Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 69 No Hands

Taekyung looked at the teary-eyed man on top of him and placed his hand over his cheek. “Are you sure? You still have tears from the first round.” Mark nodded. “I’m sure.” He then moved down and gripped Taekyung’s dick, which had hardened again just by listening to Mark’s words.

Mark bit his bottom lip as he slipped Taekyung’s dick inside of him. Once Taekyung was completely inside of him, Mark threw his head back and he let out a moan. Taekyung gripped Mark’s waist as he began to pound into him. “Ah! Stop! It hurts!” Taekyung did not listen to his cries. They were too into it to stop. Taekyung continued his thrusts as he guided Mark’s hips.

Mark had tears running down his cheeks. He let out breathy moans and panted heavily as he tried to suppress his moans. Taekyung let out soft grunts as Mark tightened around him. “I’m-.” Mark’s words were cut off when Taekyung thrusted harshly into him, making him release his orgasm.

Taekyung gripped Mark’s hips tighter and pounded into him until he reached the edge. He orgasmed but this time, inside Mark. Mark collapsed on top of Taekyung. His hot breath brushed against Taekyung’s neck as he panted heavily.

Taekyung wrapped his arms around Taekyung and waited for him to catch his breath before taking him to the bathroom to wash up. Taekyung pressed a peck on Mark’s forehead and praised, “you did well today.” He pressed another peck and added, “let’s wash up.” Mark shook his head. “I’m tired.” Taekyung chuckled. He stood up from the bed while carrying the sleepy Mark in his arms and walked to the bathroom.

Back on the outdoor lounge, Caroline, Persephone, and Charles had been drinking this entire time. Despite drinking for this long time, the alcohol had still not taken effect on Caroline. Persephone began to feel a bit tipsy and her cheeks reddened. She looked at Caroline who was still unaffected by the alcohol.

Persephone looked at Charles and then back at Caroline. She placed her empty glass on the coffee table in front of her. She yawned as she stood up from the couch. “I’m tired. I think I will go to sleep.” Persephone began to make her way inside the mansion. As Charles watched her leave, he finished his drink and placed the empty glass on the table. “I will also go to sleep. Good night, cuz.” Caroline silently sipped her drink as she watched her cousin run after Persephone. “I never thought you’d be that desperate, cousin.”

When Charles climbed up the stairs, he found Persephone waiting for him at the top of the stairs. She stepped closer to him and stood in front of him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in for a kiss.

Instead of kissing her, Charles picked her up bridal style, taking her by surprise. Persephone giggled as he picked her up. He smirked and walked to a nearby guest bedroom. Charles closed and locked the door of the bedroom when they stepped inside. He walked closer to the bed and laid Persephone down on the bed. He passionately kissed her lips before biting her bottom lip.

Charles separated from the kiss and reached for the buttons of his shirt. “Clothes off. Now.” Persephone crossed her legs as she hummed. “You are quite impatient today, Charles.” She extended out her leg for him to take off her high heel. Charles smirked and crouched down. He took off her sky-blue high heels and placed them next to the bed. He took off her socks and she placed her foot against his bare chest.

He grabbed her foot close to his lips and pressed a peck on the back of her foot. With his tongue, he trailed up from the heel of her foot to her toes. He pressed a peck against her toe before taking it inside his mouth. He looked up at her as he teased her with his tongue.

He gave her one last peck before moving forward. He pressed a peck on her foot and began to trail up her leg, leaving a trail of kisses. He reached her thigh and then he looked back at her. She smirked and drew him closer to her lips by placing her finger under his chin.

As they kissed, she took off her sky-blue blazer. She reached for the zipper of her skirt and managed to unzip her skirt. Persephone separated from the kiss to take off her sky-blue top. She then stood up from the bed to take off her sky-blue skirt as Charles unzipped his pants.

When he was completely undressed, Persephone got down on her knees and wrapped her hand around his dick. “I bet I can make you cum within seconds.” He laid his hand against her cheek and said with a devilish smile, “are you sure about that, blondie? Why don’t we see who cums first?”

“I like the sound of that.” She stood back up and placed her hands on his muscular chest. She pushed him on the bed, and he leaned back. She slipped off her sky-blue pantie and got on top of him. She leaned in close to his lips. She brushed her lips against his and then moved to whisper in his ear. “Let’s see who wins.”

Persephone leaned back. She winked at him and then she switched positions. Charles placed his hands by her sides and then trailed them down to her hips, making her feel shivers running down her spine. She gave him a quick glance before leaning down.

Persephone wrapped her hand around his dick and Charles said, “no hands, blondie.” Persephone let go of his dick and bit her bottom lip, watching how it was dripping in pre-cum. She licked her lips and pressed a peck on the head.

At the same time, Charles pressed a peck on her soaking core. He trailed his tongue against her entrance, maker in her moan his name. He smirked and repeated the same movement with his tongue, earning the same reacting.

