Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 55 Call It a Day

Taekyung pulled Mark’s pants off along with his boxers. Knowing Mark will try to stop him but then give in, Taekyung kissed him, stopping him from protesting. Taekyung trailed his hand up Mark’s body. He placed his fingers inside Mark’s mouth and commanded, “lick them.”

Mark did not know what to do. Taekyung let out a sigh. “Suck on them,” he said. He pressed his fingers against his tongue. Mark sucked on his fingers and then Taekyung pulled his fingers from his mouth. “You still need practice with that,” he commented.

Taekyung kissed his lips as he slowly slipped a finger inside him. “What- what are you doing? It feels weird.”

“Loosening you up,” Taekyung responded. “What-.” Mark’s question was interrupted by a moan. “Stop that. It feels weird.” Mark gripped Taekyung’s wrist, trying to get him to stop, but instead, Taekyung thrusted in another finger. Taekyung curled his fingers against his walls and said, “you are so tight. I don’t think you can loosen anymore.” He continued thrusting his fingers and added, “and I can’t hold back any longer.”

Taekyung unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. He pulled down his pants and then his boxer briefs. Taekyung reached for a condom inside his pocket. He placed the shiny packaging between his teeth and opened it. He threw the packaging on the floor and put the condom on his dick that was already dripping in precum. “What are you doing?”

Taekyung smirked as he positioned himself between his legs. He grabbed Mark’s hips and slipped inside him. “Ah- it hurts,” he cried out. Taekyung slipped completely inside him, ignoring his cries. He let out a groan as Mark tightened around him. He looked at the man under him and saw tears coming out of his eyes. He leaned close to his ear and whispered, “just bear with it a little longer.”

Taekyung wiped away the tears coming from Mark’s eyes. Mark placed his hands on his chest and tried to push him away. “Stop. It’s too deep.” He began to hit his chest, but Taekyung would not budge. Taekyung gripped his wrists and pinned them above his head. He began to thrust mercilessly because of how impatient he had grown.

Mark’s cries mixed with moans combined with Taekyung’s grunts as he thrusted echoed in the spacious suite. As Mark tightened around him as if he were sucking him in, Taekyung kissed his lips and Mark moaned through the kiss.

Mark separated from the kiss and panted heavily. Taekyung let go of his wrists and gripped his hips. He continued his ruthless thrusts. Without a warning, Mark came, getting his seed by the corner of Taekyung’s mouth. Taekyung stopped to look at him.

After making eye contact, he wiped off his juices from his face and commented, “I thought you didn’t like me.” He then continued his thrusts, trying to push himself over the edge. Because Mark had just cum, he was as sensitive as ever. He tightened around Taekyung and even tried to push him off.

Taekyung ignored his pleas and thrusted until reached the edge. He leaned over Mark’s ear and let out a grunt as he released his hot seed. He slipped out of him and pressed a peck on the teary-eyed man next to him. “You did well,” he praised.

“It hurts. How is your dick so big?” Taekyung chuckled and pressed another peck on his cheek before saying, “let’s go wash up.” Despite wanting to go for another round, seeing how Mark couldn’t take it anymore, he decided to just call it a day. Taekyung stood up from the bed and looked at the man about to sleep on the bed. He picked him up and carried him to the bathroom.

When Caroline and Charles arrived at the mansion, they tried to not make any noise. They were about to go up the stairs when Elizabeth, who sat in the dimly illuminated living room stopped them. “Come here,” she commanded.

Caroline and Charles looked at each other. They tried to look at the woman sitting in the living room thinking they could just slip away. They went up a step and Elizabeth said, “stop.” She put down the book she was reading and turned to look at them. “Charles, Caroline, come here.”

They reluctantly went down the stairs a few steps. They stepped inside the living room and stood in front of Elizabeth. “Yes, mom?” Caroline uttered. “What time is it?”

“Late?” Caroline responded. “Why did you come home so late and where are your clothes?”

“Why are you up so late and in this living room?”

“This is my house, Caroline. I can do whatever I want.”

“This is my life, mom. I can do whatever I want.” Charles chuckled before Caroline tapped his arm with her elbow. “Do you think you are a teenager, Caroline? Estas muy vieja para la gracia.”

“Mom, can we do this later. We’re tired. You have no idea the long day I’ve had. I will tell you everything tomorrow.” Caroline turned around and began walking away. “Stop right there. At least tell me what happened with your clothes.”

“Mason kidnapped her. He took her clothes. She called me to rescue her, despite her being capable of rescuing herself. She shot Mason and now we don’t know where he is,” Charles concisely explained. “So, he escaped?”

“How did this happen, Caroline?” Elizabeth asked in shock. “I got in the Bentley, thinking it was my chauffeur.” Elizabeth let out a sigh. “What? I was looking at my phone, plus I never figured someone would kidnap my chauffeur.”

Elizabeth remained silent. “Good night,” Caroline spoke before walking away. She went up the stairs and entered her bedroom. She instantly went to her bathroom to take a shower. She spent an hour showering. She felt she had to scrub her body a thousand times because of what happened. She did not know who took her clothes. ”Their dirty hands must have touched my entire body,” Thinking of this, Caroline shivered.

