Treat Me Just Like That [Part II]

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Chapter 71 I Love You Both the Same

After spending a long day at the theme park with Caroline and the twins, they were back in the car driving back home. Liam glanced back at the children and asked, “did you like the park?” Mai responded, “yes!” He chuckled and looked back at the road.

When they arrived at the mansion, Caroline looked at Liam and said, “thank you for today. The kids had a great time. Thank you.” She leaned closer to him and pressed a peck against his cheek. She looked at him once more and smiled. He smiled back. She opened the door and got off. She opened the back door as Liam got off the SUV. He helped Ian out of the SUV and carried him as he stepped closer to Caroline.

Liam crouched down and hugged Ian. “Take care of your mom and your sister, alright?” Ian nodded. Liam pulled Mia into the hug. Mia then pressed a peck against his cheek. “Thank you for today,” Mia spoke in her cute little voice. Liam smiled and responded, “anytime you want to go out, tell your mother to call me, okay?”

Both Mia and Ian nodded. “Go wait for your mom inside the house.” The twins hugged Liam once again before walking towards the mansion. They held hands and occasionally looked back and waved.

Caroline was about to follow the twins inside the mansion when Liam stopped her. He grabbed her wrist. He tugged on her wrist, making her twirl into his arms. “aren’t you forgetting something?” Caroline raised her eyebrow. “What would that be?” He leaned in and kissed her lips.

After separating from the passionate kiss, Carline looked at him and said, “I might have had a good time today, but don’t ruin it. I’ve already told you, Liam, don’t force yourself on me.” Liam’s lips turned down to a faint frown. “I’m sorry.” Caroline smirked and pressed a peck against his lips. She then stepped back as swiftly as possible. “We had fun today, thank you.” She smiled, showing her pearly white teeth.

His heart skipped a beat just by looking into her sparkling eyes. “What are you doing to me, Caroline King?” He wondered. He smiled back. He stood next to the SUV, watching Caroline walk inside the mansion. Right when she went inside, his chauffeur arrived. He sat on the back seat and the chauffeur drove away.

Caroline walked to the living room, where she found her family gathered along with her friends. She greeted them and then Caroline grabbed Sebastian’s hand. Roxy looked at her and gave a death stare. “We need to talk.” Sebastian let out a sigh. He nodded and stood up from the couch and followed Caroline to the outdoor lounge.

As they walked away, Roxy could not help but wonder what they would talk about. The image of Caroline grabbing his hand played repeatedly in her mind. She could not help but remember her conversation with Sebastian before they started dating. Now that they moved to Miami, Roxy could not help but think of how Sebastian told her he was in love with Caroline.

From the beginning of their relationship, Sebastian did not want to repeat the same mistake he committed with Jennifer. He wanted to be honest with Roxy. He told her how he felt about Caroline and how she had turned him down. Despite knowing he was in love with her cousin, Roxy still insisted they date. Her purpose was to help him get over Caroline and help herself get over Maximo.

“Roxy? What are you thinking about?” Elizabeth asked as she placed her hand over Roxy’s shoulder. Elizabeth brought Roxy back from her thoughts with a flinch. Roxy looked at her aunt and smiled. “It’s nothing. I was just thinking about work.” Elizabeth chuckled. “It’s fine. I was asking you if you would be coming over for dinner on the twenty-fourth.” Roxy nodded. “Of course. I wouldn’t miss it.”

Out on the outdoor lounge, Caroline and Sebastian sat in front of each other. “What is it?” Sebastian asked, trying to break the ice. “Two things, why did you side with Liam, and what is your relationship with Roxy?”

Sebastian paused for a second and then he responded, “because he loves you. I know he hurt you, but by driving you away from the way he did, he hurt more than you.” Carole crossed her arms. “Are you his friend or my friend?”

“I am both, your friend and his friend. I know you were heavily affected by the way he treated you, but he was affected the most. You fled to South Korea and continued your work as nothing happened. He was miserable without you by his side. He drowned himself in alcohol for an entire year-.”

“And yet he got engaged to another woman.”

“Caroline, he did it because Rebecca began the rumor that they were engaged and even had a child together. And even if the world knows they are engaged, he cannot get married to anyone else. Not because he is still married to you -but because he still loves you. He could have just signed the divorce papers and moved on, or if he had destroyed them already, he could have gotten new divorce papers and sent you the document for you to sign. But he didn’t. He didn’t because he loves you. He has been engaged for three years. Isn’t that a long time to be engaged to someone?”

“You knew he destroyed the divorce papers and you never told me?”

“I found out he threw the papers into the fireplace after I left his penthouse a year later. Since I could never reach you, I never got a chance to tell you.” Sebastian let out a sigh and added, “I know you might not want to believe me, but he was absolutely destroyed when you left. He even forgot about his company for a few months. He could not stop looking for you. When you finally appeared on the news, he finally calmed down and returned to work. Not a single day passed when he would not ask me to drink with him just so he could ask me about him.”

Liam, sitting on the back seat of his black Rolls Royce on the way to his mansion, where he had no one waiting for him. No wife no children, he could not help but feel his heart ache and empty with the void Caroline left in his heart after leaving him. Despite doing everything he could to keep her by his side, that void was still there because he has basically forced himself back into her life, making himself feel uneasy, remembering how terrible he has treated her.

Four years ago, once Caroline had left, Liam spent most of the time looking for her and drowning himself in alcohol. One day, Dante went to Liam’s penthouse to find out what was going on with him and why he wasn’t going to the company. There, he found Liam drunk, lying on the floor with an empty bottle of a forty-year-old whiskey in his hand. “What the hell are you doing?” Dante asked.

Liam said nothing. He opened the empty bottle and tried to take a sip but there was no liquid left inside the glass bottle. “I told you to take the fucking key and you couldn’t even do that. Now, I will take matters into my own hands. King Corp. will be ours.”

