Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 61 You Can't Have Her

After the wedding ceremony, the guest gathered further into the venue. Where the giant round tables were set with eight seats at each table. Caroline and Taekyung walked to their table, where they found Liam and Rebecca sitting along with Harry. “Talk about an awkward evening,” Caroline commented, making Taekyung chuckle. “Remember, we have done this a million times. You close the deal and I fake being sick, so hurry up.”

“Alright, King,” he whispered back. To avoid sitting down at the table, Caroline walked around the venue with a glass of champagne in her hand. She looked around and felt the envious looks of the other women fixed on her. She could feel them gossiping behind her back.

Caroline wore a devilish smile on her face as she walked closer to the bride taking pictures with the groom. The bride instantly got away from the frame when she saw Caroline. “Caroline!” She exclaimed. “Well she is energetic,” Caroline thought. Caroline smiled hugged the bride. “Best of wishes,” Caroline said.

“Thank you and thank you for coming.”

“Of course, Camile. I would have never missed your wedding.” Camile looked at Caroline up and down. Caroline could feel the envy piercing through her skin. Caroline flicked a strand of her hair back and asked, “is something the matter?”

“No, not at all. I’m just surprised to finally meet you in person. I never thought you were actually this beautiful.” Caroline chuckled. “Really?”

“Of course, you are gorgeous. We should go out for drinks sometime.” Caroline faked a smile and said, “sure.” Just at that moment, Harry stepped closer to them. He stood closely beside Caroline. “Pardon me, may I borrow her for a second?”

“Yes, of course,” Camile responded. Caroline and Harry walked away. “You seemed uncomfortable. Are you alright?”

“Yes, thank you.” Harry smiled and answered, “of course.”

“Are you sure you’re not my night in shining armor?” Caroline bantered. Harry chuckled with her. Then he said, “there is a possibility I might be.” They both laughed as they continued to walk.

By the bar, Taekyung was looking at the glass of whiskey in his hand. He looked to the side and found Liam taking a seat next to him. Without making eye contact, Taekyung asked, “what are you planning?”

“Pardon?” Taekyung turned to look at him and spoke, “what are you doing here, Liam?”

“I am here for the wedding.”

“That is not what I meant,” Taekyung uttered, “I want you to stay as far away from Caroline as possible... I know what you did to her four years ago. I will not let you hurt her again.”

“I don’t want to hurt her,” Liam replied. “Good. Then, you know to stay away from her.” The bartender handed Liam his glass. Liam looked at his reflection in the whiskey inside of the glass. Taekyung took a sip of his whiskey on the rocks and finished the drink. “You can’t have her,” Liam spoke without looking at Taekyung. “I don’t want her,” Taekyung countered. Taekyung stood up from the chair and walked away to find Edward. He wanted to close the deal as soon as possible and leave.

Caroline and Harry were about to go dance when Rebecca stood in front of them. Looking at Rebecca up close, Caroline could see the dark circles under her eyes because of staying late so learning scripts. Her hair was still dyed, but now her brown hair blended into blonde tips and there were some subtle wrinkles on her forehead.

Looking at Caroline for the first time in person, Rebecca could see she had not changed one bit. Her porcelain skin remained the same. Her perfect hourglass figure and her beautiful long hair were still the same. It was as if time stood still.

Caroline raised her eyebrow as she watched Rebecca look at her up and down. “Caroline.” Rebecca tucked a strand of her ombre hair behind her ear, displaying the diamond ring on her finger. “It is so great to see you.”

“I wish I could say the same, but I’d rather not say something that we both know is not true.” Caroline smiled and she grabbed Harry’s arm. “Let’s go,” she said. They walked past Rebecca and made their way to the dance floor.

As soon as they stepped on the dance floor, the band in front of them began to play bachata. They looked at each other and smiled. “Just like four years ago,” Caroline commented. Harry smiled back. He made her do a spin before they began to dance to the rather sensual song.

After dancing together for a while, their dance was cut off by the bride and the grooms’ dance. Caroline and Harry stood on the side of the dance floor as they watched the lovers dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

When their dance finished, Caroline and Harry stepped back to the dance floor and danced to the slow song. Their dance was cut short when Liam interrupted them. “Do you mind if I take this dance?”

“Not at all,” Harry reluctantly responded. Caroline’s smile instantly faded away. Liam placed his hand around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Their bodies so close they could feel each other’s heartbeat. They began to dance to the slow tango as they got attention from the audience. Eventually, they were the only ones dancing on the dance floor. “What are you planning? Your fiancée is over there.”

“I don’t wish to dance with her, princess,” Liam spoke, “I wish to only dance with you.” Caroline placed her leg by his side. Liam grabbed her hand and made her do a spin, before bringing her closer to his body again. He then whispered in her ear, “are you trying to make me jealous?” Caroline smirked. “What makes you think that? Not everything revolves around you.”

“Then, tell me, why were you looking at me while you danced with him?” They detached for a second before coming together again. “Can’t I look at you?” Liam leaned forward, making her lean back. “Of course, you can. But don’t tempt me, princess. If I see you with him again, I will kill him.” Then, they continued to dance around the dance floor.

When they finished dancing to the song, the venue was filled with a roaring wave of applause. Liam pulled Caroline close to him again and whispered in her ear, “remember what I told you.” Caroline glared at him. She then changed her expression to a smirk as she lifted up her leg by his side. She neared his ear and said, “if you dare touch him, I will not think twice about sending someone to kill your little fiancée and then sending you her remains. If there are any.”