Back at the hotel, Taekyung walked towards the king-sized bed and laid Mark on the bed. “If your mom finds out you got this drunk, she will kill you,” Taekyung commented as he watched the drunk Mark slowly closing his eyes before drifting off to sleep.

After tucking Mark under the covers, Taekyung watched him peacefully sleep for a while. He then stood up from the armchair in front of the bed and walked to the side of the bed. He picked up Mark’s pants and looked for his wallet.

Taekyung searched until he found Mark’s wallet. He opened his wallet and searched for his ID. The first ID he found was his fake one. He grabbed it before throwing the wallet on the floor. He looked at the fake ID and then at the man sleeping on the bed. “You better not get another one of these. There is a reason you shouldn’t be drinking yet... So immature.”

Taekyung took the card in both his hands and applied force on it, making the card split in half. He glanced at the man on the bed before throwing the card in the trash bin. He looked back at the man sleeping peacefully on the bed. He walked closer to the bed and sat on the edge.

“What am I going to do about you? I tried pushing you away because I thought it was the best thing to do. Then I realized I can only be happy with you around. I know it’s selfish of me, but I truly want you by my side, Mark.”

The next day, Mark woke up with a massive headache and aching pain all over his body. He looked to the side and found Taekyung smoking out on the terrace. Taekyung felt Mark’s gaze fixed on him. He turned around and made eye contact with him.

Taekyung put out the cigarette before stepping inside the suite. He walked closer to the bed as he asked, “how do you feel?” Mark crawled out of the bed feeling the pain intensified as he crawled. He tried to stand up but fell to the ground. “I can’t walk, and I can’t remember what happened.”

Taekyung walked closer to him and picked him up. He laid him back on the bed and Mark asked, “where are my clothes? Why are we here?”

“I rescued you last night. You were too drunk. I brought you here so you wouldn’t wake up the entire house when we got back home.”

“That explains the massive headache I have right now, but why can’t I walk? What else happened last night?”

“Do you like me, Mark?”


“You told me you don’t like me last night. But then you told me you do. So, which one is it, Mark?”

“I think you were the one drunk last night. I would never say something like that.” Taekyung spoke, “fine. It doesn’t matter.” He walked closer to the table and grabbed and Advil and a glass of water. He walked closer to Mark and handed him the glass of water. “This is for your headache. As for your legs, you should be fine soon.”

“How do you know? Tell me what happened.”

“I have seen others recover rather quickly after their first time. You should be fine. As for knowing what happened, you should try to remember.”

“What does he mean by ‘their first time’?” Mark wondered. Taekyung walked back to the table and grabbed a silver tray that had a silver cover over it. He grabbed the food cover and placed it on the table. Taekyung walked closer to Mark and placed the tray on his lap.

“I must make a phone call. Have some breakfast before we leave.” Taekyung walked out of the suite and took out his cellphone to make a call. Mark picked up his fork and was about to take a bite from his food as he tried to remember what happened last night, but no luck.

When he finished eating, he got up from the bed and walked to the armchair. He took off the white bathrobe he wore and got dressed. He opened the door and found Taekyung still on the phone. “Ready?” He asked. Mark nodded.

When Mark and Taekyung arrived at the mansion, they stood in the foyer where Elizabeth saw them and told them to go to the living room. They obeyed her demand. They found Caroline; legs crossed sitting on one side of the couch. Charles sat on the other end of the couch.

Caroline crossed her arms and commented, “oh, so you two finally decided to show up.”

“What’s wrong?” Mark asked. “Elizabeth did not let us leave for work until you two arrived,” Charles explained. Elizabeth walked behind Mark and Taekyung and commanded, “have a seat.”

After they both obediently took a seat, Elizabeth took a seat on the armchair and said, “I don’t know what any of you are thinking, but this is not a place where you come and leave whenever you want. As you all know, we have meals in family here. If you don’t like it, there’s the door.”

“You made us stay just because of the meals?” Caroline spoke. “No, Caroline. That is one of the rules of this house. We always have dinner together unless there is something you mustn’t miss, we shall always dine together, got it?”

“Yes,” they all responded. “Now that is clear, I want you all to remember this is a home. Not someplace you can just leave and return whenever you want. You are all old enough to know this. I shouldn’t have to be scolding you as if you were kids. The only kids in this house are the twins and even they behave better than the lot of you. I want all of you to know that I do not care what you do with your lives, after all, you are all adults. The only thing I ask of you is that you tell me if you are okay and if you are coming home.”

“Mom, please, I have a meeting with an asshole and a more decent asshole, so may I leave?”

“Siéntate. Todavía no he terminado,” Elizabeth spoke. Caroline sat back down, and Elizabeth stood up and added, “one of you did not return home the other day. Then, two of you returned a little over the middle of the night one of which was half-naked, and two of you did not come home at all last night.”

They all looked at each other. Caroline stood back up and grabbed her designer handbag. She spoke, “I don’t know what you three were doing or who you were doing when you didn’t come home, but I was kidnapped yesterday. I have a legitimate excuse. Now, I must leave.”

“No pienses que te vas a salir the esta, Caroline. Después hablaremos de las veces que no has venido a la casa.” Caroline stood next to Elizabeth and pressed a peck on her cheek. “Can’t wait,” she spoke in sarcasm before leaving in a hurry.

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