“Leave them alone,” Liam spoke, “Leave the Kings alone.” Dante let out a sigh. Seeing the state his son was in, for the first time in his life, he decided to act like a good parental figure. “Fine. I will leave them alone.” Dante said nothing else and walked back to the elevator.

Caroline looked down and remembered how devastated she also was four years ago. She remembered how many times she cried herself to sleep. How she would put off work. How her sorrow began to affect her health, which is when she went to the hospital and found out she was pregnant. After that, the twins gave her the strength to stop agonizing in misery.

Caroline looked back up. She met eyes with the red-haired, green-eyed man sitting in front of her. “I know it is none of my business, but I do want to ask you about Roxy. How’s your relationship with her?”

“It’s going pretty well. I visit her sometimes at her apartment. There are times where she visits me. We go out on dates. You know the usual.” Caroline crossed her arms once again. “I want you to remember three things: don’t hurt her. You hurt her, I hurt you. The same goes for her. She hurts you, I hurt her. I love you both the same. I cannot bare see either of you get hurt. Another thing, you two better not be trying to toy with each other’s feelings. There is no reason for you two to be together if you will end up hurting each other. Lastly, I truly wish you two the best. I hope you two end up getting married one day and start your own family.”

Sebastian smiled and nodded. “Thank you, Caroline. I also hope you drop your stubbornness and realize you and Liam belong together. I hope you realize you cannot continue lying to yourself.” Caroline clicked her tongue. “I’m not lying to myself.”

“Yes, you are, Ms. Stubborn.” Caroline chuckled. Caroline stood up. She stepped closer to him and he also stood up. She pulled him into a hug and warned, “you better not hurt her.” He snickered. “Yes, I promise.” Caroline looked at him and smiled. “let’s go back inside. Diner should be getting served soon.”

They walked to the dining room, where everyone was already seating. The only ones missing were Mark and Taekyung. Caroline looked at their empty seats and then turned to look at Elizabeth. “Mom, where are Mark and Taekyung?”

“Mark said he had a project to do with his classmates and Taekyung said he had an important meeting to attend.” Caroline looked back at the empty seats and uttered, “oh, okay.” Elizabeth looked around the table and said, “I hope to see this table like this on the twenty-fourth. The only change I want is Mark and Taekyung here.”

“If you are indirectly telling us that we must be here for the twenty-fourth, we will,” Charles spoke. “I am glad you all know we must celebrate in family,” Elizabeth commented. “Of course, Elizabeth,” Roxy spoke, “it’s tradition.”

As the conversation continued, Caroline looked at the little girl next to her. “Mia, why aren’t you eating?” Caroline asked in a concerned tone. “Uncle Liam said we would have ice cream.”

“If you want ice cream, you will have ice cream after you eat your food. Look at your brother. He is eating his food.” Mia crossed her arms and shook her head. “I want ice cream.”

“Mia,” Caroline spoke in her scolding tone, making the little girl look at the plate in front of her. “I want ice cream.”

“I already told you, I will give you ice cream after you’re done eating.” Mia shook her head. “I want ice cream now!” The little girls’ scream caught the attention of everyone at the table. “This isn’t like her. Why is she behaving like this after spending the day with Liam? How dare he spoil my kids?” Caroline said to herself.

“Mia, compórtate,” Caroline spoke in the same tone, but this time, she raised her voice a bit. Mia instantly picked up her fork and began to eat her food.

After having dinner as almost one complete family, they conversed a little longer before the guests began to leave. Charles left with Persephone with the excuse of ensuring she gets home safely. Caroline then went to get the twins ready for bed.

After reading the twins a book to sleep, she got up from the giant teddy bear and walked out of the bedroom. She went down the stairs and made her way towards the wine cellar, where she found Elizabeth trying to choose a wine. Caroline looked around the bottles stacked on each wall and picked out a bottle. She walked closer to the table, where Elizabeth already had two wine glasses set for each other.

Caroline served the wine as Elizabeth spoke, “your assistant came by today.”

“Really? What did he want?”

“Nothing, he just left a box in your study and then left.”

“That’s weird. He never told me he was coming.” Caroline stood up from the chair and said, “I will go see what he left. Will you stay here?”

“I will finish this glass and then I will go to sleep.” Caroline grabbed the wine bottle as she spoke, “then I will be taking this with me... Good night.” Elizabeth responded, “good night.” Caroline walked out of the wine cellar and went to her study. She placed the wine bottle and wine glass on the desk and looked at the black box in front of her. She opened the box and found a letter addressed by her assistant.

“Ms. King, this is from Mr. Sabbatini. He says he apologizes for being so impulsive.” Caroline chuckled slightly and then looked inside the box. There, she found the lasted iPhone model along with the latest iPad model and the latest MacBook. She grabbed the cellphone and turned it on.

Right when the phone turned on, she received a text message from Liam. She opened the message and found a picture they had taken when they were in the park together. She smiled and decided to text him back to ask him for more pictures. As she typed the message, she thought of the posts that might be circulating around Newser.

She did not care about what gossips might say anymore. No rumor nor gossip could hurt her anymore. Since Liam knew about the twins’ existence, she did not need to hide them from him anymore. Her only concern now was them being exposed to social media.

After looking through the pictures Liam sent her, she decided to reply to his messages. She sat on the couch in the study with her glass of wine in her hand. She sipped the richness of the red wine before placing the glass on the glass center table in front of her. She then began to respond to Liam’s messages.

Then, she began to feel curious about what might be posted on Newser. She stopped messaging Liam, but his messages still kept appearing on the screen. She opened the Newser application and logged into her account. Right when the main screen loaded, she could not believe the post that appeared in front of her.

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