Seeing how they were standing in the middle of the dance floor; the band began to play once again. Caroline and Liam looked at each other. His hot breath brushed against hers. Liam ran his hand up her bare thigh then he placed his hand on her shoulder once again. Caroline moved her leg back down and they continued to dance.

Looking at them on the sidelines, Rebecca could not help the rage surging through her veins. She went to the bathroom and tried to calm down. She washed her hands and looked into the mirror. “What does she have that I don’t? Why does Liam want her and not me? Why does he still wear his wedding ring when he is engaged to me?” Rebecca wondered.

When the night had come to a close, the women gathered for the bouquet toss. Caroline was talking with Harry when Camile dragged her towards the other women. “I don’t want to take part in this,” Caroline said as Camile continued to drag her towards the group of women. “Don’t be silly. You also need to participate.” Camile neared Caroline’s ear and whispered, “I will throw it at you.” Camile placed Caroline on one end.

Camile let go of Caroline’s arm and she walked towards the middle of all the women, she turned around and she began to calculate where to throw the bouquet. Caroline watched as the other women were ready to fight for the bouquet.

Sitting at the table, Harry and Liam watched as Caroline seemed uninterested in the event. Caroline looked at the wine glass in her hand and swirled around the glass, making the white wine move around.

Camile pretended to toss the bouquet, making the other women desperate to catch it. Then, when Camile finally tossed the bouquet, Caroline was calmly sipping her wine. She watched the bouquet fall to the floor, hitting the ground next to her. She then walked away as the other women tried to get their hands on the bouquet.

Camile walked up to Caroline and asked, “why did you grab the bouquet?” Caroline looked at her dead in the eye and responded with confidence, “because I know my self-worth.” After leaving Camile stunned by her response, Caroline walked away.

Caroline walked closer to Taekyung, who had been waiting for her to leave, but since she had been dancing with Harry and Liam, she forgot about the plan. “Are you done?” Taekyung asked. His annoyed face accompanied his annoyed tone. “Yes, let’s go.”

Caroline and Taekyung were making their way outside of the venue when Camile and Edward walked up to them. “Where are you two going?” Caroline grabbed onto Taekyung’s arm, pretending to feel sick. “Caroline does not feel so well. We’re heading home.”

“Yes, see,” Camile spoke, “I hope you feel better, dear.” Caroline nodded. “Thank you,” she said in a croaky voice. Taekyung shook Edward’s hand and said, “congratulations.”

After saying their goodbyes, Caroline and Taekyung casually walked out of the venue. “How did the deal come out?”

“Great. But that is not important. I want you to tell me who like.” Caroline stopped walking. Taekyung also stopped and he turned around to look at her. “What do you mean by that?”

“I saw you dancing with both of them. I always knew you had men at your feet, but I never imagined they would go this far. Seeing how they were sort of competing with each other to dance with you, was quite entertaining. And how their expression would instantly change as they watched the other dance with you was rather amusing. And the way you completely stole the spotlight from Camile... You are truly amazing, King.” Caroline chuckled.

“Let’s just hope this does not turn into some cliché love triangle,” Taekyung commented. “I don’t know what you are talking about, because in order for this to turn into a love triangle, I have to be interested in both of them.”

“Oh? Really then who are you interested in?”

“Neither of them. Like I’ve been telling you for the past four years, I gave up on men and I gave up on seeking any sort of relationship with anyone.” Taekyung snickered. “Alright, King. Let’s go home.” They walked towards the car that was parked right in front of the venue. Taekyung opened the door for Caroline and she got in the white Rolls Royce.

When they arrived at the mansion, Caroline instantly went to the twins’ bedroom. She checked up on the twins sound asleep in their bedroom along with Achilles. She slowly closed the door to prevent it from making any sound. She then went to her bathroom to take a shower.

Taekyung sat in the dimly illuminated living room. He had untied his bowtie and unbuttoned a few buttons of his shirt. He sat on the couch. In one hand, he held a glass with whiskey, and with the other, he petted Chocolate’s head. Chocolate laid next to him, closing his eyes each time Taekyung petted his head.

Right at that moment, Mark walked down the stairs and made his way to the kitchen. He prepared himself a sandwich and when he was making his way back towards the stairs, he flinched when he saw Taekyung sitting inside the dimly illuminated room. “Taekyung?” He called out.

Mark walked inside the living room and stepped closer to Taekyung. He found Taekyung leaning back against the couch with his eyes shut and the empty glass in his hand. Mark took the glass from his hand and placed it on the table nearby.

Then, Mark leaned down, close to Taekyung’s face. He closely inspects Taekyung’s face. He looked at his perfect fair skin. Mark extended out his hand and moved Taekyung’s bangs to the side, uncovering his forehead.

Right at that moment, Taekyung opened his eyes and gripped Mark’s hand. Mark flinched at the sudden grasp. “What are you doing?” He asked. Mark, flustered, turned his head to the side and blushed. “I- I was just wondering what you were doing sleeping here.”

Taekyung tugged on Mark’s wrist, making him sit on his lap. “Now that you have woken me from my slumber, how are you going to take responsibility?” Mark blushed even more. Taekyung leaned closer to him. “I can think of some way you can take responsibility for the mess you have created,” he added. “I wouldn’t necessarily call it mess-.” His words were cut off by the sudden kiss Taekyung pressed against his lips.

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