Of course, Persephone did not want to lose the bet, so she began to tease him with her tongue. She rolled her tongue around the tip as she sucked, making his dick twitch inside of her mouth. His hot breath brushed against her entrance each time he breathed out heavily.

Persephone unconsciously moved closer to Charles each time he trailed his skillful tongue against her core. Charles began to draw tight circles against her clit, making her gag when his dick hit the back of her throat. Persephone let out a breathy moan and tried to focus on what she was doing.

“Why the fuck is he so good? If it continues like this, I will cum first,” Persephone thought. Refusing to lose a simple bet against Charles, she was driven to distract herself from the sensational stimulation he brought her with his tongue against her sex.

Persephone continued to swirl her tongue around his dick as she sucked on the head. Once again, she tried to take his entire length inside her mouth. His dick brushed against the back of her throat and then she took his dick out her mouth, sucking at the tip.

Again, his hot breath brushed against her sex before sucking and licking her clit. She began to feel her orgasm begin to curl up on her lower abdomen, but she still refused to lose to him. She let out a breathy moan against the tip, making his cock twitch.

“He’s close,” she told herself. She swirled her tongue around the head as he swirled his tongue against her clit. She stopped her movements to let out the moan she had to let escape her lips.

Charles never stopped his movements, determined to not lose against Persephone. At this point, he did not think he could hold any longer, but he did not want to release his orgasm before her. Seeing how she could not hold it any longer, he trailed his tongue from her clit to her entrance.

Right that second, Persephone deep throated his dick and orgasmed. Seconds later, Charles released his seed on her throat. They both sucked each other clean. After composing herself, Persephone switched positions to face him again. She inched closer to him. She brushed her lips against his before passionately drawing him into a kiss.

With the kiss, Charles’ tongue set out to meet hers. At the same time their tongues collided, they passed along each other’s digits. Their seeds mixed along with their saliva and blended into the kiss.

They stopped the kiss for a second. They both swallowed the mixture inside their mouths before indulging in another passionate kiss. As they kissed, Charles switched positions, placing her underneath. He separated from the kiss to look at her. She was completely wrecked from what they had just done.

He leaned closer and licked away the saliva resting on the corner of her lip. He looked at her again. He lost himself in her amber eyes. Her hands traveled to his hair. She ran her hands through his silky chestnut hair and then she pushed his head down to her chest.

Charles’ large hand traveled up her slim body. He wrapped his hand around her neck as he slipped inside her. She threw her head back and let out a heavy moan as he thrusted his velvety cock inside her. He began to thrust into her.

Charles let go of his grip against her neck and leaned down. Persephone wrapped her legs around him as he continued his thrusts. He brought his lips close to her ear. “I won, blondie,” he huffed out between breaths. She tightened around him, making him moan softly into her ear.

Her hands traveled to his muscular back. He pounded harshly into her as he grunted against her ear. She let out breath moans and sank her nails against his skin as his thrusts hardened and quickened.

After one harsh pound, Persephone let out a loud moan, making her bit her bottom lip to prevent her moans from scaping. Charles smirked as he looked into her eyes. He slowed his pace and leaned in for a kiss. He kissed her lips and Persephone trialed her hands up to his hair. His hair ran between her fingers as she moved her hands on his head.

Charles separated from the kiss and leaned back. He gripped her hips. “Faster,” she let out between breaths. Charles obediently quickened his pace. “Deeper.” He thrusted deeper into her to the point the sound of skin slapping against skin echoed in the bedroom. He trailed his hand up her leg and then placed it over his shoulder.

Persephone looked at him as she slowly moved her leg. She placed her foot near his face. He gripped her ankle and drew her foot closer to his lips. He pressed a peck against the heel of her foot before trailing her foot with his tongue.

“Fuck me harder,” she huffed out. Charles placed her leg back against the mattress. He gripped her hips again and sank his fingers against her smooth skin. He changed his thrusts to harsh pounds, just like she wanted.

“I’m- I’m close,” she cried out. She began to tighten around him. Charles let go of her and leaned down again. “Not yet, blondie,” he warned. He brushed his lips against her ear and a soft grunt left his lips. She wrapped her legs around him once more. She tightened her legs around him just like a snake wraps itself around its prey.

She tightly held onto him until he sent her over the edge by letting a soft moan against her ear. She released her grip and pointed her toes as she released her orgasm around his thick cock. He continued his thrusts as she trembled under him. Her legs began to shake at the overwhelming sensation of him fucking her through her orgasm.

Charles released his hot seed inside of her while maintaining his thrusts. His thrusts came to a slow stop after filling her completely with his digits. He slipped out of her as the juices began to drip on the mattress. He rested his head against her chest.

Her chest rose and fell along with his head each time she breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath. He breathed heavily, making his hot breath brush against her neck. When he caught his breath, he looked at her. “Did we use protection?” She asked. “I hope you wanted another child,” he said with a smirk.

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