li,” Caroline spoke, “would you mind accompanying me to run a few errands?”

“Not at all, Ms. King.” The woman grabbed her cellphone from her desk and stood up from her chair. Caroline began to walk towards the elevator as the secretary walked behind her. Caroline stood in front of the elevator and waited for the secretary to press the button.

After the secretary pressed the button, the elevator doors opened, and Caroline walked inside first. Then, the woman walked inside, and she pressed the button for the lobby of the building.

As the elevator went down, Caroline put on her dark designer sunglasses. Once they arrived at the ground floor of the building, Caroline walked out of the elevator first as the secretary followed behind her.

After they went out of the building, Caroline’s SUV arrived, and the secretary walked towards the back door of the SUV. She opened the door and Caroline got on the back seat. The woman closed the door and then got on the driver’s seat. “Where to, Ms. King?”

“The mall,” Caroline responded. The woman began to drive towards the mall owned by Caroline, just as she directed. Caroline grabbed her cellphone from her handbag and looked at the recent notification she had from Newser.

Caroline opened the Newser application and found that once again, her account was deleted. “That asshole!” Caroline exclaimed, making the woman on the driver’s seat flinch. Caroline opened the contacts application and dialed Liam’s number.

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