Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 66 Passed Down That Submissiveness

Three hours later, Liam pulled up to the mansion. Caroline looked at him and said, “you owe me a phone.” He chuckled and said, “I will personally deliver your new phone tomorrow at your office.” Caroline shook her head. “Just have your assistant bring it to me.” She smiled and uttered, “now, I don’t want you getting any weird ideas. Just because you treated me nicely and we ended the trip on good terms does not mean I have forgiven you.”

“I know that,” he responded, “and I am willing to wait until you forgive me.” Caroline leaned in and pressed a peck on his lips. “Good,” she said. She was about to get off when Liam grasped her wrist. He pulled her into a passionate kiss as a form of saying goodbye.

After Caroline walked inside the mansion, Liam drove away. Caroline went straight to her bedroom, preventing herself from making any sound. She was not trying to alert anyone that might be in the mansion that she had arrived. She went straight to her bathroom and took a shower, trying to get rid of Liam’s strong scent.

After showering, Caroline went to her closest and chose something to wear. She then went down the stairs and looked around for her family, but they were not around. She went to the kitchen, where she found the butler supervising the chefs. “Mr. Sawyer,” Caroline called out. The butler walked closer to her and said, “yes, Ms. King? Welcome back.”

“Where is everyone?” Caroline asked. “I believe they have stepped out for a bit. I believe they should not be out for long.” Caroline nodded and then the butler asked, “Is there anything I else could do for you?”

“Make me a martini,” Caroline spoke, “I will be outside.” The butler nodded and Caroline walked to her study. She grabbed her laptop and walked out of the mansion, past the outdoor lounge, and took a seat on the round-shaped canopy daybed. She placed her laptop on her lap and opened it.

She looked at the water inside the pool as she waited for her laptop to turn on. She then logged in and entered her email. She emailed Joseph as she waited for her martini. After the butler handed her the martini, Caroline walked to the bar on the side of the outdoor lounge. She placed her martini glass next to her and began to take care of her work.

As Carline worked, she sipped her martini. She was planning on taking yesterday’s and today’s work taken care of. She let out a sigh when she remembered the accumulated work she had at the office.

Caroline continued to work until her family arrived back at the mansion. The twins ran to her when they saw her seating at the bar outside on the outdoor lounge through the glass door leading to the outdoor lounge. She closed her laptop and stood up from the tall chair. She crouched down and wrapped her arms around her children. She pressed a peck on their foreheads. She then looked at Elizabeth, who was standing in front of her.

“Hi, mom,” Caroline spoke. “Hi, Caroline. How was the meeting?” To her good luck, she had just emailed Harry about the meeting that took place in Orlando, the meeting which she missed because of Liam. “It was alright. I did have to stay longer. I was planning on coming back that same day, but something came up.”

Elizabeth crossed her arms and asked, “why didn’t you answer my call or messages?” Caroline stood up and responded, “I forgot to take my charger with me.”

“Couldn’t you have asked your assistant for a charger?”

“Joseph had work to take care of here. He did not go with me to Orlando.”

“Why didn’t you buy a charger? I was worried about you, Caroline.” Caroline looked down at the twins and told them to go play by the pool, for them to not hear their conversation. After all, Caroline would never want her children to hear what she was about to say.

“Mamá, I am fine. Remember when you used to travel without saying a word? You used to leave without saying a word. You would leave me with Victor’s mother. Mark and I never knew where you were. You know how much I hated that woman so much I can’t even call her grandmother.”

“Caroline it is not good to hold a grudge against someone for so long, much less for someone who has already passed away.” Caroline chuckled. “I guess you are right. I never should have wished for her to die. By doing so, my good grandmother, the one that did not torture me, despise me, nor mentally torment me, died along with her.” Elizabeth let out a sigh.

“Muñeca, I know everything that happened when you were younger. That is why I decided to break up and move away from that hijo de puta you have for an uncle.” Caroline placed her hand on her shoulder and said, “mamá, you should have never met those twins. You, being as submissive as you are, you let them walk all over you and do with their own children as they pleased.” Caroline looked away and added, “and now I realize you have passed down that submissiveness to me.”

Caroline moved her hand from her mother’s shoulder and walked away. She walked closer to the twins and she stood next to them as she watched the water on the pool move slowly. “If I would have had a different life, one where I wouldn’t have had such hardships as a child would I be different right now? Would have been as submissive to men as I am right now?” Caroline wondered.

She then began to laugh, feeling pity for herself. Getting this feeling of pity, regret, and filling her thoughts with what-ifs, made her lose her composure. For the first time in her life, she felt vulnerable. She felt pity for herself. She felt less than those who had hurt her.

“Caroline King, you are strong. Yes, many have stepped on you, but it was because you let them. You are not weak. You will show those who have stepped on you and those who will try that you are Caroline King. You have not stepped on many for nothing. You do not control the world for nothing.”

Caroline then looked down at the children standing next to her with a confused look on their angelical faces. She smiled and said, “let’s go have dinner.” She grabbed their hands and took them inside of the mansion.

Sitting at the dining table, Caroline looked at Taekyung and asked, “where were you?”

“The twins wanted to play with Achilles, so I took them to her house and spent the entire day there,” Elizabeth responded. Caroline then looked at Taekyung, expecting him to answer the question. “I went to the office and then I went to Mark’s shoot. He’s been doing pretty well.” Mark blushed by hearing Taekyung’s compliment.

“Oh, really?” Caroline looked at the man sitting next to Taekyung and added, “have you finally found your passion?” Mark answered, “I am not sure, but I do enjoy acting.” Caroline smiled and said, “I hope this becomes your career, little bro.” Mark rolled his eyes when he heard the words “little bro.”

After having dinner together, Caroline got the twins ready for bed, and then she tucked them into bed, read them a book, and kissed them good night. She walked out of their bedroom and went to her bedroom. She walked into her closet and looked for something to wear.

After getting dressed, Caroline looked at the silver watch on her wrist and went out of her bedroom. As she stepped down the stairs, she encountered Taekyung. “Where are you going?” He asked. “The company. There is some work I must take care of and I do not plan on going to the office tomorrow. Please tell my mom I will not be back until later.”

Caroline continued stepping down the giant spiral staircase until she reached the ground floor of the mansion. She walked out of the mansion and got on the black Lamborghini Urus parked in front of the driveway.

When Caroline arrived at her office, she went inside the parking structure next to the building and parked her SUV in her special spot. She got off the SUV and walked to the nearby door. The sliding doors opened when she placed her hand on the lock next to the door for it to be scanned.

Caroline went inside the building and got on the elevator. At this hour, there was maximized security because there really wasn’t supposed to be anyone going inside of the building.

As Caroline walked through the highest floor of the building, she found some secretaries from the secretary division still tapping away at their keyboards. She walked to her office and found Joseph sitting at his desk. He stood up as soon as he saw Caroline stand in front of him.

“Ms. King, what brings you here at this hour?”

“There are some things I must take care of. You should go home now. You’ve been working all day.” Joseph nodded. “Yes, thank you.” Caroline walked inside her spacious office and took a seat on her chair. She was looking at the piles of documents on her desk when Joseph knocked on the door.

Joseph walked inside her office and stepped closer to her. He stood in front of her and cleared his throat. “Ms. King?” Caroline looked up from the documents and asked, “what is it?” Joseph showed her the image portrayed on his cellphone and said, “apparently there are new rumors regarding you and Mr. Sabbatini.” Caroline looked at the image portrayed on the screen and commented, “I don’t really think yellow is my color.”

“Excuse me?” Caroline continued looking at the picture of her holding hands with Liam and then said, “actually, I look great in everything. Wouldn’t you agree?” She looked at Joseph and he cleared his throat. “Ms. King, what would you like to do about the rumors?”

“Nothing,” she responded with a smile on her face. “May I ask why?” Caroline chuckled. “I don’t need to worry about some secondhand rumors,” she responded, “I never had. I wasted my time on such a listless activity because I wanted to get where I am today. Now, that I have received the news of becoming the first woman to be the number one in business, I don’t need to worry about what others think of me. Those flimsy rumors are nothing compared to the amount of influence I have over the world. If anything, they will go away soon enough.”

“That makes sense.”

“Now, if Liam has the littlest bit of common sense, he will take down the posts. I don’t think a man as arrogant as himself would want to be next to a woman that has surpassed him.” Caroline smirked and then looked down at the documents in front of her. Joseph excused himself and left her office.

Caroline spent the rest of the night looking at documents. She signed some documents and others she rejected. When she began to yawn, and her eyes began to fall shut she looked at the time on her wristwatch. It was already midnight. She grabbed her handbag and the documents she still had to look over. She walked out of her office and got on the elevator. She went down to the fourth floor of the building and made her way to her SUV, near the entrance.

Caroline got in the SUV and drove back to the mansion. She arrived at the mansion forty minutes later. She parked the SUV right outside for the chauffeur to accommodate it in the garage tomorrow in the morning.

In her hands, she held her documents and her handbag. She walked inside of the mansion and went to her study. She placed the documents on the desk and then she went to her bedroom. She got ready for bed and then she went to sleep.

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